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Hi guys had a lot of fun today

I should be able to do a call

So were a lot early feminist

Boomers really liked to bomb stuff in thier youth

I can kinda see the point about banning torches. Like back in americas founding these people used to be burned as witches.


sup guys

Whoa man careful going to hard on the JQ off the first bat the proud boys might disavow us.

Seriously good job!

We need a chad vs virgin postering meme.

Virgin: acts suspicious because of nervousness.
Chad: posters antifa members and dares them to remove the wheat paste from thier chest.

Its a form of greeting in Southern California to poz someones neghole. Its not even a felony.

Does jared even operate that account?

1599 hail hortler

Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

I saw this and thought it would be a good anti-black pill

dude my wife calls me to deal with spiders she isnt going to shoot nogs while charging a hill

idk, Im interested in Byzantine history but im not greek.

Sarah Silverman makes me want to have actual oven rollercoasters in the death camps.

Jesus Christ will itsgoingdown ever find someone who can write coherently and not just ramble for 7 paragraphs. Getting punched in the face is more intellectually rewarding than that commie garbage.

Also lol at trying to hype up azzmodors arrest record. A handfull of Misdemeanors isnt that impressive for an old guy.

These guys are also a lot older.

You're lucky you got redpilled at the age that you did

Im not criticizing you btw. Im just stating it can happen to everyone and the older you are the worse it is generally

Its cool dude I just figured someone who just got doxed might be a tad touchy

That and you can go full pewdiepie and call people niggers

Good job welcome aboard

How much did that set you back? One of those would look dope on my wall.

🤜 🕎 ✡ 🔫

Quick someone get joe Bernstein to ban emojis now. “Around 100 supervised consumption spaces currently operate in Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands, and multiple studies show that these sites save lives and can help to connect people struggling with substance abuse to the services they need,” said (((Michael Ninburg)))

yeah how dare citizens not want junkies floking to thier town

yeah woulsnt want them gettinglice

Makes me wonder if a tumor can be made of pure guilt.

So the ocean is paying the nigger tax

Everyone in florida make sure to bully some commies for us west coast guys.

Florida is one big swamp very convenient for swirlies

If you're not doing anything important then you may as well go.


Sheeet wat time wa dat gaem? aint no nigga got time fo dat.

but seriously how was it?

yeah collage is kinda gay

shit dude you killed heather. I disnt know you can make bitches eat big macs.

Most of these people have never been in a fight and don't understand that it usually involves getting punched back.

Or the mentally unstable

That was /ourguys/

They made antifa disavow hating white people to the local news.

The we have nothing to lose but our chains chant is pretty retarded like nigger how about we revoke your ebt and secrion8

Section 8*

The phrase makes sense to say a russian peasant who just lost a brother in ww1 but its so nonsensical with some nog with air jordans and an I phone.

Most of them aren't really smart enough to know that.

But I guess Im the biggest dummy for expecting people with low iq and high time preference to have self awareness.

@Kevin thanks man, Im glad I can make your crappy situation just a little bit better.

Good luck with that. Get well soon so you can deck some commies.

🔝When you finally get to bath in white privilege

they mentioned state that ever had a postering so proud

put "whites deserve their own Israel"

on a highway banner

basically you want to meme away the facade of legitimacy. so normies see the mappy merchants they really are.

mic id acting up

got all my stuff

what if you just staple a 1x2 board to the bottom of the poster?

You guys can help us build a cedar long ship and we can launch raids on hipster neighborhoods

Dude see it the splc or the adl has local offiices

The tape quality don't matter when shit libs tear them down. May as well spend less money.

I used duct tape wa has about the same humidity ad fl

Only thing you can do on a wet surface is to wipe it off and press the tape hard

The best thing I used for postering is a shoulder bag (no homo) if you leave the front flap open you should have hands free access to your posters.

Messenger bag *

Their turning out the next gen of weevs young

@NDO Eric - TX she looks like a human version of a pug even has that eye birth defect they have.

The way they handle accusations is pretty fucked. You did x and y! No we don't have proof. No we won't provide details of the accusations. You are officially unpersoned.

Not that I care about this subhuman at all. It just highlights the people think.



Not to be autistic​ but a flotilla is several boats. GI only has one. Commies confirmed for not counting.

