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First post. Just joined. Can't stay long.

My interviewer was John O

@Rabbidsith How is Utah politically. I've been there many times, but all I know is that you guys had your very own John McCuck in Orrin Hatch. I believe I heard he was finally going to give us a rest this year? Any alternative to the bland and leftist-approved Mitt Romney? We're looking pretty good here in Georgia unless that criminal, lively-vibrant the Democrats are running for governor wins. I shudder to think. We also have a senator who desperately needs go home and take his pension.

Good morning everybody. Time to start a new and amazing day!

I'm retired. I ain't gots to do nophing. I usually put on my overalls and my big-brimmed hat and go to the courthouse and hang out with my peers. We sit and smoke and rate the young ladies that go clicking by.

So the rooster does. He fulfills his destiny. Whites have been denying their destiny since the 50s. Soon and soon they will resume their rightful place in the hierarchy of nations. Hope I live to see it. It will be sublime. It will also be quite messy.

I think the bottom line is that we are inevitable. The globohomos will NOT go down without a very serious backlash. But WE have the advantage. We've had the advantage for centuries. That advantage is a deep and profound love for our people combined with a perfectly balanced courage and caution. Just read about our troops in the Pacific. Those men approached the war as if it was their job. I've read countless first-person accounts of our fighting men from back then, and they openly admit their fear, but their temperament allowed them to set their fear aside and use it as fuel for what they had to do. That's why Whites make the absolute best soldiers in the world.

People can't help being Trump curious. He is the first president we've had in decades who is an actual fully-grown man. And pretty wild one at that. He is the stuff of Leftist nightmares. I just desperately wish he would utterly reject the neoCons. They all need to be arrested and deported.

@Nemets Hello Nemets from my old stomping grounds. All that sexual harassment stuff is because girls are frightened of men that they don't think are "dreamy." I worked in the newspaper industry for 35 years, and I can tell you from personal experience that my female co-workers were all too happy to be harassed. I they thought you were funny, cute, successful, ripped or were otherwise interesting. I have to say that those gals were super interesting. But they were all emotionally volatile. I had better luck with long-term relationships among girls I knew who were in the advertising industry. I should have married one of them who was a redheaded force of nature from Bergen County New Jersey. But I didn't. I did end up marrying a corporate lawyer. She was perfectly happy to be harassed. Girls are just weird. Wonderful, but weird. And mark my words young men and women. As soon as the Far Right becomes an Irristibale force, as it inevitably will, the gals will flock to our banner. And other things. Look at the great religious awakening that occurred in the early-19th century that led to the Victorian era. All the gals threw away their low-cut, diaphenous, Napoleonic gowns and jumped into the more modest dresses of the Tom Sawyer era. Girls have always wanted to show their tits, because that is their power. But just let society take a turn to the right, and our ethereal, angelic beauties will get prim and proper quicker than you can say White Man's Burden. I've seen this happen. They like the bad boys. You can't get any badder than us. And them pretty gals can vote. For some reason.

I am really, really afraid of the server rules. I've been brutally criticized by the moderators on more than one occasion.

But anyway, check out these awesome White people dancing. We see the emotional depth tempered by self-discipline and emotional self control.

Check out the great Bill Mcillree clog dancing like a young man even though he is 75 years of age. Lighting a cigarette and taking to the limit. I'll bet old bill was hard, but happy man.

Wait till the 85-year-old man quits staggering around before we get to see old Bill McIllree.

By Tiglath-Pileser III, the Blacks yearn for White trim. The worst I've ever seen was some commercial in which there was a Black woman with a White man. Except for Mental Patient Robert Deniro, that almost never ever happens. But the Black women do want White men. In my younger days I was aggressively pursued by a couple of Black women. I like them OK as co-workers and people to goof around with, but I've never see a Black woman who looked desirable to me. Even the ones that the media has defined as beautiful, I just can't see it. Being pursued by Black women was a really touchy thing for me. I had to reject them while not triggering a temper tantrum. Very difficult.

@MrBland - VA The rabid Abolitionists brough Lincoln to power, and they are the direct ancestors of the SWPLs and SJWs. All they cared about was destroying the fellow Whites and virtue signaling. Back then their justification was religion. Now it is the lie of egalitarianism.

Plus, they were never around Blacks. Up North Blacks were few and far between. They had no earthly idea how brutally stupid and dangerous Blacks could be. They just needed a victim class to uplift and worship them for their transcendent kindness.

@The Soy Goy True it is not a direct analogy, but it is a part of a common thread of Leftist lies and fantasies that the upper class and the middle class began buying into after Rousseau took his poison mainstream.

It all goes back a lot farther than we sometimes think IMHO.

It is a matter of degree. Right now our elites are not only much too powerful, they are also rabidly hostile to their middle- and working-class White brothers. The government has caused this by their cowardice. But our elites used to be patriotic. But that was before they were (((converged))) and (((corrupted))) by Leftist scum who want to turn us into something resembling Pol Pot's paradise. The West HAS been destroyed by SWPLs and SJWs who take their cues, unconsciously perhaps, from Marxism. But the reckoning is just barely over the horizon.

The military is such a mindless bunch of conformists to whoever is in power. I really think that if we went head-to-head with the Russians right now we would be sent back to the locker room right quick. I have heard rumors that in the German military, there is a secret oath that many of the officers take with their hands on the old Imperial flag. I hope that's true.

Yes, the Roman Empire was a collection of distinct nations. They would have been better advised to simply have a united Italy. Back then they would have been able to whip all comers. But also back then, the SOP was to conquer as many of your neighbors as possible. It kind of worked even though it was unstable. But after all, the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty ruled Egypt for hundreds of years. Back then I don't think they had a whole lot of situational awareness though. The ancients were sort of "go for it" types.

