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Central VA, middle of nowhere between C'Ville and L'Burg

I want you to join my group on MeWe: https://mewe.com/join/bigloosradioshack

A backup group for Comms

If you're going above Baofeng, the Yaesu brand has a good following. Same with Wouxun.

Iced Earth trilogy about the three days of Gettysburg - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M155Er6PFz0

> So around $100 is the minimum starting price.
@[TX]YimYam You wanted something over the $25 starters, this is the next tier.

Ham operators swear by them. You will eventually upgrade if the bug bites you.

Read up on MURS, FRS, and GMRS. Those are FCC regulated frequency bands. MURS and FRS are unlicensed while GMRS is licensed but no test. It is a $70 application fee good for 10 years.

Ordered this today for my Ruger 10/22 bolt action chambered in .308 - https://vortexoptics.com/vortex-strike-eagle-5-25x56-ffp.html?vortex_reticle=1500

I thought that was just a prototype!

Lucky bassterd.....

> I get all Vortex Optics for 50% off. I have all vortex, but one that is a SigWhiskey 3
@Yeetasaurus Rex Oh man......and I just ordered their new Strike Eagle 34mm 5-25x 56mm scope yesterday.....

@GRANITE I was quoting @Yeetasaurus Rex who gets the 50% discount

Curious who thinks the time for preparation has been greatly diminished since the Wuhan Flu experiment began? I mean, I've been wondering about the Reset since my high school days back in the 80s and this is the closest we've gotten to date.

Epoch Times seems to report information with integrity.

Might find friendly coverage from JJS over at Radio Free Redoubt, too.

Comms specific if you are also using MeWe.


GMRS is not a Ham license. It is a no test required application fee of $70 for a ten year license. Your license can be extended to cover family as well.

I recall when the FCC cracked down on the import of Baofeng radios they admitted in a bulletin that the country is flooded with radios not type certified for FRS/GMRS that are using both services. The FCC basically said they didn't have the enforcement ability and would only address the worst offenders but there was no way they could address the widespread usage of "illegal" radios.

A Yaesu or Wouxun probably

For those who want to learn and understand the DHS guide for interoperable communications, go download the NIFOG. It contains different frequency band plans for disaster response and other emergencies where fed, state, and local responses converge.


> Thanks man we can talk on them without issue from the law?
@[TX]YimYam Keep you piwer low on MURS/FRS/GMRS and don't be a dick (no foul language, be respectful) and you'll you unnoticed.

Rythm is actually spelled rhythm.....

What is the purpose of the "role-request" room?

@yeetasaurus - Comms is pretty tech heavy stuff. Think OG Nerds.

@716tdi - Perhaps it should be roll-request, then.....as in Roll Call? Because role means playing a part in something. Just my GrammarNazi 2¢.

It has a decent learning curve from a user's perspective. Can't say how it is for the Man Behind the Green Curtain.

@Copbot1001 - if you and yours learn obsolete methods to signal, that are a lost art, and can get your message through and others are left scratching their head, is it really irrelevant?

Kids today have no idea how to use a rotary phone......

@Jesse - That is usually where Libs congregate, in the cities....

@Ballsdini - Ah, gotcha. Thank you.

Yours is the first mention of them I have seen.

If the article I just read at godanriver dot com is about the same group, it was formed by a 19yo kid. While he may have spunk and spirit, he is decades away from deep life experiences. He isn't even an adult yet biologically.

Yeah, the article called him a veteran. Unless he was medically discharged honorably, he didn't finish his enlistment.....not at 19.

@BugsyBaldwin - Don't get wrapped up in the laser craze, it is a Hollywood gimmick. You will waste valuable life saving micro-seconds looking for a little red light in shitty conditions instead of focusing on the threat theatre. By the time you acquire where your beam is you have two in your chest and one in your head.

@BugsyBaldwin - Just get the flashlight, trust me.

@[MS] Foxtrot795 - I just can't wrap my head around any red dot lasting a long time riding a slide back and forth so violently. That kind of abrupt movement can't bode well for the red Dot's longevity.

@[MS] Foxtrot795 - The design might be good on paper but until they're been run hard over an extended period of time, I dunno. Take for example the anti-dive forks on Muscle and Sportbikes from the early 80s. Looking at the engineering diagrams and such, they worked great on paper. When they actually hit the streets none of them made a different and the manufacturers abandoned the effort after only a few model years.

@KaiBran - definitely look into a dual band radio. The more spectrum you can carry in one rig the less you have to carry (one radio instead of two, or three).

@BugsyBaldwin - SKS? What stock is that?

@BugsyBaldwin - The bolt is very SKS like.

@BugsyBaldwin - How is the accuracy? SKS will outshoot an AK for accuracy but has shortcomings in other areas.

@[MS] Foxtrot795 - 7.62NATO.......go with the most commonly used NATO cartridge in the .30 calibre category. In a SHTF scenario you have better odds of finding it.

@[MS] Foxtrot795 - Fun guns can be in exotic calibres but if you plan to run and gun one should stick with .22lr, 9mm, 5.56NATO, 7.62NATO, 7.62AK, 7.62Mosin, and 12GA. These are by far the most widely used/available.

Let's just Annex Canada. Call it Connectica or Ariznada......Tundratana?

Should there be a news article room? I just posted one in Intel but is that really the place?

@Chidori -Anybody could post misinformation in any of the rooms already created. While the person posting should take the time to fact check it is ultimately up to the end reader to validate the information elsewhere because we are all Intel collectors.

