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accept this meme as tribute

he looks badass too

he even composed Cara al Sol

probably one of the best songs of the 20th century

@NateDahl76 that's the katyusha melody

i don't think tha'ts a record tbqh

the new member orientation is just a meeting in the Pledge Hall voice chat?

haha i went to a football game, and they had some players do a fortnite dance, and all the small kids started doing it en masse. it was so cringe

@Benis visit me on Nov. 20th

it's much better optics than *cough cough* other regimes ont he 20th century

@Kingfish what's the difference between Germany and Liberia at this point anyway?

what is the general opinion of Nick Fuentes in thsi community?

is he kosher

I saw him wear it recently

the IE badge

@NateDahl76 he has a public instagram?

tbh I wouldn't put my wife out

@NateDahl76 i hate those peope

I think one of them appeared on "Now This"

and talked about how Trump "does not uphold democratic values"

Democracy: The God that Failed

It's either that or the " ... and I approve of that" response

@Gerald Cunningham so is mainstream right

in their endless worship of capitalists and israel

btw what's the status with Nathan Domingo?

ik he left but did he leave on good terms?

๐Ÿ…ฑashar basically won

and it's the final assault: the rebels are trying to stand their ground in a last stand

but their days are numbered

the assault will go on until it's done

I see no reason why Syria would stop

a consequence of literally having your troops in every part of the world

>basing your standards of a "bad" situation on whether the MSM talks about it

MSM should be called MBM = mainstream brainwashing mechanism

the White helmets were exposed a long time ago

they were exposed since the first false flag that they orchestrated

At this point there's no point in covering them up, so the glow in the darks decided to let it go

as a form of damage control

this is actually an argument for accelerationism

idk I like accelerationism

mainly because I want to participate in the collapse while I'm still young

being 40-50 and with a family and a couple of kids when the collapse happens will suck

as it says int he bible

it will be a bad day for the pregnant and breastfeeding when the end happens

i was actually in an uber with a retired democrat boomer. his vision of reality that I think is shared by many was a utopian vision of progress and progress upon progress.

This is totally bluepilled and an "Uncle Sam wil take care of us" approach that I think was caused by the fact that America was on ez mode for the last 70 years

but you can't bloat forever

this """progress""" is unsustainable

nobody believed in the USSR that it would collapse the day before

but then it did

@Flint the only reason this didn't happen was because Russia

despite of what you think about Putin, Russia is delaying the end

Putin personally delayed the red heifer by at least one year

ti's basically a prophecy

in the Talmuds

about the messiah

but their ""messiah"" is the anti-christ

so tl;dr anti-christ will come soon

i already have a visa to Russia jic

will be updating it periodically

not because i'm planning to desert but because imo it's very likely Russia wil be the only non-pozzed place

when the reign of anti-christ arrives

but if it doesn't

which I think is 30/70 chances for repent vs total collapse

but I have to admit I have a biased view

oh i have no faith int he US military

it's so bloatd

and many military have a very selfish view of their service

from my personal experience

like "I'm just here for the benefits"

that's actually why I joined

i want to be with people I trust when it happens

see our side has a lot of subdivisions

even people like me (falangists) differ from many other branches and groups

we have a common core, a common program, and I don't think at thsi point anything should be dividing

after we win (if we even do that!) we can talk about articular differences and policies

but for now, anyone trying to split us is a d&c shill

as long as you're woke on the QJ youre on my side

that's like my criterion

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