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2017-09-29 00:14:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

2017-09-29 00:19:42 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2017-09-29 00:20:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Someone give me some fucking server priveliges before we get "disabled" again.

2017-09-29 00:21:04 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2017-09-29 00:21:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If hate could be turned into electricity, I could power at least several countries right now.

2017-09-29 00:21:51 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@lawfag5335231 Are you the lawfag I know or another one?

2017-09-29 00:22:04 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Chris7577TX Not until a lot of this stuff is figured.

2017-09-29 00:22:39 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@SDO Phil-TX Edit rights pls

2017-09-29 00:22:39 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Or just transfer ownership

2017-09-29 00:22:39 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Whatever works

2017-09-29 00:22:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Make a new channel and have everyone post their emails, preferable non-personal/work ones.

2017-09-29 00:24:16 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


__***Y'ALL WERE ALL SAYING "NOoooooOOOOoooo, I'm lazy and don't do things"***__


2017-09-29 00:24:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

πŸ€” Okay so not the actual practicing lawfag.

2017-09-29 00:24:57 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@SDO Phil-TX Use that vid and send a flurry of friend requests.

2017-09-29 00:25:44 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Goymen Sachs Weren't you a "nitro" member or something? Paid account and they still "disabled" it?

2017-09-29 00:30:48 UTC [Front And Center #general]  
2017-09-29 00:30:51 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Help me out

2017-09-29 00:32:47 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Server settings
right click my name
Transfer ownership

2017-09-29 00:32:48 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@SDO Phil-TX If he responds

2017-09-29 00:36:52 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 00:40:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 00:54:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Brag about it.

2017-09-29 00:54:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@everyone POST EMAILS IN THE <#363122059028594699> CHANNEL PLEASE

2017-09-29 00:54:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I'm hiding.

2017-09-29 00:55:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@SDO Phil-TX That email you sent there was a joke, right? Just makin sure.

2017-09-29 00:56:36 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Chris7577TX Didn't think of that. I don't believe he did. I hope.

2017-09-29 00:57:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

He doesn't have a phone number.

2017-09-29 00:57:42 UTC [Front And Center #contact_info]  


2017-09-29 00:57:51 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@NDO Nick-TX Boo-fucking-hoo

2017-09-29 00:57:55 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Chris7577TX I know...

2017-09-29 00:58:36 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Wait, what? @Chris7577TX

2017-09-29 00:59:07 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 00:59:12 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I remember that one

2017-09-29 01:00:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Brae would yell at you for not putting the stuff in a wiki

2017-09-29 01:00:55 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

With so many servers that got deleted, who knows.

2017-09-29 01:02:09 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I doubt it, because he had nothing to do with all the other servers.

2017-09-29 01:02:24 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@everyone POST EMAILS IN THE <#363122059028594699> CHANNEL PLEASE

2017-09-29 01:06:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I had ownership of every PF server, and they're all gone. Every last one, and the messages, and the info, settings, data, and the account itself was deleted.

The word livid comes to mind.

2017-09-29 01:06:26 UTC [Front And Center #contact_info]  


2017-09-29 01:07:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

So, on a side note, who's seen all the crazy debates on Twitter/Gab about using American imagery?

Good stuff.

2017-09-29 01:07:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

That's a *dairy* good pseudonym.

2017-09-29 01:08:47 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Come on, let's *moo*ve this convo forward.

2017-09-29 01:09:44 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Guys, any good Discord alternatives?

2017-09-29 01:10:02 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Telegram, I've heard of.

2017-09-29 01:10:02 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Gab also allows rooms with up to 50 folks.

2017-09-29 01:10:07 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

But there's no functionality on Gab

2017-09-29 01:10:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 01:10:35 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Hell, I'd pay if it means we won't get shoah'd and there's some extra settings.

2017-09-29 01:10:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Chris7577TX I want something with more functionality than just a chatroom.

2017-09-29 01:10:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@lawfag5335231 No really who are you.

2017-09-29 01:11:01 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

DM me if you need to.

2017-09-29 01:11:42 UTC [Front And Center #contact_info]  


2017-09-29 01:12:09 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Oh shit what's up. You followed our FB right before we got postbanned for 30 days.

