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2018-07-26 18:08:02 UTC

Then say so! Lol

2018-07-26 18:33:05 UTC
2018-07-26 18:52:58 UTC

@Shiver jy my suggesties(jammer @Conscious Caracal vir die vieslike anglisisme) gesien?

2018-07-26 18:53:13 UTC

lol gaan kyk

2018-07-26 18:56:06 UTC


2018-07-26 18:56:06 UTC

Ditsem! @Shiver, you just advanced to level 11!

2018-07-26 18:56:14 UTC

Shhh chappie

2018-07-26 18:57:09 UTC

Okay I must do some work.. I'm listening in.

2018-07-26 18:57:18 UTC

Yeh same here

2018-07-26 18:57:45 UTC

@Shiver I can never get over that I'm a millennial. It's so shaming 😔

2018-07-26 18:57:52 UTC


2018-07-26 18:58:45 UTC


2018-07-26 18:59:41 UTC

I'm Gen Y

2018-07-26 18:59:53 UTC

Millennials are narcissistic triggered scum who are destroying our world 🤦🏻‍♂️

2018-07-26 18:59:57 UTC

lol Really?

2018-07-26 19:00:05 UTC

But i have the life and mind of a Gen X

2018-07-26 19:00:17 UTC

Yeah me too

2018-07-26 19:01:03 UTC

My bros are both gen x and I'm more like them

2018-07-26 19:02:43 UTC

Generation "Z "but i have a mind of "Y "

2018-07-26 19:02:43 UTC

Ditsem! @RaRi, you just advanced to level 1!

2018-07-26 19:02:57 UTC

@RaRi that's not good

2018-07-26 19:03:30 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder LOL Why not 😄

2018-07-26 19:03:49 UTC

See above 👆🏻

2018-07-26 19:04:29 UTC

lol i get you lol.

2018-07-26 19:05:37 UTC

generation y: rise of the trannies

2018-07-26 19:05:50 UTC


2018-07-26 19:06:50 UTC

Lol true dat

2018-07-26 19:07:29 UTC


2018-07-26 19:16:01 UTC

seen as coconuts

2018-07-26 19:16:13 UTC

yes lol

2018-07-26 19:16:19 UTC

or in the bantu it is oreo

2018-07-26 19:18:24 UTC

Who's a coconut?

2018-07-26 19:18:42 UTC

I don't like coconuts. Taste funny. I don't get them

2018-07-26 19:20:07 UTC

Brown on the outside, white on the inside... is what blacks call each other when they wanna help whites or think like whites.

2018-07-26 19:20:38 UTC

Yeah I know. Just messin'

2018-07-26 19:20:47 UTC


2018-07-26 19:22:42 UTC

Why do you start work at 7am??<:4076184588729712641:469994003316867102>

2018-07-26 19:25:07 UTC

I actually start at 6am

2018-07-26 19:25:23 UTC

so that I can go home early and spend more time with my family

2018-07-26 19:25:43 UTC

Awh such a wholesome lad! ♥

2018-07-26 19:27:18 UTC

You have a family??? You're like 12!<:Willem:469475674508361739>

2018-07-26 19:27:30 UTC

lol yes

2018-07-26 19:27:30 UTC

Ditsem! @theeChristopher, you just advanced to level 8!

2018-07-26 19:27:56 UTC


2018-07-26 19:28:46 UTC

yes I have a family, no I am not 12 😄

2018-07-26 19:29:02 UTC


2018-07-26 19:29:03 UTC

Ditsem! @Malcolm the Seceder, you just advanced to level 10!

2018-07-26 19:29:14 UTC

I guess I am a conservative

2018-07-26 19:29:22 UTC


2018-07-26 19:29:45 UTC

hy daai is my nommer

2018-07-26 19:30:02 UTC

In English?

2018-07-26 19:30:08 UTC

hey that is my number.

2018-07-26 19:30:32 UTC

Lol was that for the voice chat? I'm watching Gavin Mcinnes

2018-07-26 19:31:03 UTC


2018-07-26 19:32:17 UTC

No i think he is Scottish?

2018-07-26 19:32:41 UTC

When he speaks you can clearly hear

2018-07-26 19:32:59 UTC

then you can clearly hear william wallace

2018-07-26 19:33:45 UTC

His parents are he was born in Hertfordshire then moved to Canadia at 4

2018-07-26 19:34:57 UTC

Ek laai dit nou af.

