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2018-09-27 22:56:44 UTC

What was the first

2018-09-27 22:56:49 UTC

Anita Hill

2018-09-27 22:57:03 UTC

Ah yes of course

2018-09-27 22:57:11 UTC

lets hope the same outcome happens...

2018-09-27 22:57:19 UTC

We talked about it for a full semester in debate class

2018-09-27 22:57:22 UTC

He’s in.

2018-09-27 22:57:35 UTC

And Anita Hill has had a very profitable career. In case anyone is worried that Dr. Ford is 'sacrificing' anything

2018-09-27 22:58:18 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN She already has multiple GoFundMe's for hundreds of thou$ands of dollars.

2018-09-27 22:58:49 UTC

She sacrificed *nothing*. Everyone will sympathize with her because wamyn.

2018-09-27 22:58:52 UTC

And then the speaker's circuit.

2018-09-27 22:58:57 UTC


2018-09-27 22:59:13 UTC

She'll get a better professorship too, guarantee it.

2018-09-27 22:59:24 UTC

Hell, she'll get a book deal and maybe even a regular gig on MSNBC

2018-09-27 22:59:41 UTC

Predictions on the lunacy once Kav is approved?

2018-09-27 22:59:42 UTC

or CNN, not sure which one is further left at this point.

2018-09-27 22:59:55 UTC

I'm hoping for some Antifa riots @Clayton_H_ATX

2018-09-27 23:00:07 UTC

That'll help us in midterms.

2018-09-27 23:00:21 UTC

They aren't smart enough NOT to riot.

2018-09-27 23:00:35 UTC
2018-09-27 23:00:43 UTC

Guys we need to be prepared to respond if he's not confirmed.

2018-09-27 23:00:50 UTC


2018-09-27 23:01:26 UTC

Can you hear the people sing?

2018-09-27 23:01:28 UTC

We already saw one RINO basically say he isn't voting for him...

2018-09-27 23:01:28 UTC

This Ford creature has some serious gender dysphoria, and /he/she/it has the alcoholic look

2018-09-27 23:01:51 UTC

I see him confirmed

2018-09-27 23:02:04 UTC

If he's not confirmed... we vote for republicans for... reasons...?

2018-09-27 23:02:11 UTC

No wall in the spending bill either

2018-09-27 23:02:14 UTC

they are no better than dems

2018-09-27 23:02:22 UTC


2018-09-27 23:02:27 UTC

The dems wouldn't be so scared if he didn't have a great chance

2018-09-27 23:02:58 UTC

I have never been so angry in my 23 years of life.

2018-09-27 23:03:00 UTC

Dems are evil, GOP is stupid

2018-09-27 23:03:03 UTC

Ann Coulter said if they cuck on this on top of the wall they deserve to be crushed and replaced

2018-09-27 23:03:07 UTC

They are marginally better

2018-09-27 23:03:39 UTC

@TylerHess issue with that is if Dems take total control of the house, Trump gets impeached for...reasons.

2018-09-27 23:03:40 UTC

Always tuck in traitors before enemies

2018-09-27 23:04:37 UTC

Identitarian party soon

2018-09-27 23:04:39 UTC

Speaking of which, what's Graham's deal?

2018-09-27 23:04:46 UTC

He didn’t cuck

2018-09-27 23:04:49 UTC

Is that what you mean?

2018-09-27 23:04:54 UTC

Very out of character

2018-09-27 23:05:01 UTC

what would be hilarious though...is Trump winning in 2020 *after* being impeached. <:teehee:381917632359563264> (if that's possible)

2018-09-27 23:05:08 UTC

It is

2018-09-27 23:05:08 UTC

Graham was/is a huge deepstater

2018-09-27 23:05:08 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN things will have to be very bad for that.

2018-09-27 23:05:17 UTC

Impeached for what though

2018-09-27 23:05:24 UTC


2018-09-27 23:05:28 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I don't like that possibility but it would accelerate things. If they strike Trump down, and he shall become stronger than ever. Plus completely unrestrained in speaking his mind.

