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Anyone know of anyone selling new Beretta ARX100 16" barrels? Normally I'd just go to, you know...beretta. But they're closed indefinitely because fuck Maryland.

Only ones I can find are 10".

Bad quality control on early production runs, as is typical of Sig USA. And the M17 has a total ass trigger for some reason. Stock gen 5 glock trigger is miles better. But if you get one that's not broken from the factory, they're good and reliable.

That was the M18, not the M17. And when it was manufactured makes a big ass difference with all Sig USA products.

Looking to build a 556 DMR. Any thoughts on Wylde barreled uppers between BCM and Aero? Is there an appreciable difference in accuracy potential between the two or is it a difference of QC or durability?

600ish max, not much point in slinging a 556 beyond that. My priority is consistent accuracy.

I'll be replacing the rail and getting it without a BCG, so the barrel accuracy potential is the only concern. It won't be a high round count, mag dumped rifle.

My beretta is a pencil chf chrome lined barrel. Never have heat issues, but it's a 2-3 moa gun and that's what it's made for.

Yes, short stroke.

It heats up quick but the receiver is designed to dissipate heat very well. Dumping mags, smoke pouring out of it, hands never get hot.

Little late to this party. Alexandria/Arlington here.

Won't be back up to freedom land until next week. Whats going on in concord?

Relatively new to modding glock triggers. Ordered just a double diamond connector and competition spring set from TGS (which will ship whenever the crown in CA wills it, apparently). Any pitfalls to watch out for with these? I'm just looking for less creep and a lighter pull. Don't want to turn my sidearm into a sideshow.

Spring set can do as low as 2.5 or up to 6 i think? A bunch of different options for like $15

Yea I'm generally wary of aftermarket triggers. Put one in my rifle and it was great...right up until it wasn't. Ended up having to finish a training day manually resetting the thing after every shot.

Problem with most leftists is the problem with most actual right wingers. They all want more tyranny, they just want their tyranny.

Fuck em.

We got everyone tracking on the VK protest in Richmond on jul 4th?

Planning on being there

Virginia Knights. Word is theyre the primary organizer

Know anything about them? I've only had brief contact with one of them

They undeniably have a higher body count.

Thats about all I know of them too. Looking forward to meeting them to see if they're at least capable of organizing. Anybody with the right mindset can be made effective, but loose cannons with emo problems are not helpful.

If they're half competent and serious about doing a red flag qrf ill throw in with them and train.

!play cuntcrusher infant annihilator

Yea. He said he was a marine. Sounds like a boot camp dropout. But all the other groups I've been able to contact are fudds on couches.

@Crye_Salesman I don't doubt it. But I don't know them and none have reached out. So I'm working with what I have.

The British bullpup? There's a huge export market for military rifles...and no one is buying them

That should say something, especially given the worldwide success of the AUG and Tavor

Why the MDR?

Lol go for it then. Don't expect a rugged tactical carbine though. Word from MAC and flannel daddy is theyre a range toy and maybe hunting rifle.

I don't have experience with the AUG but I have a ton with the Tavor and X95 in actual military settings and the Aug is absolutely not the only good bullpup

Its not precision either. A 2 MOA gun according to most reports.

320. Don't really see the point of anything bigger than a 19 if you're using a red dot anyway.

Sight radius doesn't matter anymore when you use an optic. And the 320 will be nicer to shoot without compromising reliability with a ton of aftermarket mods.

It's like the early days of CS in here

Got one of their summit jackets. It's awesome

A lot of condor stuff is not bad at all. The PCs are where people the bad impression. They fall apart.

With the oil fields shutting down i imagine ND is a lonely place these days

Can we get a DC channel? Even if we don't have anyone in the middle of the city, anyone from NOVA or Marylandistan is close by and usually interested in anything going down there.

Should be a channel for AZ. It's also late AF lol

I'm talking about filtering fuel, friend. Not doing anything illegal with them.

But if the fuel flow is still just as loud as unfiltered, then they aren't worth the weight. Real world use info is hard to come by

Makes sense. Hadn't thought of that.

I would never dream of drilling holes in a perfectly functional solvent trap.

Not without the proper paperwork.

Marshalls showed up because you said someone should wine and dine a judge? Slow day I guess.

I'm babysitting an empty building tonight so yes

More like laughing at would be squatters trying to open the doors

It's not.

Thats the standard these days. Good place to start. But nothing us 100% secure outside face to face.