The Russians have super high moral, and their weapons procurement is mission oriented. Do any of you guys ever read the Saker in his Vineyard. He is disgusting Communist apologist, but he is totally in tune with the fact that the U.S. is the irrational aggressor all over the world. The U.S. neoCons are total psychos. He is also a keen military analyst who knows the team rankings among the world's militaries. What scares him to death is that at some point the Anglo-Zionist Empire will be backed into a corner where they will simply lash out with everything they have. Desperate losers are very, very dangerous.

@The Soy Goy And that is exactly why the White brotherhood is rising so fast. The story of Europe and the U.S. as success stories is the story of White people. Period. Everybody else is just a parasitic drag. Even the much-vaunted Asians have had to learn everything from us. If only I could get my wife to join the White sisterhood. She hates Trump because he is so "mean." I've told her that that is exactly what is called for right now. The hell of it is, she actually agrees with my extreme Right views on individual issues. Never mind, As soon as Whites stand up for themselves in a big way, the ladies will come flocking to the banner. That's how it always happens.

@The Soy Goy It just amazes me in reading about the naval voyages of the 15th through the 17th centuries how utterly brave and enthusiastic those guy were. They knew good and well that those long voyages could be certain death. But they were all like, "I'm not even worried about it bro."

Yeah but the Asians were totally stuck in the 17th century at best. They are rigid and unimaginative. They live in a hive mind like a bunch of Zerg. We showed them everything about modern civilization.

@MrBland - VA But their rigid mind set left them totally helpless when Whites showed up. Don't get me wrong. I admire the Northeast Asians. As long as they stay in their very own countries which they have overpopulated to a ridiculous degree. Only Whites have had the sense to moderate the number of their progeny in order to prevent overpopulation. If we had also closed our borders to nonWhites, just think how great it would be: a manageable population, low, low crime rates, high wages, etc.

Mark Movsesian? I wonder if he is any relation to the great Sona Movsesian who is Conan O'Brian's personal assistant. She is one cute Armenian.

Ha ha. You're all looking her up. Let's keep our minds out of the gutter please.

Georgia is on the verge of becoming a swing state. We're still about 60 percent White, but that is a slim margin. This year the Democrats have decided that our next governor should be a highly corrupt, Black, radical Black woman who is in debt up to above her ears. Like all Blacks and Mexicans as soon as she is elected she will consider her work done. Then it will be time to cash in. Lemme see them kick backs. Lemme see them massaged test scores. Lemme see them (((doners))). Let me see the MONEY y'all.

@Asatru Artist - MD She is, of course, an overgrown, entitled child with a bad case of the gibs.. We do have a fine alternative in Kemp. He is a dog whistler like none other.

I'm sure that most of Atlanta and Athens will vote for that sack of liver patΓ©. But Georgia does have a surprising number of WOKE Whites who are extremely angry at the Left. Even a lot of women here are as fanatically right wing as I am. And they are mostly cute wiggy little things. Sigh.

Well the South has not been immune to the Leftist project of forbidding common sense and personal experience. There were stinking hippies here too during my youth. What we're doing is speaking the truth to ALL Whites. Just let that reality go mainstream, and we are in like Flint.

@Asatru Artist - MD It will change. It will change soon. We are on the cusp of a great upheaval. It won't be entirely pleasant, but it will be inevitable and it will be our finest hour. Put your money down boys.

And you purty gals too.

Young people are still in the cocoon. They don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. Literally? In my youth I was a disengaged but knee-jerk Leftist because that's where the drugs and sex were. I thought. I was such a maroon. About the age of 35 I got red-pilled hard. Even after that I was confused and tentative. It was only after I became associated with the gentlemen at Vdare that I finally, fully saw the problem and the solution with clarity. But a lot of these young White men will catch on plenty fast. You bet. I so wish I was about 25 right now instead of 63.

Ha ha. I had my last fist fight when I was 50 on the Sacramento/American River bike trail. It was nothing much to speak of and I saw the stupid punk off without much trouble. But I did have to have a seat afterwards. I had a near fight recently and while the shouting and threatening was going on I felt pretty great. But afterwards I had to admit that I simply can't take a full adrenaline rush any more. No way.

I don't know buddy. I entered the realm of Rightist sanity, but still tried to hold onto some illusions for a few years. It's a spectrum. Some travel more rapidly than others.

@Salo Saloson Only 24. How does that even feel? I'm so glad you young guys are so WOKE. But when I was 24 I was the kind of guy I would have utter contempt for now.

@Salo Saloson Wow. At 17 I had been kicked out of high school and was working. I liked that because I was making close to a grown man's salary. I had a 67 442, a very, very nasty apartment and plenty of money for drinking and whatnot. A lot of high school sluts thought I was a hero. A lot of Blacks thought I was a great customer. It was all shit. All of it.

Yeah. Gays are either mentally or are victims of a birth defect. They are all emotional spastics and overgrown children.

@Salo Saloson A lot of this reluctance to see the truth is simple fear. And fear can lead many people to identify with the aggressor (blacks, mexicans, jews, etc.). I've seen this happening for decades. Courage isn't easy. It requires leaders. I remember back in high school and college (1970 to 1980) encountering more than a few guys who would actually say, "I wish I was Black." Even then when I was a dumb ass, that statement made me want to slap them silly. A good friend of mine said something like that and I said, "You wanna be ugly and stupid?" The way his face looked I might as well have slapped him silly. Anyway he drowned because he jumped off a boathouse on Lake Lanier doing two hits of acid. That's who we were. That's how a ton of us still are.

@Salo Saloson Yeah I've seen that apathy too. That's also pretty bleak. But part of the Leftist value system would have us believe the the alienated and self-destructive are morally superior heroes. That notion was (((their))) original foot in the door. Just look at that egregious orgy of self pity "A Rebel Without a Cause." Whiney. Disgusting. Nihilist.

And we still worship that mentally-ill nancy boy James Dean. Give me Lee Marvin any day. Give me William Muny outta Missoura.

"Who's the fella owns this shithole?"

@Salo Saloson It was very much the ideal America. But the (((elites))) had already bored some serious holes in that boat. The rot had already started, but the paint hadn't yet flaked off to show it.

