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That's hilarious

It's a beautiful thing

Yeah my left leaning anti-globalist friend sent me that gothamist article this morning. What do you expect? The gothamist reader base is all bugmen

"here's why identity politics is bad....." "Go Israel!"

That's a Jewish publication?

All of the footnotes for the neo-Nazi and supremacist claims on Wikipedia are from left wing hate site articles

Kind of hilarious


that's how you know you're in the ghetto - everybody on their front porches

that sounds legit

no excuse for a DUI with uber/lyft these days

vodka sodas

"i don't give a damn about the browning of america"

NYGOP is a massively corrupt political machine

@Reinhard Wolff What's our total membership count? Do we have certain targets?

More vile bullshit from the Dems every time a high profile Republican is vying for a position

The "conservative" movement will be a sham and keep losing as long as they buy into the leftist narrative on race being a social construct

Buon giorno a tutti

What is a legal observer?

@TMatthews except for the wiki box on the right that calls us neo-nazis, 4th and 5th links being SPLC and ADL, etc. the first page of results actually sucks

the other day i encountered the question... "what if whites being wiped out is natural selection?"

Sadly I agree. But as the anti White left gets even more obvious (see the Emmys) it will happen

And the white straight guy left the stage when they called for diversity even though he was the only one

Well shit. Didn't even know who he was

Tactical whiteness on full display

I worked with a Hindu guy from Bangladesh who left because there is a lot of discrimination against Muslims by Hindus. He voted Trump

Against Hindus by Muslims**

There are Hindu minorities in the countries surrounding India

I'm not saying that they should come here. Just saying where they probably come from

The only democracy in the middle East deserves it, goy

aaand the cite the ADL calling us white supremacist

whoops...been searching google news, that came up as an article from today so i didn't bother to scroll up

If only the founding fathers were a diverse group of black women...

I must have missed that part of history class, but that was back in the 90s and 2000s

Oh VA... Unexpected

Italian Trump at #4

It's sad that that many people believe unsubstantiated claims and don't realize how obvious of a hit job this is

That's not illegal though

And then they'll be chanting "pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon" at their next rally

dragonseye doesn't give it away?

or do the reaccs not show up in the logs

we do park cleanups and other volunteer work AFAIK...

I understand being anxious and excited to advance the movement but you have to realize that we are fighting decades of conditioning that will take years, if not decades, to reverse @DickHead

You are already on here investing time into what comes off as complaining, though @DickHead

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." - Greek proverb

i'm doing this for my 6 year old daughter

and her future children

@DickHead Anybody who isn't a net taxpayer shouldn't be allowed to vote

type @

you don't

you know what would make her even hotter? if she didn't sound like canuck, eh?

doubt she has a chance

yeah she's not even in the debate with the top 4 candidates

What a victim:

Cuomo, appearing on his brother CNN host Chris Cuomo’s debut show on Monday afternoon on Sirius/XM satellite radio, said β€œI don’t think it has ever been as ugly as it is now.”

β€œIt is much more ugly, mean, hateful than it has ever been,” the governor said. β€œIt’s a social dynamic. It’s not a political dynamic. You have a lot of things feeding into it.”

Cuomo said the only way to address it is to keep fighting back.

β€œYou’re here to do good, you’re here to fight the good fight,” the governor said. β€œYou don’t fold in the face of anger and hate. Love will eventually defeat hate.

β€œBut it’s harder and hate is easier to sell and there will be people who sell hate. But your obligation is to overcome.”

get essential spices like salt, pepper, garlic powder, crushed red pepper, italian seasoning, whatever else and some garlic and olive oil. then buy another spice or two each week and buy a different type of meat every few days/every week and progressively grow your pantry and learn basic stuff from the ground up

well then if you wanna be extra huwhite, just boil your meat and skip all the spices

@Jacob Yeah you'll use them. Don't be afraid to experiment, too. Deviate from the recipe. That's how you learn and mature as a cook.