2017-09-29 01:15:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Tfw coolest avi in the room

2017-09-29 01:38:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]

Slack looks like a Discord clone without voice channels

2017-09-29 01:39:40 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

No hot links, ask @SDO Phil-TX

2017-09-29 01:40:07 UTC [Front And Center #contact_info]  


2017-09-29 01:41:36 UTC [Front And Center #contact_info]  

With the hyphens?

2017-09-29 01:41:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Ah, cool.

2017-09-29 01:41:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

How much is it?

2017-09-29 02:32:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Send the guy to our site, my man.

2017-09-29 03:08:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Happy to see you're still alive @Doctor Mayhem

2017-09-29 03:09:40 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Damn straight

2017-09-29 03:09:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Choo Choo motherfuckers

2017-09-29 12:43:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@everyone Make sure to DM any other members you knew, send friend requests, get them in here.

2017-09-29 12:43:47 UTC [Front And Center #contact_info]  


2017-09-29 12:54:21 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

It's on the list

2017-09-29 15:38:38 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Kevin Thanks for adding me as an exeption, means a lot

2017-09-29 15:39:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Step 1: Zip Ties
Step 2: Duct Tape

2017-09-29 16:38:41 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 17:14:29 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2017-09-29 17:14:35 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Basic recruitment graphic WIP

2017-09-29 17:29:22 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Tie it to a tree and put a string around the trigger

2017-09-29 19:09:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 21:01:35 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I'm kinda the artistic one here, although it depends on who you ask

2017-09-29 21:01:42 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

DM me the details and I'll put it on my list

2017-09-29 21:18:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Feel free to chat one on one

2017-09-29 21:18:31 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

This app has that function, I believe

2017-09-29 21:19:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2017-09-29 21:27:29 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Now it's a party

2017-09-29 21:38:12 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The standard for successful IRL events now necessitates an online shoah afterwards.

2017-09-29 21:38:28 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Either that, or you didn't scare the Jews enough with your proud White man antics.

2017-09-29 22:56:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Yes, thots initiated a coup in the Icelandic govt and held the parliament hostage until they signed a resolution banning the site.

2017-09-29 22:58:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The site wasn't hosted in America

2017-09-29 23:10:21 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Chimpout probably isn't as big as the DS, i bet if the Jews wanted it down as much as they did the DS, it would happen.

2017-09-29 23:14:36 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

It'd be gen Z prepping Nick for the camps for not hating Jews enough.

2017-09-29 23:25:12 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

We're already working on that, don't worry.

2017-09-29 23:27:23 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Oh, was that a joke pic? I posted my comment before it loaded.

2017-09-29 23:27:41 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I see the Israel points now.

2017-09-29 23:34:02 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@everyone Make sure to get in touch with anyone you might not have messaged or someone you know, but isn't in this server.

2017-09-29 23:36:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 23:36:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Anyone have him friended?

2017-09-29 23:38:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Another guy, named Walls Of Steel

2017-09-29 23:38:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 23:39:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Someone in TX knows him

2017-09-29 23:39:14 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 23:39:28 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Royboone? Cody? Hugo?

2017-09-29 23:39:39 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Some Goy?

2017-09-29 23:39:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Shocktrooper? New guy?

2017-09-29 23:42:46 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Sup_G From LA

2017-09-29 23:42:46 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-09-29 23:42:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Tbh I think the guys we'll lose would be inactive regardless.

2017-09-29 23:49:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Slacker, appearently

2017-09-29 23:53:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]

This guy doesn't realize that an identity, as part of a nation, is defined by the degree to which you fulfill your societal duty to your natural collective, not by merely coming to the borders of a country. Being White is a prerequisite, because "assimilation" is only possible within a race, not between them, but a Russian, or an Italian, or a German is not immediately American upon arrival, unless he owes loyalty and duty to his new identity.

2017-09-29 23:56:38 UTC [Front And Center #general]

And I don't think it's right to say the only forms of identity are based in ethnicity. A White American Southerner could be genetically very similar to a White American from Ohio, or New York, or California, while having a vastly different regional identity. American is a pan-European identity. You could argue that any ethnicity that could be called "American" would be the large amount of ethnic European mix that most Americans have.

Also the idea that Europeans cannot leave their homelands without... ceasing to exist as a people with a right to exist, has some pretty unfortunate implications on the far-future prospects of our race.

2017-09-30 00:00:50 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I don't honestly think I am so vastly different from a White person north of the Mason-Dixon line, that we need different nation states. I don't find that entirely reasonable, especially considering various White American subcultures and regional cultures got along just fine for a couple hundred years. And only now, at the brink of extinction, are we saying that we need to fight one another.

