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Hey every body. Glad to join

Want me to pm you Thomas or post them here?

Thank you

Got those out of order. But I triggered a good ok Mexican American

Yeah you're still there

Spencer makes me cringe sometimes with his flamboyant style. But he does good work


you look so smug

BIgKK thing is true. everything else false

Eventually theyll spring for round the clock security just to keep away flyers

That's exactly the kind of person I expected

The teacher I'm subbing for

Will delete for opsec in a few minutes

Oh I can't delete it. Ah well

All her students are diverse

Ty Thomas

He was a commander

They're still pretending Heather heyer was hit by a car

I thought it was heart attack

Also yes

That poor patriot is going to go to prison when he should be given a medal

Might be too provocative for the masses

TDS needs bulbasaur back, or some christian. They're bible-fu is not up to snuff.

But, they had a good idea. Bodycams.

Wait we having another meeting? I'm not really available right now


The founders had a hard on for the Roman republic. And modeled our system of government on it. The Reich is a continuing of the Roman Empire. There's some correlation I suppose

True. Whites see it as our past golden age. Even with all its flaws

Up for me

Replace it with progeny if it helps, Josh

You forfeit all opinions when you're a member

They're usually made up of patriotic white men. But right now those people are villafied. They aren't going to sign up you protect America. They're signing up if they have no other option

To* not you


You guys seen elon musk's new space suit? Looks good

Apparently it's been tested and outs completely viable


Hey barbarayan. Long time no see! Guess who I am.

Hint, I went to the barbecue in Dallas with John

And I'm not Albanian

Funny story, but I'm not a gossip. We can talk about it in person


Kind of cold


It's 56 here


To the left, everything is white supremacy. Too the right, everything is liberals. Who are the real white supremacists. We are simple. We are the ultimate "I want to be left alone, but no one will let me" eventually you find out who won't let you be. And end their threat

Let's not forget, George Washington owned slaves as well. @Goymen Sachs the best lies have kernels of truth. A, little logic does not justify an erroneous conclusion

@Goymen Sachs exactly, that's what the fake right is for

That's actually a big concern of mine regarding the Alt- right. Too many former liberals turning to us and still having a lot of baggage. I hear it often. I believe we must be more pro Christian in our outreach. Perhaps some new posters? Id love to help design those

What I'm saying is we're leaving a powerful tool to our enemies. The Jews have subverted it to hell. And it was the first institution to be neutralized. We can ignore it of you like, but I think it'd be smarter to do to it what we've been doing to the right wing. Uncucking it

So is everything

Just quote some bible verses, get them thinking. "But he are of your father the devil..." Just attack Jews with Christianity. It's not hard. Christians have been doing it for centuries


I'm talking posters, obviously

That's pretty much what I want to do. Maybe also quote from the talmud

I just want to divorce rabid Zionism from the Christian movement.

Also, if you don't want that direction for patriot front, we could do anonoymous posters

Well I'm doing my best right now in a church I just joined. I suppose it's just something I feel passionate about

Alright, but I want to do something in the future

You can make your own by going to staples and buying some special paper

The heck is that?

Black science man just got accused of rape

The golem always turns against the master

That seems excessive. Id peg it at 120

Not definitive proof. But I bet there's more

Yes, but it's hearsay

We can still totally spam it everywhere

It's like they browsed /pol/ for ideas on how to make the perfect show to hate


Love the one he did after charlotesville.

It has that Dixie bitterness and rage in it. Makes it authentic

No I haven't

Serious tho, what if we set up a kickstarter or something about helping reformed Nazis, then just use the money? Will that end up backfiring on us, or good idea?

They just look like average people you'd see at the gun show

We'll have to do our own then eventually


Right want to talk to you about that in person tonight



Matched their numbers at least

they're "sexy" cats "sexy" witches "sexy" genies, etc. etc. Its just another symptom of our times.

keep an eye out for it, and don't reward the behavior\

The franklin one might backfire as he's speaking of white immigrants

Just saying that the argument they would make would be that the germans did assimiliate, therefore somalis and hindus and pakis can too,

If they can dissmiss it in their head they are less likely to look up what was meant

you want the one about jews?