I am downloading.

2018-07-26 19:35:14 UTC

Thanks just send your invoice to Guss

2018-07-26 19:35:43 UTC

whats your hourly rate Christopher?

2018-07-26 19:36:08 UTC

Currently at $100 per hour

2018-07-26 19:36:19 UTC

Most expensive Youtube Upload ever!

2018-07-26 19:36:25 UTC

ok, do not work over 6 min

2018-07-26 19:36:37 UTC

I'll give you $10

2018-07-26 19:36:57 UTC

what your paypal? 😃

2018-07-26 19:40:38 UTC

look in the video channel

2018-07-26 19:41:14 UTC

it is there

2018-07-26 19:41:44 UTC

Copy and paste Willem, copy and paste

2018-07-26 19:50:14 UTC

Google Mail: Create Contact Group from an Excel File
Step 1: Entering contacts into an Excel file and saving it as a .CSV. Open Microsoft Excel. In the first row, label the first three columns as follows: ...
Step 2: Importing the .CSV file into Google Contacts. The new Google Mail onl offers a preview version of your Google Contacts.

2018-07-26 19:51:59 UTC

Ditsem! @Guss, you just advanced to level 5!

2018-07-26 19:53:08 UTC

Natalia hier kom ons

2018-07-26 19:54:29 UTC

what's happening?

2018-07-26 19:56:34 UTC

Hoekom het sy jou kam agter jou gesit?

2018-07-26 19:56:50 UTC


2018-07-26 19:57:06 UTC


2018-07-26 20:03:29 UTC
2018-07-26 20:04:01 UTC

die beste passwords is:

soos: perdpanBees

2018-07-26 20:07:30 UTC


2018-07-26 20:07:38 UTC

niemand moet hul eie machine

2018-07-26 20:07:42 UTC

'n server maak nie

2018-07-26 20:10:27 UTC

pasop vir hom

2018-07-26 20:14:16 UTC

Ek maak of ek werk

2018-07-26 20:14:25 UTC

hier op my eie

2018-07-26 20:22:40 UTC

tab separated vs comma probably

2018-07-26 20:35:35 UTC

@Daniel van Straaten Natalia dit is wat

2018-07-26 20:36:43 UTC

WNNR het glo design

2018-07-26 20:38:04 UTC

@theeChristopher wat praat jy van?

2018-07-26 20:38:35 UTC

Die wat jy van gepraat het

2018-07-26 20:38:42 UTC

Zulu koning...

2018-07-26 20:39:37 UTC

@Daniebees kan ek nie vir jou werk nie

2018-07-26 20:39:49 UTC


2018-07-26 20:44:00 UTC

hoop die rates is beter as Luno s'n...

2018-07-26 20:44:39 UTC


2018-07-26 20:49:20 UTC

lol nee

2018-07-26 20:49:31 UTC

1 uit 5 in 'n gathering is gewoonlik 'n rat

2018-07-26 20:53:26 UTC

danie, so jy kan btc aan my verkoop?

2018-07-26 20:53:38 UTC

ekt klomp ZAR op luno op die oomblik

2018-07-26 21:05:50 UTC

you only have the private key with you. the actual bitcoin (or transactions) live in the blockchain.

2018-07-26 21:08:15 UTC

@Crusher do you mine?

2018-07-26 21:08:30 UTC

the hardware is too expensive.

2018-07-26 21:08:56 UTC

when bitcoin hits its cap, miners will only benefit from transaction fees and not block rewards for doing proof of work.

2018-07-26 21:10:16 UTC

it's "decentralised"

2018-07-26 21:10:40 UTC

but bitcoin isn't really, since the miners are in control

2018-07-26 21:11:07 UTC

supply & demand

2018-07-26 21:11:14 UTC

and speculation

2018-07-26 21:12:13 UTC

litecoin is blockchain based

2018-07-26 21:12:13 UTC

Ditsem! @cµrvy, you just advanced to level 8!

2018-07-26 21:12:42 UTC

honestly I am more of a gold and silver type guy...