"A writer? Letters and such."

@Salo Saloson The 50s were the last honest decade. The last decade in which civilization seemed to be firmly in place. It is right for us to look back on it fondly. I actually remember the last years of that decade. The early 60s were pretty great too. But around 1965 we hit an (((iceberg))). Since then it has ALL been downhill. In the early 60s Lenon and McCartney used to get together to write songs and Lenon used to say, "Let's write a swimming pool. Let's write us a Rolls Royce." And they would laugh their asses off. But they too began to identify with the aggressor and cucked hard. Too bad. I think McCartney would be a totally WOKE guy if he wasn't such a narcissist.

@LGrazi I don't have sufficient words either. I will note that the man is a moral coward. A nancy boy. A righteous man would have the opposite reaction for real.

My gooood frens. Ere ees ow to peek up Italian gulls eef you are a vile hereteek frum somewhere over there. Chust keeding. But in case eer ees ow.:

@The Soy Goy Yes, yes, my friend from Alabama. Even so we would welcome you to Georgia if you would not stay.

What does "pizza", "tomato", and "really" mean? I don't about you, but I'm all upbeat about it.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I've recently talked with some of your people. When I lived in CA I talked with your people a LOT. But recently on a cross-country drive I had mechanical problems in the middle of OK. I've never been treated better. Those were a bunch of tuned in guys who were my natural friends. Here's to you out there. And check out a gal who gets it:

@V.Balboa - PA Med girls are pretty nice for real. Back in the 80s I dated a girl of Italian extraction who was from Detroit. I wish I had married her. She was very tough, but also super feminine. Later I dated a girl from New Orleans who was also Italian. She looked like an ethereal angel. But she was just a regular gal. Missed opportunities.

OMG. The Finns and the Icelandic girls even beet the Germans, Poles, Russians and maybe even those little north Georgia gals. Of course I'm married to a super white blonde gal of Bulgarian extraction. They'll knife you in your sleep if you forget to trim you beard.

I love redheads. I once dated a Redhead of German extraction who was from Yorkville in Manhattan. There's another one who wanted to marry, and I said, "you want another beer or another line?" Gone for good.

Get a load of Karen Gillan. How does she even go out in public without starting a riot?:

Rag on sports ball, but I always root for the White guys. That Philadelphia Eagles quarterback last year. Cool, intelligent and tough. A Bushie beat the great Tom Brady, and his best receiver is a big, friendly White Man. Look at baseball. Mike Trout; a really beefy White man is the best player in any league. Our own Atlanta Braves. Most of the stars are totally White, especially if you include the great Ender Inciarte who is a very White Venezualan. In his interviews it is clear that he is a well-mannered gentleman and a force to be reckoned with.

Kaepernick is a poster boy for miscenagation,laws. And so is that stuttering, smacking faggot Obama.

We will make our OWN sneakers. We will wear those Buster Browns to victory.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Point well taken. All entertainers have something wrong with them. Our great-grandfathers were perfectly clear about it. But just look at that White archetype. There's lots more where she came from drifting around and waiting for us to rise up.

@Salo Saloson Of course all entertainers are not total scum. Just get a load of most all of the Australians. And their are more heavy metal thrash bands in northern Europe than anywhere else. I particularly enjoy Rammstein. They are dog whistlers par exellente.

I like old-fashioned sangers. I know these fellas sang all sweet and purty, but they are real men who worked in factories all their lives as machinists. Back then a man took it for granted that he was a man. I've seen hundreds of pictures of rough old baseball players pre-war who would sit together with arms around each others' shoulders. They didn't ever even thank about homos. So here is a song from my youth. I know it because my old Aunt Elma Ruth played for me in 1958 when I was four years old. She said, "Here's purty song. I jist love this'un." I doubt very much if I could have kicked her ass when I was 20 and she was 50. Nuff said:

Suomi. You're Finn. One of the great northern people.

@Suomi Stronk My musical tastes are also all over the place. I like Italian Opera and Thrash metal and everything in between. But in taking inventory I note that everybody I like is WHITE. Even the great Holly Golightly.

I saw the old Allman Brothers several times in the early 70s. The first time was in 1969 when they opened for Spirit at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium. I couldn't believe it. I still love them. They used to play for free in Piedmont Park to lure people to their paying shows. They beat the Blacks hands down when it came to the Blues;

Of course I like Johnny Winter just as much. Maybe even a little more. Whites always did the Blues better. Check out the immortal Stevie Winwood. The best soul singer ever. It all comes down to the details though.

@ophiuchus How old is your Dad?

@ophiuchus Well he is exactly almost my age. Say hey to him for me. Tell to read Dwayne's daughters biography of her and her Dad. It is a real eye opener.

Why did somebody "like" my post about NoFap and then remove their "like?" That ain't right fellas.

One thing leads to another.

Sorry, sorry.

No worries. I got yelled at all by myself. Totally cool though. Working through it. Keeping an even strain.

I am in jail. I haven't been in jail since 1987. Anybody got smoke?

Which comment though? Believe me, I'm sorry about it, but which of my many was the last straw?

Oh. Well,, seriously, I regret it. I will tread carefully from now on. Apparently I think i'm just a little bit funnier than I actually am.

Interesting how the current narrative portrays the uncivilized behavior of the lively vibrants as being somehow that of heroic warriors standing tall against one more attempt by "The Man" to keep them down. They made New Orleans the hellhole that it is.

In other devastated places Whites simply self-organized and got on with their lives.

We had a notorious crack house in my neighborhood in Sacramento. That area was still about 85 percent White. After we organized and presented our problem to the city, one day eight cop cars and three garbage trucks showed up and hauled it and them away.

Actually, we thought it was a crack house. It was actually a meth lab.