I'm of British heritage, and Phil is a potato nigger, I don't think we need to live under different governments to work with that, because we're both Americans.

2017-09-30 00:00:50 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Just me?

2017-09-30 00:03:24 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Tbh, I can't even share a room with someone who has a 10% or more difference from me in European haplogroups.

2017-09-30 00:09:28 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

"When our European ancestors first came to this savage continent they had a variety of purpose, but set against the harsh life on the frontier and the common enemy in the strange, unexplored reaches of America yet to be touched by civilization, they found a common cause and a common identity as Americans. From the varied nations and cultures of Europe a new nation was forged in the flames of conquest. E Pluribus Unum: from many, one, the new creed that bound our people together with their pan-European identity as Americans. To be an American is to be a descendant of conquerors, pioneers, visionaries, and explorers. This unique identity was given to us by our ancestors and this national spirit remains firmly rooted in our blood. "

2017-09-30 00:16:08 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

See, goys like Milk could reliably be called owners of the "American ethnicity" because no matter where they go in Europe, they wouldn't really fit into any nation, at least not with the majority of their genes.

2017-09-30 01:34:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I got gassed good

2017-09-30 02:17:02 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I've not gotten banned yet and they're too incompetent to harvest any more info than Twitter.

2017-09-30 02:17:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

So I'm not losing any sleep over it.

2017-09-30 02:17:40 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I got banned too.

2017-09-30 02:18:24 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2017-09-30 02:18:26 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Ben - TX This you?

2017-09-30 02:19:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Yes of course. What's that riot platform I've heard about?

2017-09-30 02:24:26 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Asking in general. Someone knows.

2017-09-30 03:28:12 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Hey @Prophetmuhammad TX, happy to see we didn't lose you

2017-09-30 15:40:23 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2017-09-30 15:48:20 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

They look better equipped than the police do.

2017-09-30 16:21:12 UTC [Front And Center #contact_info]  

@everyone Thank you, make sure we have everyone's contact here. This server can get shoah'd at any moment.

2017-09-30 17:04:57 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Yeah, I dunno. I'll keep it consistent with annexation into the US, it doesn't make a huge difference and the message of the visual is the same either way.

2017-09-30 17:14:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Any DFW guys available tomorrow? Got a fun project.
@Ben - TX @Ductapegang @Texan_Barbaryan @EuroChad @SonderSchutz TX @Eric TX

2017-09-30 17:15:48 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

DM me for info

2017-09-30 20:05:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

So let's say some guys were to hang a banner on an overpass heading into cowboy's staduim right before a game. What would the banner say, hypothetically? @here

2017-09-30 20:56:30 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I'm thinking

Then our name/site

2017-09-30 21:37:30 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

It's specifically to target the whole sportsball controversey

2017-09-30 21:38:41 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I think we've settled on my idea

2017-09-30 21:38:41 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Sorry fam

2017-09-30 21:38:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Canvas is big, we might make a generic one or two

2017-09-30 21:40:14 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

D U R I N G T H E N U C L E A R H O L O C A U S T R A C E W A R?!?!?!?!?!"

2017-09-30 21:42:23 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@NDO Eric - TX Not feeling it

2017-09-30 21:43:22 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

9 X 12 ft, but we'll cut it lengthwise and make two. One for each side of the bridge.

2017-09-30 21:44:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Canvas, man. Beats the hell out of shower curtains. And yes.

2017-09-30 21:44:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Game is tomorrow.

2017-09-30 21:44:46 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

At the megasportsballfelonleaguedome

2017-09-30 21:45:21 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Idk if y'all have ever seen the stadium, but it is a absolutely massive monument to America's fascination with bread and games.

2017-09-30 21:45:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

We're getting a bucket of paint and using a roller.

2017-09-30 21:46:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Eventhough I already bought some spraypaint, Frank insisted on a roller. So we have extra for something else.

2017-09-30 21:46:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

For tagging the local ghettos.

2017-09-30 22:08:03 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

It is not a joke, don't click unless you have some eye-bleach nearby.

2017-09-30 22:08:51 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Read it and find out.

2017-09-30 22:40:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-01 00:17:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I am an editor

2017-10-01 00:17:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Will change

2017-10-01 00:17:17 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Hold onto yourself

2017-10-01 03:26:15 UTC [Front And Center #general]

Idk what this guy is trying to say here.

