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That should be a little more organized now

Murder mitten memes, etc

I sometimes come over to the Lewiston and Cheektowaga area for work

I had a ZJ

Was like wheeling a lazy boy chair

Better version

Have they even come out yet?

Ontario's wang here

The pistol I *really* want at the moment is a USP.
No real reason, just because

*G I B*

A friend of mine from Cali did a couple
Apparently they are fairly easy

*Evil inside
Leave death behind
Into the night
Otsego life*

A classic


Hey guys

We could consider that

I mean, define legit?

I was watching *Extraction* last night

Made about 1/2 way through

Oper8r / 10


@Deleted User
Everest best pup

My twin boys are 4
So I sympathize

Uncensored Tactical is another good one

Discord is great for a number of reasons.
I'm in several chats for a variety of topics

Would the general voice not suffice?

I went on a 3 mile bike ride
Ready to smash a boomer sips and go another 5 hours

Need to get some lumber ordered, among other things

Doesn't work for me?

I need to build my stripped lower one of these days

Yeah, I know
I was browsing LPK's and couldn't decide on one

Just Hawaii, I believe

Nah, they are there

I doubled check with my atlas the other night when I added them all

I've got an NAR maritime assault IFAK , but only because I got it from a friend who's a corpsman


Arguing fucksticks on facebook

"Getting things going"
Such as?
There's really not much you can do to combat an OIC

Aside from full Killdozer

*in minecraft*

Don't remind me

I already went to bed pissed off last night

It doesn't help our PM is an incompetent moron

I have many, many things I'd *like* to say, but I don't need ERT rolling up to my front door in an APC.

I already had some friends in Montana extended that offer as well

Unfortunately bailing out is only an extreme last-resort option.

So is building a bulldozer and a welder

*in minecraft*

You're a truck driver too?

Small world

I haul out of the Ford plant sometimes

I've been off for like...4 weeks now? 5?
Hell I can't even remember

Time means nothing

It's complicated

If only we had dudes like that here

I know a few people who are ***very*** salty over this

And frankly I wouldn't want to be the ones going to their door

Woo lumber

I was just watching part of the livestream

I saw it too

*laughs in velocity*

Urgent is meant for confirmed things, I believe

To keep us from being flagged

Not swearing

Using the "B" word

Hang tight

I would think

The head honcho is working on it

I prefer Medium sized ice palace waltz myself

I will skull fuck you

I have the complete list but the site is crashing from use

Yeah, we were just talking about it

No 2A sadly

Just whatever privileges they see fit to bestow upon us

I know people who now have like 30k worth of useless guns

Thanks PM Fuckface

Honestly, if all our family wasn't right here where we are, I'd seriously be considering it

You can't

397 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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