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I work on Gucci Nissans all day 🤦🏼‍♂️

Not about to be mine either

I went through combat lifesaver in the military a few years ago. That’s the extent of my medical. But I’m married to a nurse.

I’m gonna be up front. I’m clueless when it comes to comms for the most part

I’m definitely down to learn, but I feel like the intel server is gonna be more my speed. I can’t stand sitting around and I’m always out and about. Trying to give them all a decent run

@Reno yessir I have. I’m a big Q follower and I’ve learned an absolute fuckton recently

@American_AF did we just become friends?

I haven’t either but that’s legit

Definitely partial to my M&Ps. Have the shield 9, 40, and the M&P-15

Here’s my thought about the mask, and I made a big ass post about it but long story short, sheeple are the ones wearing them. 4 months ago, if the mass majority of the population saw people in Walmart with their faces covered, they’d fucking panic, but now that the government says do it, they’re ok with it.

Here’s my thought about the mask, and I made a big ass post about it but long story short, sheeple are the ones wearing them. 4 months ago, if the mass majority of the population saw people in Walmart with their faces covered, they’d fucking panic, but now that the government says do it, they’re ok with it.

@John Stark I had that made into a sticker 😂 ignore the tint. It’s getting redone professionally. The rest of the car turned out perfect though

Just has a modern twist on it

Fucking love this song

@GRANITE Very nice. I’m waiting on my headlights for my Subaru to come in after it took them 4 days to ship and they advertised 2-3 day delivery 😒 I know things are slow because of the virus, but take that shit down if you can’t do it. I hate being an impatient person 😂

Definitely need them 😂

And I definitely need to order the notches for the truck

Tis my job as your older brother, dick.

I’m getting a Streamlight TLR-6 for mine

@BugsyBaldwin streamlight I believe does depending on what it is

They can’t ID you in this one I wouldn’t think. But they can ID deez nuts


I’m wouldn’t mind getting my slide milled for a red dot so I could still have my irons as well

Well no, I get that. I was referring to FR

@[VA] JediComms from my understanding, they’re designed to hold zero even under violent hits like rapid fire situations as long as it’s a decent brand like Vortex or Holosun. I almost bought a Vortex Venom for my Shield, but talked myself out of it so I could finish my AR

The cable for the light isn’t on it anymore. I went back to a regular end cap and added 45 degree brackets for my irons


Then here’s the engravings I had done on it by mine and @yeetasaurus local gun shop.


Right. I can definitely see that side of the things. I do TONS of research and read reviews before I buy things like that though. If there’s not a torture test video on it, I won’t even look at it twice.

That’s like my truck. Why on EARTH GM went away from rack and pinions and did idler and pitman arms in the OBS trucks I’ll never understand. Good idea on paper, horrible from a practical standpoint.

That’s how mine was. I bought it as a basic rifle and just built off the bones of it. I’ve always been a fan of the M&P series and been a S&W guy. I watched a meltdown video from Iraqveteran8888 on the M&P-15 and it made it to 820 rounds of full auto fire, handguard on fire, melting off and everything, and the only reason it stopped is the gas tube eroded, but could still be fired like a bolt action. Between that and the price, I was sold on it.

@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ I may could talk to my wife and see if she knows anyone that can get them

So, question. Here soon, I’m starting on an AR-10 and I need recommendations on caliber. I’m leaning towards a .308, but haven’t decided yet

@bum this patch 😂 @yeetasaurus got them for me, him, and whoever else in our little group gets a carrier next


As everyone in our group gets a carrier, they get this patch and I recommend their blood type patch very highly

@[VA] JediComms that was my second option. Originally I was going to go with 6.5 creedmoor, but decided against it due to price per round and availability in a SHTF situation

Exactly why my 15 is 5.56NATO. Plenty of opportunity for finding rounds

Everything NY does is suspicious/stupid honestly. Nor to answer your question, I haven’t. I haven’t even heard that honestly.

Are they employing them or harassing them? Last I heard, they were cutting down their police force and were pretty much not giving a fuck about crimes

I just ran across it. 10:1 odds says the Muslims will be left alone though.

