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Did anyone have to restart Discord just now?

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This seems like a good rationale to make IE exclusively male, just to play the Devil's Advocate here.

2018-09-13 01:11:44 UTC  

We really don't need guys just chasing girls.

2018-09-13 01:11:46 UTC  

@micbwilli what OS are you on?

2018-09-13 01:11:52 UTC  

Just a bunch of guys being dudes

2018-09-13 01:11:58 UTC  

My android phone

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A professional organization requires professionalism....

2018-09-13 01:12:24 UTC  

I think patrick thinks we are freaks lol

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Be *normal* autists 😉

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Avoid fornication and be normal.

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Be a leader. Don't set a bad example and enable detrimental behavior when it comes to the ladies.

2018-09-13 01:12:51 UTC  

What about sunglasses? Small vs Aviators?

2018-09-13 01:12:57 UTC  

What really turns me on is when people keep their turn-ons to themselves.

2018-09-13 01:13:10 UTC  

T-shirt Nationalism WHEN?!

2018-09-13 01:13:11 UTC  

@Ryonne a child is literally being born because of a woman meeting a man through this group. Now is not the time for devils advocate lol

2018-09-13 01:13:12 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Thoughts on tracksuits?

2018-09-13 01:13:16 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I like aviators, you?

2018-09-13 01:13:18 UTC  

No manlets may wear parachutes.

2018-09-13 01:13:18 UTC  

IE Rompers are Also Approved

2018-09-13 01:13:35 UTC  

@Jacob we wore tracksuits at DI to enforce dues paying. Worked well.

2018-09-13 01:13:39 UTC  

me at the next action

"you will not replace us"

2018-09-13 01:13:49 UTC  

dear god

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IE tracksuits are mandatory for slavs

2018-09-13 01:13:52 UTC  

It's so weird to have no tell people to shower.

2018-09-13 01:13:59 UTC  

@Deleted User now it’s a party

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If you're an older member and dress like a professor while doing campus activism?

2018-09-13 01:15:08 UTC  

Does that mean no cargo shorts?

2018-09-13 01:15:19 UTC  

Can we have more in depth dress code for women? I dont really know what qualifies as business casual for women lmao

2018-09-13 01:15:21 UTC  

I like Nathan's blue shirt though.

2018-09-13 01:15:24 UTC  

Throw the cargo pants away @ThisIsChris 😃

2018-09-13 01:15:25 UTC  

@ThisIsChris I like not getting sunburned in my eyes. I was wondering if it was okay during activism or if sunglasses count as masks.

2018-09-13 01:15:34 UTC  

*currently wearing cargo shorts*

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2018-09-13 01:15:42 UTC  

Official IE tartan 🇨🇮

2018-09-13 01:15:51 UTC  

Cargo shorts are banned from the ethnostate.

2018-09-13 01:15:58 UTC  

Can I be a radical Muslim?