I liek the second one, but its probably too long

"...why increase the Sons of Africa, by Planting them in America, where we have so fair an Opportunity, by excluding all Blacks and Tawneys, of increasing the lovely White and Red?"

just part of it could work

Franklin might not be our best guy for this then

All of his best quotes are too long

I like the second one, but yeah, all good

just type in

don't need tor 'til its down

Anglin makes solid points. But I wish he didn't have to make them

allow me to clarify. I think he is doing what is needed. I simply wish it wasn't.

wait, what happened?

well I'll be, I actually agree with PJW

he'd be awfully lonely

people actually just spend time spamming the email?



I understand some of us have friendly relationships with other races, but I'm suprised you can even tolerate a jew. They aren't known for being "white presenting" in their behavior

sorry to hear

i think its obvious now that patriot front has the best (and most coherent) message of all altright groups

The problem is that we are facing all of the hordes, and would do better to face them togeher, but Europeans themselves are still in the idea that a pollack and an anglo are two stotally seperate things.

United we stand, divided we fall. But I have hope our brothers aross the pond can come too if we show them the way

we may have to do that in the far future. The same thing we did to Spain

We'll see

power isnt just what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have

wish we had thought of it

or IE

Now we're getting into the real stuff

@NDO Nick-TX @NDO Eric - TX @SDO Phil-TX Garage, second level, be here ASAP if you can

That was thomas

@Ductapegang where are you?

@everyone who here is the music guy?

@NDO Eric - TX we're up front number 18

1st one

2nd one

3rd one

Monday or Tuesday


Kind of triggers me they're calling them tiki torches

That's not a Muslim name. Negro?

Looks like one guy took the Antifa message to heart

Not sure I agree. I see at as saying you cant afford to be altruistic, because our house is not in order.

proly me, sorry fam

why do they love that cville pic so much? Is it because the first guy's kind of funny looking?

It was more than 20

Thanks. Was booking it to get it done quick

@FlintShrubwood really helped out with the music

Thanks flint

nazbol is for people cucked by communism who cant get over it.

why uncut?

not that exciting brah

sure bro

you should send him a sinlge comment " Go fuck yourself"

yeah yeah.

take a big ol' wooden cross and string it up with red white and blue christmas lights

I was going to suggest that, but I thought about it, and really that's like the next level boomer posting

I figure the christmas light cross helps make it more family friendy as opposed to torches


or, you could mention how the secularization that happened was very jewish

I've got a documentary around here somewhere

a lot of the secular christmas songs where written by jews. I mean, I actually like frost the snowman and rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, but there you go

they did specifially becuase christmas made them uncomfortable

good luck. I still like christmas america cross

celtic cross would be harder to make, and probably not as immeadiately recognizable, but you do you

i think stringing it up wouldn't look too bad

Course I got those proddie aesthetics

ooh, "taking up your cross" keep that in whatever speech you deliver, that'l hit christians hard

shucks, I didn't even notice

yeah, but think of the optics

those should be your last words.

"This just proves my point"

I thought the police added some nice lighting to the video

made it very intense

spread it, they probabaly believe it anyway

I don't know, I've used it before. But the poster is much too crowded. Too much going on

also, the guerilla tactics hide our numbers. The Austin antifa most likely have no idea that all of us don't live there

in the heart of texas poz no less

Should have asked what made the ADL an authority on anything

I agitate everytime I hear someone use them as a source

even normies

They aren't a government agency

I just frame it as private bussinessmen in their fities who don't know jack

That sounds fine. I just always push. Its how I got my brother red-pilled. boiling frog technique and all