2018-09-27 23:05:31 UTC

The house decides if they impeach (accuse) and the senate decides if he’s guilty or not

2018-09-27 23:05:48 UTC


2018-09-27 23:06:12 UTC

crazy thing is, they have no actual reason or evidence to impeach

2018-09-27 23:06:19 UTC

but if they have the numbers, it won't matter

2018-09-27 23:06:20 UTC

Book deals today are the new method of money laundering, similar to expensive collector art.

2018-09-27 23:06:22 UTC

Dude it’s clown world

2018-09-27 23:06:26 UTC

They don’t need evidence

2018-09-27 23:06:30 UTC


2018-09-27 23:06:39 UTC

I want to see these #metoo types sued for intentional infliction of emotional distress, perjury and defamation/libel

2018-09-27 23:06:55 UTC

they need to, but won't

2018-09-27 23:07:11 UTC

Kav should sue his accusers.

2018-09-27 23:07:25 UTC

after he's confirmed...

2018-09-27 23:07:31 UTC

The dems tactics are so radical and heartless that they’re pushing republicans in our direction

2018-09-27 23:07:34 UTC

or before? not sure

2018-09-27 23:07:38 UTC

Maybe more so if he’s not.

2018-09-27 23:07:47 UTC

"powerful" people are paid ridiculously large amounts of money to "write a book", which ends up only making a tiny fraction of that amount in sales. But it doesn't matter, because very wealthy people give that money to the publishing company, which the publishing company gives to the "author" as part of the contract. Money laundering 101

2018-09-27 23:08:00 UTC

Like H Clinton

2018-09-27 23:08:03 UTC

So it's finally over.

2018-09-27 23:08:08 UTC

I’m sure

2018-09-27 23:08:12 UTC

When we get to install him?

2018-09-27 23:08:19 UTC

@Clayton_H_ATX nobody has done that yet as far as I know but it has to happen soon or this will continue unmitigated. We need a case law precedent clearly showing that crying metoo will result in countersuit

2018-09-27 23:08:19 UTC

Voting tomorrow

2018-09-27 23:08:23 UTC

never thought of these crazy book deals like that 🤔

2018-09-27 23:08:42 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL are you recently learning details of this stuff ?

2018-09-27 23:09:03 UTC

They (Rs) better not screw this up.

2018-09-27 23:09:22 UTC

i have no real confidence in the GOP

2018-09-27 23:09:25 UTC

Would it surprise me? No

2018-09-27 23:09:26 UTC

It's as obvious as the sun rises and sets each day. How else can publishing companies stay in business after so many massive failures of book sales? @Undercover Academic - IL

2018-09-27 23:09:33 UTC

but this seems pretty obviously political and a lie

2018-09-27 23:10:20 UTC

I never paid attention to the book sales

2018-09-27 23:10:26 UTC

I was infuriated seeing conservatives talking about how “genuine” Ford looked and sounded.

2018-09-27 23:10:30 UTC

@Undercover Academic - IL Seriously. Hillary got like a $30 million contract for her last book that, last I checked, barely made $10 million in sales.

2018-09-27 23:10:32 UTC

I typically just roll my eyes at them @Phillip Wiglesworth - FL

2018-09-27 23:10:45 UTC
2018-09-27 23:10:55 UTC

Her name was the first to my mind

2018-09-27 23:11:16 UTC

Keep in mind all GOP politicians now have to worry about being #metoo'd

2018-09-27 23:11:22 UTC

And she's writing another one...apparently? I can't wait to hear how big a contract that one is.

2018-09-27 23:11:30 UTC

They can't afford that heat and have to confirm

2018-09-27 23:11:53 UTC

If they don't it'll open up Pandora's box for all of them

2018-09-27 23:12:32 UTC

@Undercover Academic - IL I believe the Senate will convict.