Build me a tower and radio shack and I can equip us with a P25Trunked repeater.

I love salmon!

Which 'Wich is the new top tier crack sammich shop for me.

@jaguarknight - I get The Wicked - 5 different meats, 3 different cheeses, and whatever else you check off to go on your Wicked.

A follow-up to my prior suggestion about a news room and thank you again for making one, too. How about another one for Op-eds? I realize that will attract some fringe cringe but opinion editorials do have some merit when written by knowledgeable sources. Since they aren't just reporting straight facts they really aren't news........

@INNATRUCK - You have sanctuary in VA, and I'm sure elsewhere in the US.

Anybody watch TikToks? We need rockets like these...... https://vm.tiktok.com/vb4AFB

Just spotted these sitting at a civi airport in San Juan PR while doing some Google Earth mapping for work. Anybody want to head down there to "requisition" them with me?


I've both the RFB and RDB. The RFB is fickle but the RDB gives the Tavor a good run for the money.

The Tavor SAR comes in a 16.5" and 18" barrel. The OAL length of the 18" model is 27". The OAL of the RDB is 27.3" with a 17" barrel . You can't SBR with that length of barrel........

I own an AR only because the asshole sperm donor I am 1/2 of wanted me to have one before he died, so I got a freebie.

A Ruger SR556.

The SR series was mid-tier. I like it but ARs have never been my favorite, even if I did get paid to shoot M-16A2s in a younger life.

I remember first day on the range and my first three shots overlapped high to the left. My DI looked at me and said more of that but in the middle.

Newsweek says one protester removed by stretcher.

Group has been forcibly removed

@Shane_NA6 - Haven't hovered in years but I have 105 hours in a training helo, Robinson R-22.

What about Partisan?

@Phill - MURS is good to have loaded into your radio if it is VHF capable. Just think of it similarly to FRS in the UHF spectrum.

Good morning

Finally got this base station mobile up and running this evening. Using it right now to listen to a Patriot leaning Net on a local Ham repeater, so far so good. That makes two mobiles I have set up now.....one to remain stationary at home and one in a Pelican that I can take anywhere and be on the air in minutes. Next will be one actually installed in my truck for true mobile use.


@EDDSkitz - Harris gets so much hate at times but I think they make a good product. I mean, Motorola hates Harris for taking market share away in the Public Safety market so they must be doing something right.

@Ballsdini - you be deep in Injun Country.....

I carry ESD anti-static bags with me to drop my phones into if I have a reason to "vanish" digitally.

@AR - Works like a charm. Test it and you will see.

@Karlow Alderam - I wouldn't. Have you seen the videos where they set a cell phone down inside a ring of steel wool? They then call the phone and it ignited the steel wool. I suspect the foil would amplify the heat radiation of the phone and cause a problem.

@Karlow Alderam - I don't know, just speculating, and I wouldn't want to experiment with my phone for fear of it causing damage. I did test it with an ESD bag though and it worked. My phone didn't receive any signal so my call to it failed to go through.

@Bogs_Bunny - this weekend, and I will share my results. In bed right now and not budging......

@BigRed1 - one problem with low power radios in urban environments is the floor noise, which you referred to as interference. There are stronger signals around you and if you don't have a front end filter on your receiver to block that noise out, your radio will get overwhelmed by it. Think of the filter like a dam....you want to control the flow on the frequency you wish to monitor and without it the river around you floods your radio..

@Reno - Start a room where people post their questions and we can develop the FAQ from that? I'll be glad to contribute. I'm a technician in the P25 Public Safety sector so I can provide insight into what makes a Trunked communication system work.

I do not believe in the NAP resolutely. There are times where Preemptive or First Strike is an absolute necessity.

FRS has 22 frequencies that are shared with GMRS. Even if you high power a BF at 8 watts, which is above the legal limit, nobody is going to challenge you on the air because your range is less than two miles. There is no way to accurately measure power out in the wild. Behave and be courteous and nobody will care.

Now, GMRS has an additional 8 frequencies which doesn't mix with FRS. These are meant for repeater us.

GMRS is licensed but there isn't a test. Just submit a GMRS application with $70 to the FCC and you're licensed for 10 years.

How does one connect/get audio for the voice calls?

I'm not hearing anything.

Oh.....now the Connect to Voice button is visible.....

Anybody else vacuum seal dry goods? What a tedious task, just finished doing 30+ pounds of rice and beans.

Does anybody else's 2A budget have any competition?


@GRANITE - I vac sealed 30+ pounds of rice and beans, did an oil change on my daughter's car, had a pizza dinner in the garage with my son, and I am about to do some radio programming because I want to confirm some suspicions I have.

@EDDSkitz @redbeard @Yeetasaurus Rex @[CA] SoyBoi - Dang it I missed a convo about my profession, I work on P25 terminals and sites. I'll just add this for now. If a radio can do P25 Trunked it should be able to do P25 Conventional. While I don't have much Moto exposure I do know this to be true for MA/COM, Tyco, Ericsson, Harris radios. So you can run encrypted comms via P25C if the modules are enabled and keys are loaded. Additionally, if FREQEDIT is enabled in the MA/COM, Tyco, Ericsson, Harris radios one can edit Tx/Rx frequencies and CTCSS tones (analog and P25C) with the keypad just like the Baofeng radios.

@KaiBran - I learned about "second" phone number apps from my son, who used them on his phone to prank his friends in 8th and 9th grade a few years ago. I tried one to see what is was about and found it useful to keep a level of anonyminity but not for much else.

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