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ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 13:32:48 [Front And Center #general]

ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 13:33:07 [Front And Center #general]

So what the fuck happened

ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 13:33:46 [Front And Center #general]

So what the fuck happened

ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 13:34:20 [Front And Center #general]

Someone report us? Or was it because of Sunday?

ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 13:40:12 [Front And Center #general]

Yea who all got hit?

ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 14:07:41 [Front And Center #general]

Leak dem tiddies

ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 14:07:52 [Front And Center #general]


ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 14:09:30 [Front And Center #general]

@SonderSchutz TX your pics ain't loading nigga

ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 14:27:43 [Front And Center #general]


ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 15:20:32 [Front And Center #general]

Jfc that's a lot of nudes. Wtf was she thinking?

ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 15:24:11 [Front And Center #general]

She sent those privately or was she being a tumblr porn girl?

ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 15:24:34 [Front And Center #general]

I'm just so confused by all this

ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 15:25:25 [Front And Center #general]

They look like a stationary camera was used

ZeDwiver 2017-09-29 15:25:57 [Front And Center #general]


ZeDwiver 2017-09-30 01:57:38 [Front And Center #general]

lol we should make a snapchat group

ZeDwiver 2017-09-30 02:01:14 [Front And Center #general]

oy vey

ZeDwiver 2017-10-02 21:29:27 [Front And Center #activism]

It is

ZeDwiver 2017-10-05 15:20:20 [Front And Center #general]

If no one has a naruto run on Nov 4th I'm going to be severely disappointed

ZeDwiver 2017-10-05 15:24:27 [Front And Center #general]

Still trying to figure out if I can

ZeDwiver 2017-10-05 15:25:59 [Front And Center #general]

I'll let you know as soon as the maybe turns into a definite answer

ZeDwiver 2017-10-05 17:54:34 [Front And Center #general]

get rid of the logos and change the blue to our blue, whats the opinion on this style for uniform?

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 01:09:41 [Front And Center #general]

I would say, in no particular order, top left, middle left, middle middle, and middle right

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 01:14:59 [Front And Center #general]

extra red stripe = blood and courage

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 01:22:15 [Front And Center #general]

i think its good as an alternate

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 01:48:04 [Front And Center #general]

^very texas esque

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 01:50:00 [Front And Center #general]


ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 01:53:11 [Front And Center #general]

if theres going to be 13 stripes, having 14 stars is a good distinction and "explicitly" adds the concept of th e 14 words

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 01:54:25 [Front And Center #general]

@Thomas Ryan having a different object for the 14 is a bit obscure imo

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 01:54:35 [Front And Center #general]

im all about explicitness

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 01:58:30 [Front And Center #general]

@Thomas Ryan why is it not worth the explicit reference in your opinion

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 01:59:14 [Front And Center #general]

just asking out of curiousity

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 02:00:21 [Front And Center #general]

i like

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 02:00:34 [Front And Center #general]

fair enough

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 02:01:42 [Front And Center #general]

i look at the 14 words as a culmination of what the US was originally about but, again, thats just my opinion

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 02:03:05 [Front And Center #general]

also a fair point

ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 02:05:45 [Front And Center #general]


ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 02:12:25 [Front And Center #general]


ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 02:12:41 [Front And Center #general]


ZeDwiver 2017-10-07 02:16:19 [Front And Center #general]

i like it too. i guess my "issue" with the different designs is that the ones i listed as the ones i liked is that they fit different roles. Some look good with flags, some look good for stickers/posters, some look good for patches. it kinda hard to decide. although if we are modeling after the american flag, id say the middle middle one then

ZeDwiver 2017-10-15 02:58:43 [Front And Center #general]


ZeDwiver 2017-10-15 20:02:57 [Front And Center #general]


ZeDwiver 2017-10-17 02:17:42 [Front And Center #general]

wait wait for real??

ZeDwiver 2017-10-17 14:30:11 [Front And Center #general]

About to make this geology test beg like a kike in an oven, wish me luck

ZeDwiver 2017-10-17 15:49:43 [Front And Center #general]

Fuck I should've inb4'd you

ZeDwiver 2017-10-19 20:05:54 [Front And Center #general]

Tfw in class and can't watch any livestreams

ZeDwiver 2017-10-19 20:07:01 [Front And Center #general]

Gimme a highlight reel

ZeDwiver 2017-10-19 20:29:26 [Front And Center #general]


ZeDwiver 2017-10-20 15:19:56 [Front And Center #activism]

@Goymen Sachs whered you get those stickers my dude

ZeDwiver 2017-10-20 15:33:28 [Front And Center #activism]

i need some so i can do 5 minute activism

ZeDwiver 2017-10-20 15:57:47 [Front And Center #activism]

ordered from where

ZeDwiver 2017-10-20 15:57:52 [Front And Center #activism]

custom order?

ZeDwiver 2017-10-20 16:06:10 [Front And Center #activism]

aight thanks

ZeDwiver 2017-10-20 17:33:40 [Front And Center #general]

"[REDACTED] said his friends told him the people in the car the shots were fired from shouted “Sieg Heil” after asking them if they had seen someone named “Kyle.” "

ZeDwiver 2017-10-20 17:34:39 [Front And Center #general]

its from the article

ZeDwiver 2017-10-20 17:37:51 [Front And Center #general]


ZeDwiver 2017-10-23 15:27:07 [Front And Center #activism]

I'd put that on my car

ZeDwiver 2017-11-04 07:08:51 [Front And Center #general]

Hell yea dudes!

ZeDwiver 2017-11-04 07:12:12 [Front And Center #general]

Did the cops do anything?

ZeDwiver 2017-11-04 07:15:55 [Front And Center #general]

They didn't stop you from going on campus? Or yall just did it?

ZeDwiver 2017-11-04 07:32:26 [Front And Center #general]

Oh okay

ZeDwiver 2017-11-04 07:40:21 [Front And Center #general]
ZeDwiver 2017-11-04 07:40:28 [Front And Center #general]

Already made twitter

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