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Lol join die voice chat

Dit is net Γ± setting

Doen dit nou

Jy is host

Willem login op jou laptop

yes kan weet jy hom on bots te laai


kan jy in voice chat kom

hallo chappie

@Mee6 hallo chappie

kan jy gou in voice kom

Hier is my crypto discord

Lekker ou bul

@Mee6 lekker ou bul


Ek moet net gou call vat ek sal nou nou weer terug wees

Sever vat nou shape

Hallo πŸ˜ƒ

Julle weet hier is voice channels, as julle op die app is maak net seker in settings om push to talk te select


Brown is lefty Trolls I marked him

@rob is brown



Sorry @rob welcome πŸ˜ƒ


w!now Pretoria

if you have the app you can join don't headphones


daar sal altyd iemand in die chat wees



What is your opinion on the gold reserve? Do you think governments sold the gold to the aliens?



@Rational Gent just click on the general voice chat you will be in

@Magic 8 Bot does Malema has HIV

@Magic 8 Bot is the planet flat?

@Magic 8 Bot is Rene in love with @Willem Petzer



This liberal is begging for some trolling, get that rat!

@Willem Petzer well done on your first live talk today I think it was a great success and the fist of many! And also it was great to meet so many great people today at your event it was great to put a face next to a social media handle.

I hope everyone have a great weekend

dag sΓͺ racists

@Karooboer lol ja tot hulle haar wil rape


@Sheamus just go to your settings and select push to talk then you can join

yes jy is in

@Tjoppie That is some good trading man! well done

@HoppeanSnake_ZA Yes agree it will die

Will be about 10 left in the end

@Tjoppie leverage trading is way to go man

RSI good indicator for day trading

Wat maak julle manne?

Ek braai net gou dan join ek later πŸ‘πŸ»

Hello everyone whats news in this crazy world today?

@Arcade_Hustle another day in Africa. Eskom is going to sink this country

African maths


If you guys are interested in Crypto stuff join my discord channel lot of friendly traders that will help you

Added a link to my discord crypto channel in <#469643958461661185> if you are interested to join a lot of friendly traders there that will help you guys.

Lekker braai en luister na radio kak praat



Moring guys and girls! I hope you have a great day and please don’t get banned on Twitter.

Lol I was listening to you guys @Rational Gent last night talking about a cilvl war and urban warfare and the use of drones this made me think of the chat last night

Get your bitmex accounts ready almost time to long at x10

If you guys are interested in trading Bitcoin with leverage I have posted a link to the exchange in <#469643958461661185> I will post the signal there once I make my trade

ek gaan long op 7500

yes ek dink Maandag

this is why I love Trump he appoints people that wants to make Bitcoin great again

@everyone important event lets help to spread the word with a good old RT


Ek moet meer die text channels begin gebruik! wat se kak is dit die rank #23

@Rendier ek sien die DA maak nou soos Jay en spring op die bandwagon vir votes <:hmm:468405359523135488>

Maar atleast begin die DA plaas moorde te erken

Hulle begin jou videos te kyk @Rendier πŸ˜‰

@everyone please please guys help to RT this this is a very serious situation in Pretoria at the moment. Paul the guy in the video is a very good friend of mine I just spoke to him.

Yes I am on my way to go and help

Will film videos


Happy Saturday guys and girls


Gamers hate me

A few triggered gamers

@Guss I think he was a goner

lol facebook het my al weer geban

@Guss Ek weet nie librals be crazy hulle report 'n ding vinnig


@deavmi ons chat in <#471436422616842241> as jy nie mic het nie

Who is in Pretoria tonight and keen to join me and some friends for a drink?

@Malcolm the Seceder bandewyn is like wyn to a boer


I have been warning people for months to dump their ZAR. Gold, silver and bitcoin is where you want to be ZAR will dump more worst is yet to come

I would like to thank die boere/farmers for providing us with such fine food in South Africa

This will go on the braai a bit later! Hope everyone has a great weekend



Dit is funny


Ons soek #crimefreeorania trending πŸ˜‰

@rupdog net so! πŸ‘πŸ»

good night all

Daniebees 2018-08-13 21:13:10 [Nothing Left #pushback]

@SGL plaas chat jy met ons op jou foon

dan sal jou loop vinniger gaan

Niemand praat kak van my mense en dink ek sal hulle betaal nie.

Any of my fellow conservatives here that is a graphic designer? I need some work done contact me [email protected] if you are interested

@Gonzo I need to develop brand identity I need a pro

And I do not have the time


Today was not a good day for MiWay

hy is 'n etter

Its about to get worst ou Renetjie



Stem saam @Guss

experience is als

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