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2017-05-27 18:59:56 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Great sticker

2017-05-27 19:00:31 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

That's a good one to spread

2017-05-28 14:38:38 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-05-28 14:38:49 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

What y'all up to my white friends

2017-05-28 14:39:51 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

The building is not the church. The people are the church

2017-05-28 14:41:38 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Hey since we no longer have a homeland maybe we can become Jews and Jew the Jew's. jk obviously

2017-05-28 14:43:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I wonder how the polish would feel about me wearing a swastika shirt in public

2017-05-29 16:58:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I drink water like that

2017-05-29 16:58:42 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Distilled heb water only

2017-05-29 16:59:02 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

It's the only way to know I got exactly a gallon a day

2017-05-29 17:18:07 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Sounds good to me

2017-05-31 02:54:48 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I got Philadelphia guy to join

2017-05-31 14:41:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

But pigs are smart

2017-05-31 14:41:35 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

And playful

2017-05-31 14:41:39 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

And sweet

2017-05-31 14:41:43 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Like a fox

2017-05-31 15:25:04 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Do your thing

2017-05-31 15:25:39 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

If I can ever get these broads off me I'm gonna go vegan. Hard to go vegan when they always taking me out to eat

2017-05-31 15:26:44 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

When I'm solo in the mountains I eat only trail mix and distilled water. No phone no TV no internet just mountains. It's great.

2017-05-31 15:34:03 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

USA is the new Soviet Union

2017-05-31 15:34:07 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Soon the world

2017-05-31 15:34:35 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

They did a body change like in dbz

2017-05-31 15:34:53 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

And we haven't a clue. We think we defeated it

2017-05-31 15:35:17 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

They're the aids virus

2017-05-31 15:35:23 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Hitler had a cure

2017-05-31 15:36:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

When is next meet?

2017-05-31 15:37:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I might be at the UFC gym in Austin this weekend with some dindus

2017-05-31 15:38:40 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

It's probably gonna be.

2017-05-31 15:39:16 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

The colored people in the martial arts community are usually great people

2017-05-31 18:34:47 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-05-31 18:34:55 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Too bad the media is jewish

2017-05-31 18:35:14 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Imagine a fascist media world wide.... Sigh

2017-05-31 19:44:39 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

@ @Fox Tx who's in the pic

2017-05-31 19:44:43 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-01 15:06:12 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Fucking InstaJEW is making me give them my number again

2017-06-01 16:37:22 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Same way they shut down my @fourthreichunute accounts over and over

2017-06-01 16:37:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I have1500 followers are two months

2017-06-01 16:37:37 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-01 16:38:37 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Any way around it?

2017-06-01 16:48:12 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I want to use my number then call the phone provider and change it. But I know the only reason they want my number is so they can get an exact identity to match up with my super racist instagram account

2017-06-01 16:51:03 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I'm not breaking any rules so they can't ban me yet

2017-06-01 21:07:31 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

If only USA had a Hitler too ^

2017-06-02 03:50:23 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Camry good car

2017-06-02 03:50:54 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I don't like cars newer than 2005.

2017-06-02 03:51:04 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Hackers and make it crash

2017-06-02 03:51:09 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-02 03:51:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I'll take me a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta all 1.9 Sohc turbo diesel

2017-06-02 03:51:46 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-02 03:51:58 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-02 04:09:29 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

What's in Austin on the 10th

2017-06-02 04:12:49 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I wonder how many whites are currently red pilled

2017-06-03 04:33:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

@Sup_G bravo

2017-06-03 04:33:43 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I gonna give her a sheckle and skip that hipster cup of coffee

2017-06-03 15:43:00 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

@Fox Tx stories were passed down? Is that how you know you're families history?

2017-06-03 15:44:25 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

There is a library with family information next to our nation's capital in Austin

2017-06-04 18:09:33 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

@Eric TX you've been freed

2017-06-04 18:09:48 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

And you're still super young

2017-06-04 18:10:11 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I'll be free soon. Guys. Of my dog and my woman

2017-06-04 18:10:20 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Then things changing

2017-06-04 18:10:44 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Because my RV gets 20 mpg

2017-06-13 01:58:18 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Welcome garlic

2017-06-13 02:01:22 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Mamma Mia I assuma you were a dago.

