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Where are the live free or die boiiz at??

Live free or die boi here. Hopefully others get the memo. Originally from the communist state of MA though.

I’m NH but no one has joined yet.

Glad you made it

Are you fortunate enough to still be working or laid off?

Suggestion for gear sale/trade/give away? For example I have optics I don’t need. I don’t have plate carrier. Would trade or sell or give to someone that doesn’t have one or needs one. All to equip our boiiz

Go over to MeWe for that.

@Copbot1001 this could prob be moved over to member chat channel

Yea we are pretty much moving our mindset away from the “poors” and bashing on discord

Don’t get me wrong fun is still to be had.

Lol yea I asked in the suggestion channel if we can get a sell/trade/giveaway server

I would have no problem giving some parts to someone that needs them

Selling some optics cheap

@[VA] JediComms how much for a strike Eagle 1-6x24

@boogboy912 I have a Romeo5 brand new bushnell 1-4x24 lpvo

I like the Romeo 5 it did well until I got another eotech.

I love the motion activation

@[VA] JediComms ohhhh lol ok cool good to know

NH all the way!!

If you guys want to get together at a range soon let’s get something together

@Artemis what do you have for an optic

@Artemis wouldn’t hurt to throw it up on member chat. We should clear off the suggestion feed though. Don’t need the admins sifting through to find actual suggestions

I just found out about it this morning

What’s it for?

That’s awesome. Yea as the week goes on I will let you know if I’ll be able to go.

What time does it start?


Something I did recently was get my pistol carry permit. I know we don’t need one in NH but it is very easy to get. Never hurts to have it just in case. It took 14 days and 10$ now I’m good no matter what. I recommend you guys get it as well.

Nahh we don’t want any masshole communists in our beloved live free or die state 🤣😂

I am really impressed! Been at work all day and come back to a very lively feed!! Welcome everyone!

I’ll check out signal as well. Just got off work. 513 miles in the dump truck today..damn my leg is sore

@Anonymoose like I said I’ll jump on that for you no problem. I’m loving what I’m seeing from this server right now. Gets me excited. It’s like our own little community. We just have to use that welcome channel to constantly be giving the low down.

Yup. Like I said earlier take all that crap to MeWe

@Anonymoose do you have the option to ban people that don’t follow rules?


I wouldn’t even give chances

I guess everyone deserves a second

But that’s about it

Downloading it now

You guys know Regular Guy Training Chris Bondy?

@Bambi damn right

@Anonymoose shit I been there

I’ve just been good at not being caught.

That’s why it is going to be so important for this server to be for the best


Yeah I used to think that when I was in the Air Force. Only took 4 years to catch up to me

Are the rules being typed up?

It’s still empty up there

Any way to make it so there cannot be discussion in there as well?

It’s all good. I’m going to think there will be another rush of newbies coming soon. Since workday is ending

I’ve been on it.

Only on the original Facebook page though

Not a bad thing

For sure. But doesn’t just have to be the admins

As long as rules are enforced, and the example is set by the majority. The bad will be weeded our

Active admins removing the bacteria is what needs to happen

But we still want people to be able to come in unwind and have fun and network

That’s what’s so great about this. Everyone that comes will find at least one channel that they gravitate to.

I’m going to do some link sharing I’ll be back in a bit

I just put the link on a bunch of older posts from the original group

Should hopefully generate some traffic

Where do we see how many people have joined the server

Oh I figured it out

He has a YouTube channel does courses/training. He’s pretty damn good. Anyways I’m working on getting him up to NH this fall. Check him out. If anyone would be interested in attending a weekend class let me know!

Diggin the elevator music

I’m planning on going to my work and grabbing the brand new 10 wheel Mack dump truck I driver everyday

I’m also a heavy equipment operator and have keys to every piece of equipment. So I’ll just grab a trailer and load up a dozer too while I’m at it lol

Welcome! Make sure you scroll up and look around. There isn’t many rules but the ones we do have are strict. They are in place for your security and everyone’s.

We want this to be a great place for everyone to come and connect, learn interact with people local to you. But at the same time, we won’t let anyone jeopardize what we have. We are always being monitored by big brother. But as long as we interact as responsible adults things will be great.

No we don’t. But on a social media platform that allows potentially thousands of people we will be monitored. There are messaging apps that are secure. Once you meet people and trust them, we figure conversations that require those apps will move to there.

Of course this isn’t a tight tie pants pulled up server. But it is a serious movement to the majority of us. Have fun no doubt. But at the same time we have to be smart.

There is plenty of channels to keep you scrolling for hours! Look around, join conversation, learn something and invite trusted people!

I mean I don’t know why you have pants on in the first place

To be faaaaaiiiiiirrrr

Toooo beeee faaaaaaiiiiirrrr

😂 I’m ready for another season

They are due for one

Yup me too.

Damn Canadians can make funny TV that’s for sure

Yea for the most part

It brings me back to the old days

Sitting on dial up internet talking with some dude in India about random shit lol

Yup we know security is what it is. We have recommended messaging apps. Once you develop trusted relationships with a group or whatever you guys can move over to one of those apps to discuss whatever needs to be discussed privately.

Channels will pick up. We are brand new

Yahoo is still my email address lol

I have a shit ton of links out so it should pick up

Go down to your state and find out!!

You’ll learn it!


I think he said 300 gets you the weekend

Lol where you at in Maine

Suggestion. If you go to your account you can make it so your messages are not scanned at all. I don’t know if that does anything or not.

Suggestion. Whether it does anything or not. You can choose to have your messages not scanned.

Sounds good to me

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