Depends on the rifle but most 556 ARs are barely more than 22s

Do the big bore ARs use AR10 buffers?

Physical security here. Did a lot of facility and asset in the military, do facility now

Omfg Quiznos made a BBQ brisket toasted sub like 15 years ago that was the best

Yea, unfortunately she already told the mad lads not to defend her if they do try to arrest her

Rumor yesterday was the same group was planning on guarding a gym to open as well today. We'll see if that happens.

Back to gear, anyone have good suggestions for flash hiders for 10" barrels? Other than cans, I'm not registering shit.

@716tdi yea seems to be the general consensus

What's wrong with that?

To be clear, he is certainly not attending the dance party but of all the tech moguls he is the most likely to be tacitly supportive.

Anyone got experience with CQR pants? Never heard of the brand before but gave them a shot. Fit awesome, comfortable, seem sturdy. Been using typical vetard 5.11s for a while but they wear out in the crotch just like my cammies did but 10x faster

Pay 5x what a cheap PC costs, and it falls apart too except in a way that can't be fixed by just adding stitching. Well worth the price.

Irons might be possible but you better get yourself a couple engineering degrees real quick if you think you're gonna make functional optica

I prefer teaching irons. People who never learned irons are like new motorcycle riders that never learned to ride a bicycle.

@Crye_Salesman the ones that are faster are not more accurate and the ones that are more accurate are not faster, generally.

Oh, good to know. Ive learned something 🤣

1) irons require 3, but optics require 2, unless you don't have a specific target you're shooting at. And focal planes are not the only or even primary determining factor for speed
2) true of red dots, not optics in general. Even 1x prisms cause some inattentive people to get lost in the tube. Anything over 1x is absolutely more likely to compromise awareness of surroundings than irons.
3)size of the aiming point is not the only factor in precision. If you're using the whole front sight post to hit a man sized target at 500m, someone did you dirty in training.
4)fair-ish. Irons are still very usable in low light, but no light, absolutely correct.
5)in theory many optics work with NV. In practice, you have to have trained and specifically set up the whole rifle and NVG to work like that, and even then most will still prefer to run a peq.

And all of that only applies to irons vs red dots. Throw in LPVOs and other magnified glass and it's a whole different speed vs precision ballgame. I'm not saying irons are better. I'm saying they have a place, especially in training.

So Michigan was lit today. Saw the tweet from the Karen senator pretending to be terrified

We learning anything from Michigan today?

Check the news out from Lansing today

Use those 5 to start networking. Someone probably knows some people

Op Ed I wrote working night shifts. Geared towards getting a bit of reality out to suburban office gremlins.

Where in Central? I'm in NOVA and have been coming up empty trying to reach groups that do anything more than post on Facebook and stuff their faces.

If you've got a preferred method of contact I'd love to talk to you guys. I'm former military as well. Looking to train with guys who actually...train, and definitely could use some medical training. Marine corps is real light on that

Don't know much about this guy but he big mad, apparently.

Candidate for senate from VA calls for a state wide militia muster today.

Not at all. He didn't call for violence.

Just readiness

Definitely agree that it's far past time to stop begging for our rights back and start taking them back.

Absolutely. That's the tricky part. Not just the actual moral high ground but the perceived as well

Eh, media isn't really the biggest issue anymore. Trump is evidence of that. He still gets massive approval and the entire media machine is full steam against him. Public opinion isn't as tied to media as it used to be, I think.

How did they get arrested if they were organized and armed?

Wow. Any idea how they were compromised?

Ah lol. That'll do it

Moral of the story is only plan contact on social media, not activity.

@Crye_Salesman mysteries are so much more fun

It cost less than 1100 total

And it's lighter than any reliable AR, with a shirt stroke piston and a CHF barrel

The MSRP on them is insane which is the main reason they never sold well. But you can get them brand new for less than a CHF AR build

Its a great beater. Ive got more than 10k through it and the only issue has been a barrel nut that backed off. Sent it back to Beretta and they took care of it. Happened around 8k. I'm not nice to it, its been skull dragged and had steel mag dumped through it. Its a rock, and light as hell

Fits in a backpack, folded. Was with me in Richmond in Jan.

Good move. NH is freedom land on the east coast

Property tax is high in NH. And thats the only thing thats expensive.

Any loudon County bois here?

I'm in alexandria. Loudon is the closest militia to me

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