To /ourguys/ its a friend ship to commies its a hateship. its all subjective goy

Or I guess george Lincoln rockwell became a captain

Tired: gasing jews
Wired: keelhauling jews

So we're combining the vandals with chad nationalism. Raping and pillaging on a houseboat!

Western civilization =we wuz Romans. If you aren't larping as the spqr then you get deported.

"to ourselves and our prosperity" is a quote from the preamble of the american constitution. If you change the phrase at all it loses the connection to our founders

I have fat thumbs

So question for the military guys here. Hypothetically if things got tight financially would it make sense to apply to the National Guard?

I was mostly wondering if it could work as a backup plan incase something happened with the future family.

Part of the way done with my banner. Pro tip: you will use more paint on the cloth than on a normal wall.

Also you can't see it well in the pic but the whole banner is on top of large overlapping cardboard. I officially disavow getting paint on floor.

Patriot Front

I also realized that I put the g upside down. And need to fix it

The www is because norman was doing thar and I wanted them to match.

We can fit americans are white. We could also respond to the adl if you want.

Confirmed for Americans are white

Everything is being centered so it will match

So this is almost done.

Wish I had a stencil of a faces for the space on the sides

Make sure to overlap stencils a little. And keep in mind the the paint will bleed through the cloth.

Also I have space in the center since its folded I could do crossed arrows

No I just folded under its self along the middle so I can fit it in my kitchen.

Its done except for the crossed arrows but that's for another day.

Thank you! Yes Im using the occupied American poster as a mask. I agree with the single arrow.


Also idk if you guys can see it but I had some beige paint laying around to fix the mistake with the g. Also used it to clean up the letters a little.

They are trying to boomer proof their stuff bro

@Kevin had a guy ask me if we wired after market brake lights direct to the battery the same way we did the after market interior dome light.

Good to see us expanding! Fash up those coal mines brother!

Dude if AI can make jew jokes most alt rights podcasters would get job cucked

Dose the term goyim include computers?

Ask for a joke about white people and one about black people

Hate science sounds pretty neeto. Like a mad scientist who gets revenge on his enemies

Jews. I pity gays in the same way I pity people with schizophrenia something important has been denied them. Jews try to deconstruct everything goyim.


I might die of laughter if so commie at igd got triggered by my shitpost

Oven rollercoasters man oven rollercoasters

So when I was in middle school we had an assembly with a holocaust survivor..

He told us a story about how the nazis has a pool full of Posoin water and mad them walk through it

But he and his friend pluged thier noses and ears so they lived

Kike was selling a 35 dollar book to 14yrds

He was a child apparently

But there were no pool wich would submerge an 8 yrd

I tend to be pretty neutral on the holocaust. Like I don't really trust most narratives on it. But even if the Germans did have pedal brain smashers or oven rollercoasters it shouldn't effect americans.

You don't need to

Just point out how the Armenians dont use the Armenian genocide for political purposes

So you guys gave fields and interview via jail pay phone?

Im joking

Shit niBBa were you finding all these goys?

I fashed my wife

Most women want to be safe wich is why they keep to mainstream politics. If you convince them they are safer with you in the ethnostate it helps

Not by saying it but by being the best protector and provider out there

Acting right is 80%of the battle you have to have credibility

Just say your a fan of pewdiepie

Dude just vent to one of us or shitpost about jews

Guys need to have a good outlet for being the family leader.

Women stay upset longer than men.

I have more success with waiting and letting go through the process of being upset.

I also am weakest socially, so that might have something to do with it.

Makes sense dude it a lot to take on.

And it human to resent the extra responsibility even if you hate yourself for it

You should

Yeah man keep the woman who bust ass for her kids. That way you know she will do the same for yours.

I hated florida when I lived there.

I called it americas porta potty

No offence to the florida guys here your all pretty cool

Doesn't florida have a lot of jews?

Check your local laws.

Yeah they could just sue him directly

Well they have his dox. Doesn't matter if they lose they have lawers that do it for free

These people are so Neurotic that they get triggered from thier own imagination.

You dont need to go all Martin Luther on them

I hope they go out larping as Cato

Thomas Jefferson literally owned slaves when he wrote that

Prager are big brian NiBBas

I also agree with the anti drug fliers.

"wich way white man" to pictures one of a junkie half dead in a gutter and another of the same man clean and with a big beautiful family in front of a white picket fence.

