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2017-10-14 13:07:17 UTC  

@NCSC congratulations! Everyone is having babies. I love it, building the next generation of I.E. 😆

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2017-10-14 13:55:24 UTC  

Phoenix is a great name for a baby

2017-10-14 14:26:46 UTC  


2017-10-14 14:26:57 UTC  

Nothing in this world is better

2017-10-14 14:49:47 UTC  

The top contender so far is Sigrún.

2017-10-14 14:56:04 UTC  

Congrats! There us nothing better than being a father.

2017-10-14 15:47:37 UTC  

Congratulation brother!

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2017-10-14 18:04:50 UTC  

@RevStench yes! Can’t wait to see a second or third generation IE member

2017-10-14 19:06:08 UTC  

Just came across this video. Published Feb 2017. If you're into GI, check it out

2017-10-15 00:22:04 UTC  

@NCSC that's great! And the name Sigrún is 🔥

2017-10-15 00:51:37 UTC  

"Sigrún" is a great name @NCSC but what about "Chad" ? 😉

2017-10-15 00:59:26 UTC  

@Deleted User Maybe if it was a boy. Next time.

2017-10-15 01:01:09 UTC  

@NCSC Stacy? The female version of Chad. Lol

2017-10-15 01:02:56 UTC  

Congratulations btw, future IE members in the making.

2017-10-15 02:16:37 UTC  

@NCSC do your kid a favor and give her a name that people will be able to type on a normal keyboard

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2017-10-15 02:23:09 UTC  

@NCSC Use the idea of a gift shop when picking a name. If you cannot find it in a gift shop rack, it might be a bad name.

2017-10-15 02:34:37 UTC  

Erika is always a good name

2017-10-15 02:45:41 UTC  

Unique name > cookie cutter name

2017-10-15 02:48:23 UTC  

Give a name with meaning

2017-10-15 03:24:33 UTC  

@varjack WA Coming out of Portland no less!!!

2017-10-15 03:33:42 UTC  

makes me proud

2017-10-15 04:48:19 UTC  

@NCSC Sigrun is a fantastic name, all things considered, and it will definitely stand out on job applications a couple decades down the road

2017-10-15 04:49:32 UTC  

I don't think being able to type it on a keyboard is that important, lol; as long as she knows how to pronounce it, she can be one of the great progenitors of our movement in the States

2017-10-15 04:50:09 UTC  

Now that I think about it, that name just sounds like the person bearing it will have to make history in some way, no matter what they do; it's a very powerful sounding name

2017-10-15 04:50:21 UTC  

ofug forgot about no discussion, rip me

2017-10-15 04:54:40 UTC  

She’ll have a name that honors our ancestors, like our first. We just haven’t decided on which one. I appreciate the suggestions though.

2017-10-15 07:00:59 UTC  

Sigrún is a beautiful name, congratulations!

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2017-10-15 16:22:28 UTC

2017-10-15 18:21:16 UTC  

tiki torch pride world wide

2017-10-15 20:46:23 UTC  

I wonder if there's something implicitly white about rallying with torches. I assume you need eo ensure everyone has a high amount of self-control in order to pull it off, so that could be why.

2017-10-15 21:16:57 UTC  

only mob smart enough to think of lighting during a night rally.

2017-10-15 21:17:36 UTC  

id be interested in seeing what the east asians would come up with. 🤔

2017-10-15 23:28:46 UTC  

^sick led light show or something dramatic and high tech.

2017-10-15 23:35:28 UTC  
2017-10-16 00:28:15 UTC  

Conservative Sebastian Kurz, 31, is set to take power and form far-right alliance