@Asatru Artist - MD Gamers in general are escaping from a reality that they can't deal with. They conquer the world from the safety of their home office. That doesn't mean that gaming, in and of itself, isn't a pretty great thing. For years I was an obsessive Star Craft player. I loved it so much. But in the end I decided that it was a serious time waster. Gaming encourages introversion among people who already have a predisposition for cocooning themselves in a complete fantasy. And a complete fantasy is exactly what is required for a Leftist to believe all of the lies and false assumptions that underpin their corrosive system of beliefs. Communists were so removed from reality that they created a society that was exactly like a horrible fever dream. Of course Communism is tailor-made for the Chinese who have always enjoyed either a brutal tyranny or total chaos. Those people have no more business in this country than do the Amerindian Hispanics or our very own domestic Blacks. They will ALL be sent home eventually. This is inevitable.

Here I'm is. Outta jail. I gots my cheap government suit, my $100 and a room at a place called "Rooms." I got it made brothers. Except my girl don't recognize me now. She call me Mr. Ugly and slammed the door.

She called me her Brown-Eyed Handsome Man. Which was true.

@DeusVolk Thank you brother man. Now step back in this old alley and lemme show you something sweet I got that you is gonna want.

In a sane world there would be no anti-ICE campaign. That's like those fever dreams where mentally-ill Leftists call for for no police, no government, no high-performance automobiles.

I just love it that the current Russian Federation logo is the old Czarist double-headed eagle! AND they still goose step in their victory parade. Those guys have very high small and large-unit cohesion. It's everything our own cowards and traitors hate.

@YourFundamentalTheorum I know what you mean. But there's no way that they can ignore the banner under which these fine men fought under. Note that it isn't given priority. The old Czarist flag and the old Czarist uniforms are given pride of place. The Russians understand that you can't deny your past, good and bad.

@YourFundamentalTheorum What most Russians understand though, is that the Communist government's incompetence and denial of reality is what what caused them to suffer 20 million military deaths. Of course the Germans were very, very good, but still.

@YourFundamentalTheorum You and I have no disagreements about the evil of ALL Leftist utopias. They all treat humans as if they are guinea pigs. And they are ALL the result of self-proclaimed (((elitist))) parasites who simply want to make the blood sucking easier.

@YourFundamentalTheorum All utopian fever dreams lead to murderous tyranny. And I agree that the Communist Revolution was a pathogen infected while the Russians were at their weakest. But that is the danger with (((parasites))). They treat their hosts as contemptible and disposable husks. Our own elites are busting out the U.S. as if we are a New York restaurant being busted out by the Mafia.

In the early 1900s the Russian economy was among the fastest growing in the world. There was emerging a robust middle class. They had a Duma after 1905 which would have grown in influence. Except for the war, Russian would have been just fine except for their huge non-Russian empire. That would have melted away at some point regardless. But the Left was growing in power all over Europe. If WWI could have been avoided, it would be interesting to know if the Leftist pathology would have been stamped out. I'm inclined to agree with William S. Lind that It would have been preferable if Germany had actually won a clear victory in WWI. Not perfect, but preferable.

But whatever, Communists have NO redeeming qualities at all.

Monarchy supported by Christian population is at worst benign. With the fall of Christianity, monarchy isn't possible. But there's been nothing to take its place.

@Alex Kolchak - NY Yeah but Lichtenstein is not much more than a large landed estate. The bigger the state, the more unwieldy.

And God save us from Libertarianism. Another utopian fever dream.

Ha ha. Dudeweed. Perfect. But really a patriotic, nationalist, racialist oligarchy is not a bad way to go. They problem is when the nonWhite parasites take over. Like now.

God I wish I was about 25 or 30. We had nothing like this when I was more your age. All we had when I was your age were cheaply printed pamphlets that you would only encounter from time to time at businesses owned by far-rightists.

@hbutzer0511 That was a good read. Greg Johnson is generally a good read.

Counter-Currents in general, is indispensable. They go way, way back sometimes following the threads of White Identity and the Leftist pathology.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I visit all those on a more or less daily basis.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I eat bowls of red pills every day. Haha. Have you ever read the Brag of the Subgenious?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN It is from the Book of the Subgenius. It is an old cult that started in the late 70s. Their leaders are Bob and Connie Dobbs. This insane joke had a life of about 20 years. I think it's all over now, but they still have quite an online presence. Brag of the Subgenius:
I urge you to check out the other manifestations of Celestial Slack. Give me Slack or give me Death!!

Why did I not know about the identitarian Action podcast? That is super nice.

Just a question here. What is the favored music style for the Studly Indentitarian?

@FACINEMA Wow. Just Wow. Boring AND irritating. That's hard to do.

I've always loved old-school country. Stuff like the Blue Sky Boys and Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams and Merle Haggard, etc. But I also gravitate strongly to metal. And other things.

@FACINEMA Fortunately I was all done with schooling before ALL the "educators" became pathetic mental patients.

Yes. Gregorian chants amazing. It's White peoples' space music. I'm still a sucker for the stuff I was lucky enough to hear old people mess around with when I was a little kid:

I'll still dredge up the old White Zombie stuff.

@Freiheit - CA I used to think I was a music lover, but when I look at my iTunes list, which has almost everything I like or ever have liked, I have to say we're not looking at more than 300 songs. I've frequently driven from Sacramento, CA. to Atlanta, GA. without once listening to anything.

@Asatru Artist - MD I'm like that too sometimes. I do a lot of interactive graphics and other stuff on the computer, and I'll listen old Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow, among others.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN You saw White Zombie? Where was it? I always wanted to catch them and failed to do so.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Ha ha. Sorry. OK, I just looked them up and they are extremely good. I love that stuff.

@Asatru Artist - MD Where did White Zombie play there? I was living in California then.

When White Zombie first came out I was almost 40. Ha.

Yeah, it's all happening too fast.

I saw Kansas in the late 70s in some town in North Carolina somewhere. That was VERY loud and boring.

