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Well hier gaan nog groot goed aangaan 😉

Discord > Whatsapp...


Emiel whatsapp is soos die ou mxit hierdie is meer soos Skype/Mirc

@Guss you can mute it

@Arcade_Hustle you a mod?


Then @Willem Petzer will have to get his Server rules up asap

Emiel daar is een goue knoppie

@Guss you will be taking care of it according to them, well that's what they would like. But that will probably get E-tolled

lol yeh exactly, just E-Toll it 😄



alrighty then

lol or your web browser is busted 😄

Tested and works on Firefox/Chrome/IE/Edge

Lets see how that works out for them 😄

Is he or is there more hidden agenda's thats the question.

Post all the articles and info you can find on this matter in <#468390220736495616> and maybe Willem can cover it at some point?

Discord is having issues with Google atm

Was down an hour ago

Can always move the server to a different region should update everyone realtime

Yeh that doesn't happen often @Rottenbadger

Its normally very stable, google technicians is busy with it

<----- check here

Jump into Youtube Live Chat we can sound check there

I can here you

you need to undeafen yourself

Nope lack a sound check channel so hijacking it atm

Check your output settings in the settings menu

Under output device

Might be that your Headset and or Speakers is not your default on your PC

<@&468389786382761985> need some help with @Arcade_Hustle

pretty please with biltong on top.

Memes in <#468389174894919691> 😄

yeah your laws makes no sense...

Imagine owning something like a "firearm license" just to buy kitchen utensils...


"Upholding the law with interperative dance"

I can already see the dance off's happening when there is antifa riots

"You got SERVED by the swift moves of the law"

**__**--- <[Welcome]> ---**__**

Welcome to Willem Petzer Live Chat Server, a place for like minded people.

Please take a moment to go over our server rules & regulations.


Voice chat werk baie soos skype. Jy gaan 'n Mikrofoon nodig he al wat jy doen is connect net op die voice channel en dan kan jy praat met mense 😃

Well have an Official welcome 😄

lol geniet hom


@KoninginTanja please stick to english in <#468388839799390210>

no problem 😄

lol somone plz clip zille with her ✌️ looking at all the protesters

publicity stunt much


Ai iemand ly aan 'n minderwaardigheids kompleks

Ek sou se dat ons weet sy forum is klein maar ons doen dit maar net uit die goedheid van ons harte 😉

Deejay are you a flat earther?

👌 Naisu

Interesting concept please proceed...


We already have that section

its called <#468389174894919691>

in memes 😉

Ek dink nie daardie man is reg vir hierdie discord nie 😛

Baby steps

Ok wil jy ernstig wees met hom of wil jy speel?

alrighty then @Willem Petzer 👆 👆 👆

Ek is die verkeerde persoon om mee te praat vir ernstig sal jy dalk direk met willem moet chat 😄

ta gonzo


Goodluck with that Custom Emoji's suck op hierdie oomblik nog op discord omdat alles te klein is

Dinge scale nie soos wat die std goed scale nie daar is 'n trick met dit

Better quality video

Keyword is "Boats" children

Yeah its a real pleasure having our own pet Flat-Earther

**Makes sure that @Deejay from Earth has enough food, water and tinfoil** ----> Go show him some love people

hehehe till he covers white racism again 😄

Then we will burn his channel down again 😃

Who defected?



But there was a time man

He used to do these Ruff Rants

OH yeah! I remember that

Ofcourse, DA would never let him join with that sort of comments 😄

Or you could take our word for it 😃


Join General Michael... dis oop

Welkom Penkom

Engilsh in General please

We have alot of international friends in here



Caught up

@Sheamus A discord server with niche channels is only dignified if said niche falls in with the core of the server. (1). (2) You populate additional channels as your discord server grows. Otherwise it becomes a complicated mess. We will be hitting 200 Members total this weekend with an active user list of +- 40-50 users active on peak hours. That is small.

We will be supplying you with all the channels you need to the best of our abilities, but will not create channels that only has 2 posts an hour.

Dead channels = cancer

lol this is not a fraternity 😄

not at all 😃

BTW have you fed our parrot yet today in <#469490581899575297> ? <----- @Sheamus

@here, the server will be undergoing restructure and maintenance to create the best possilbe experience for this community. Please note that if a channel gets nuked from orbit and all your precious posts is gone, that it will not effect your ranking (if you care about ranking). Although I believe it should not come to that. Sorry for any inconveniences that you guys might experience during the process but we will do our best to do it as fast as possible! If there is any queries please feel free to post it in the #suggestions channel as we do value your input.

@plasma you done self promoting?

Then please refrain from doing it here, go do it in <#468417556642791434>

Thanks 😉 👌

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Post dit in documentary as jy 'n ordentlike link vir dit het.


