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Thanks great to be here

@Norman sdo im a little far from the coast, but im from oregon originally so I feel you

@Goodest_Boy great to be here my dude

@Halfdan "...and then everyone clapped"

@Goodest_Boy road trip with me? πŸ˜‚

You could always spend your holiday protesting degenerate jews

I wonder how many years till he becomes a racist

@Η·uffing Great to see someone new. Make sure to edit your name with your home state

midterm tomorrow wish me luck

@Pale Horse - FL is that real ive seen it floating around twitter?


lol im in a suite too. I have one roomate from Lousiania so he's pretty woke on these issues

yeah he says the same thing


Platos problem for me anyways after reading the republic was his belief the state was still to him just a faceless economic zone like the jews do. The state was just existing to protect that shopping mall. He believed people and culture were divisible which is why he thinks up something like myth of the metals. The state can and should be so much more. In general im not a fan of the greeks as i think they biased western philosophy till this day. I think they were of course making vauble contributions certainly socratic methods are extremely vauble. Anyways long thing short Plato was not a patriot of any state and just wanted a shopping mall

No? I just saw a tweet from an hour ago right now

Is it Encino man?


Good luck lads

@Flagg as a white french canadian, all i can say is a frank has never drank an aryans blood unlike blood drinking, beady eyed anglosπŸ˜‚

Yeah i know in France im from leon because my surname has minor aristocracy and was from that region


Fucking "gay cowboy" πŸ˜‚

I havent listened to it in months, is it any good recently?

Im not gonna make it 😬

"My children might be 4 feet tall trannie mulattos but at least i drank alot in college"


@Bantz Rayder i too have to extend a welcome, espicially to a Utah brother. Good to have you, and great job this morning.

Are we in a voice channel?

Click on the three bars im the corner and scroll till u see the voice channels

Thinking about writing "scrapbook moms 4 fascism" πŸ˜‚

Getting new stencils, but any ideas what we should write

Probably something of "Americans are white" nature right?

Yeah thats a good one any other ideas while we get new stencils

Haha yeah as soon as i opened them i had a strong remembrance of my mothers scrape booking hobby. Bantz is getting some new ones

I tried making a banner tpday πŸ˜‚

Im worried people will think its about veganism

Haha yeah we were looking at all the materials and probably thought it wouldnt work put but we tbought it be good to do it to figure some stuff out

Yeah i feel that. Could you resend the guide?

in activism?


Next one will be alot better πŸ˜‚ but glad we got the hang of it today

could someone pin the guide? also if someone has that "welcome to occupied america..." poster i really like that one and i dont see it pinned either

thanks thomas

@Thomas Ryan can you pin that stuff when you get a chance please

Could i get the guide too please

Thursday or friday im postering in portland. Another utah guy was talking about postering but he hasnt said when

Great thanks so much

I'm having dinner with my family tonight don't think I'll make it

But I did go out last night and poster

Still working g on my camera skills lol

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

Went to portland community college

Then along Portland's water front

Wtf I was expecting a sexual deviant or a congoliod

He doesn't look like it

It says he went to a Presbyterian school and his father was a Chaplin

Probably a goy

Why can't I take good photos 😬

I'm down

From planned parenthood

As soon as they go lol

Photos are everything I believe Thomas's exact words are "If there are no photos it didn't happen"

@TheAPPParty at my uni some urban youths came and wrote nigger and a few hail hurtler's and in response the created the anti-racist task force

Actual name the president created it put of his budget because sharpie swazis. πŸ˜” if only I could create butthurt on that level

I used to be a Virgin tapist but now I use chadhesive

It's defiantly worth the 10 bucks


lol i actually know who this is

he does the same place at the same uni everytime

i would perfer not to talk to him again

he got mad at me for disrespeting m'lady on the interent

do we have any Arizona goyim


no one go and spam but I want to see what will happen

@Halfdan wait i dont want aynoe to spam it

Its on 4chan rn

ok but it only has 3 votes lol

so far

bump the 4chan thread too

The whole comment section is young white men shitting on the diversity BS.

Just as we absorbed all the libertarians were now going to take all the libralist skeptics

πŸ˜‚ 3%er lolol

Network 7 coming soon

"This begs the question: Can a city strewn with copies of hate books and propaganda, even empty propaganda, really be a safe place for Jews, or gays, or communists, or almost any group persecuted by a far right ideology?"

I understand normies defending faggots and Jews but this vile Jewess defending communists is rustling my jimmies

@Thomas Ryan what does it look like if the top line was blue instead of red like the bottom section

@Thomas Ryan wait does this mean we don't have any antisemetic posters to use?

Today is. Tough day

Next building I enter

That bottom button tho

im down


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