2018-07-26 21:12:46 UTC

but there is ethereum which supports erc20 coins that uses its platform

2018-07-26 21:13:00 UTC

slab of silver in the fridge just chilling there

2018-07-26 21:13:08 UTC

is my wallet

2018-07-26 21:13:08 UTC

:) nice

2018-07-26 21:13:37 UTC

what I dont like about crypto is it needs something to process it

2018-07-26 21:14:03 UTC


2018-07-26 21:14:13 UTC

they are already using it there

2018-07-26 21:14:47 UTC

ja nee haha

2018-07-26 22:53:08 UTC

Mel Gibson is woke

2018-07-27 00:08:57 UTC

@Willem Petzer my laptop only has 8gb of ram and video editing works like a dream

2018-07-27 00:12:22 UTC

oh are you guys talking about mining

2018-07-27 00:13:42 UTC

yes graphics card en ram, vir goeie video editing

2018-07-27 00:14:26 UTC

I have at home only 1.5gb graphics and 8gb ram, and that works real good. this is mac based, on windows i'd imagine you'll need double 😄

2018-07-27 00:17:17 UTC

@Willem Petzer sê asseblief vir my jy het darem meer as een skerm.

2018-07-27 00:17:41 UTC

@theeChristopher nee net n laptop haha

2018-07-27 00:20:54 UTC


2018-07-27 00:21:08 UTC

jy sal jou lewe verbeter as jy net 'n twede skerm kry

2018-07-27 00:21:12 UTC

trust my

2018-07-27 00:21:47 UTC

@Guss kan ek nie vir jou company werk nie?

2018-07-27 00:45:26 UTC


2018-07-27 11:35:15 UTC

Are we all just congregating in the video chat not to talk? Profound comment on modern society

2018-07-27 11:35:23 UTC


2018-07-27 17:31:38 UTC

Is daar geen Kak paart Radio vanaand nie?

2018-07-27 17:32:11 UTC

Nou kom, waar is @Gonzo ?

2018-07-27 17:34:45 UTC

@Gonzo Kom praat saam

2018-07-27 17:44:42 UTC

Kom praat saam

2018-07-27 17:46:32 UTC

How do I join this channel?

2018-07-27 17:47:34 UTC

Kan jy luuister?

2018-07-27 17:47:55 UTC

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) Klippie ek click op die channel maar niks gebeur nie

2018-07-27 17:48:15 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle jy was gister op reg?

2018-07-27 17:48:41 UTC

@TruthCanary nee meneer ek dink nie so nie, dalk egeister

2018-07-27 17:49:23 UTC

I see a couple of folks in voice channel chat but I'm unable to interreact with it, let me try and restart discord.

2018-07-27 17:51:44 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle Expand die GENERAL CHANNELS bar. Dit het met my ook gebeur

2018-07-27 17:52:19 UTC

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) Ag nee, ek sien dit werk, this isn't good 😦

2018-07-27 17:53:22 UTC

@Gonzo, ek dink wat klipkop sê, is dat die massas Afrikaners wat DA stem, moet dalk daaraan dink om hulle stemme eerder aan 'n beter party te gee as die DA

2018-07-27 17:54:49 UTC

Niemand gaan die ANC oorwin nie, die DA probeer om hulle getalle meer te maak as die ANC, die enigste manier wat hulle dit gaan regkry is as hulle op witmense trap. Ek hou nie daarvan om op getrap te word nie. Nou kom hulle aan bewind... dan moet Mmusi sy belofte nakom om "white privlage" te beeindig.

2018-07-27 17:57:35 UTC

Afstigting is daarom die beste opsie vir Afrikaners

2018-07-27 17:57:45 UTC

Meng jou met die semels en die varke vreet jou op

2018-07-27 17:58:21 UTC

@Gonzo Are you fighting "White Privlage"?

2018-07-27 18:01:55 UTC

@Gonzo Ons hoor die warra-warra al vir jare van die DA af, dit is tyd vir ander mense om in te klim

2018-07-27 18:03:02 UTC

@Gonzo , ek het altyd DA gestem, maar hulle het al hoe meer begin verander in die ANC

2018-07-27 18:03:09 UTC

Is anyone there in the voice chat?

2018-07-27 18:03:10 UTC

In die volgende verkiesing gaan ek nie DA meer stem nie

2018-07-27 18:03:16 UTC

Ek besulit nog vir wie om te stem

2018-07-27 18:03:30 UTC

Yeah all in General @Malcolm the Seceder

2018-07-27 18:03:47 UTC

Nasionaal COPE. Ek wil graag he Lekota moet meer "airtime" kry in parliamentere debatte.

Plaaslik, wie ookal die hardste geraak maak oor Cape Sucession.

