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@_AltRight_Anew -AZ Just joined from Tucson, Arizona.

hey man

It's my first day


Of the poor results of all, of the plodding and sordid crowds I see around me
Of the empty and useless years of the rest, with the rest me intertwined, the question so sad recurring, what good among these o me o life?
That you are here. That life exists and Identity. That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.

I just heard the new youtube video, I'm interested in speech writing, if there is opportunity. Who do I contact for more information?

@Gwaihyr I've just finished reading the old testament. Life is an enigma that is beyond human ability to solve. As a Catholic, that is more or less what we call "the mystery of faith."

He stood up for men. This is a turning point in American culture.

This is the last straw guys. The United States are starting to crack.

You decide

Guys we need to be prepared to respond if he's not confirmed.

Can you hear the people sing?

I have never been so angry in my 23 years of life.

The Kavanaugh coverage is the clearest example of anti white, anti man prejudice that our country is likely to get.

Unpopular opinion: We need to win over as many minds as possible, of all races. Identitarian is "pro" not "anti".

We need to prepare a highly organized and educated coup of conservative political thought at the highest levels of the American media and government.

We need to establish a movement sympathetic to the vast majority of people

who? Im late

$5 says Susan Collins is voting no.

He had better earn this.

Guys we need a metoo diversity violence movement

IE olympics when?

@Valaska You shouldn't use words like bruh

Sweden had a colony in Delaware before the English.

2018-11-01 02:15:24 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Why aren't we talking about the caravan?

@Reinhard Wolff Why don't we do more activism regarding current events i.e. European historical anniversaries, or events affecting European Americans like the Caravan or the Affirmative Action case. It seems Generation Identitaire does more of this than we do. I think these actions, such as for Kate Steinle, bring us the most positive publicity

Being doxxed in the service of one's people is the greatest honor.

Republicans are hated but they still use their real names. I think IE needs to get there eventually.

I think of us like the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

@Papa Pizzagate yeah nice to meet you as well. You guys have sacrificed so much for our cause.

Think of people who get replaced by technology like European Americans. "No one will mourn us. For us, it is conquer or die." -RS

"UBI" will never work. You have to win in a competitive world. Otherwise you will disappear. That's why I'm not worried about us long term. Any system that sustains decadence is doomed.

We can win on our own creativity and ability to withstand disaster, better than any other group.

And they'll have no one to blame but themselves frankly. They have a chance to survive.

I support Trump unconditionally.

As we tap into true white potential, its about time we did better than rs

@Reinhard Wolff Question about strategy, what is wrong with being elitist?

After listening to Patrick's speech, I am wondering if our message is too meta for the average European American. I am more worried about present anti-white discrimination like criminalization of Christianity, all defense critical US STEM programs unanimously composed of Chinese nationals, majority mexican birthrates, revisionist history in pop culture, the rise of third world politics in Congress, and the loss of a nations worth dying for in America and Europe. Yes, this all part of a long history, but that's not the political opportunity. It's that we can use these attacks to reunite, reinstill identity, and rebuild what was lost and even what never existed before. Trump understood this.

The Democrats who say they need to stop trying to win back whites and focus on "minority" interests are practically doing this job for us. We just need to be the place where whites feel like they belong and are championed.

I think language about music, food, religion, and even occupation would be helpful in establishing shared identity. Trump gave Elvis and award, for example

Gentlemen, it is a privilige to serve with you

We will remember them!

Whites fighting whites

Our country will have it

Asians are more dangerous to the economy

They steal our technology that took centuries to develop

Is there an IE plan to save the race if all political efforts fail

Just saying

Doesn't help if we're killed.

Im being serious

This isnt a joke

Our kids will be taxed into slavery like they are in Brazil

What if we had a unite the white campaign?

I think we will be a minority in 2020 if they count illegals

We were under 10% until the 1700s or so

You guys do a good job.

I wish I could be more help

I really like this group, I just want to know how exactly we are going to improve our lives in the future. I'm sorry Ian, I deleted that myself


They do a better job of uniting identitarians I believe

I agree that the arch of history is long

We could accelerate the process and use their weight against them so to speak

That's how we got Bolsonero

When Trump goes down there will be an opportunity for one of us to step up. I don't thing that is a crazy concept

Mandate of Heaven or spirit of the times?

Literally a slow boat to China.


It was a perfectly good Wednesday

Get ready for the big pond boys

We are 20 years ahead of the curve

We have to teach people that globalism was invented to protect European countries from each other, and that now it is preventing them from defending themselves and must be changed. I really think we can seize a critical political moment using 1: the trade war as a national economic angle and 2: the 2020 census to argue for righteous self-preservation to destigmatize white identitarianism as a social angle, to win back our brainwashed liberal brothers. We have convince liberal whites why economic and cultural globalism should be replaced and answer how we will still prevent bother wars. We solve this, we unite everyone, for the first time in European history.

We need to give speeches more often. Preferably ones that show we get it and have a solution.

My perspective on pro immigration politicians

2lb7lk.jpg (550Γ—485)

I think it applies to how people try to shirk the mounting challenges of the times

I'm on a business trip and people are talking about the engineering and business outsourcing going asymptotic. I think within the next decade the US upper middle class will be wiped out. At that point, liberal whites, whose parents profited for so long from globalism, will get the same red pill we lower middle classers got in 2008. That is a powerful constituency.

What do you think is the best way to get through to the other half of whites?

Do we talk affirmative action and white privlidge or go an economic route on outsourcing and immigration?

I think we should use a different word than genocide, but use the 2020 census as an argument for self preservation?

That is the foundation of law.

@@Papa Pizzagate Send an open invitation to that poor guy on Twitter or something along the lines of "This is the bs we're talking about" We'll get so much good press.

The one who got harassed by the native american.

And the media blamed him.

An open invitation to IE

It's events like this that can prove to the public the legitimacy of our organization.

It's an opportunity.

We can throw reasonable doubt over all their coverage of C-ville with this.

Why can't we leave that poor parish alone. Go after the powerful congressmen and women who demanded their heads.

It's not their fault. This is just going to discourage them and others from attending political rallies. Members of the media are the root cause.

Should we be more critical of our leaders than our enemies?


I thought we could write them an open invitation along the lines of "this is the bs we're talking about" and "keep standing your ground against anti whites"

To all the next generation who lives this every day. That the kids should apply when they are old enough.

These boys are bamfs. Exactly what we need more of.

Yes! Im in.

There is a generational appeal here. "Your parents will not protect you. They are scared for themselves. But unlike them, we don't have anywhere left to run.

Would be better to clarify

haha, elite whites like us

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