If only we had a livestream 😄


Hey @thewozardofiz thanks for dropping by

Move along nothing to see here

**__**--- <[Rules]> ---**__**

The rules include but are not limited to:

1. Please keep your posts in the appropriate threads
2. The primary purpose of this server is coordination of Streams, community discussion and sharing of news and ideas
3. Do not violate the Discord ToS
4. Mods reserve the right to remove any posts or users
5. Abuse towards children (including sexual) is not allowed. Expect heavy punishment, up to and including permanent ban
6. No self promotion outside of shill-yourself thread
7. No spamming. Moderation is key
8. Please refrain from excessive use of @ everyone & @ here
9. No threats of or calls to violence
10. Praat asseblief slegs Afrikaans in "Alles Afrikaans"
11. Please use the correct channels to post in ex. Memes in Memes etc
12. Posts with bad words will be removed and repeated violations will be kicked and then banned
13. People that join voice channels to ear rape will be kicked and on repeated violation banned

If you understand and accept the rules type $agree in #accept-rules.

Because they are locke with permissions but you can access them




Gotta catch up to caraal

Goed dankie en self?

yep it is. Just a little something to make sure that everyone reads the rules and understands what everything is about 😃 Like using english in the <#468388839799390210> chat 😉

no problem whatso ever 😃

we love people thats less pc 😄

True Dat

Millenials is klaar daarmee heen, as jy dit wil herstel sal jy dit moet doen onder Gen Z

Either dit of 'n catastrophe sal die balans herstel

@Sheamus I highly doubt

@VliegendeVogel goeie ding dat @Willem Petzer 'n documentary gaan maak daar oor. Hy kan dan sommer hierdie aanspreek.

Exactly hoe minder daar is hoe meer geleenthede is daar.

Ek bedoel hoe minder ander goed daar is.

Werks geleenthede behoort nie 'n probleem te wees nie

Mediese sorg 'n probleem, doen iets daar omtrent dit is 'n geleentheid etc.

Exactly tensy jy daarvan hou om in luxury te lewe dan bly jy maar eerder in die stad. @VliegendeVogel

Ons is mos nie gebore om op ons gatte te sit en niks doen nie.

Ek glo dit sal goeie ou weerstand wees

Ek is pretty seker teen die tyd wat hulle dit wil begin doen gaan ons al klaar begin vas sit oorals

Wat is die verste dorp van Orania af?

lol yeh

Hy is Avg IQ @Dyno is beter

@VliegendeVogel dit is alles afhangend van hoe gatvol jy is en wat jy bereid is om op te offer.

Hulle het skole daar?

Skole is beter as die wat jy kry in die stad probably

Ja jy het gese jy het 'n fiets


Waar in nederland @VliegendeVogel ?

En hulle leer goeie geskiedenis

Goeie geskiedenis = Nie Propeganda nie

lol vliegende vogel, glo darem nou nie mense gaan rondsit om uitgemoor te word nie. Meeste van ons juk om ons self te beskerm

@Deejay from Earth if I had money to waste I would definately send you for one of these flips in russia


I would pay for your trip to the ISS...

As official representative of all flat earthers world wide. ♥

Just imagine your disbelief when you arive there 😃

For shame!

sup dude

Ta dude ❤️



lol or get into the server 😉

old memes is old

That was the article in the link of the post

Daar is 'n jpg op die twitter feed wat 'n print newspaper article wys

Waar dit gestate word, waar Martin Bosma 'n actual article gevat het

sorry no .txt or attachments that could have virus's

If it doesn't embed its getting deleted. Very easy to put a payload in .txt .doc .pdf etc.

Sorry but its called safe practice 😉

@Daniel van Straaten <#469953958522126336> 😉


You don't have to keep on agreeing your already verified...

you have access to all the channels

I didn't add you, it was all you 😉

@Guss and how do you know its not disguised?


@Christopher_ send me a result please

Only submissions to the world choir championship please...


Erika should float for a choir song


What song is this @Daniel van Straaten ?

I am sure interkultur will appreciate our cultural submissions when they have it in germany.

I thought I would share the cringe 😃

Can't carry the burden on my own


@Hotwire she wasn't using colonialist math ok!


It makes perfect sense if you apply African math which is why Eskom is where it is 😄

I see your getting the hang of it Friday


@ThatRightWingFish should be sorted now

... ffs ok its synced should be good now

I would advise ppl to straw poll that text channel if you want a dedicated chat channel to interact with the ppl in voice

In <#468394635233067009> is a link, to see if there is interest in a new text channel dedicated too ppl that want to interact with the other people in text chat. Basically a voice for the people thats muted.

A simple yes, no poll to see if I should implement or not

Trying to figure out whats going on with this lag

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