2017-10-01 03:35:58 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Meeting ended like an hour ago

2017-10-01 03:36:01 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

But we were

2017-10-01 03:37:02 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Sometimes it doesnt update until you join the channel, then you realize no one's there. It's happened to me a couple times and I've awkwardly said hello to an empty room.

2017-10-01 13:32:29 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Post this in the <#363307913688645632> channel

2017-10-01 14:05:57 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Goymen Sachs @NDO Eric - TX I think we'll give their system a good stress test sometime.

2017-10-01 14:13:23 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-10-01 14:13:24 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-10-01 14:13:26 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-10-01 14:13:26 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-10-01 14:13:28 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-10-01 14:13:28 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-10-01 14:13:29 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-10-01 14:13:30 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-10-01 14:14:06 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-10-01 14:14:06 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-10-01 14:32:07 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

But... unified Spain?

2017-10-01 14:32:41 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I can't really pick a side with the Catalan thing.

2017-10-01 14:33:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

One one hand, lots of Falange-supporting nationalists on the Spain side, but also a globalist govt, on the other end you have a very liberal (I'm assuming) Catalonian people who could very well turn their state into a big funnel for migrants.

2017-10-01 14:37:23 UTC [Front And Center #general]

I agree with this. I'm not fond of the concept of fleeing away and away until we can somehow group up a bunch of whites and just be left alone. I think we'll have to circle the wagons wherever we are, and keep fighting until the fighting's done.

2017-10-01 14:39:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

We need to be prepared. And we need time, energy, and experience for that. Once the state no longer holds a monopoly on violence here, the world's vultures are going to descend on the carcass of what was formerly known as the United States. It will be a sea of proxy wars, with various interests fighting for the scraps of an empire.

2017-10-01 18:37:51 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-01 22:35:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Nice, but that P doesn't need to be caps.

2017-10-01 22:36:08 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Keep up the good work

2017-10-02 00:04:33 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@SiegfriedHeidelberg - FL HEY, man. Happy to see you back in one piece.

2017-10-02 00:05:16 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Mooch TX Also forgot to welcome you back. How are things?

2017-10-02 00:05:51 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@SonderSchutz TX I've made up my mind, gas Catalonia.

2017-10-02 00:07:04 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Yeah, right. The Houston goys did another session more recently. I think everone who went actually remembers it this time, so that's a plus.
@SiegfriedHeidelberg - FL

2017-10-02 00:34:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Not that I've seen. Haven't checked Twitter.

2017-10-02 02:36:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Is he a Jew?

2017-10-02 02:39:23 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

@Tyler TX
Y'all know I'll never tell y'all not to put up posters.

2017-10-02 02:51:30 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I mean, doesn't really change my opinion of him. He's dig himself deep enough to where it doesn't make much of a difference.

2017-10-02 02:53:14 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If you aren't doing preacher curls you might as well be a jew.

2017-10-02 02:58:21 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Blumenkrieg You active, my man?

2017-10-02 05:10:22 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2017-10-02 13:50:43 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


2017-10-02 13:50:56 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Wonder if we could get a pic of it during the day

2017-10-02 13:57:17 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Could be an issue with money. They got the bad end of a few jewy gambling deals.

2017-10-02 13:58:35 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Good point. Not sure.

2017-10-02 14:02:42 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The guy might have beaten the Pulse Nightclub record.

2017-10-02 14:05:08 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

How many?

2017-10-02 14:07:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

There's a crazy amount of blame being thrown around. Shit is so polarized groups are going to go after Whitey no matter what the facts turn out to be.

2017-10-02 14:08:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

And as far as gun control, automatic weapons are illegal just about everywhere, or am I wrong?

2017-10-02 14:11:57 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

So the guy either got them illegally or has a squeaky clean background.

2017-10-02 14:13:41 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Yeah, we don't really know why he did it. Also idk if country concerts are the epitome of white culture.

2017-10-02 14:13:42 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-02 14:13:55 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I would have the text on the image with a white outline

2017-10-02 14:14:41 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

He was probably wasted

2017-10-02 14:16:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

"the chad last stand" That's hilarious. Memes are made before the bodies even stop bleeding nowadays.

