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2020-04-27 21:53:57 UTC

This channel is for the discussion of weaponry and armor!

2020-04-27 23:02:42 UTC

Looking for a good PC that will fit my small sapi plates

2020-04-27 23:04:01 UTC

Jpc maybe??


2020-04-27 23:04:32 UTC

LBX 0300 does a small I think

2020-04-27 23:04:52 UTC

How do those plastic straps hold up?

2020-04-27 23:05:43 UTC

JPC runs Hypalon. Not exactly plastic, thin but very durable fabric

2020-04-27 23:06:07 UTC

Pretty well to be honest, and yes hes right 👆

2020-04-27 23:06:28 UTC

dope I thought it was a rubber looking material didn’t know it was a cloth

2020-04-27 23:06:58 UTC

Its not really cloth either

2020-04-27 23:07:02 UTC

Think GoreTex type feel

2020-04-27 23:07:27 UTC

Feels weird but pretty durable

2020-04-27 23:07:49 UTC

Esstac WTFix straps are the same shit, if you have those

2020-04-27 23:09:56 UTC

That jpc build isn't done either, still need to put some other shit on it

2020-04-27 23:11:10 UTC

What do you mean? Like install the cumber buns?

2020-04-27 23:12:12 UTC

He’s got a cummerbund on, prob means an IFAK etc

2020-04-27 23:14:51 UTC

It needs a back panel, one more mag pouch and possibly a pistol pouch


2020-04-28 00:04:31 UTC

here is my JPC set up.


2020-04-28 00:05:54 UTC

You bitches better show me your IFAKs

2020-04-28 00:05:59 UTC

am checking

2020-04-28 00:06:14 UTC

I wish I had this shit. No money

2020-04-28 00:07:12 UTC

also, I swear to god if someone is using a tampon in their kit I will jump through the phone and strangle you

2020-04-28 00:08:08 UTC

Can’t use tampons in a kit you don’t have

2020-04-28 00:08:42 UTC

Tampons will probably kill you faster than nothing

2020-04-28 00:08:43 UTC


2020-04-28 00:09:09 UTC

There is now a medical channel set up for medical topics

2020-04-28 00:09:14 UTC

Feel free to use it.

2020-04-28 00:09:15 UTC

@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ what else is hearsay dogshit?

2020-04-28 00:09:17 UTC

My ifak is actually filled with snacks

2020-04-28 00:13:32 UTC

As someone who wants to get things ready what should I look for in literally everything

2020-04-28 00:14:37 UTC

Like im not gonna lie I know like fuck all

2020-04-28 00:14:43 UTC

I'm using a tampon in my kit

2020-04-28 00:15:13 UTC


2020-04-28 00:15:18 UTC

I have full list

2020-04-28 00:16:22 UTC

This goes over from head to toe.

2020-04-28 00:18:40 UTC

Time for reasearch

2020-04-28 00:19:14 UTC

It lists brands too 😉

2020-04-28 00:20:17 UTC


2020-04-28 00:20:52 UTC

I think my biggest issue is gonna be the firearms tho like everything else looks like I could do it over time

2020-04-28 00:25:59 UTC

The last one isn’t working

2020-04-28 00:26:11 UTC


2020-04-28 00:33:52 UTC

Does anyone have any preferences for footwear? I usually wear tennis shoes everyday, but I have work boots and hiking boots. The problem I run into is that my tennis shoes (my only comfortable option) wear out pretty quick and I've never found a pair of boots that were comfortable to wear for extended periods of time or that were easy to run in. Do ya'll know of any cross between them that is durable and protective, but also comfortable and non-restrictive?

2020-04-28 00:34:12 UTC

I’m wearing Danner Tanicus boots.

2020-04-28 00:34:45 UTC

I hear the Salomon GTXs (something like that, I don’t remember the specific) are nice

2020-04-28 00:35:04 UTC

I'll check those out as soon as stores are back open

2020-04-28 00:35:23 UTC

Check out gear sites and see if they look like what you want.

