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accept this meme as tribute

he looks badass too

he even composed Cara al Sol

probably one of the best songs of the 20th century

@NateDahl76 that's the katyusha melody

i don't think tha'ts a record tbqh

the new member orientation is just a meeting in the Pledge Hall voice chat?

haha i went to a football game, and they had some players do a fortnite dance, and all the small kids started doing it en masse. it was so cringe

@Benis visit me on Nov. 20th

it's much better optics than *cough cough* other regimes ont he 20th century

@Kingfish what's the difference between Germany and Liberia at this point anyway?

what is the general opinion of Nick Fuentes in thsi community?

is he kosher

I saw him wear it recently

the IE badge

@NateDahl76 he has a public instagram?

tbh I wouldn't put my wife out

@NateDahl76 i hate those peope

I think one of them appeared on "Now This"

and talked about how Trump "does not uphold democratic values"

Democracy: The God that Failed

It's either that or the " ... and I approve of that" response

@Gerald Cunningham so is mainstream right

in their endless worship of capitalists and israel

btw what's the status with Nathan Domingo?

ik he left but did he leave on good terms?

πŸ…±ashar basically won

and it's the final assault: the rebels are trying to stand their ground in a last stand

but their days are numbered

the assault will go on until it's done

I see no reason why Syria would stop

a consequence of literally having your troops in every part of the world

>basing your standards of a "bad" situation on whether the MSM talks about it

MSM should be called MBM = mainstream brainwashing mechanism

the White helmets were exposed a long time ago

they were exposed since the first false flag that they orchestrated

At this point there's no point in covering them up, so the glow in the darks decided to let it go

as a form of damage control

this is actually an argument for accelerationism

idk I like accelerationism

mainly because I want to participate in the collapse while I'm still young

being 40-50 and with a family and a couple of kids when the collapse happens will suck

as it says int he bible

it will be a bad day for the pregnant and breastfeeding when the end happens

i was actually in an uber with a retired democrat boomer. his vision of reality that I think is shared by many was a utopian vision of progress and progress upon progress.

This is totally bluepilled and an "Uncle Sam wil take care of us" approach that I think was caused by the fact that America was on ez mode for the last 70 years

but you can't bloat forever

this """progress""" is unsustainable

nobody believed in the USSR that it would collapse the day before

but then it did

@Flint the only reason this didn't happen was because Russia

despite of what you think about Putin, Russia is delaying the end

Putin personally delayed the red heifer by at least one year

ti's basically a prophecy

in the Talmuds

about the messiah

but their ""messiah"" is the anti-christ

so tl;dr anti-christ will come soon

i already have a visa to Russia jic

will be updating it periodically

not because i'm planning to desert but because imo it's very likely Russia wil be the only non-pozzed place

when the reign of anti-christ arrives

but if it doesn't

which I think is 30/70 chances for repent vs total collapse

but I have to admit I have a biased view

oh i have no faith int he US military

it's so bloatd

and many military have a very selfish view of their service

from my personal experience

like "I'm just here for the benefits"

that's actually why I joined

i want to be with people I trust when it happens

see our side has a lot of subdivisions

even people like me (falangists) differ from many other branches and groups

we have a common core, a common program, and I don't think at thsi point anything should be dividing

after we win (if we even do that!) we can talk about articular differences and policies

but for now, anyone trying to split us is a d&c shill

as long as you're woke on the QJ youre on my side

that's like my criterion

i think that because imo that's the key to understanding the current world

and it's not limited to the middle east

What is the federal reserve?

What is the IMF?

so if you understand that basic concept

I think you're on my side even if we disagree onc ertain things

I was using that phrase metaphorically

Russia resists the J's in the greatest ways right now

they have a rise in Church influence

they have a consistent trend of rising support for a Christian monarchy

many of their priests and straight up woke

one of the big church leaders came out and said that he thinks the murder of the Romanov's was a masonic king-killing ritual

which I think is super woe

I see a lot of very good trends in Russia

meanwhile, in Europe, people are losing faith in God. The churches either go down the drain or gets exposed for kiddie didding

the people become cynical

it looks grim

at least the trends

the only shame is that theere are many communist boomers in Russia stil

which I find cringe

you can't have all things

but for full disclosure

I did grow up among many white army and ROA immigrants

so that's how my positions and viewpoints where shaped

@ophiuchus I've heard concern trolls kvetch over talks in Japan about importing immigrants

I hope they are concern trolls, because I wouldnt be surprised if the japanese kids spoiled by a lack of our problems will decide to experiment

it's also a version of the prisoner's dilemma

in order to control population of the world, we must all (we is all races) take measures to limit population growth

but if even one race ignores that, then they will overpower the other identities

so if one identity is growing at tremendous speeds, in order to survive the other races have to do the same

and then we have an even larger growth rate

@micbwilli watch a John Wayne western

I wasn't talking exclusively about combat

other types of competitive activities experience this

See I can't tell anymore whether I'm wearing nightmare goggles or not

is this an NF reference?