I used to enjoy the Dead Kennedys and Black Flag back when they were first starting. I got to see Black Flag at the 688 Club (formerly Maria's Cantina) in Atlanta. Of course there were a lot of Georgia bands coming up then. Used to see REM at some storefront club in Buckhead.

@Deleted User I like that gauge as static models. How much do you think shipping would be? No, no. I've got about 60 plastics models crowding my office. No more clutter. White people are NEAT and TIDY.

@Asatru Artist - MD Well, I'm not an obsessive autist about it.

@Deleted User I am so tempted. But my office is about 500 square feet and it is already terribly cluttered with books, models and ancient furniture that I can no longer pick up. I've also got a bunch of old Estes flying rockets that take up a surprising amount of space.

@Deleted User Yes. Keep me in mind. I'm a big rail fan. I've taken the excursion steam engine fan trip from Atlanta to Chattanooga several times. My pride of place is an HO model of the Union Pacific Big Boy. It's by some Italian company and it is nice.

@The Eternal Anglo What company do you like for the military stuff? I'm mostly military planes and ships.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I like this Eluveite. It's amazing how many European (excluding British) bands simply aren't know here. I've always like the Ravonettes. Danish.

@YourFundamentalTheorum Music. And Whites who are NEAT and TIDY.

And yes, rockets. Toy rockets. Like een a buke for Cheeldren.

@Asatru Artist - MD Is your space so not feng shui? I'm sitting out here in the middle of no where. Owls and bobcats and red-tailed hawks don't care about no feng shui. They're all about the meat.

Ha ha brother. (((Who))) owns the press? But we must treat them like the morally-superior victims while they gnaw at our vitals.

I would like to introduce this fine fellow as possibly being one of us:

And I'm sure this gentleman needs no introduction. Of course he MARRIED a BLACK woman. This is inexplicable to me because he seems to be red-pilled. Maybe it all is just a joke:

@Sonic That must have been super fun to meet Jeselnik. Yeah Schumer is a hot mess. Note that he pulled on back from that. Check out this interview with Jeselnik. The interviewer is a heart-breaking White woman:
Of course any (((woman))) who takes it all the way with Jeselnik is probably not hopeless. Jeselnik was on "Getting in Bed with Joan Rivers. She asked him if his parents hated Jews. Jeselnik responded, "Not nearly enough in my opinion."

Brothers. It will pass eventually. Sooner than later. We're on the cusp of something major. I've seen it stirring for decades. Now it our time.

We are rising everywhere. As long as we have the will, we will win. We have always won for hundreds of years. The Siege of Malta in 1565. The Siege of Vienna in 1683. The Battle of Lepanto in 1571. Back then we were all locked in mortal combat among our White brothers. And yet still we conquered the nonWhite world. The Prince Eugene of Savoy and the Duke of Marlborough in 1704. The list goes on and on forever. At the siege of Dien Bien Phu the French soldiers begged to be parashuted in to the besieged fortress. They were in the grand tradition of the Forlorn Hope. Those were hard men. I know we still have them. All it takes is for them to be shocked out of their denial about the hostile invasion from the Third World. WE can no longer legislate a solution. I wish it were otherwise, but we have our finest hour ahead of us. Just over the horizon.

I thank God every day that when I was in school my high school was a right-wing Christian school and that college was at UGA in the 70s. Even then I could see the Leftist pathology taking root, but it was still in the early stages. Leftist professors were routinely given the old Bronx Cheer. Although, I took a Philosophy course and it was all about early Deconstructionism. Several of us had a field day calling Bullshit. Very satisfying. But in retrospect it was nothing but a minor rearguard action. I also thank God that I have lived long enough to see Whites finally stand up on their hind legs.

IMHO, Iranians and Central Asians and Khazars (Jews) are NOT White people. Europeans are a very specific breed. In Europe proper, they will identify as their specific ethnicity. Here in the U.S. Whites are so intermixed that we will simply identify as those of European descent. I imagine that I am somewhat rare in that my very-well documented ancestry is about 90 percent British Isles with a slight admixture of French Protestant. And those Protestants lived in Britain for several decades before they sailed for Virginia in the 1690s. As for mixed White/nonWnite residents of the U.S. we should accept very, very few of those into our ranks. Hell, Obama was half White, but not only didn't he look it, but he as a stuttering faggot of a Leftist traitor.

@Nemets Well both the Bush family and Obama's mother were sanctimonious twits from a very prissy New England. Of course, once the Old Stock Northeasterners are converted to out cause, they be among the most rabid. But they do tend to have a need to virtue signal that is truly pathological.

Yeah, Obama was and is a disgusting affirmative-action parasite. The way those charlatans get leverage is by identifying with the Leftist race de jour.

The worse the behavior of the race of ethnicity the more that they are sanctified as morally-superior victims. Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians; they are ALL bad for us and that means that the more they are portrayed as superior to us.

@Nemets And yet Stalin himself was not White. He was Georgian. If he embraced Russian Whites it was only because he needed allies against the Bolshevik Jews.

Everybody eventually hates the Jews. They are like a cancer that mestasticizes and kills its host nation.

@Nemets It's not useless at all. It's the history that has been repressed.

Georgians are essentially central Asian. They are not a part of our European civilization. The only reason Stalin was elevated by Lenin is because, since Stalin was a criminal, he was "authentic" to the essentially upper-class Lenin.

@Nemets Ha ha. I'm sure I would. Stalin, after all, was raised not far from the home of the Khazars. The thing that all these central Asians have in common (with other third-world races) is that the only effective government is a brutal tyranny. It's just the way they are. The entire Arab world is like this also. Most of Asian as well. Europeans are the only race to have a long history of government that is open to discussion, compromise and class mobility. Never forget that White people conquered the world while also fighting each other. The two fractricidal world wars were what caused our moral and material crisis. As well as Whites' capacity for empathy. The Day of Reckoning is at hand.