2020-04-28 00:37:05 UTC

Just looked at some. Looks about like what i'd expect, but I'd have to try um out. They gotta fancy price tag though. lol

2020-04-28 00:37:32 UTC

I’ve seen them go for $100 shipped

2020-04-28 00:39:13 UTC

That's pretty nice

2020-04-28 00:39:55 UTC


2020-04-28 00:40:06 UTC

I got my Danners for ~$95 shipped

2020-04-28 00:40:33 UTC

dang, that's not bad

2020-04-28 00:40:50 UTC

Got a good discount tho

2020-04-28 00:41:02 UTC

Like 50%

2020-04-28 00:41:25 UTC

Maybe if society doesn't collapse before black friday.....

2020-04-28 00:41:27 UTC


2020-04-28 00:41:35 UTC


2020-04-28 00:42:06 UTC

cuz it doesn't look like I'll be getting to my summer job this year

2020-04-28 00:42:15 UTC

That sucks

2020-04-28 00:42:45 UTC

it'd be fine, but it means no money for gear

2020-04-28 00:43:10 UTC

Yeah that’s not good

2020-04-28 00:44:48 UTC

*quickly fills out McDonald's application*

2020-04-28 00:55:44 UTC

All of you can use that information as needed.

2020-04-28 01:10:18 UTC

Alright Bois, I don’t know Jack shit so I have a question. What should be first priority, gun?

2020-04-28 01:12:10 UTC

Gear or training

2020-04-28 01:12:19 UTC

I suggest a Glock for a pistol

2020-04-28 01:12:34 UTC

First step? I’d say knowledge.

2020-04-28 01:12:38 UTC

Gear as in plates and vest?

2020-04-28 01:12:45 UTC

And an AR or AK for gun

2020-04-28 01:13:10 UTC

Vests, armor, helmets, gloves, supplies, weapons

2020-04-28 01:13:12 UTC

Gear is everything that is separate from clothing and is outerwear. Carrier, plates, pouches.

2020-04-28 01:13:24 UTC

Your first step should be a gun.

2020-04-28 01:13:38 UTC

Carrier can’t do shit but stop rounds.

2020-04-28 01:13:49 UTC


2020-04-28 01:14:01 UTC

At that point, if you’re receiving rounds, and have no gun, you’re fucked anyway.

2020-04-28 01:14:08 UTC

Gun and no plates beats plates and no gun.

2020-04-28 01:14:18 UTC

Man, I'm jelly I got fucked over on money, so I'm probably cannon fodder to most of yall, 😅🤣😭

2020-04-28 01:14:32 UTC

And you shouldn’t be any more confident about taking fire with plates.

2020-04-28 01:14:40 UTC

Of course not

2020-04-28 01:14:45 UTC

Still need to take cover.

2020-04-28 01:14:56 UTC

And trust me, don’t go overboard with gear either.

2020-04-28 01:15:04 UTC

AR-15 platform that uses either 5.56 or 223 wylde. I would also suggest a 9mm of some sort as that ammunition will be the most abundant. THEN get a plate carrier with level III+ or IV plates. Make sure you have an IFAK attached to that bitch. All of the plates in the world wont matter if you get shot in the leg and bleed out. Then TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN.

2020-04-28 01:15:17 UTC

When rounds pop, you won’t be able to get low enough.

2020-04-28 01:15:41 UTC

To be entirely honest, I would start with a belt setup.

2020-04-28 01:15:47 UTC

Battle belt?

2020-04-28 01:15:58 UTC

It’s not as expensive, and still you get modularity, and a mounting platform for equipment.

2020-04-28 01:16:07 UTC

I always forget about a belt because that seems obvious. Something sturdy that you can throw a holster and mag pouch on.

2020-04-28 01:16:47 UTC

Also for anyone that needs book smarts I got ya

2020-04-28 01:17:23 UTC

Now this might sound stupid, but I believe I have a solid drop leg platform from *airsoft*

2020-04-28 01:17:32 UTC

Tony, for any loadout/gear stuff, that link up above labeled “Gear Loadout” goes from head to toe.

2020-04-28 01:18:47 UTC

First purchase: concealable pistol

2020-04-28 01:18:52 UTC

Airsoft isn't recommended cuz the weight difference between real n air

2020-04-28 01:19:47 UTC

Understandable yeah

2020-04-28 01:22:57 UTC

Concealable pistol. Okay

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