I personally would run a reflex sight, but that’s just my preference. I prefer two eye sight pictures

@Sparrow I carry a Shield .40 and my wife carries my Shield 9. It’s hands down my favorite pistol I’ve owned

The 15 has had some changes since this was taken.


@Sparrow I completely agree with that statement

I want to try out the P365 SAS honestly. Something about those recessed sights intrigues me

I won’t own a Springfield period

A situation like that is understandable, or if you have no firearm and it’s your only option. I’d still part with it at the earliest Convenience

Hmmm. Ain’t that a coincidink

@Shane_NA6 hands down my go to recommendation

@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ I was under the assumption it already has been

Oh no doubt there

Ohhhhhh yes it is

Drones maybe?

Would it be possible to take one of the racing ones that don’t have to be regulated and put quieter motors on them?

I’ve played around with some friends cheaper ones just fucking around in the back yard with them, but have absolutely zero expertise with the bigger ones

I keep like there are certain situations that the speed could come in handy, but the noise would be a dead giveaway and leave someone a sitting duck

Give us liberty or it begins?

Maybe still a little much

@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ my wife said that it can probably be gotten at Walmart

No no, the hemostatic

May could order some offline I would think

And local apparently. As far as everything else I have no idea.

I didn’t see that lol. I just remembered to ask her about the hemostatics

I agree. Turn the meaning they’ve given it against them

I’d leave it. Add the term to the list of things that the government, specifically the left has lied about to the mass majority

Who’s good with photoshop? I ask for two reasons. One, I’ve looked for weeks and can’t find one, and two, I think it would be a good idea for a flyer. Can anyone take an image if someone wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and out a powered wig on it? In a way, merge two people who were against oppressive governments.

Welcome aboard, bud. What part of this shithole state are you located in?

Oh shit, that’s you 😂 my bad bud.

@Chidori I missed that part I guess. Where did it go?

Fucking love it.

@magpie_(3inch) Parkland shooting. The FBI recieved multiple tips from friends, family, school officials, everyone, and didn’t even look into it, even though they had multiple tools at their disposal to do so.

@[MS]WebMDemt not quite sure just yet. Apparently I have school for work either today or tomorrow that I have to to keep my certification. Even though I’m in the middle of a career change my boss doesn’t know about 😂

@Phill they did the same thing in Hinds county here in MS right before the mayor of Jackson pulled his stunt to suspend open carry that’s allowed by state law. Keep in mind that Jackson is a criminal cesspool and a shithole and the cops don’t give a fuck, so all these that were released are going to flock here. Also, a lot of people don’t know that you don’t have to have a concealed carry permit in MS, and you can open or conceal carry without it unless it’s posted, in which the enhanced carry permit still allows you to carry whether posted or not except for a few select places. So a lot of people are under assumption that you just aren’t allowed to carry a gun in Jackson now.

Everything together in my opinion

In a SHTF situation, you’re gonna take twice as long gearing up.

Now, certain situations, I could see concealable armor under a jacket or shirt, but as far as a grab and go scenario, definitely together

Better to have too much information than not enough in my opinion. Just saying. Rather have overachievers then under.

MS boi here. Any word on you guy’s capital situation?

I’m free this weekend

Star. About 20 minute south of Jackson

I’ll have to catch a ride with @yeetasaurus. My truck nor my Subaru get gas mileage worth bragging about 😂

I has funny for everyone. These are the stickers I had made that he’s referring too.



I have a funny for everyone. These are the stickers I had made he’s referring too



Uhhhh.....what I do? 😂

@imthatguy7538 is it a polymer handguard?

Even her own legislators turned on her

@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ that’s what I thought he was referring too but wanted to make sure. If it’s a polymer handguard, then need to be in it, since they keep the handguard from melting. I highly recommend either going with a full length M-LOK or Keymod handguard. PLENTY of room for furniture, whether it be irons, lights, foregrips, lasers, or what have you.


I’ve added 45 degree sights on mine since this was taken, and swapped out the cable for a regular end cap on my light. I still have one more engraving I want done on it.


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