Ha ha. So telling the truth is racist. I had a plumber come over the other day. We got to talking about racial conflict and politically-correct tyranny. I said, "If you are a successful White male, the Left automatically considers you a racist." He raised his hand and said, "Count me in brother." Being called a racist by the Left simply means that you have the courage to see racial reality for what it is. All the Left has is lies. They know that if they can force us to accept these lies that we have succumbed to their will.

@Asatru Artist - MD Ha ha. I hope so.

@Asatru Artist - MD The Left are natural tyrants. It's pretty obvious by now that they can't be negotiated with. The Left is like a 300 pound child throwing a never-ending tantrum. They are living in a world of fever-dream fantasies. Our whole (((governing elite))) is completely divorced from reality. The Day of Reckoning is very close.

@Asatru Artist - MD We will never be left alone by the Left. Our only hope is to destroy the Left and their nonWhite allies. They are not rational humans. Leftists have embraced the morals, ethics and lifestyles of third-world savages. Open fighting is so close.

Frog butt. What more do you need? Where I live we're overrun with them.

The other day my doctor had the unmitigated gall to suggest that I needed to lose 20 pounds. The fact that he is right doesn't excuse the sneering contempt in his voice and on his stupid face.

Ugh. Ben Shapiro is such a shill for Leftist tyrants. Every time I hear him described as "conservative" it makes me want to hurl bloody chunks.

@Bjorn - MD What I said to him was, "Yeah, well..."

Vox Popoli occasionally makes the case that National Marxism is exactly what Hitler was trying to achieve with National Socialism. Both ideologies were utopian pipe dreams. As is Libertarianism. People must be governed, but they must be governed by their own kind. 100 years ago if our southern border was being swamped by third-world undesirables, it would have precipitated an instant reaction by real Americans (White people).

@Bjorn - MD I know, I know. He's not perfect. But he is correct that NS was just another socialist departure from reality. The old German Empire that was destroyed by WWI was infinitely superior. Shame they didn't win that one.

Francisco Franco on the other hand was a true hero. He saved Spain from a Stalinist hell, and preserved the old ways for as long as he could. I predict that Spain will soon follow Italy's lead in rejecting nonWhites comprehensively.

Manlet? What is that? I used to be 6 foot, 2 and a half, but at my present age I have shrunk to 6 foot, one. I still have the massive strength to wash dishes and pick up a chain saw.

@Bjorn - MD Point well taken, but both countries have historically been less than perfectly united. What I see now though is that Northern Italy is manning up and taking their less intelligent southern cousins along with them. Italy has a poor reputation for military prowess, but that is because they are the least of the great European powers. They are smaller than they look. Spain is the same way. From a world power they dropped to "sick man of Europe" status, but I really think there is latent power there.

Even at my advanced age (63) I still lift, but it ain't like it used to be.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Hey stretch. How's the air up there?

I used to drive an Alfa Romeo Spider. My knees were almost as high as my shoulders.

@Ald They still have an age limit. Age 35 is the cut-off point for running around dropping banners and stuff. I recently met at a coffee shop with several IE members. When I went to get a refill, the very young and lovely girl behind the counter desperately wanted to know WTF we were and WTF we were talking about. I told her that all the young fellows were my sons. She believed me.

The revolution always starts on the fringes. As we go mainstream, we will inevitably see LOTS of supporters who do not speak in measured tones and who are eager to offend. We need them too.

@Asatru Artist - MD Very true. I've been there to visit family many times, and it's very, very different from my own Southeastern landscape. It looks very old.

I call it, "Soy Boy with social anxiety."

For Halloween I will be an old man with a greatly diminished social filter.

@Deleted User Awesome costume. You look like many of the space aliens I've been in contact with.

@Deleted User Ha ha. I wish that could happen for me.

Here in the US of A we are the home of:

@Ald Is Cornwall a Celtic refuge like Wales?

@Virgil Happy to see we have sane people in New York. I imagine upstate is fertile ground for red pills?

When I was a kid in the 1960s there were quite a few people who looked vaguely indian here in Georgia (olive complexion, jet-black hair, etc.). Most people would talk about them as if they had Black blood. But in either case they ALL wanted to identify as White. But even those peoples' personalities were quite a bit more unstable than your average White person. Huge chips on their shoulders. They were accepted for the most part though. Most of them weren't at all what we used to call "high yaller." They had White features, but we all wondered. There was quite a bit of admixture in the late 18th-early 19th centuries when settlement opened up in Northeast Georgia, but even then it was very, very low status to do that. You could get kicked out of your church. A lot of your liquor-soaked hellions didn't care about that. But fortunately our ancestors had the sense to ship the injuns west. Even that doesn't seem to have hurt the better sort of White Oklahoman; a magnificent people.

I had some friends in the 70s from Minnesota who had grown up near an Indun reservation up there. They sounded like 19th-century White westerners when they talked about them: bums, thieves, drunks, etc. That's what most Mexicans are. I had a friend in the 80s who had been a mountain climbing instructor in Wyoming in the 70s. He said the injuns would hang around the bars hitting up White people for drinks. "Buy we a drink partner?" Blacks used to do that in Athens, Ga. in the 70s when I was at UGA. It was even worse in downtown Atlanta in the 80s. They just assumed you would feel obligated to pander to them. A lot of Whites did.

@Ald We've been here since the late 17th Century. No Black or Indian blood either. All English, Scottish and French Protestant. Surprisingly well documented. I was talking to a friend who I've known since the 70s and we discovered that we have a common ancestor. He fought in the Revolution and was granted land in Georgia. He moved his six kids, his wife and several younger relatives down the Great Wagon Road to the area around Bowman, Ga. That's where ALL of mine and his ancestors are from. We now refer to each other as "couz."

The optics will follow the natural course of events

I'm a fan of "taking our countries back. All of them. Every square inch."

Hello Mr. Casey sir. Life smiles on your eminence? I was jailed through no fault of my own.

Speaking of girls and studying together, let's observe the popular culture of the great Ethnostate of Japan:

@Ald Mr. Poole, I am definitely NOT cool. Let's all remember that being cool is being a Leftist panderer to the third-world.

