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He's shopping

Most have

Looks like only certain people got shoahed for some reason


What a week to quit drinking 😦

That's a painful injury

Nick will have to do that.

@NDO Nick-TX transfer ownership to das fuhrer

I've reqed everyone

Vanguard Utah was on the vid, you want him added?

Best entrance ever

Get an avatar fggt

Uh no, why do you ask?

Not sure Chris, I sent him a friend req.

Anyone have any other contact for him?

cheesy pun

I guess you goat me on that one

If we want to pay a small fee slack is even better than discord


Hey man, did your account get gassed?

slack has voice and video

Damn, it's higher than giraffe pussy.

8 bucks per user per month.....sheeeeiiiit

@EuroChad tyler who?

Just a sec

I think it was a big swath that discord gassed. Didn't they get npi, etc?

Anticom, npi, various others.

We have no betas in PF, if we do they'll be discovered and woodchippered

She's pretending to have infiltrated the "alt right" when in fact, as I understand the situation, she was all in but started sending nude pics to guys and was shunned and shamed by the community and then she started doxing anyone she could.

I only have that link because it was sent out in a group chat on twatter.

I'm pure as the driven snow.

The women in PF understand that lots of their "fellow women" are fubar.

Lets not forget to give an email address in the contact info channel. @here

Shoot it to thomas in a DM

So I've got a ton of vanguard swag. I'm going to take pics and post them to gab, twitter, bbs, trs, etc and see if I can get a vanguard guy or guys to actually meet me and pick it up. What are the chances they'll come get it?

No idea

The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy ......

Doesn't look like it.

No you're not. He went through another round of vetting and satisfied eric and tom.

He's up north

Down in houston

It was one of the best ops I've been a part of , for sure.

I sent them all reqs

I have siegfrieds email, I'll reach out.

Welcome back lol

Lots of servers were shoahed . NPI , anticom and others.

Funny who's accounts they gassed though.

No idea, I don't have anyone left in there.

I love violence training day πŸ˜†

"kill niggers and read siege"


Little by little were getting back to our original numbers. We still have a few out there who haven't responded to my dm, if you know someone that should be in here and isn't, let me know. Also try to have any contact information that you can share. @here

I saw mooch yesterday, he should be coming along today, I sent siegfried an email two days ago.

Welcome back


Thatd be awesome. Take pics if possible and be careful. Anyone you can bring along?

Welcome back

No, I'll send him another email tonight @502ssOtto

On your face tho

Welcome back @Mooch TX

Not a muzzie, just a democrat race traitor.

Rachel Maddow fan shoots up a country music festival, "we're still trying to find a motive"


I'm seeing this is him?


I can't see a boomer bump firing that much for that long. I'm no expert but it'd be tough.

Welcome back

My beard is kill today.....

I didn't even see muzzle flashes in the video, not sure if you would at that distance but it was dark.

"me after my argument with aw muslim roomie"

@lawfag5335231 i hear there's a pretty big ds book club up that way, I don't know them though.

Excellent optics on that

Welcome @Steven MI

I think the witch thing was a ruse. They were just patrolling thots.

I have a no steppy tx flag

Same, I was expecting Jewish tricks but it was pretty good.

Is castizo Spanish for nigger?

Just meming. Hiring castizos is how I avoid getting into trouble at work sometimes.

Is good but needs a beard


Glad to hear that you are doing better


30 is Gen x I believe

Maybe worse than boomers.....

Yep, its good to see growth.

Do you have any welding certs?


I just received exclusive pics from the most recent vanguard meeting

It ain't pretty

Yeah, we learned the hard way that you can't rely on the cops for peace.

Easy driving at that time though, light traffic. Yall through Louisiana yet?

Couldn't watch, at work. Glad to hear that they did well. Now our guys have to gtfo, both security and attendees. God speed, gentlemen.


Yeah, he's good. With the rest of the guys.

Usually when we attend things planned by other groups that are really public things aren't optimal. It is beneficial to work with them though. When we are the primary planner things seem to go more our way.



Definitely not a plant, fam.

Tfw you marry coastal elite

Not that I heard of.

I responded

Welcome man, look forward to meeting you soon

<@&365349617375772672> anyone interested in attending a Dickinson city council meeting to ask about the Israeli aid scandal?

It's the 31st

@Smiter-IL good job and welcome

@Pale Horse - FL i think z might, he knows everybody. Re:Youcis

Yeah @FashyMuscrat is his handle

Giovanni Gentile is excellent

Can confirm

Tfw when 78 iq

Isn't the mensa test free?

