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Hello everyone, I am Kyle from NY. I just joined. Excited to meet some of you guys in person!


I found the pic Pat was talking about

Give me data logs, fascist

Chucke Cheese is the official sponsor of all IE pizza parties

@Reinhard Wolff is there any IE songs that you think we should adopt or create?

Check out that song, its and English version of a Swedish patriotic song

I timed stamped it


they sing it here too

its ok, its their turn. we owe it to them after all the horrible stuff we done

and just imagine all the good falafel we will get YUM

Japan is known for having the most michelin star restaurants in the world and amazing cuisine, but they are an ethno state. I wondered how that worked. Seems like diverty is not our strength when it comes to stuffing our face

There is not going to be a conventual warfare between Europeans and Muslims

bad voices together still sound good

its supposed to be mocking the alt right, I think

my favorite part is "we love God, we love our women, we love tradition, we love kin"

I cant argue with that

making fun of people for being normal is the new norm 🀑

I cant find the orginal song video, but gavin mcinnes talks about it here

@NateDahl76 Big fan of Rebel Son

I agree but not all songs

I mean one of his album covers depicts him railing some girl from behind while drinking beer

I like soundtracks from games or movies b/c there is no lyrics

so no message

I hate everything besides rap πŸ’©

White Christians and Muslims were literally at war for hundreds of years

The only permitted sport to watch by IE is the Armored Combat League

play vidya

@Reinhard Wolff Will there be a conformation ticket sent? My brother payed for me and himelf,

@Reinhard Wolff it might have been asked earlier tonight, but why was the reason for the venue change

@Reinhard Wolff what does the new venue think of us? Did you have to lie or have a coverup when renting spaces for IE?

@Reinhard Wolff what do you think of heimbach return to the spotlight

Im leaving IE to play professional vidya

Banana Republic, official sponsor of IE <:thinkplant:359034245777457173>

Someone watched the latest james alsup video

IE express card

One people, one nation, the only trusted bank destination

All i care about is lower taxes, a m i r i g h t

Trump wall concept

The Glorious big nose tribe empire

@Reinhard Wolff what are the details or concepts for the possible IE HQ

@Reinhard Wolff what will be done to ensure the HQ wont be doxed

Possible HQ

Possible HQ

The only possible secure IE HQ


what is the percentage that is white of these opiod deaths

@Hakujin - CA hate to be bother, but do you have that source

We need all the whites we can get. Urban vs Rural is another way for us to be kept dived

That has to be a joke

They are both in the same paper

Don't do this

@Reinhard Wolff Can you not set the general chat to mute?

did he answer the question on why the general server isnt set to mute

me like this guy, he has funny way of talk tak

@Reinhard Wolff Do you think things need to get worse in this nation in order for it to get better?

@Reinhard Wolff any news on the twitter suspension?

@Reinhard Wolff is voice chat really that necessary? we only seem to use it for the fire side chat, but everyone is muted. Why not have private YT livestreams. for fireside

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