2017-06-13 02:01:38 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I was right <:vargFace:318921678287667200>

2017-06-13 02:06:06 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Lamborghini. Ferrari.. Maserati... Etc

2017-06-13 02:06:25 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Italian DNA is supreme

2017-06-13 02:06:42 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Rivaled only by the Nord

2017-06-13 02:07:22 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-13 02:07:29 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

What u looking at

2017-06-15 03:53:27 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Aw shit I'm typing in the wrong chat room

2017-06-15 03:53:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

So many now a days

2017-06-15 03:53:39 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

How goes it my fellow GOYIM

2017-06-15 03:53:44 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Hail to our women!

2017-06-15 03:54:18 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Yall listening to the good stuff??

2017-06-15 03:54:48 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Okay goys I have a task for all of you

2017-06-15 03:58:17 UTC [Southern Front #general]  
2017-06-15 03:58:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Heart broken. Just found it

2017-06-15 04:04:39 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

McNazi gonna Merkel Mayweather

2017-06-15 04:09:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

yes its official

2017-06-15 04:09:11 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

And it'll be soon

2017-06-15 04:09:15 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

like 2 montsh from now

2017-06-15 04:09:18 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

2 or 3

2017-06-15 04:12:03 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Don't hate em

2017-06-15 04:12:16 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

They're irrelevant and hate takes energy

2017-06-15 04:12:22 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Hate the Jews

2017-06-15 04:53:42 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

What did humans do before the computer

2017-06-15 04:53:49 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Try it

2017-06-15 04:53:58 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Try living before the computer

2017-06-15 04:54:06 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I must do it

2017-06-15 04:54:17 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I must eliminate the computer from my life

2017-06-15 04:54:24 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I stair into a screen a lot

2017-06-15 04:54:43 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

If whites stopped and the world continued

2017-06-15 04:54:50 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

We must stop brothers

2017-06-16 05:32:13 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

2017-06-17 00:00:58 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

@Ronny TX it's real?

2017-06-17 00:11:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Still cool

2017-06-17 00:12:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

How much

2017-06-17 17:30:53 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I'm watching from my slave camp

2017-06-17 17:31:46 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

So happy I met you lads last night. I look forward to meeting everyone who wasn't out drinking last night aka the old schools

2017-06-17 17:41:11 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

They're already members @Lisa Jo TX-WD they just don't know it yet

2017-06-17 17:41:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

We gonna convert them antifascist whites too lol

2017-06-17 17:41:45 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

If they knew what communism was they'd be with us

2017-06-17 17:42:07 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

convert or kill

2017-06-17 17:42:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Stupid always fixes itself

2017-06-17 17:47:53 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

What do us guys do for money once doxxed

2017-06-17 17:50:20 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

If any of u goys wanna make money

2017-06-17 17:50:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

And know a little auto mechanics

2017-06-17 17:50:34 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

And live in Austin area

2017-06-17 17:50:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-18 20:54:06 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-18 20:54:15 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

That's true but don't discourage the fight

2017-06-18 20:54:53 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

God wants us to fight. He's toughening us

2017-06-19 09:57:09 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Believe it or not @Luke IA but 32 is young. 100 is young. God damn the Jew's are lucky we don't live 200 years imagine how experienced and smart we'd be. Ww2 vets would still be at the gym.... Wishful thinking...

2017-06-19 09:58:43 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Is it just me or are nationalist girls the most irresistible girls there are @Lisa Jo TX-WD hubby hubba

2017-06-19 10:03:52 UTC [Southern Front #general]

2017-06-19 10:04:13 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Scottie ^

2017-06-19 21:16:42 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-19 23:16:13 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

No need to label me. I am far right and its a fact not a label.

2017-06-19 23:16:30 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

You're either far right or a problem.

2017-06-19 23:17:14 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Fascism NatSoc whatever anything is better than this mix. We are fucking white paint and the jew just poured black brown and yellow in our bucket.

2017-06-19 23:18:06 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Fags like that milo guy can claim to be alt right... but can the bitch claim to be far right?

2017-06-19 23:18:13 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

he's a fag jew so no

2017-06-19 23:19:02 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Isnt Texas a Mutual Combat state fellas?

