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...The chemicals that turn the frogs gay...






see ya

got muted 😄



Some good lessons for white South Africans that believe the owe the blacks anything...

Shots Fired! I totally agree that the only way to fight other tribalistic groups that do not share your view and values is to join a tribe that does, however at the same time we should focus on ourselves and make sure that we are competent enough as individuals before we try and fix the larger problems of the world. Tribes like the radical/regressive left are full of incompetent soy-vaping individuals that are destroying the world because they did not fix themselves before the went out in the world to try and change it. By following Dr. Peterson's rules of life we can become better and more competent individuals that would ultimately function better in the world and that could also form more competent groups when needed.

I suspect the reason the west lost it's identity was when it started rejecting God's existence.

Lol Barack Obama is a right-wing authoritarian?! Wow the overton window must have really shifted for the DNC to the extemely socialist side if Barak Obama is considered right-wing. I suspect every Prime Minister or President has to be Authoritarian to become/be a leader at some level because that is what governing requires.

People in the media should really be losing their jobs for making up shit.

Legit Land Surveyor 😄

More people are coming to same conclusion that the left are led by liars.

Why living in NZ sux balls;
"Every idea they have on the left is corrupted by a foundation in fantasy" - Mr Reagan 2018

Soycialist Politician talking points and the shift from Socialism to Communism
Economic Justice = Redistribution of Wealth aka Communism
Social Justice = Fascism

The "wonderful" New Soyland, the socialism is strong and is the biggest reason not to come and stay there...

Our DA friend believes that the farm murders are just common crime, tried to send him this but he has blocked me from sending direct messages, I can personally confirm that the targeting of whites in Southern Africa is nothing new and this video pretty much cover the basics that I have learned over the years.

Some good tips for being interviewed;

The Petzer surname was an occupational name for an official in charge of weights and measures, from the French word "peiser," to weigh.

The end is nigh...

Why the world does not care about white South Africans:

54 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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