2018-09-27 23:12:52 UTC

@Deleted User no way dude

2018-09-27 23:13:01 UTC

Why not?

2018-09-27 23:13:10 UTC

Because the Senate isn’t getting flipped blue

2018-09-27 23:13:30 UTC

Not even all Dems are on board with impeaching

2018-09-27 23:13:30 UTC

I’m saying the Republicans will convict.

2018-09-27 23:13:40 UTC


2018-09-27 23:13:49 UTC

We will see

2018-09-27 23:14:15 UTC

I think it’s far more precarious than it looks.

2018-09-27 23:14:18 UTC

Dude even Graham, the cuck, defended Kavanaugh

2018-09-27 23:14:48 UTC

I’m putting it out there: I think the Senate will convict.

2018-09-27 23:14:57 UTC

Graham was on fire.

2018-09-27 23:14:57 UTC

I strongly disagree

2018-09-27 23:14:59 UTC

@Undercover Academic - IL "Ghost writers" are the second clue. You _really_ think Hillary sat down at a computer, typewriter, or w/e and wrote a several hundred page book? Nope. Someone came in, took notes from her and got comments on stuff she wanted to talk about, advisors _advised_ on how to word it, and away they went

2018-09-27 23:15:10 UTC

I could be wrong and you can make fun of me later.

2018-09-27 23:15:10 UTC

i think the House would impeach, Senate would deny it.

2018-09-27 23:15:11 UTC

Lol of course not

2018-09-27 23:15:37 UTC

Dude if the house ever impeached, republicans would lose their shit

2018-09-27 23:16:07 UTC

It's completely unregulated and unmonitored. Mega book deals are simply laundered money.

2018-09-27 23:17:39 UTC

Honestly, impeachment proceedings with literally no evidence could be a good thing to galvanize the right for 2020

2018-09-27 23:18:30 UTC

They wouldn't have the numbers to actually remove Trump or Kavanaugh from office

2018-09-27 23:18:38 UTC

I feel so bad for kavanaugh. But did anyone cat h who advised Ford to use the Katz firm?

2018-09-27 23:18:55 UTC

Some fellow white ?

2018-09-27 23:18:56 UTC

"Impeach Fotey Fyve!" 👩🏿

2018-09-27 23:19:16 UTC

Her lawyer to her right looked like such a rabbi

2018-09-27 23:19:20 UTC

European style socialist

2018-09-27 23:19:44 UTC

Of course it was. Feinstein. And ohh yeah, they pulled that guy straight outta synagogue

2018-09-27 23:21:07 UTC

So the probability that this whole thing originating from the tribe is off the charts.

2018-09-27 23:22:29 UTC

i really hope he's confirmed...he is going to be relentless against the left after this character assassination.

2018-09-27 23:22:45 UTC

@Jacob I don't think Jeff will Flake, and if so Kavanaugh will still probably be confirmed. There are Dems that are actually really under pressure to confirm. Plus 50 senators plus Pence is enough

2018-09-27 23:23:16 UTC

Why would Democrats vote for him?

2018-09-27 23:23:22 UTC

If this doesnt bring him to our side (or possibly farther) I'll be shocked

2018-09-27 23:23:42 UTC

This is such a hard choice. I don't wanna miss out on those prediction market gains, but I'm also not confident that he will be confirmed.

2018-09-27 23:24:06 UTC

I'd say chances are he will.

2018-09-27 23:24:38 UTC

@Jacob a lot of Dem senators up for reelection in deep red States that Trump won by huge (yuge) margins

2018-09-27 23:24:52 UTC

Heidi heitkamp

2018-09-27 23:24:56 UTC


2018-09-27 23:24:59 UTC


2018-09-27 23:25:03 UTC

There's a few others

2018-09-27 23:25:04 UTC

Good point

2018-09-27 23:25:09 UTC

There's just too much against the narrative. He has a calendar for that exact time for Christ's sake.