We have friends there but no members, we were invited though.

I've seen two of the shields I built there too

They were stopped by tsa at a security checkpoint. Been there for an hour.

Trying to stall them, I think

Violent words on a banner fam. Second degree assault on nog feelz

So, men must be disabled and have low t.... We already knew that πŸ˜‚


Only white ones

Welcome man

If he's still got all of his teeth then he didn't fuck with us.

@Lucilomar - FL congrats man, now the real work begins πŸ˜€

Vigilante squads would be cool af

This is the ideology that will lead us to ultimate victory.

We must attack on multiple fronts, we do not have the power to force ourselves and our view down one avenue. We have to be able to push our ideology in several different mediums, meaning online and meatspace, instantaneously.

Wn 1.0 was skinheads and kkk.

Correct, not until 3 @Halfdan


@SonderSchutz TX congrats brother, you deserve it.

Nah, fascists showed up and scared the piss out of em

Black, the red ones look like a bowling ball paint job......or a nigger's car's paint job

Can confirm, he had em this past weekend lol

@AugustoPinochet(Paul)TX whens next violence training?

tfw I'm the state leader and I'm not in the texas room

Do something, white people


"Zionists are the real white supremacists "

Funny, the niggers we literally called nigger and Roman saluted in their faces Saturday night didn't seem to want any conflict. Weird.

2272257.50 rubles comrade

Fucking a, nice job Joe.

That is correct

Cry moar fgts


Been blocked since someone doxxed damn near every rsf in Austin.

The anarchists and commies had a falling out and the commies stopped having their little book readings there.

2 out of 3 charges against Cantwell have been thrown out

Unclear, waiting for more information

Illegal use of teargas was the only charge that stayed

Now they're saying release of a caustic agent is the one that stayed.

Class 6

Sounds to me like since the charge was certified it'll be sent to a grand jury. Still no bond because they kept the "malicious" portion of the charge keeping it a class 3 felony.

"The preliminary hearing is a hearing where the District Court judge must determine if their is probable cause for the case to be certified to the Grand Jury. The prosecutor, or Commonwealth’s Attorney has to put on some of their evidence to establish probable cause that the defendant committed the crime for which he is charged. The Defendant does not have to put on ay evidence, and usually doesn’t at this stage, since it is the Commonwealth who has to prove probable cause. The Defendant can also waive their preliminary hearing, if they think it is advisable to do so. If the Judge finds probable cause, he or she will certify the case to the Grand Jury."

@everyone let me echo that sentiment from @ashrob NJ , our vets add an incredible and unique value to this org that we should all be thankful for.

I look forward to getting beat up by vets tomorrow πŸ˜…

Looks good

Lol nice

They only update once per year, right?

I'm saxon and the wife is Anglo, I think I'm a race mixer

Yeah, anything we do will automatically look a gorillion times better.

In a boat?

I'm quite sure I can't lol

@AugustoPinochet(Paul)TX is there some other way of holding a hipoint?

Probably drugs or some other psychosis

Nice work

None of my sons will be involved in that mess.

Yall niggas on video

>not using a hammer and 60 penny nail


I'm gonna poster my local mail man

Awesome job

Same, I make decent money but I'd have go into debt for 40 years to buy a decent house.

It's bs

It happened Saturday. It was Billy roper and 10 of his closest friends


That's a big kitchen, fam.

Where are my rubles?

Also, what's the current ruble to tendie exchange rate?

America in 30 years If we lose.


I wear shorts, flip flops with Sox, and wife beaters year round.

Sometimes a hat

Weird, never had any interaction with this guy

That was an excellent action. Lots of good stuff coming from yall yanks 😁

If you can't tell from my accent I'm actually a Yankee.

I'm in favor of arranged marriages, however my in laws definitely wouldn't have picked me for my wife.

Text me bb

Fucking excellent, great job everyone. Awesome work again Rocky


They didn't come out well. We'll have to try again.

Our 9x12 looked pretty good

Don't count my tater nogs out yet.

That guy is a faggot

Figurative, he and his whole group cucked hard af last summer.

Tuba, what's whiter than that?

"college young republican president"


We nazbol now guise


Yeah, I feel pretty bad about his arm tbh.

Yep, just got home

This happens periodically, there's really no lasting impact. It's designed to black pill us. Don't let them win.


Just got my nra email today too lol

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