2017-10-02 14:20:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

"It's most likely that his flip wife pussy converted him to Islam. " - Anglin

2017-10-02 14:20:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

There's lots of ISIS folks in the Phillipines

2017-10-02 14:21:17 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Shooter had two shooting platforms setup, 8 guns, and cameras in the hallway to see police arriving

2017-10-02 14:21:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

He said that just a few mins ago

2017-10-02 14:24:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Turns out his wife is out of the country, and the lady going around screaming folks are gonna die could just have been a drunken idiot.

2017-10-02 14:26:08 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Ah, how do we know that?

2017-10-02 15:01:36 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

@NDO Nick-TX @FashyMuscrat Anyone able to swing by after sunrise? Those pics are great, but a little hard to see. Any other photos we can get?

2017-10-02 15:15:24 UTC [Front And Center #social-media]  

@ThΓΆtterdΓ€mmerung Post all the latest PF tweets here

2017-10-02 15:35:07 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

They're not wrong.

2017-10-02 15:43:51 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Remotely controlled?

2017-10-02 17:53:31 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

If it comes out in a way we can utilize, then yes, but idk if there's any real angle yet.

2017-10-02 23:57:32 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Skynet Who are you, man? Don't remember you.

2017-10-03 02:29:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  
2017-10-03 02:29:36 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

We'll be moving to blue polos, most likely

2017-10-03 02:36:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Thank you

2017-10-03 03:56:38 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

It's crazy who they picked to ban. No real rhyme or reason to it.

2017-10-03 03:56:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Welcome back. Norman has some good plans for y'all WC guys soon.

2017-10-03 03:58:14 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Chris7577TX I like what he said, he's right about the boomers and the "deplorables".

2017-10-03 04:00:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I think we occupy that needed middle ground. We aren't pure "AMERICAN PATRIOTISM". We're clearly American, but also something new. We are creating a new America, with a new spirit, but the style is American. It's not so much a platform we can get removed from, because we built it.

2017-10-03 04:07:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Like a pheonix reborn

2017-10-03 04:22:50 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-10-03 04:27:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

There's many more to come. We're going to lay the groundwork for you guys being able to form your own local networks which you can do things like that with soon.

2017-10-03 04:29:12 UTC [Front And Center #contact_info]  

@everyone Don't get too comfy, we need this info. This server can get banned at any moment.

Send EVERYONE here a friend request.

2017-10-03 04:30:14 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Absolutely. All it takes is hard work and preparation, things we aren't unaccustomed to.

2017-10-03 04:33:07 UTC [Front And Center #contact_info]  


2017-10-03 05:29:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2017-10-03 05:29:47 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Work in progress

2017-10-03 16:10:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Could be a fake page.

2017-10-03 16:23:48 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Gun is a bit far away?

2017-10-03 16:24:31 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Drops of blood from the gun leading out of the pool

2017-10-03 16:24:32 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Looks like

2017-10-03 16:24:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Blood could have flowed around them, not so much a splatter. Maybe.

2017-10-03 16:30:46 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

That's not a bed, looks like carpet.

2017-10-03 16:34:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

That's what I was thinking, but I'm no crime scene expert.

2017-10-03 16:36:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

What if the body of the real shooter was crushed under the carpet and the blood seeped up through it?

2017-10-03 16:38:01 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I've seen people calling it a hoax because there's no one on video getting shot, and none of the bodies are bloody.

2017-10-03 16:59:40 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The ratio of what?

2017-10-03 17:00:39 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Did he get shot?

2017-10-03 17:01:12 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

A lot of the injuries could have come from trampling, maybe even more than the bullets.

2017-10-03 17:09:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I think, if a clear motive doesn't come out, and the Left can't blame it on the Right or vice versa, it'll get swept aside and people will wait for the next one.

With the Orlando shooting it was a double, Muslims and gays were affected as groups. With that, everyone was tossing blame everywhere, with this one, contry music fans aren't really a group, and boomers aren't either. So it's going to be a gun control debate, even if there's any good arguements based on how he got the rifles.

2017-10-03 18:06:26 UTC [Front And Center #social-media]


2017-10-03 20:54:03 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Took a lyric from the battle hymn of the republic.
"As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free"
Not sure if it fits here, but I wanted to use it.

2017-10-03 21:28:32 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I heard, I heard. Good stuff.

2017-10-03 22:56:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

We don't have anyone up there, unfortunately, we do vetting via a couple voice interviews and sometimes IRL vetting if it's available.

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