2017-06-19 23:19:11 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I do believe so

2017-06-19 23:19:42 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Better work on that footwork fellas

2017-06-19 23:20:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Oh and mouthpiece and cup are awesome in street fight

2017-06-19 23:24:03 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

nice benz ^

2017-06-19 23:24:08 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

we needed that saturday night

2017-06-19 23:24:13 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Seats 20

2017-06-19 23:24:22 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Standing 40

2017-06-20 18:24:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

They're everywhere

2017-06-20 18:24:10 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

No surprise

2017-06-20 18:24:43 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I can't wait to Spartan kick them from out nation state to the Third World

2017-06-20 18:25:06 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I hope a nigger eats you and your family, bitch

2017-06-20 18:32:48 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Arrest them

2017-06-20 18:33:47 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Life sentence for her and we can flatten the bigger on live TV with a steamroller

2017-06-20 18:33:52 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-20 18:34:06 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Line em up

2017-06-20 18:36:17 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-20 18:36:33 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-20 18:40:25 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

They don't get in

2017-06-20 18:40:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Thomas will weed em out

2017-06-20 18:40:51 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-20 18:41:13 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

If they wanna share USA with the Third World they can't get in

2017-06-20 18:41:47 UTC [Southern Front #general]  
2017-06-20 19:01:23 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

In other words they're not ready. When the student is ready the master will appear

2017-06-20 19:02:10 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Dennis Wise did such a great job red pilling me. I was 100% ready and CLUELESS to the Jew's when I first sat down

2017-06-20 20:25:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Ts storm? Transsexual storm

2017-06-20 20:34:04 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-20 22:09:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

This would be a good flier put on doorsteps at night by us

2017-06-20 22:09:45 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Pointing out why the media didn't cover it

2017-06-20 22:10:54 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Doesn't have to be VA affiliated

2017-06-20 22:11:25 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Anyone wanna do my hood with me? I live in all white area

2017-06-20 22:11:52 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Make a hundred or so and lay down in the back of a pickup and drive through neighborhoods tossing them into yards

2017-06-20 22:12:56 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Most whites have never heard about this story

2017-06-20 22:13:00 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Especially in detail

2017-06-20 22:13:07 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

They won't talk about it to other whites

2017-06-20 22:13:21 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

But if we put it physically in their faces all at the same time

2017-06-20 22:13:42 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

In detail why. Doesn't have to be VA affiliated and doesn't have to say the Jew.

2017-06-20 22:14:19 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

We must do exactly what the Jew fears us doing

2017-06-20 22:14:27 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

What they fear us doing the most

2017-06-20 22:15:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Maybe put a dailystormer link on the flier

2017-06-20 22:26:22 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I can do it alone

2017-06-20 22:26:34 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Would rather have a partner

2017-06-20 22:28:46 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

We need something to print

2017-06-20 22:31:59 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

We can make it better

2017-06-20 22:32:03 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-20 22:32:17 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Whites wonder why were targeted and don't talk about it

2017-06-20 22:32:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

We all wonder deep down

2017-06-25 21:22:33 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

She's so beautiful

2017-06-25 22:24:48 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

@redskegg elaborate

2017-06-25 22:24:58 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I squat every other day

2017-06-25 22:25:13 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Dumb bell press every other day.

2017-06-25 22:39:33 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

We need awoke as fuck people tho

2017-06-25 22:39:36 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-25 22:39:57 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

We need skinny athletic too but we're lacking on the swole as fuck

2017-06-25 22:41:27 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I would like to but I don't enjoy eating that much

2017-06-25 23:33:44 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

It's postering dude

2017-06-25 23:34:03 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

How many of us have never been in a street fight

2017-06-25 23:34:29 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I am a little paranoid to do the college my girl just spent over 100k at

2017-06-25 23:34:50 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Exactly why we need to poster more

2017-06-25 23:36:27 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Fox is MVP

2017-06-25 23:37:34 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I can totally poster here

2017-06-25 23:37:51 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

San Marcos will be tricky

2017-06-25 23:39:15 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Me and the new guy can hit a&m

2017-06-25 23:40:47 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

And CTC they're close together

2017-06-26 20:02:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Aryan brotherhood is a Jewish creation

2017-06-26 20:02:46 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

They all believe Hitler was evil and they worship evil Hitler while being white niggers

2017-06-26 20:03:17 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Clueless lads. Wouldn't want to piss em off if I was in prison tho

2017-06-26 20:03:51 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-26 20:05:04 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

The only way to join Aryan brotherhood is while you're in prison.

