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SonderSchutz TX 2017-04-22 01:57:16 [Anticom #general]




I want this flag made

@Thomas Ryan then do better


I amdown if i can get a ride, i wont have a job for long due to my doctors note lol

@Eric TX i got you fam

Hows everyone doin today?


Murdoch chan is wheatfield material

@Eric TX that nigger tried selling us coke again i told the pd about him too

@Billy Merse that would a great sticker for downtown areas

The dudesons will save Finland

Posters that were put up by staff at colleges in the UK

Hiw was be racist? By recording factual evidence ?

Anyone know any good stocks to buy into

So sad RIP in peace

"*Old meme*"

Circa 2014

Tap water for gains mate

@NDO Eric-TX thats a quality maymay

I stay at the gym @Chris7577TX

Antifa doin damage control


So whos gonna vote for the zucc in 2020

Canyou give me a ride?

I can go then


"The Rock" said hes gonna run too

Idiocracy is becoming a reality more and more everyday

Thomas get a nice fashy undercut

Yeah i believe that was recently passed

@Thomas Ryan i leik it


Yeah its tough making millions to act like your having a rough game

My roommate went ti uti with that gook, he got dropped after 1 class for asking how would blacks comprehend all the moving parts😂

Yeah lol

Punk is for Boneheads / Skins whatever you want to call them, they have made the best, most listenable punk rock

I think 21

The symbolism from the FBI on Child pedo signs are in every Disneyand kids show so i wouldnt doubt it at all , there is alot of proof the elite are pedophiles

My small collection

Best book is the forgotten soldier, its from a germans perspective, and the history of rome, really shows how their original ideas for a government were the best for the people

Also the Anglo-Saxon book was really interesting on how whites became the most advanced race

Also have a shit load of original Nintendo mags from the 90s

Voice chat?

Anyone i cracked a few cold ones with the boys and want to talk lol

And we gotta be weary discord is deleting alt-right and right wing servers

And am i the only one who thinks taxi driver is a redpilled movie

When you do

Pull out some rope and find a telephone pole

True but they have to hang out somewhere

I dont get the attraction, they dont even look like us humans

Me and my roommate just defended an old hispanic couple from some white trash anarchy faggots

They didnt wanna do shit when we ran up on them

They "cut him off" during stop and go traffic and we just got out of the gym when they pulled into the parking lot, the old man was a marine vet and the two white punks tryed running up on him and yelling shit at him for cutting them off, so we ran up and they just looked away and shut the fuck up

Fuckinng pussy trying to pick on the weak

Plus we were rocking fashy clothing so that made Va look good if they knew our logi

Im still amped like a motherfucker

More reasons for another Korean War

We made japan wrong

Heres one of my puppers

Ronny fuck your jewtube account

@Ronny TX im just messin with you mate

Fight him then

Saudi Arabia and Egypt allied up, and Saudis shut the borders down, along with alot more shit @Nathan TX

Rush is the official band of VA right? @White-PowerStroke(Dillon)

What about Robbie Rotten


"When da goyim know"


Ive found a few M35s for around 2500 to 3500

We could get a few of those

Yeah i can respect the strong man leader role he plays



More or less yes thats how it is

But mostly local

(((Mike Cernovich)))

^ Amen

Fuckin right 😂

Boomer feels did


Not one showed

But all the pages said this, they all told their members to hold off and even said for the right wing groups to not go

It was we got all the press

Were gonna yeet all over commie scum

Yeah i just saw that


Oh yeah?

Oh yeah?

Im so triggered

Boomers are lefty retards and should be addressed as so

Also any fucking oath keepers should be treated like that commie filth

They were the "security"

Its a bunch of larpers who think they are soldiers

And dont want to be called "racist"

He was with us

There is no video of it


Yeah thats the guy that was with us

No he got attacked

@Riefen yes because if the flag and he was asking them why they are so cucked lol



Kek they are still around

Fuck them they are in the same group thats destroying America

Thats a Toyota Tundra

Watchout NZS

We know

But we need to ahut this fuck head down

Fucking nigs

The money

They had a gofund me

Got like 5k i believe

The dude that was the leader of the page and gofund me did it took a trip to CO the day of the rally

New Wolfenstein is promoting black power and you kill nazis and the kkk

You help niggers fight the nazis and kkk and start the "revolution"

You watching the stream too?


Yep pandering to commie faggots

The logo for the "resistance" was a hammer with a red background that said BE THE HAMMER

Commie propaganda if ive ever seen it

Yep 0 crime till nigs and faggy whites "rise up"

Im speechless


I am

I mean i play every day after im done with all chores and anything else planned for the day

Hearts of Iron

Be aware though, if you play it youll be in for like 4 hrs sometimes

Play with your neopet


Can i use my poor fag mask?

@Thomas Ryan alright👌🏻

Lets just all get full riot gear guys

Everyone needs some ejaculoid™

To get pumped


And location and name of place

I would say dry fire practice

Shes white


They annoy me the most always asking for gibs

But coming in at second are all the muds thinking they are better than me

Sounds good man

Thanks for sucking Thomas

Same haha

I like it

What brand

By Kodak supps?

Yellow label?

Yeah its 50$ from the website

Animals man

Congrats man @NateTheGreat

@TXStormer im gonna use that as my avi is that alright?

I have class

Good channel from our brothers in SA

Its more like the slavic kolovrat

I like it

Why the alt right wont be taken serious

They actually thought it was him this time😂

Anything get crazy after the Vanguard guys left saturday?

So did they go confront them?

Its raining men

I wish it became a giant sink hole

Maybe habbening


Based Greece though

He was pandering

But still he is questionable

He is a politician

I would say for everyone to watch this

Get your almonds activated

I can see about that monday

Dont buy


Thomas wont let you smoke around him


Yeah the DS guys know what it ment

Anyone know whats behind this?

@Kevin FL all this narrator is doing is talking shit like a child 😂


Graham is in here guys

Yeah thats true

That is VERY true lol

At the gym just gonna lurk for now

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