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2017-09-28 23:30:55 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

2017-09-28 23:32:42 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-28 23:33:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Treachery afoot

2017-09-28 23:34:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I bet they nuked everything we were in

2017-09-28 23:34:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-28 23:35:36 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

One of ours

2017-09-28 23:35:39 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 13:33:39 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Semitic treachery

2017-09-29 14:09:14 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

That's her

2017-09-29 14:58:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

She was dude's girlfriend for two months

2017-09-29 22:20:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Nietzsche is a time traveler from 8chan whomst couldn't come back because it would've turned him gay

2017-09-29 23:11:30 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 23:12:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@NDO Nick-TX prepares to lead gen z forward (2024, black and white)

2017-09-29 23:14:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 23:36:04 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Where's Siegfried

2017-09-30 23:30:25 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Armband is out of rega

2017-09-30 23:30:29 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-30 23:31:02 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

And you're letting that jude have possession of your weapon. Haze yourself

2017-10-01 19:51:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@SDO Phil-TX have you gotten ahold of Siegfried?

2017-10-01 19:57:58 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Nick has his phone number. Might need to text him

2017-10-02 17:57:33 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Praise kek

2017-10-02 18:11:40 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Nov 4 is the anniversary of the founding of the SA. We will find where the iron crosses grow

2017-10-02 20:00:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Just because you can doesn't mean you should

2017-10-02 20:02:04 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

You can build a very nice AR for 700

2017-10-02 20:02:33 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

You can build a very nice AK for 700 as well

2017-10-02 20:02:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Get a polish or East German parts kit with the barrel headspaced

2017-10-02 20:03:15 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Get a receiver from nodak spud

2017-10-02 20:04:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Once you have fully demilled parts kit and receiver I will loan you my tools to do all the riveting and press the barrel out/in

2017-10-02 20:04:55 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Would even stand there and tell you what you're about to fuck up for a couple of beers

2017-10-02 20:10:23 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

You need that, a receiver, a AKM rivet set, and your choice of furniture. I would suggest American made for 4 922r parts

2017-10-02 20:12:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-02 20:12:38 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

That's the one I would suggest from Nodak Spud. Must be shipped to an FFL

2017-10-02 20:39:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

That's not a good FFL to use

2017-10-02 20:40:09 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Most are 10-25 bucks for a transfer

2017-10-03 05:08:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

This is all just part and parcel to living in an artificial hologram existence

2017-10-03 05:11:42 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-03 05:12:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-03 13:47:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

You want a 74?

2017-10-03 13:48:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I've never been into the 5.45 round but I used to have a arsenal SLR-106FR in 5.56

2017-10-03 13:49:15 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

My offer of free use of tools stands if you get a parts kit and receiver

2017-10-03 13:50:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

We could prob press your barrel out, rivet everything back together, and press it back in within a couple of hoursu

2017-10-03 13:50:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Just make sure to get something with a headspaced and populated barrel

2017-10-03 19:42:19 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-03 21:22:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-03 21:28:33 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Chef what ever happened to fascist lemming

2017-10-03 21:29:32 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I felt kind of bad because I talked crazy to him after he made that video and then he disappeared

2017-10-04 12:22:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Instead of a skeleton suit we should consider a solo jazz print onesie

2017-10-04 12:23:33 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-04 12:42:58 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

They do hate white people

2017-10-04 20:20:46 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Some of the TRS guys are doing a group buy of German manufactured M38 Hungarian helmets in the next week or so. Once secured they will be offered as-is and I can blast/recoat and stencil the PF logo on the sides of however many you fellas get

2017-10-04 20:23:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Would be aesthetic af for large demos. There may be enough of these for all members of all orgs on the alt right to get one

2017-10-04 20:24:30 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Imagine a couple of hundred helmeted torch bearing marchers in the middle of the night

2017-10-04 20:24:52 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Put the American flag crest on the side

2017-10-04 20:26:24 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-05 02:17:15 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-05 02:17:25 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Columbus Day on Monday goys

2017-10-05 15:31:14 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Wore my mania shirt to the gym this morning but nobody wanted to become 6,000,001

2017-10-05 15:32:02 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Ask your question

2017-10-05 15:36:22 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

To my knowledge if you refuse workers comp you will have to pay your own expenses until your lawsuit is dispositioned

2017-10-05 15:37:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If you accept workers comp it will be monumentally harder to file suit for the same thing you accepted coverage on

2017-10-05 15:38:44 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@AugustoPinochet(Paul)TX once when I was going on a road trip with my wife and mother in law my father in law handed me a .380 before we left the house. I asked him "what is this for? To shoot myself?"

2017-10-05 15:39:16 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Y tho

2017-10-05 15:39:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

9mm +P wasn't an option?

2017-10-05 15:42:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The eotech goes for that alone new

2017-10-05 15:42:38 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-05 15:43:39 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Why does he have an arm brace if he has the 6" comp?

2017-10-05 15:44:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

No pin and weld?

2017-10-05 15:46:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Also remember that .300blk is about $0.75-$1 a shot

2017-10-05 15:50:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Get a parts kit and a receiver and come visit

2017-10-05 15:51:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

We will drink beer and I'll show you how to rivet

2017-10-05 15:51:36 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Romanian with a decent barrel installed would be cheapest

2017-10-05 15:51:48 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I'd recommend Polish

2017-10-05 15:52:03 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

nah hold on I'll send a link

2017-10-05 15:53:22 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Get one with a installed and headspaced barrel

2017-10-05 15:54:01 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Then you will need a receiver from nodak spud, Atlantic firearms, or Waffen Werke

2017-10-05 15:54:40 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If you are going to replace the stock anyway I would go with a WBP Polish kit

2017-10-05 15:55:09 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

They offer them with original cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel

2017-10-05 15:56:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

No barrel on that one

2017-10-05 15:56:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

You want a 5.45?

2017-10-05 15:57:25 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

This is the 7.62 WBP with barrel installed and beryl optics rail

2017-10-05 15:58:50 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

How cheap are you trying to keep this?

2017-10-05 16:00:19 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

A vz-58 uses a milled receiver

2017-10-05 16:00:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The barrel would need to be populated in a alignment jig and headspaced

2017-10-05 16:03:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

That plus a $50 receiver from Atlantic firearms and a AKM rivet set

2017-10-05 16:05:16 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Back in 06 those parts kits were $250 or less

2017-10-05 16:05:24 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

With the factory barrels still in them

2017-10-05 20:20:03 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-05 23:34:38 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Just in time for NPI

2017-10-06 17:55:42 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-06 18:20:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-08 01:56:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Hope y'all watched the periscopes from today

2017-10-08 01:56:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Florida bout to be lit af

2017-10-08 01:56:25 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-08 21:22:04 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Hopefully they do some more shit like that on the 4th

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