Trust me, I'm eyetalian

@Valaska State tag checks out, but where's the ranch

Get an instant read thermometer @Jacob

Really? That's a Greek and Arab thing

Hot dish is a Midwest thing

@Jacob when I was keto I just cooked ton of meat and vegetables. And eggs. Spaghetti squash. Spinach.

@Jacob spaghetti squash

UBI is commie bullshit

Show her a world iq map

the jews have succeeded with their summer sleepaway camps..we can too

the jews of the east

with such a large population, they are bound to have millions of retards despite high average IQ

@sigruna14 Nonsense, Europe has strong traditions regarding the creation and consumption of mind-altering beverages of various types

@sigruna14 I figured you were kidding, and that's fine πŸ˜ƒ

Did you folks know that beer is a symbol of white supremacy?

@Jason - CT See, objective evidence. All we need is the SPLC and ADL to codify it

Let's not go full autist on this. You can tell by screening a girl during a date or 2 whether or not she's an insane SJW or a normal down to earth person. If you are still worried, then yes record the audio. Also keeping your texts, which show a log of voluntary meeting/messaging, is important. After she leaves your place, good rule of thumb is to send her a follow up text saying how great of a time you had. At which point she will most likely respond that she did as well.

Feminism and #metoo are a shittest.

On the topic of women.....The first 3 videos on this list are essential. And if you're not subscribed to BlackPigeonSpeaks, you should really do so.

Maxine Waters groped me in 2017.

I have no witnesses but I haven't been able to get an erection since.

armenians who look, act, and identify as white are white. plus they are christian

armenian soccer team

i have known one or 2 very dark sicilians but most are white

alright guys no inter-national conflicts

Didn't Little RIchard say that we are too 'middle class'?

@ThisIsChris the "Other" is Ethiopian isn't it

Fun fact, the flag of Chad and the flag of Romania are identical

the GOP needs to grow a pair and shut this shit down

Is Ford of Jewish ancestry? Just trying to keep her wiki page up to date

Thoughts on the GOP purposely allowing this nomination to be sabotaged? Or am I going full conspiritard?

@Bjorn - MD I would think that any female who is in our organization thinks similarly

This is the Democrat modus operandi and has been for a while now.

@fgtveassassin I was thinking the same

I've been feeling out political topics with this chick I'm friendly with and as an actual victim of sexual assault she is disgusted by this charade

What a coincidence that they found a well-respected Psychology professor to be the chosen one to push this bullshit

here she is with her psych mumbo jumbo that definitely goes above their heads

I wonder how many times she and Feinstein rehearsed this

@Bjorn - MD she thinks it's in the bag

How the fuck does the FBI investigate a 40 year old accusation for which there is no paper trail?

Crocodile tears

So their excuse for her spotty 'memory' is because trauma can cause

Is Kavanaugh up for confirmation tomorrow?

i think he's next

@Virgil Keep dragging it out and harassing him until he quits

@Asatru Artist - MD Yeah, he has already said he will not quit despite the threats to his family. And you've gotta consider how much he will hate the left after he's confirmed....


@Virgil And a woman

Trump should nominate Obama and then have a bunch of women (and men) accuse him of sexual assault

hearing is back

this prosecutor lady seems pretty on-point

@Bjorn - MD what's your reason for thinking that

@Asatru Artist - MD I actually went to school with that clown, major cuck

@Sam Anderson yet they historically oppose gay "marriage"

Sen Klobuchar womansplaining...

there actually are many different ethnic groups within africa

leftist women are usually mentally unstable....

@Deleted User what is she getting at?

i missed something

something about her having anxiety about flying?

@Deleted User oh that's right I forgot about that....lmao

having 2 front doors is a well known symbol of white supremacy

is she just winging it at this point or is she still following a script?

fucking polygraph results....all that says is that somebody is thoroughly convinced of something whether it's true or not

@Bjorn - MD I remember the good old days when rappers and blacks idolized trump for being a boss

i wanna go to lunch but /ourgirl/ is too fucking great to close the stream

jesus christ these dem male senators are such cucks

"please provide an argument against 'boys will be boys'"

>women are strong and independent and don't need no man and in fact are equal to men
>women are incapable of speaking up about sexual assault and no matter when they make an accusation it must be believed

blumenthal full on cuckin out

ford is so courageous

she's summoning the tears

here's the trump bashing

blumenthal says trump's failure to launch an FBI investigation is a cover up

here we go, questioning about the polygraph

talmudic counsel trying to shut it down

right from a funeral to a polygraph

@Logan yes and this GOP lawyer boss woman pointed out ford's years of leisurely air travel

"Doctor Ford has zero reason to come forward and lie."

