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Buy and sell section? Just a thought.

Signal is open source so at least it can be audited. Wickr isn't.

I recommend over Google for doing searches as well. Obviously it doesn't make you invisible, but the less fingerprints you leave on the internet, the better.

Encrypted radio would be nice...

Darkweb itself is secure. They used a JavaScript exploit.

If everyone made it a real pain in the ass to be found, fedbois would waste soooo much time. has done right by me when it comes to copyright infringement. 🤷‍♂️

I like to use a Switzerland IP address.

Yeah I use signal as well.

Only works if your contacts also use it.

Protonmail is encrypted email based in Switzerland as well. I like their service. When they were new they endured the biggest DDOS attack I've ever seen. They speculated it was a government backed attack.

Anyone here get their CovidCash boog money yet?

Lol I can't sleep, so here I am

I'm thinking of investing my $1200 in tools.. particularly ones for finishing 80% firearms, but I'm undecided.

Sadly building the MUP-1 (80% Sig P320) is actually more than buying the gun. P80 Glocks appear to be cheaper than normal ones though.

Same for AR15s

Adderall calms me down.

Bringing back 80% build parties with a CNC mill sounds nice...

I got a pile of them to do. Lol

I had an idea a while ago.. buy a GhostGunner CNC mill. "Sell" it to someone who wants to use it for like a $20 or $50 nonrefundable "down payment" and then they "change their mind" after they're done finishing their 80% guns.

Spoke with a lawyer about it and they said it would be a legal loophole around the stupid ban on sharing tools for gun building.

Sadface, I can't advocate violence? 😂

Yeah, gotta be careful anyway. I'd rather not get another visit from the feds...

Supposedly I "threatened" a judge.

US Marshalls visited me.

WhatsApp shouldn't be trusted.

Signal is pretty solid though

If you're curious what the legal limit of tannerite can do, here's this vid I found.

Got these graphic necklaces for sale, $11 each, free shipping. All proceeds go to [redacted] stuff. 😂

@Allforanarchy appreciate it. A couple of them I'm down to just one left.

@Anonymoose I don't make these anymore, sorry. Just offloading what I have left.

I also sell clothing and accessories at

Are there 80% handguns besides Glocks and Sig P320s? (Not including AR handguns)

@American_AF yes. Edit: and Fuck your Badge is actually my best seller lol.

@Tiger Lord nice. Downloading that pic.

@Catman lol I'm glad somebody caught that.

@American_AF much appreciated 🙂

Damnit why do I always miss the drama 😂

I'm from the twin cities area, but moved up to Duluth.

All those southern states are too damn hot. Lol

One of the easiest things to do to leave less footprints on the internet is switch from Google to for making searches.

Ironically all the commies I know are rocking heavy weaponry. I wouldn't put them on the firing line.

I envy the numbers of people you other states have on board. My state is so content. ☹️

MN has unlicensed open carry too. Unfortunately we have a permit just to buy handguns are "assault type rifles". That's why I only do 80%s.

Idk why someone would WANT to be a cop.. lol

My cousin used to be a cop. Said the job is extremely political and fake.

I've considered NG just for free training.

Lol not gonna lie, getting visited by US Marshalls was uncomfortable.

I allegedly "threatened" a federal judge.

Cool if I post a 24 hour invite link on some.. uh.. censored word pages on FB? If you wanna control the outgoing invites I understand.

You can set the invite link's expiration timer. The one I used to get here was a 24h one I think.

They see me scrollin.. they hatin'..

Wow. I'm one of the poors. Lol.

@GRANITE tbh I don't have a gun built yet. Just a pile of paperweights. Lmao. I'm figuring how to budget this CovidCash that's coming. I'm buying tools for sure. Debating between a handgun and ar-15 cause I don't think I can do both at once.

I got four 80% lowers and 1 out of spec 80% lower to do a practice run on. Few hundred of the stim cash is going to finish off my debt. Then I was thinking an easyjig or 5D jig plus a handheld router and the rest on parts.

Actually you can legally sell a ghost gun as long as your INTENT wasn't to do so when you built it. Laws in our favor probably won't matter to the ATF though.

On a completely unrelated note. Are packages x-rayed?

@Anonymoose patented 80% Sig Sauer P320s. They call it MUP-1. Those and Glocks are the only 80% handguns I know about.

@Anonymoose yes, 19 is the 9mm carry size I think it's called

Full, Carry, Compact, Subcompact

Thank God.

I like the feel of a gen4 in my hand. I've never held a gen3 though and that's what the 80% Glocks are.

Where did you get a gen 5 80% Glock? P80s are gen 3. engraves your lowers for you. I liked that so I bought from there with SAFE/FIRE pre-engraved


@American_AF how'd you make the gen5?

Boojiebastards dating service. 😂

Idk if it's worth fighting charges these days. So many bootlickers in juries.

Acquaintance of mine is sitting in jail awaiting trial for assaulting a cop. At least you're not in a cell I guess.

What AR15 Lower Parts Kits do you guys like?

Lower parts kits

I'm thinking aero complete upper. But I haven't decided on what to put in my lower.

.223 and 5.56 is probably your best bet.. besides .22LR

I've heard aero is pretty solid balance between reliability and price.. but I don't have first hand experience.

MN although not legally required every private seller wants to see a permit to purchase or permit to carry. It really sucks.

I have no like minded friends locally.

I've only shot shotguns. Lol. Parents didn't like guns.

Would be awesome if a bunch of people who lived near each other pitched in for a Ghost Gunner 3 CNC mill.

Working my ass off on these shirts, hopefully that'll get some money rolling in. Can't do much with all the quarantine stuff.

@Artemis split four ways $2100 is pretty doable.

My city has a co-op workshop. $50/mo. I gotta see if they have a cnc mill. They got everything else lol

Looks like this place has 3.

CNC Room:

8' x 10' x 1'  CNC Machine!   150ipm feed, 5hp spindle, (½” -¼” bits )

1000mmx1000mm Xcarve with Dewalt Trim router. (¼” - ⅛” bits)

400mm x 300mm China Mini CNC. 300watt spindle (Great for detail ⅛” or less work)

No idea 😂

I'm not a member. Been considering becoming one. $50 to use a CNC mill to finish four ar lowers would be well worth it to me.

I can buy Lower Parts Kits in bulk from Alibaba. Are they trash?

I've never touched a CNC mill before. Is it a matter of plugging in a file like a 3d printer?

I mean for an 80% ar15

Don't wanna pay money just to find out I'm too dumb to use the CNC mill lol

Well I have access to a real CNC mill for $50.

Anderson is top tier yo. Lol jk

Less than how much?

Jeez, never even heard of one under $300

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