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This one too friends

When your 23 and me comes back and you don't want to accept the results

Don't forget to like and retweet

Gotta get that reach

Century is a lot better than it used to be

Arsenal is the best

Unless you mean the ammunition

Go arsenal if you're willing to spend over 1k

Ammo brands don't really matter too much

There's grain and how corrosive it is

But brand? Meh

Make it a poster

We need boomer outreach so we lose all progress in 15 years

>liking but not retweeting

That better not be y'all

Let's keep up the momentum of this event goys

North Korea will never nuke the US

By who?

Think about it, what does NK have to gain by nuking the US?

He's not a nutjob

You don't maintain power in NK if you're a nutjob

He presents as a nutjob for reasonable gain

North Korea does this like every year


Sabre rattle, get aid, calm down

Run out of aid, sabre rattoe


We aid them all of the time

In return for calming down

China does too

This has happened like 7 times in the past 5 years

Trust me man, Kim isn't stupid or crazy

He's doing what's best for himself and his ruling class

He's a rational actor.

Do you not remember last year?

And the year before that


Except on a smaller scale

He has several nuclear weapons

All of which are perfectly rational for him to have

MOABs are smaller than nuclear weapons

They are limited to a few hiroshimas

Range can reach California

Unless you meant MIRVs

It won't happen unfortunately

If you're bored go ahead

But this is incredibly normal.

How long are you out of work

How convenient

Retweet my dudes

I didn't lose my account thankfully

>not using your real name in your email because YOU'RE NOT A COWARD and not just lazy

Let me make one up real quick

Show those atomwaffen fags that you're unaffected by liking and retweeting

If you don't advocate for Sam Hyde style woman exterminationism get out of my face

We need propaganda emphasizing that whites are becoming a minority

I feel like if people knew that California was 90%+ White in 1950, they'd realize what is happening

40% now

Just the thought that we had California once blows my fucking mind.

Studies often show that when presented with the fact that states are switching from majority to minority white, there's a significant shift right

Source: Northwestern University study 2014

If anyone has artistic skill this could be represented by a Mexican pulling away California from a distressed White man along with the stats and sources. Maybe "Will your state be next?"

@Thomas Ryan if you're interested

@everyone isn't @Tyler TX the guy who was asking you doxxy questions Billy

Or did I miss something

Because he's in this discord right now

Wasn't it a guy with a firefighter pic

I may be being retarded right now

That conversation looked sketchy as fuck

You get excited about knowing people's place of employment?

If you were revetted you were revetted, but I'm not going to be convinced for a a while

Hey Thomas do you mind filling this out so we can be a legal org in Texas


I fucking forgot this was today

Avoid downtown Austin today goys, aids might go airbourne


no .com

it'll be funnier

I think the best part of us getting the website

is Vanguard can't fit .blogspot on a banner


Like and retweet to protest us not having the expanded character limit

You can only get facial swastikas after you kill a communisr

Communist *

War with NK is not a good thing

We can't have Americans distracted by foreign policy either

We can't have Americans distracted by foreign policy either

Why do you desire us to get nuked

Or them

If we get nuked it will set us back immeasurably

The last thing we need is an external threat

Rallying around the flag and shit

This isn't a survivalist LARP

If it gets to that point our race is already rucked


How could something that has nothing to do with race bring whites together

No. The whole nation will come together

People need to be divided for this to work

It's not like Korea nuking us will make whites wake up about the Jews or Blacks

For everyone in this chat that doesn't like or retweet I'm donating 5$ to the ADL

@everyone *


We'll see who it is. If anyone has family or friends in the area, I hope they're safe.

It seems strange that this guy had multiple automatic weapons

Supposedly 6 of them

I have no idea how much that would cost

In the room

Maybe he blew his retirement isk

Overheating barrels from sustained automatic fire

Not having to reload

Multiple reasons to take multiple guns

The idea that guns can be modified with a file to be fully automatic is extremely outdated

Nowadays you have to have an entirely different receiver.

The receivers themselves can cost 20k and more alone


Very doable

How does that not add up

He probably had a motive

But whites are not incapable of killing other whites

We'll see if he had a manifesto

At least he isn't one of ours

I didn't realize that was confirmed as being her

Vegas hotels don't usually check bags

And he had plenty of time

No need to break them down

Type 3 licenses

Extremely expensive

You can buy full auto after like 6 months of background checks and tens of thousands of dollars

Maybe they were his war trophies from Vietnam

Like his wife

It's a shame the military doesn't allow war trophies anymore

Let's not jump to conclusions tho

Did y'all see the Chad that was standing with his arms out mocking the shooter?

Depends on the country

Anything from Nashville is basically just hip-hop at this point

Dude the guy had an Asian gf, if that's not WN MO then i don't know what is

If ISIS doesn't stop stealing credit I'm going to really start to dislike them tbh

If ISIS claims responsibility does that mean a boomer finally lost his job to a foreigner?


If ur supporting Catalonian independence you have a subpar iq tbh

I see some of you niggas on twitter

Retweeting Jack Posobiec n shit

Don't rely on society collapsing due to a superbug to get our way

Apparently do not disturb is not a real discord feature


This real ni🅱:b:a sleeping houes


Shoot me a message at six AM and hell, I'll shoot myself

A message or something

Fucking AK-74s are breaking 1500 on average now

They've been impossible to find in the local market for years, and I don't usually buy a gun without seeing it first, but I might give up on that standard soon

The SLR series looks pretty decent

Not enough B A K E L I T E

I may take you up on that

And he has begun the journey.

It sounded like one of those gatling cranks

A normal automatic doesn't have varying firerates like that

Glad we have a mariachi band playing in the cafeteria

The beans are singing along

The kitchen staff is literally doing the Mexican hat dance

Please kill me


They will not be able to

Plus gatling gun cranks are the future

It's all about attaching a bungie cord to your trigger and wrapping it around the guard and attaching to the charging handle

It's not full auto

It's a 30 round burst

You seem to know an awful lot about the law


Oh my God

FNV is the only acceptable video game.

True to Reagan

Aye There Amigo

Boomers Legion

Played last weekend

If you played anything other than CL get out of my movement

Decide? Nigga that's for Caesar to decide

You got shot in the head you shouldn't be making decisions

>fighting with melee weapons in football armor

That's the definition of Chad

Tbh if our Boomers shelled anyone approaching our borders without warning they'd be a lot more tolerable.

Pearl is a cuck for letting the courier in

What did they do now

*Joins organization*


He has brown eyes

not white

He's a larper

He actually has German flecktarn shit

He probably wore a combat jacket in highschool

OH WAIT, he's still in fucking highschool

Holy shit

was he really a courier?

don't let them make you ANGERY

delete compromising posts

I can respond on your behalf

"I don't even know what Japan is"

What about slice of life, or whichever anime genre you prefer

I googled genres of anime

After the ethnostate is established skull mask will result in burying alive

Skeletons belong in the ground

Fine, October only

Dude that's esoteric af

New Patriot Front uniform

Or Skeleton Brigade as we'll be known

Spook the spooks

You think Antifa was scared in Houston? Oh boy, they haven't seen anything yet

Karate kid was an anti-white movie

There's nothing more pro white than skeletons, why do you think the nazis wore so many skulls?

Plus they're all white

Plus a skeleton was the foil to the Nietzschian play He Man

Long history in white culture

How many of you ready to volunteer with the Neo-carlists in the Second Spanish Civil War?

Should we really go Stahlhelm?

I thought we were going for the AMERICANA aesthetic

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