2017-06-26 20:05:18 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-26 20:05:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I was thinking Allah akbar

2017-06-26 20:05:35 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Or whatever those chimps scream

2017-06-27 05:13:25 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I remember elementary school. Barely any non whites. I drive past the school today and there are barely any whites

2017-06-27 05:14:49 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Life is lonely when you're red pilled

2017-06-27 20:54:47 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Post it @Riefen

2017-06-27 20:55:00 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I like the monkeys. Does that make me a traitor?

2017-06-27 21:06:08 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

If you can shut out the race war thoughts and simplify yourself I think you'll really enjoy the movies

2017-06-27 21:06:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

However that's a big IF

2017-06-27 21:06:29 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-27 21:46:25 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Just watched the poa trailer

2017-06-27 21:48:33 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

The last one I watched was before I was redpilled. It is a race war movie

2017-06-27 23:35:43 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

He has a woman?

2017-06-27 23:36:07 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Let me see a picture I'm gonna cuck him if she's cute @Fox Tx

2017-06-27 23:36:23 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-27 23:36:30 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I'm jk anyway

2017-06-27 23:37:35 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-28 01:27:44 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Ronny lol

2017-06-28 01:38:44 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-28 02:22:07 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Only if it's the jews

2017-06-28 02:24:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-28 02:30:01 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

It will take time to fix everything

2017-06-28 02:30:07 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

But we can fix everything

2017-06-29 05:36:44 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I did squats today

2017-06-29 05:36:53 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

It's my weak area

2017-06-29 05:37:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

185 10 reps 5 sets

2017-06-30 04:10:59 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-30 04:11:21 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

trump train

2017-06-30 04:43:20 UTC [Southern Front #general]

2017-06-30 04:43:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

So God made everything. That means he made the devil. Why?

2017-06-30 04:46:52 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

better than Picasso? ^^

2017-06-30 22:41:03 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Looking for a computer nerd asap

2017-06-30 22:41:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I dropped my woman's laptop and i need files off of it yesterday

2017-06-30 22:42:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Stuck at the "Asus searching for perfection" screen

2017-07-01 01:31:18 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Who joined first? We did fellad

2017-07-01 01:31:22 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-07-01 01:32:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

This matters not but enjoy these moments while they last goys we were members before our future leader revealed himself.

2017-07-01 01:34:44 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

This movement will be forever be remembered.

2017-07-01 01:35:14 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

But if we fail.... Humanity will be lost and our race will become a forgotten myth

2017-07-01 01:36:42 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Will we be old grandpa's telling our strong children stories about this war?

2017-07-01 02:33:09 UTC [Southern Front #general]

2017-07-01 02:49:20 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

That lying hook nose old Jew BITCH in that video up there said this movement was irreversible.

2017-07-01 02:49:51 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

What will the Jews do

2017-07-01 18:43:54 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I love Mr bond

2017-07-01 18:48:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Odds are he's texan

2017-07-01 18:48:42 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

His lyrics can be genius

2017-07-01 18:49:01 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

A little degenerate sometimes but that's nothing new

2017-07-01 18:50:33 UTC [Southern Front #general]  
2017-07-01 18:57:21 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Dang fellas.... My woman is expecting babies soon. IDK if I'm ready

2017-07-01 18:58:02 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I know I need to make babies and all but IDK if she's the right one and IDK if I'm man enough yet

2017-07-01 18:59:23 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

There is a path to becoming a man. Most of us never even know this path exists. I've only recently discovered it.

2017-07-01 19:00:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

It is difficult to walk the path with a woman in my life. Its like soul searching

2017-07-01 19:01:04 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

After taking the red pill everything changed. For the first time in my life i had a purpose.

2017-07-01 19:01:16 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Other than taking care of my pets

2017-07-01 19:02:35 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

In all honesty I do not feel like a real man.

2017-07-01 19:02:52 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Sometimes I lie because I'm insecure. That's not man behavior

2017-07-01 19:03:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I'm selfish

2017-07-01 19:03:36 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

And I still have a overwhelming desire to see the world

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