2018-07-27 18:05:44 UTC

My pint is 1500ms wtf i need to call telkom

2018-07-27 18:07:37 UTC

Oh hier is dit

2018-07-27 18:13:24 UTC

Palestinians don't exist

2018-07-27 18:13:29 UTC

Figment of your imagination

2018-07-27 18:24:33 UTC

Jordan Peterson is fake 😄

2018-07-27 18:30:21 UTC

he has a point there lol

2018-07-27 18:31:32 UTC

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

2018-07-27 18:31:55 UTC

wasnt that Sun Tzu?

2018-07-27 18:32:11 UTC

they say so

2018-07-27 18:35:05 UTC

Arcade thats true but what about political subversive actions specifically to benefit Israel?

2018-07-27 18:39:38 UTC

yet a boer can regocnise a boer when they meet

2018-07-27 18:40:15 UTC

You guys drinking, sound like it 😃

2018-07-27 18:41:39 UTC

Yup. Coca Cola 👌

2018-07-27 18:42:24 UTC

Just answer each other and take the conversation forward lol

2018-07-27 18:42:28 UTC


2018-07-27 18:43:25 UTC

They shoud fuck up anyone that sit their foot over the gaza border

2018-07-27 18:44:13 UTC

I think they already do lol

2018-07-27 18:44:51 UTC

even more then

2018-07-27 18:44:59 UTC


2018-07-27 18:45:35 UTC

Sounds like they guys are toying with each other tonight

2018-07-27 18:46:21 UTC

yeah kinda figured that lol

2018-07-27 18:47:13 UTC


2018-07-27 18:50:13 UTC

@Gonzo Ek het nooit gepraat van enige khoi koning nie.

2018-07-27 18:52:39 UTC

@Gonzo Die DA gaan ook nooit die regering oorvat nie, al manier wat hulle dit gaan doen is as hulle beleid dieselfde is as die ANC beleid, dan wat is die doel. Hoekom stem jy dan nie sommer eensklaps vir die ANC nie?

2018-07-27 18:52:55 UTC

Daar is n Cape Exit thing ook

2018-07-27 18:53:00 UTC

apart van khoi koning

2018-07-27 18:54:03 UTC

@Gonzo Die khoi koning het nie sucession invent nie. Ek se nie die khoi moet suceed nie, ek se die mense van die kaap suceed.

2018-07-27 18:54:33 UTC


2018-07-27 18:55:04 UTC

Klipkop hoe sal mens die seccesion doen?

2018-07-27 18:55:11 UTC

@Arm Have you seen Faith Goldy is running for mayor?

2018-07-27 18:55:12 UTC

deur n politieke party?

2018-07-27 18:58:10 UTC

Jy sal NOOIT deur die stembus onafhanklikheid verkry nie. Jy kan dit op jou maag skryf.

Soos wat die regering in die drein af gaan, so gaan die mense self hulle eie kunisipaliteite aan die gang hou, sodra ons al klaar self na ons eie munisipaliteite kyk, dan gaan ons VN en se vit hulle ons kyk al klaar na ons self, ons skei van ZA en hierdie is ons grense.

Die probleem is dat dit nie gaan gebeur voor die land basies heel in sy moer in is nie. Persoonlik wil ek dit vermy, maar dit lyk my dit is waarnatoe ons neig.

2018-07-27 18:58:10 UTC

Ditsem! @Klipkop (Clip-Cop), you just advanced to level 8!

2018-07-27 18:58:39 UTC

Dankie @Mee6

2018-07-27 18:58:40 UTC

lol so jy wil wag dat als uitmekaarval?

2018-07-27 18:58:41 UTC

Ditsem! @Newscat ZA, you just advanced to level 4!

2018-07-27 18:58:57 UTC

ek stem saam tov dat partye nie die pad is nie tho

2018-07-27 18:59:12 UTC

Ons het nir n keuse nie @Newscat ZA . Maar ons kan solank voorbereiding tref.

2018-07-27 19:00:38 UTC

Wat ons vir nou kan doen is om vir partye te stem wat minderheidsregte verdedig, en dit is deffenetief nie die DA nie.