he always says that when he's talking to someone

"hey what's going on big guy?"

oh I remember that now

million dollar extreme

@NateDahl76 2070 paradigm shift should get an oscar

english classes are often dreadful

will have to agree with you there

peer reviews suck

many people who can't write submit their papers, and your job is to tell them nicely that they suck

I guess it's better in Bama

yeah i probably had the worst reviews in terms of helpfullness

@ThisIsChris can you send me inv?

or is it member only

the chad semicolon vs the virgin punctuation

hahahaha i hated group project

I always had to write 75+ percent of th code anyways

@ophiuchus i hated chem labs

they sucked soooo much and they took so much time

>tfw chadded out of a phd thesis

haha at least the swamp consumes you voluntarily now

@micbwilli if you dont believe gay marriage is normal, you're an anti-semite

@ThisIsChris that depends on the length of your recurrent NN

and what metric you're using for it. If by words, and if you have like a 20 word metric thenit might work

but then 1. that kid is like 16 and 2. Trump's speech sample size isnt' enough to train a bot like that

imaine CS classes now having a special section about how to prevent racism in code

STEM is getting the rope as well I guess

you must be either a zoomer or a degenerate

if you know what /b/ is

i hate /b/ so much

@Asatru Artist - MD may God help you and never reveal to you what /b/ is

with that i'll stop talkinga bout it

@micbwilli you need to donate all of your blood to joint he Eternal Falange

and donate not to older members, but for the sake of future members

what about city camouflage?

i would imagine none of these would work well in a city

what is chick fil a

i literally have no idea what that is

i'm guessing it's about chicken

nah i've never seen one

have yall tried in-n-out burger?

that's an exclusive Cali thing iirc

oh the saddest part is that I don't eat chicken 😦

I got fed up with chicken when I was a kid

i hate it now

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN that sounds like a USC frat house pre-game


is that a google-able term/

Also it's funny how nobody talks about the fact that they have decided to reinterr the body of Francisco Franco elsewhere

away from Valle de los Caidos

@Logan @missliterallywho congrats on bringing a new soul into this world!

@Why Tea you know that's an interesting question because it seems everybody has their own definition of inner voice

iirc 4chan pranks had an underlying meaning and irony

this is plain sadism

gonna admit the tide pod challenge was funny, but I do have a macabre sense of humour

serves him right tbh

and iirc the "It's ok to be white" thing started on the chans

i forget if it was 8chan or 4chan

go big or go home

Gen Z is awesome, so excited to be part of it

Do we have a music channel in here?

i'm pretty sure there is software called Cotton

that would be an awkward convo

and I just looked it up there definitely is software like that

>9/10 white

i went to a 25% white school

and this is lumping hispanics and J's in that

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN you working towads being a Firefighter?

@Bjorn - MD does your company have a mobile team?

LOL i just realized i've listened to Cara al Sol over 50 times today ( i left it on repeat while working)

@Asatru Artist - MD i am a defective part of the marxist machine 😎 The machine was intended to transform me from a cuckservative into antifa but instead it pushed me the same distance the other way

a glitch in the matrix so to speak

haha that's very nice that your parents were committed to your ... purity so to speak

I went to a majority hispanic high school. Many were very, very disagreeable people that ended up in prison or gangs

I actually bonded with the more intellectual of them

we actually had a little cuckservative/lolbertarian counterculture going on

alex kolchak hahaha

love that name bro

what's funny is that this literal nobody will be quoted on Wikipedia

"The Admiral" is probably my favorite russian film since "17 moments of Spring"

@OMGDwayne i'm still triggered by the commie flags and commie larps that fawn over this every year

don't get me wrong, i'm a supporter of the tsar. I'm cringed out by the people who still say that the communist regime is better than now (apparently 17%) and deny the crimes of the gulags and the rape of Russia in general.

Like Grudinin i think his name is: went on national TV to say that no political prisoners were building massive soviet projects during Stalin's regime

eh i think the problems are much deeper than tat

I view the communist government as not simply incompetent but fundamentally evil

@OMGDwayne i think it's mroe evil than that

they viewed them not as guinea pigs

but as people fundamentally destined to be slaves to them

the communist regime wasn't even Russian

and their goal was to destroy russia

it wasn't a utopia: it was targetted extermination

that's how I see it

you don't even have to dive into 8chan archives to this info

a nobel prize winner was *explicit* about this

Solzhenitsyn has many quotes about who and how did this

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