This Sen is fucking vile

She's the one who said women must be believed no matter what and men need to sit down and shut up, basically

Sen Mazie Hirono from Hawaii

Here we go, Drumpfs fault

And Ford mouthed mahalo back

Yeah yeah PBS

Booker is whiter than some white people

Yes she is

Look at her...SAD

(((pro bono)))

I'm sure no money is being exchanged

I hope she is building up to something real good



Here's the 2020 nominee

Another likely half white black

They gave their time to the prosecutor lady

just heard some fairly impartial standup guy (who happens to be haitian) at work say that the fact that she submitted whatever paperwork in july caused him to think maybe she is telling the truth

@Asatru Artist - MD the GOP needs to learn emotional appeal

it works

i don't think gillibrand is jewish

English, Austrian, Scottish, German, and Irish ancestry

she is hillary Jr. though

and honestly probalby has the best shot at 2020

@Asatru Artist - MD but emotional appeal works, especially on women

@Bjorn - MD don't have to be jewish to be a vile leftist

she actually used to be a blue dog when she was a congresswoman - because she had to be as a rep upstate - and then went full hillary when she made it to the senate

@Bjorn - MD She knows. She is an opportunist though. Completely in the mold of Hillary

@Bjorn - MD but she has no baggage really and has positioned herself as a 'leader' of the #metoo 'movement' and all that nonsense

@Asatru Artist - MD the ones who aren't total soyboys i think are slowly waking up. or maybe i'm just being optimistic


feinstein looks like she's gonna keel over

are those ford's tears he's drinking?

this nigga goin hard

yeah it is

This goes waaay beyond just a SCOTUS nomination.

feinstein is scrambling


Hard to be emotional when you have no heart

this is heartbreaking

How is the left going to respond when he's confirmed?

was just about to say that

Ford should be in jail

this country doesn't take false accusations seriously

that fat bitch on long island (NY) only got a year

good. they should feel like absolute shitbags. if they're human.

fucking incredible

look at that face

blowing his load

The day Feinstein keels over will be a great day for America

laying down the law to feinstein hah

I've never been asked about my drinking and sexual habits on a job interview, but yeah

they would've done this with any male nominee. they had the "STOP _____!" signs ready to go before trump even announced his pick

who's speaking right now...?

not thrilled with fox's stream

why was that link deleted

wouldn't be surprised if he were on the spectrum but highly functioning, at this point

friend of mine says it's "probably a condolence card or letter of encouragement for Dr. Ford"

I'm Italian and I wear a toga to work on casual fridays

step it up bro

fucking durbin

i still don't get wtf the FBI would investigate

kavanaugh isn't standing for this shit, fuck durbin

what a piece of shit

this guy has no soul

only the Dems could make Lindsey Graham look good

fuck yeah

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I don't think he's gay, just one of those effeminate-sounding southern dudes

fuck yeah graham going hard

"are you a gang rapist?"

absolute UNIT lindsey

oy vey

Speaking of Reddit, theredpill and cringeanarchy were quarantined

My tax dollars at work at SBU

Balkanization when?

Fuck I'm in a blue zone

What was the first

Ah yes of course

Dems are evil, GOP is stupid

They are marginally better

Impeached for what though

this could be us, goys

what did they mean by that?

the look of a self-indulgent coward with no convictions

(((Joy Behar)))

The Pence rule

rape crisis support???

wtf is '<:awoo:359012181611642890> '

some weeaboo shit?

Cue hit job on Graham

i'm surprised jewish support is that high esp. considering most are dems

and esp. considering kavanaugh is catholic

orthodox jews in the US are very conservative

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