Ha ha. Have you guys see the world Heavy Metal map. The heaviest concentrations of Heavy Metal are exactly where you might expect them to be: The former Berserker nations. I'll try to find and post. Let's just observe that the Finns, the Poles, the Germans and the Scandis are prominently represented.

The World Interactive Heavy Metal Map for all you Clones:

@Jacob I believe you mean Komprenchun?

@Jacob Sorry. It's from an old Cheech and Chong routine. Very, very old.

@Max Hetling Oh, yah, so raised by wolves I'm a thinkin'

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL Who's that heavy dude?

Papa John's only mistake was in apologizing. He should have gone full Trump. Every White man in America would be packing face with Papa John's perfectly acceptable product.

I've been a graphic artist for 35 years. I can design and have printed any poster you like. Don't know your procedure.

@Jacob I can find places to print stickers, yes. I don't have the equipment myself, but I know a couple of places that would be happy to print whatever we want. I could do the design and printable version from home. Subject to approval of course

The Swedes and other Scandos will prove to be a powerful, pragmatic force in reclaiming the White patrimony. Once they make up their minds, it's the Thirty Years War all over again.

No we don't want another fractracidal war. But you have to admire the Swedes, um, effectiveness in that conflict. Polish, German and Czech mothers still invoke the horror of the Swedes when their children misbehave.

War nonetheless.

@Nutter Butter I hear perfectly normal people making fun of normal people. Why is it not obvious to them that that is utter madness. These people feel guilty about living a prosperous, moral life. They try to pay their debt by voting for Blacks, Mexicans and (((others))).

@Finn McCool I still like a lot of bands that I now realize are nothing but Trojan Horses for the Leftist pathology. And my music history goes back to the early 60s when I discovered the Byrds. But anyway, I hate, and have always hated, about 95% of the music I've ever heard. My iTunes list has about 250 songs on it, and really I only like about half of those. I now understand why our ancestors used to despise and mistrust ALL entertainers. That is a pretty good policy. But since about the 1920s, entertainers have become our new priesthood. Ugh.

@Finn McCool By the way, that is an awesome nick you've got there.

Don't EVEN say that.

@Finn McCool Ha ha. I recognized it immediately, and I'm not even Irish. I'm from the oppressor class in Southeastern England.

I don't know nothing about no >/mu/.

@NateDahl76 The Scandos were pretty hard guys to reason with. No pity. No mercy. "Let's float down the Russian rivers and destroy the Khazar Kingdom." It amazes me that our ancestors used to think nothing at all of signing onto an army or a fleet of ships and heading out to an extremely dangerous world that would almost certainly kill them. They would be gone for years and years. There are stories of soldiers in Europe who fought for 20 years in Spanish, German, English, Scottish, etc. armies and when they mustered out with their massive back pay, they had no idea how to find their way home. Think about these guys taking off into the wild blue yonder with a crowd of hardened killers to "seek their fortune." It boggles the mind. I am attempting to read the English translations of Simplicius Simplicissimus: a first-hand account of the Thirty Years War. These were tough, tough people. And yet they had a fine appreciation of spiritual and artistic achievement of the highest order. We're living in the ruins of their world in spite of technological and material progress.

@John Riggs The Defenestration of Prague in 1618?

@John Riggs So you're a natural nose guard in any football team?

That was flippant. I apologize. I am actually very interested in how your ancestors came to the good old USA.

Of course you know it was the Czechs who threw the Hapsburg legates out of the window onto a strategically-placed pile of horse shit.

@John Riggs Where did they first settle and when?

@John Riggs A lot of people left the Hapsburg Empire back then. They were not totally thrilled with fighting the Hapburgs' wars, plus the dramatic population increase made acquiring a farm very difficult. My own family left England for that very reason. There were also from French Protestants in that mix. They were farmers in Virginia until the Revolution, and many of the younger members who had actually been soldiers were awarded land in Northeast Georgia. Huge numbers of their descendants are still right there. They had HUGE families. My own grandfather, who was born in 1875, was on of 13. Their family photos look like a high school graduation picture. Except that the ancient parents are front and center.

@Jacob Maybe something like "the innocently deluded" might suffice. That kind of describes my wife. She agrees with me on every single individual issue, but she still votes Democrat. A lot of my friends complain about the same division in their marriages. Keep in mind that I am 63 years old. I have very little idea how younger couples are trending. I do have some very young cousins and both male and female are crazy Right Wingers. I love to hear it from these young people.

@John Riggs It's a stereotype admittedly, but the fact is that many Polish and Czech kids were very large and strong. You see a LOT of those names in football rosters as nose guards, center linebackers, pulling guards, etc. The Atlanta Braves have a big kid of Czech ancestry whose last name is Duda. He is huge. They use him mainly as a pinch hitter and utility man on defense. He is a VERY powerful hitter.

@Jacob A lot of people are simply afraid. They don't want to admit that we are in serious trouble and that the nonWhite alien presence is the primary reason or maybe symptom. Symptom because we have allowed and welcomed that very problem. It's like dreading the giant black cloud on the horizon with multiple funnel clouds twisting out of it. It won't blow over and everything won't be alright. But many, many people just simply will not see what is totally obvious. OO. I just thought of a great song.

Here is a song by the great Mose Allison that could be an anthem for us. Relaxed and with eyes wide open. I saw this guy live in 1972, which was just about when this song was current on the radio:

You know I don't worry bout a thing because nothin's going to be all right.

@VinceChaos Excellent point. In the war movies back then every unit was composed of all the ethnics that had immigrated in the previous century. "We're all Americans here." Which we weren't even then.

And then in the 50s there was a spate of movies about noble, morally-superior Blacks. I remember as a kid seeing these things on TV in the 60s and knowing as a matter of fact that they had got it all wrong.

Wrong on purpose of course.

@Nemets The movie or the book?

