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/our bunny/

If PhotoShopped, why offensive? Thoughts too difficult.

If everything is racist, nothing is racist.

Good stuff.

Your phone's thirsty niqqa.

As long as they are linking arms, they should play ultimate red rover. It could become a thing.

Well, they're not anti. By their logic, it fits. So tiresome.

0% financing for 72 months!!!


Not good for him at all.

If he isn't having the kids color in images of windmills, he's on his own time.

The video was top kek. Not going to make disparaging remarks about that woman, but wow. Good that she has a trade as a spot welder.

Ev Ropa is best thing of the day for me.

I should get all of my news in that form of gibberish. Make him be so happy.

And yet they say, "vaca" to mean vacation when it really means cow in Spanish. ๐Ÿฎ


@NCSC Use the idea of a gift shop when picking a name. If you cannot find it in a gift shop rack, it might be a bad name.

How odd. They are an anti-white hate group and we are an anti white hate group.

This is unprecedented. Has there ever been a case in which a state of emergency was declared because a man was coming to give a speech? Insanity!

Isn't that Chief Genocide Officer under another name? Those made-up titles are nothing but expensive pacifiers for the other side.

@Joe-MN Babar ๐Ÿ˜

Disheartening for us, too. What's your point, sista?

Fashy Fashion Channel returns when?

We wuz astronauts. ๐Ÿš€

This is why a friend refers to this city as "Memfrika." ๐Ÿ’

Get that darkie outta here!

They're acknowledging how vexed they are at agreeing with what they've been conditioned to disagree with.

A struggle because they see the problem and the hypocrisy if the races were reversed.


This falls completely outside the white aggressor, minority victim template they run with. This one cannot be spun and they are struggling.

Reported. One of us would be vaporized online if we made a similar list about our delightful opposition. ๐Ÿ’

1. Everything.

Work. School. Church. Social media. Media. Sports. Public transportation. Amusement parks. Shopping. Vacations.


Contintuing the list of things ruined by *them* ๐Ÿ’ : Restaurants. I feel way too strongly about this one.

The logic cannot be denied except by people who want fraudulent voters.

The statement specifically says he dindu nuffin. They actually said he, "was focused on maintaining an appropriate persona for our school environment." So, why exactly was he fired?

Unable to see how they justify firing him.

It is true to us.

I would never, ever apologize for this. If you are proud of your country, it isn't offensive.

There has to be audio. There is zero chance that no one had a digital audio recorder in there to capture a pearl of Trump's. I badly want this to be true. For us, it is true even if it isn't true.

If one poorly spelled poster gets them that rustled, they're worried for sure.

Far too much green.

A Raleigh Crowd-Funding Campaign Is Raising Money to Help African-American Teens See Black Panther ๐Ÿ’

Psychic? She missed that Trump thing big league.

A "Why We Fight" poster - beautiful.

Where there is a red light recording video, you'll find David Hogg.

Retired FBI agent

"Racist..." riiight...

She has a shaved head and is gay, but don't care call her a skinhead lesbian.

> angery

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