2018-09-27 23:25:25 UTC

Another point to consider is that Jeff Flake is not up for reelecation, so he doesn't really care

2018-09-27 23:25:31 UTC

Also murkowski has basically said in very politically correctese that she will support, also collins

2018-09-27 23:25:40 UTC


2018-09-27 23:26:19 UTC

Or, what was the quote, if you remember?

2018-09-27 23:26:20 UTC

Times did a piece on Murkowski a few days ago. You have to read through their BS and just read the quote of her literal words

2018-09-27 23:28:09 UTC

Read the quotes directly and ignore the interpretation of the NYT

2018-09-27 23:28:25 UTC

Why the hell does Alaska have such a moderate senator?

2018-09-27 23:28:46 UTC

the big city?

2018-09-27 23:28:47 UTC

It's exactly the words carefully chosen by someone who wants to do some women respecting but has no problems confirming Kavanaugh so long as he doesn't blow up

2018-09-27 23:28:58 UTC

Alaska isn't as conservative as you think. It's only like 60% white

2018-09-27 23:29:11 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Isn't their "big" city not really a big city?

2018-09-27 23:29:22 UTC

Kind of a "fellow big city", you could say

2018-09-27 23:29:26 UTC

big enough to control the state still i would think

2018-09-27 23:29:32 UTC

That's not what I meant

2018-09-27 23:29:42 UTC

Kavabrah is a shoe in.

2018-09-27 23:30:10 UTC

Of course in such a barren state, the biggest city is big enough to control the state. But is it big enough to be soyboy central?

2018-09-27 23:30:33 UTC

@TMatthews That explanation makes more sense to me tbh

2018-09-27 23:30:47 UTC

I imagine all the Eskimos up there aren't too big on free markets

2018-09-27 23:30:56 UTC

Wiki says Alaska is 66% white, 14% native, 5% Asian, 3+% black.

2018-09-27 23:31:05 UTC


2018-09-27 23:31:09 UTC

3% black is a lot

2018-09-27 23:31:13 UTC

for a place like Alaska

2018-09-27 23:31:17 UTC

and 7% mixed.

2018-09-27 23:31:26 UTC

that's REALLY high mixed...

2018-09-27 23:31:33 UTC

must be the natives and whites?

2018-09-27 23:31:43 UTC

It's probably because natives are super blackpilled

2018-09-27 23:31:43 UTC

Natives I assume

2018-09-27 23:31:51 UTC

Natives have the highest race mixing rate

2018-09-27 23:31:53 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I'd guess so, an AK version of WMAF?

2018-09-27 23:31:55 UTC

Alaska doesn't have the normal urban vs rural divide between the most sparsely inhabited areas are majority Native

2018-09-27 23:31:59 UTC

Reminder that Obama renamed Mt McKinley

2018-09-27 23:32:15 UTC
2018-09-27 23:32:23 UTC

Something “indigenous”

2018-09-27 23:32:27 UTC

He’s such a beta fuck

2018-09-27 23:32:28 UTC

Denali, apparently

2018-09-27 23:32:28 UTC


2018-09-27 23:34:47 UTC

“We are now in a place where it’s not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is qualified,” Ms. Murkowski said in an extended interview on Monday night in the Capitol. “It is about whether or not a woman who has been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed.”

2018-09-27 23:34:49 UTC


2018-09-27 23:35:06 UTC

so she's saying that the woman was a victim

2018-09-27 23:35:30 UTC

but, then again, "victim at some point in her life" could mean that she stubbed her toe once

2018-09-27 23:35:42 UTC

Denali yeah. Some native language for “the great one” I think

2018-09-27 23:36:03 UTC

There’s actually a lot of Asians in anchorage

2018-09-27 23:36:12 UTC

Filipinos etc, not really Chinese

2018-09-27 23:37:16 UTC

@Jacob Skankorage and Jewneau are pretty liberal. Anchorage from Diversity (thank you, military) and Juneau from money.