@Nemets Hollywood has been the greatest carrier of the Leftist pathology. No doubt. As soon as the New Left began going mainstream, Hollywood decided it was totally safe to demonize Whites. Hollywood is the rectum of the world.

Now here's an interesting song. When I was a kid, my parents owned this album. It came out in 1958. As a kid I liked it. Now I see that the song is absolutely disgusting. It glorifies the "beautiful loser" and the "Rebel without a Cause." But the performance is totally old school. I have very powerful mixed feelings about it:

@greg_p - TX Mighty White of you buddy.

@NateDahl76 Dammit Nate, I was just about to post that exact same thing.

Now I truly love the great Norman Blake. Georgia's own.

@Nemets Materialist decadence. Revisionist Backsliding. Hedonist self-indulgence. Very pretty though. It makes me yearn for my very own misspent youth.

Here's an innovative White man with a creative idea about activism. "Hey, what happened bro?"

@Nemets Just kidding. I loved that video. It just goes to show you. We are all to some degree torn between the current madness and what used to be and what could be again. You have to admit though that the video about the Stun Gun Bike Seat is extremely inspiring.

I've heard about this NPC controversy, but what does NPC stand for? From what I know about it, NPC has my complete support. But NOBODY will spill what NPC stands for.

@Salo Saloson Don't wag your finger at me young pup.

Non-Player Character. Like in gaming? A hapless civilian just drifting by while the Battle Tanks dig in to destroy the lovely city?

@Salo Saloson Yes, I've been in graphic design for 35 years. I worked for newspapers for most of that time. They sent me out into the howling wilderness in 2014. Imagine my relief. So I'm retired and doing freelance. Living way, way out in the country.

@Nemets I have a very, very strong internal monologue. It's one of my favorite things. It is supplemented by my almost obsessive reading. I've recently discovered Counter Currents. That is a beautiful place.

@Salo Saloson In 1987 I took Amtrak to Philadelphia to participate in the 100th birthday celebration of that arch conman Marcel Duchamp. I enjoyed myself immensely. I had an elderly uncle living there, and I took him along one day to see the Duchamp exhibit. He looked at it thoughtfully, and asked (like you would ask a question of a moron), "Do you have any friends who share your interest in this bullshit?" I agreed with him then, and I agree with him now. But it was a LOT of fun.

@Nemets Everybody has an internal monologue. Some people don't see it that way, but all it is is a debate with yourself about what is right and what is wrong. No one can escape that resposibility.

And I must admit that a lot of my internal monologue is about how I would do things different. I have many, many regrets. My brother has told me he feels the same way. Sometimes we sit around talking about all the shitty things we did. It's funny, but we seriously regret many things.

@Deleted User When I read I hear the voices of the characters and/or the narrator. It's a little jarring when the movie version comes out and it's different.

@Deleted User Something in our lives is always "off" I think. Of course the present situation in the West is so "off" that only a complete idiot is unaffected.

Come on fellas. Surely when you wander through life you have thoughts crowding in that must be categorized, judged, and either acted on or not. And there are those thoughts that are simply entertainment. I sometimes try to imagine what my illustrious ancestor, Archibald Burden, must have experienced when he came down the Great Wagon Road from Virginia to Georgia in 1787. With his wife and six children. And then in Georgia they had three more children in the howling wilderness. Were they happy? Were they proud of themselves. It's hard to glean from the old letters and occasional newspaper articles. They were super determined though, and they had plenty of work to keep them busy.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I'm definitely an Aspergers case. It hasn't hurt me too much, but there have been the occasional disasters. My wife taunts me about this.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I don't nothin' bout no big brains. I see some space fellers with some pretty big heads though. They like southern BBQ, but they suck it in through some kind of snout that comes outta their ugly faces. Good guys though.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Where we lead the pretty gals will follow as soon as they see we are winning. That's the way it's always been. But they are not just followers. Once they sign on to something, they are more extreme than you can imagine.

@Deleted User Takes one to know one. Hail fellow, well met.

@Deleted User There used to be an old painted advertisement on the side of a hotel near the train station in Atlanta, Ga. It said, "Welcome South Brother." It seemed to me in the 1970s like a persistent echo from long ago. But it's what we must reclaim.

@Jawa I am a Catholic. But I live far, far from Arizona. What's the deal about that?

@Conatus You killed my cousin.

Ah, the great Charley Coughlin. What a merry fellow he was on the raydio back when I was a lad in Southie. He could not tell a lie that boyo

@Nemets I've read that book about Long. Now there's fellow who wouldn't be denied.

@Nemets It was a civil war among the Leftists. That was when the Right was both eclipsed and reborn.

@Nemets No I don't. But there are a couple of other books on Long that might interest you. One is "Huey Long: A Biography" by T. Harry Williams. This is an excellent, in-depth report on all that happened. This is a classic.
And there is also "All the King's Men." A fictional telling of the Long story by the great genius Robert Penn Warren. A White man among White men.

@ThisIsChris There was this journalist who was a native of Saudi Arabia. He was writing for several Leftist publications. The Saudis hated his guts. But he was getting divorced and need to get some documents from the Saudi government. So he went to the Saudi embassy in Istanbul and disappeared. The Turks blandly put it out that he had been, "killed and chopped up. he is gone." They shrugged their shoulders and said, "It is regrettable, but what can you do." Of course the journalist in question was Leftist scum, and Saudis are scum of the Earth. But the Left is screaming for some to pay for the loss of this lively vibrant hero of the press.

Delete it all. I have no emotional investment.

Oh. Looks like you already took care of it. Sorry man.

Good night fellas. Don't let your mothers scare you with tales of marauding Swedes.

Sometimes Trump is like an actual hurricane of fresh air. The thing about Trump is that you just KNOW he is completely red pilled. He's essentially alone against the (((globo homo))) pathology. Our enemies become more insane by the day.

Yeah, you don't destroy civilization just to have more lively, vibrant menu items. Which we do better anyway. I recently read that the burrito was invented by a White woman in Arizona.

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