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Anyone saint Claire county

I may have to look into getting the amature license now i was interested in it before but you all sold me on it now. I know this one is a two-way comm but does anyone use Luiton walkies for communication or practice with them or is it just better to use HAM

I got them for bug-out bags because I was expecting March and most of April to be much worse than it actually was

i want the UV-5R really badly I have seen nothing but great reviews on it

but I also want a dual band radio too ( i know those boxes will typically be more expensive but I feel like I'd enjoy learning with that a bit more)

I mean just looking online Im also thinking about them being portable and it doesnt look like it matters either way as long as you have a power source for the dual band on the go or at your F.O.B

not sure if this is the right channel to ask but I'll surely accept roasting after I ask what camoflague brands actually do a good job concealing oneself (regardless of terrain since a lot of companies make more than one pattern for different areas and seasons)

I didnt know if there was any specific brands that folk here trusted over others ( I know the OCP's are licensed under one company though with their contract with the DOD)

@Bob Dole Thankfully I've already got the pattern for my region So I will be sure to utilize the map and download it on my phone

I just saw that on facebook

I do that

Im lazy

No press is good press

No matter what you tell them they will twist it around to make us look bad

Making our own counter press would be better

I agree

I know a few have had the same thought its just a matter of how and what

So is anyone currently rolling with the idea of our own press like ...big ice brick house journal

Or even vlogs

Would it be better to have a website built around it or use Youtube?

Or like soundcloud?

I heard twitch was worse

It doesnt need to be a great website just working and post the podcast on there probably preferrably only voice no camera

Only visuals would be pictures or links edited

We can tear apart articles from our most predominant haters


Absolutley we will have to form actual scripts before airing anything you should never just use first draft

I've seen nothing but ideas and motivation from every one of these channels its great but hard to keep up sometimes

Its not going to be perfect the first few times but I think itll be great

But if we build guidelines and have a good speaker and editors I think we can minimize the shit Show when it first airs

Yeah short podcasts are better

Easy titles

At most maybe 10 minutes maybe

Depends on topic

Anyone should be able to write a draft to submit to the podcast team of course but it needs to have a purpose and not just angry propaganda

Different shows too

Different hosts i like it

Just like any radio show

Itll seem more professional that way in my eyes

Covers stuff like basic comm knowledge for people that like that one specifically to discredit the bad press and medical knowledge from people of experience

I think it could easily evolve into its own online news channel

And of course with OPSEC in mind i dont think they would need to use real names

Yes teach listeners about self suffienciency

Everyone of us is a representative of this group and we need to know that when one fucks up thats on all of us

We need to denounce those that the media states as one of us (when they could just be apart of some crazy nationalist group) and make sure to show the public that we have responsibility and can answer for screw ups unlike antifa which attacks anyone near them and claims they are right and cant be held accountable for innocents hurt

We need to let them know we are here for everyone not some untouchable entity at the same time so they dont feel small and discouraged from joining

If we make a a few drafts at a new common sense document and or a new declaration id be on board

We need to really open this idea up on more channels as far as a document is concerned because everyone needs to be able to agree otherwise if we leave people out its doomed as soon as it starts

Need new symbols too so people know what they are there for

So they cant be mistaken for communist or nationalist

I love our flag and the dont tread on me but maybe its time for something new

I love the blocks of ice house flag too and thats the new kind of symbol im talking abiut stuff like that

My profile pic is a flag i designed still red white and blue but different

And if we dont want to we dont have to use red white and blue either it just nedds to be ours

Yeah we went nuts and im oartly to blame sorry

We need to start with setting up a means to publish the podcast/vlog/blog whatever

Symbols can easily be a side project done simutaniously

Cali will be different after anyways lol

New documents

Dont forget the new documents

The pamphlet we have now is ok but it needs to evolve

Documents (later)
Possible journalism

Everyone is going to have a role and many will have multiple roles not everyone is a physical fighter

I can work on symbol drafts

If we are looking for flags or just stuff for flyers posters what else have you but actual unique artwork id like a drawer to help

Im more of an abstract art person

@magpie_(3inch) @TommyBoi you guys wanna set up a server to brain storm

I know a good site to use for flags and am familiar with using microsoft formats to make pamphlets and fliers

3 inches concept drawing is good sketch

Like easy doodles are good for drafts so thatll be helpful

It looks good

@magpie_(3inch) I have trouble with that too sometimes

Im sure most of us do

No you didnt miss everything sorry most stuff got moved to a different channel hang on

you should get an invite to it

oof that sounds awesome

hey I have never owned a gun before and am looking for a budget handgun that wont go off randomly like a taurus at the 350$ range I wouldnt be so picky that I wont go as far as 400$ though does anyone have suggestions my wife is brand loyal to ruger I just wanted to see what else everyone else reccomends

What is the NAP

Thats what happens when a mobster becomes a damn governer

800 is outstanding and hopefully we wont see it stagnate

Our PR team is doing great with brainstorming and we are working on podcasts and counter press stuff

Hey so i recemtly just got two Russian GP 5s and i wanna know if the GP7 filters will work for it if not ill just buy two more masks for GP7

I need to find a new spot to grow poteter min

Feed the cows

Fist the chickens

Burn the villagers....i mean trade with the villagers

Is it the same as what we have

Is it possible to hav e server dedicated to discussing good OPSEC practices to make sure everyone is on board and gets some insight on OPSEC that may not be so familiar with it?

I agree that the alphabet needs to clearly be the aggressors

and we need to be level headed through it

entry control and choke points

as far as the public news outlets we can create counter press on this to bat back the state propaganda

and we are working on podcasts

thats where we can post our side if we house him we can keep a better record on the situation and prove that they started to get aggressive firs

i wouldnt think so

but it can make momentum of our movement slow way the hell down

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