2018-09-27 23:37:32 UTC

@Jacob yeah exactly read everything without the journalist-ist interpretation around it

2018-09-27 23:37:47 UTC

My friend of mine went to Alaska to work during the Summer. After 3 weeks he couldn't take it and came back. Said there was a bunch of Somalis and other third worlders working there.

2018-09-27 23:38:28 UTC

He seemed really disappointed at all the diversity. Probably was a redpilling experience for him.

2018-09-27 23:38:41 UTC

Less than Minneapolis. But that's not saying too much.

2018-09-27 23:39:07 UTC

Depends on the town. The little ones along the panhandle aren’t too bad

2018-09-27 23:39:10 UTC

Sitka, etc

2018-09-27 23:39:14 UTC

Fairbanks sucks

2018-09-27 23:39:26 UTC

It’s got one of the highest rates of assault rape in the country

2018-09-27 23:40:04 UTC

Unrelated but Elon Musk got charged with securities fraud apparently

2018-09-27 23:40:21 UTC

Lots of Asians in Anchorage. Juneau is gov't employees, college people, environemntal and national parks people, arts, music and beer people, and of course T'lingit. With some cruise line and airport and a very small fishing and logging and mining population.

2018-09-27 23:40:26 UTC

The Aleutian Islands are apparently the most diverse place in America now

2018-09-27 23:40:55 UTC

Does diverse here mean 99% Aleut

2018-09-27 23:41:14 UTC

@ThisIsChris Do you think it's a bigger deal for red state Democrats to vote against Kavanaugh than Gorsuch, since the midterms are closer?

2018-09-27 23:41:29 UTC

Meaning a bizarre mix of everything

2018-09-27 23:41:46 UTC

Weird, I can’t imagine anyone but whites and natives there

2018-09-27 23:41:54 UTC

I guess there are a lot of “seasonal workers”

2018-09-27 23:41:56 UTC

The area just outside Anchorage is still very white and conservative

2018-09-27 23:42:05 UTC

Sarah Palin land

2018-09-27 23:42:39 UTC

Anything off Turnagain is “conservative” in scare quotes

2018-09-27 23:42:53 UTC

Apparently they still live in Somalia just come for the Summer

2018-09-27 23:43:02 UTC

@Jacob definitely

2018-09-27 23:43:16 UTC

It's the best time to get red state Dems to do anything

2018-09-27 23:43:20 UTC

>come from Somalia
>go back to Somalia

2018-09-27 23:43:53 UTC

I’m pretty sure they just see what not-somalia looks like and just never go back

2018-09-27 23:43:58 UTC

Almost don’t blame them

2018-09-27 23:44:05 UTC

Turnagain arm... I haven't heard that name in a long time...

2018-09-27 23:44:26 UTC

They have to go back

2018-09-27 23:44:27 UTC

It’s pretty through there

2018-09-27 23:44:58 UTC

I said *almost* don’t blame them

2018-09-27 23:45:00 UTC

well... they just see an island in Alaska

2018-09-27 23:45:38 UTC

I would rather live on a Hut in the aleutians than Somalia

2018-09-27 23:46:57 UTC

If you fill the Aleutians with Somalis, they become just as bad

2018-09-27 23:47:10 UTC

It is the globalist plan to diversify even the bush and sticks everywhere to such a degree that even if white consciousness rises, the logistical difficulty of a white zone becomes impossible.

Obviously there are nonviolent peaceful ways of reversing trends. Subsidizing white births, strict border control, and paying people to leave. Would create positive trend

2018-09-27 23:47:21 UTC

Somalia: Cold boogaloo

2018-09-27 23:47:21 UTC

Although they're more Vietnamese, Mexican, and native

2018-09-27 23:47:32 UTC


2018-09-27 23:47:35 UTC

Are these people insane?