@everyone to those taking video of your groups training, a few tips. If on a phone, NO VERTICAL VIDEO. Get videos of your numbers if you have a good amount, but never get everyone all in the same frame. To designate action, tilt the camera so that the ground is slightly diagonal. Don't overdo it, but this an prove very aesthetic if used sparingly. You do not have to get everything in focus. It can actually acheive a rather nice affect to get everything OUT of focus, if you know what you're doing. If you are using a real camera, make sure you never go above 800 iso. Not unless you're in pitch blackness and can't help it, but for training you should not be in a situation where you can't control the light. Extreme close-ups and a shallow depth of field should be used liberally. You're hiking? Get a tilted angle of an extreme close-up of that foot, with the background out of focus. Boxing? Get that punch and nothing else. Don't bother getting the whole body in the frame. Get the action. Look up "Rack focus" "Shallow dpeth of field" and " bocca effect" if you have a good camera and are feeling brave

@Goodest_Boy you just spray and stick. the curing just makes the bind strogner

I'm teaching history to some kids right now. The poz starts young my friends, and subtle. Implying that woman's sufferage was starting in 1776 with abagail adams and that America was always a proggresive utopia and the founding fathers only held back because of how prejudiced everyone was but could "forsee" a future where everyone was equal

@Flagg I'm only a lowly sub, so I just try to get them to work. Some of them though, even the whites, are delibirately dumb. They'll just sit there and turn in a blank sheet at the end. I do what I can, but I'm not there to lecture. I did correct something telling them that congress prints its own money. I mentioned that it doesn't, and that in fact the federal reserve is a private bank. But very few care

if I could, I would. Its American history to 1877

its very depressing. But I'm hoping as a real teacher I have more leeway to change the curriculum

mention off handedly that the majority of the people comeing out as perverts are jewish

woot woot

I'm showing the most kiked movie I've ever seen to a bunch of middle schoolers and I hate it

Its called Freedom Writers, I suggest you go look it up. This is terrible

Its got "White savior" BS and inner city kids are just "oppressed" This is the worst sort of mindwashing

I just got to "muh holocaust"

this movie is even worse than I thought

I've got to show this crap 7 more times

This is why I need to be a real teacher

to love good is to hate evil. To hate beauty is to hate ugliness. To love your children is to hate what does them harm. To love, you must hate

*hate, but also that


in case anyone was interested. I think page 335 is important to keep in mind.

that's pretty jewy

oof. my eyes. That hurts me right in the art degree


btw, you were talking flags, I like the eagle with the fasces on the website

50 stars and thirteen stripes is too complex but hey, here we are.

it will be without even trying, but I get what you mean

I like how they say we have qoutes by lee but they don't mention any of the other quotes

what was used to get them on there?

that'll be hard to remove then


We internet 1.0 now

Yeah. I'm not feeling a good economy

Whites are very conscious of social status. They knew then that they'd be praised and that there was glory in what they did. Not saying it makes it right. But realize social ostracism and conformity worked in our favor once upon a time

But what is shes hot?

They keep talking about shared values. But they never name them.

They always like to say "there's a limit to free speech" like no there's not, bitch

Blue fingers is now the official slang for activist.

Let it be so

typical tricks schlomo. Typical tricks

I think action report is better tbh

But you'll like the new one

too late

just saw the pewtube one


I have purchased audio equipment and it wil be in use for future demonstrations

Ty. Next on be will be better with the new equipment I got

they're probably already doing it

Iran should have planned for this.

Instigated a successful fake coup

To head off the real one

ruh roh

dang alfred

writing an essay


all I did was do 100 push ups today and I feel more prepared for a fight than these guys


actually we are planning on getting a bench and a squat rack. But we're poor so we need to wait a few pay checks

I'm just happy making videos

I have a fine arts degree., get on my level of failure plebs

well its 20 here, that's cold for us

this made e laugh



I do find it funny is all, considering steretypes for art majors

even art majors make fun of those guys

like I can paint nigga, what can you do?

That's not directed at you @NDO Eric - TX


Graphic Design was only one course @Thomas Ryan And I was not good at it

you can learn everything I know by watching youtube videos btw

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