Ironically anti drug groups would have more success if they called stoners fags

Im waiting on norman so both of ours can be done on the same day.

@Alfred NC welcome brother hope you feel at home.

did you go to a place or run those through your own printer?

Our ancestors had bad harvest and hunts and watch children die in infancy.

Any time you get frustrated or black pilled remember what they went through and be grateful

@The Hooknose- UT welcome aboard great to see new faces

welcome brother hail victory

lol @ the "race and ethnic studies" poster in the backround

its in the shape of a sickle must have been an accident

I would just bring up that she would be opposed to ethnostates out of self interest

its only half hers she get to keep it if she gives up an arm and a leg

If we can’t stop some doofus parading around with a swastika, then it’s clearly not a vote of confidence in our ability to run a future state, ethno of otherwise.


I also think the phalanx analogy is correct

most peolpe dont think the current system is working we need to convince them to take the risk by going with us

and that is undermined if we can't even do proper PR

its really not that hard to get people to save the larping for privet events

Im planning monday like 4 in the morning so I can hit major traffic to Tacoma.

So I had an idea that I wanted to run buy you.


What if we put posters on democrat politicians homes.

Like my state has that faggot that blocked the travel ban.

We could slip a couple posters in his mail box

Idk we could mail it to them with no return adress

Fair enough. I'll look into it after the banner.

I'll do whatevers not illegal I just know that too many politicians are too dumb to resist virtue signaling

At least they are here

I have actually seen shit libs quote franklin as a point on immigration. Not a lot mind you...

Thats what I was thinking.

That is a good quote

I think point 17 in this essay is good

Franklin is a big brain Ni🅱 🅱a

Ill give it a shot cant promise anything. we are reaching soy boy levels previously thought impossible 😆

Ask him why Israel won't give you citizenship

🕎 ✡ oy vey!

Hang all pedos

I think jews promote​ homosexual behavior because it covers for their abuses against children.

Weev is taking too long on the nigger killing drones

Yeah fuck giving them refugee status give them milliary aid.

Boer ethnostate

Make Israel take all the refugees from that conflict​

What an ungrateful bitch our man eric tastefully redecorates a public space and all she can do is complain

Its up got at least one ok pic you will need to clean it up. Going to drive by it again to see if I can get a better one

I mean you can take someone to civil court over petty shit

its a giant waste of time and money, but you can still file it

a yo hold up judge I want like *licks lips* 1000 dolleridos fo emotanal distress cuz dis man a raysist!

dude these peolpe believe woman can have a full time career and be a good mother you know they wont

#wallmart nationalism

No seriously great job.

Idk who took the banner down if it was the police or something they have cutters. You also have to factor how difficult it is to use pliers on a cable end.

The cops on duty in the area don't have much to do so Im pretty sure someone called them.

Welcome to the no fun zone.

Hell yeah man back on your feet to put a dent in the zog.

Whoa man the insane clown pose was right about magnets.

Don't trust them muhfucken scientist

You know it makes sense soyboys are only a fraction of a man.

Imagine being in your late 20s early 30s and being able to get your ass kicked by guys in a nursing home.
Also these FUCKING WHITE MALE and getting beat by a gook

Post that screenshot to /pol/ also ladyboi admits to vandalizing a trump supporters car

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="ht" dir="ltr">Lmao <a href=""></a></p>— ☯ LeeAnn ☯ (@jam0kes) <a href="">September 8, 2017</a></blockquote>
<script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>


im being dramatic

they putting soy in our mustangs and trying to turn the freaking cars gay!

Isnt gen z less white

We need to see there​ sample size by race

"Omg guys we can't let nazis take over our campus! Were can we get antifa posters" good thing our enemies are low agency

How many antifa members are art students? Shouldn't it not be hard for them to do posters

id help but its 17 hours one way

if I ever get the time off work

my work is always closed on sundays and holidays so if theres a major holiday on a monday i could do it without using vacation

whats it cost?

well shit its free

Careful you might have a rap parody written about you

@Ƿuffing welcome bro

boomer posting

they were bitching about the north west front for some reason

not that I endorse illeagal action in anyway FBI

gen z is ... pretty extreme

yeah I was pretty surprised to find this

I mean I guess we can all agree on the last on


also we shouldnt bash pedos they should be sent to gulags.

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