2018-09-27 23:47:52 UTC

If you asked me where I was on a specific day in high school, I would say, "fuck if I know"

2018-09-27 23:47:54 UTC

and I'm only 21

2018-09-27 23:48:03 UTC

It's really amazing to think that out of all the square miles on Earth, the mainstream position is that we shouldn't even get one

2018-09-27 23:48:12 UTC

they're expecting people to remember this stuff 40 years later

2018-09-27 23:48:23 UTC

Reddit is cancer

2018-09-27 23:48:52 UTC

I can't even go there for the woodsy subreddits, the soy is too ubiquitous

2018-09-27 23:48:59 UTC


2018-09-27 23:49:10 UTC

I was having some trouble remembering who was at the Spokane action, and that was only a few months ago

2018-09-27 23:50:04 UTC


2018-09-27 23:50:05 UTC

“Ford said PJ was elsewhere but this calendar shows that he was there so Kavanaugh needs to be investigated by the FBI”

2018-09-27 23:50:29 UTC

@Jacob what bothers me about the leftists is they clearly don't even believe the claims themselves

2018-09-27 23:51:09 UTC

Think these things are going to end sexual liberation inevitably

2018-09-27 23:51:29 UTC

No one's going to be willing to sacrifice their entire future or their kids

2018-09-27 23:51:37 UTC

Just to go drink

2018-09-27 23:51:54 UTC

@bspon002 in some sense they have. Men avoid being in the same room as a woman if there's a risk of a sexual harassment allegation

2018-09-27 23:52:19 UTC

Yeah exactly

2018-09-27 23:52:47 UTC

State enforced gender segregation

2018-09-27 23:52:52 UTC


2018-09-27 23:52:58 UTC


2018-09-27 23:53:06 UTC

how did that guy type that comment out with a straight face?

2018-09-27 23:53:19 UTC

@ThisIsChris it'll keep getting more and more rediculous till it implodes

2018-09-27 23:53:22 UTC

Are Dems in damage control mode yet?

2018-09-27 23:53:33 UTC

Or are they still pushing it?

2018-09-27 23:53:44 UTC

how would it even occur to you that it's reasonable to expect someone to know who they were hanging out with one night 40 years ago and if they don't know the FBI needs to break down their door?

2018-09-27 23:54:06 UTC

@Jacob I call it "cope posting", they'll call him a rapist his whole life and if they ever take power they will act on it. Dems are frightening

2018-09-27 23:54:14 UTC

The Kavanaugh debacle shows that it doesn't even matter if you were never alone with her

2018-09-27 23:54:27 UTC


2018-09-27 23:54:40 UTC

This whole thing is so astroturfed

2018-09-27 23:55:18 UTC

@TMatthews I'm betting on a resurgence of conservative social culture. It's the only way to adequately protect yourself in the new age of weaponize sexual victimization

2018-09-27 23:55:22 UTC

“Racist” stopped working so they swapped out the C for a P

2018-09-27 23:55:24 UTC

Next on God's docket!


2018-09-27 23:56:08 UTC

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (R) waves to students as she arrives at a lecture on Sept. 26, 2018, at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C.

2018-09-27 23:56:08 UTC

Liberal English teachers will assign the Crucible then go on Facebook to post about having to "always believe survivors"

2018-09-27 23:56:12 UTC

@ophiuchus heh, what's the next letter swap?

2018-09-27 23:56:30 UTC


2018-09-27 23:56:51 UTC

I honestly don't think the MeToo business will stop being used as a political weapon until fake accusations start taking down top democrats

2018-09-27 23:56:57 UTC

it is misleading but I think tue meant right, directionally.

2018-09-27 23:57:38 UTC

@TMatthews It already has, Al Franken was #MeToo'd

2018-09-27 23:57:42 UTC

There was a photo in the origial article I archived

2018-09-27 23:57:48 UTC

@TMatthews it'll cause the end of "sexual liberation"

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