2018-07-27 19:00:59 UTC

vertel vir ons jou manifesto

2018-07-27 19:01:06 UTC


2018-07-27 19:01:19 UTC

yay storietyd! hehe joke net

2018-07-27 19:01:44 UTC

I think I'm spacking out. I can't understand anything being written in this chat!! 😵

2018-07-27 19:01:44 UTC

Ditsem! @Malcolm the Seceder, you just advanced to level 11!

2018-07-27 19:01:44 UTC

Shoot Gonzo (text liit is 2000 character) 😃

2018-07-27 19:01:58 UTC

(geen sarkasme nie - ek wil regtig hooe!)

2018-07-27 19:01:59 UTC

@Gonzo Jou plan is om so veel as moontlik mense te laat DA stem, hoe is jy nie DA nie?

2018-07-27 19:02:04 UTC

lol sorry malcolm

2018-07-27 19:02:23 UTC

hy tik!

2018-07-27 19:02:29 UTC

Sorry Malcom. Ill switch to English.

2018-07-27 19:02:48 UTC

@Sheamus lol just trolling 😎

2018-07-27 19:03:07 UTC

ah damn, got me again lol@Sheamus

2018-07-27 19:03:25 UTC

Lol I'm British 😎

2018-07-27 19:03:49 UTC

@Gonzo. That is why I pay my Solodariteit, Agriforum, Helpende Hand member fees, becuase they do more than all th esmaller parties

2018-07-27 19:04:45 UTC

...but it will not be enough (they trying)

2018-07-27 19:06:04 UTC

Shit..... jy tik nou baie !

2018-07-27 19:06:20 UTC


2018-07-27 19:06:32 UTC


2018-07-27 19:07:04 UTC

@Guss Juis. Afriforum doen dit al klaar op n klein skaal, ek dink hulle redeneer dieselfde as ek, maar hulle bly vir nou stil daaroor.

2018-07-27 19:07:21 UTC

they dont do facts and stats

2018-07-27 19:07:47 UTC

Your DA wont change the constitution either. Where did I say COPE is going to change the constitution?

2018-07-27 19:08:35 UTC

There are some clever people @Sol, and they not going the political route for a reason.... (though I'm not claiming that they would be successful) (I do admire the attempt)

2018-07-27 19:08:35 UTC

Ditsem! @Guss, you just advanced to level 6!

2018-07-27 19:08:45 UTC

Arminius remember we have hate speech laws in SA

2018-07-27 19:09:41 UTC

What's Cope?

2018-07-27 19:09:46 UTC

And Sollidariteit is much older than just the recent shit. Its a union for year already

2018-07-27 19:09:52 UTC

What I am saying is that COPE is a black voice in parli, with struggle credentials, that actually try to be fair to everyone.

2018-07-27 19:10:32 UTC

Lekota's voice is the most likely to change the minds of the sub 77 IQ peeps.

2018-07-27 19:11:08 UTC

Lekota is ANC, openly admits his loyalty lies with ANC

2018-07-27 19:11:09 UTC

Lekota does speak much more sense than the other black leaders, but I do not think I will vote for them

2018-07-27 19:11:30 UTC

Tommrow he does a 180 and then?

2018-07-27 19:11:48 UTC

Our constitution is written to protect minorities, we just need people to fight to stay within the constitution.

2018-07-27 19:12:05 UTC

I think COPE is probably like EFF, just the opposite extreme perhaps... who knows, But i dont trust the ANC or anyone that claims to be loyal to ANC

2018-07-27 19:12:18 UTC

I don't think our constitution is effective enough - its just paper

2018-07-27 19:12:18 UTC

Yes, but will their always be enough resistance to prevent a dratic chage?

2018-07-27 19:12:50 UTC

@Guss we will find out 30 Aug...

2018-07-27 19:12:55 UTC

(exuse typing errs, have cigarette in one hand and coffe in the ohter)

2018-07-27 19:14:55 UTC

@Gonzo you keep on underminding them because they have little support, the reason they have little support is because there is this false propaganda out there that the only party to vote for is DA.

Once they have more support, thry can do more.

2018-07-27 19:15:33 UTC

@Guss are you typing with your nose??

2018-07-27 19:16:41 UTC

In th epast I voted DA (not becuase its my first choice), but because the best opposition for the devils.... this time, I struggle to justify my previous aregument...

2018-07-27 19:16:49 UTC

still thinking about it

2018-07-27 19:17:09 UTC

Maybe local and Nat, 2 different crosses

2018-07-27 19:18:01 UTC

Im also going probably going to split my vote.

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