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2019-01-27 22:27:20 UTC

uhh I never really thought to look it up

2019-01-27 22:27:29 UTC

but I guess I'll do that right now and report back

2019-01-27 22:27:31 UTC

wait a second

2019-01-27 22:27:31 UTC

It always just gets back to me aha

2019-01-27 22:29:39 UTC

@The Lion I'd say it's pretty critical that you have these important discussions before you get married, dude. So many marriages have been torn apart by couples not talking about important issues before marriage such as political worldview, faith, career goals, common morals, 3,5,10,20 year plans together.

No need to be too ideological about it. I don't see a need for one's spouse to be an identitarian or a racialist or whatever - I imagine you'd be fine as long as there is an understanding that:
1. these are the things you believe, it's a morally good position and one that's important to you.
2. you intend to raise your children to be unashamed of their heritage.

2019-01-27 22:29:39 UTC

okay I just checked Facebook for all the grocery stores I shop at

2019-01-27 22:29:45 UTC

they just post about food

2019-01-27 22:29:49 UTC
2019-01-27 22:30:13 UTC


2019-01-27 22:30:13 UTC

I didn't understand that. Try 'help' for more info.

2019-01-27 22:30:24 UTC

Sorry apollo

2019-01-27 22:30:27 UTC


2019-01-27 22:30:31 UTC

@The Lion Trying to force people into thinking the way you do about things, especially with regards to direct action - "read, this book - watch this video", that stuff often has the opposite effect.

2019-01-27 22:30:53 UTC

haha is it really that surprising? I don't shop at any of the stores with fancy brand names because they're too expensive

2019-01-27 22:31:27 UTC

One of the stores I shop at is employee owned, and the other too are irrelevant small chains that have better things to do than worry about politics

2019-01-27 22:31:32 UTC

Well I mean she’s interested @Papa Pizzagate

2019-01-27 22:31:34 UTC

reposting this since the topic is shopping

2019-01-27 22:32:04 UTC

I’m not forcing her here, it’s just I don’t really know how to explain traditional values to a woman.

2019-01-27 22:32:15 UTC

At least not in detail

2019-01-27 22:32:23 UTC

@Jacob It is to me. Even local chains with 3 stores usually have posters up with the usual garbage on it. I mostly go to local butcher shops and bakeries these days.

2019-01-27 22:32:34 UTC

Sometimes I miss ben and jerrys

2019-01-27 22:32:43 UTC

oh well I guess it depends where you are

2019-01-27 22:32:51 UTC

in Seattle there's a gay flag in every window

2019-01-27 22:33:06 UTC

@Jacob that’s really sad lol

2019-01-27 22:33:08 UTC

shit, there was even a smoke shop with a "we refuse fascism bla bla bla" sign

2019-01-27 22:33:29 UTC

I'm in Eastern Washington, which is red, though

2019-01-27 22:33:36 UTC

so that might be why the local chains don't bother

2019-01-27 22:34:56 UTC

I work next to a hair dresser with a HUGE sign that says "proudly LGBT owned"

2019-01-27 22:35:07 UTC

@The Lion frame it more like relationship goals. "Wouldn't it be great if we get to the point when we have children, that you don't have to work. You could stay home with the kids and take care of the home... We could have you know, an Irish setter or something, a property with a few acres, maybe some veggies and a little herb garden, we could even raise bees."

If she is already interested such ideas would probably appeal to her

2019-01-27 22:35:30 UTC

Do you live in a blue part of Ohio?

2019-01-27 22:35:33 UTC

that might be why

2019-01-27 22:35:44 UTC

Beekeeping does seem pretty cool.

2019-01-27 22:35:50 UTC

"Plus, you know...we want to have a couple of kids, so it would be *pretty difficult* for the both of us to work AND raise good children" @The Lion

2019-01-27 22:35:53 UTC

I live in a big city, but the red suburb I'm from has the same problem

2019-01-27 22:36:16 UTC

is the county blue?

2019-01-27 22:36:22 UTC


2019-01-27 22:36:26 UTC

huh weird

2019-01-27 22:36:27 UTC

I’ve accentuated the importance of a homemaker before, she’s interested.

2019-01-27 22:36:34 UTC

maybe you just notice this stuff more than I do

2019-01-27 22:36:43 UTC

I might be desensitized from all the time I spent in Seattle

2019-01-27 22:36:46 UTC

@The Lion I think there is a lot you can do, just with your own behavior, without pressuring her

2019-01-27 22:36:52 UTC

Perhaps that’s a better way than trying to read some philosophical crap

2019-01-27 22:36:57 UTC

We were 98% white a few years back and were pretty aggressively targeted for the past few years

2019-01-27 22:36:59 UTC

I'm also engaged, and the dynamic with my fiance shifted as I became more traditional

2019-01-27 22:37:40 UTC

@The Lion You might get something out of red pill married forums like on reddit, or the High T marriage blog

2019-01-27 22:37:59 UTC

and of course there are things you can do yourself, like saving and investing to enable a traditional lifestyle for yourself and her down the road

2019-01-27 22:38:24 UTC

Another thing, what would you all consider a good career for a traditional man.

2019-01-27 22:39:10 UTC

@The Lion Generally speaking, women are less logical and more emotional. Showing some graph about economic consequences of both parents working would be much less effective than painting the imagery of the life you imagine for the two of you together, and let her imagination run with it.

2019-01-27 22:39:35 UTC

I mean it seems broad but to be engaged in the home life and care for your family, and I intend on having many children so I would need a high pay grade.

2019-01-27 22:39:50 UTC

@The Lion Something that can support a family and that you are good at. There is 0 virtue in being poor.

2019-01-27 22:40:25 UTC

@The Lion trades are trad in the masculine sense but being something like an engineer or financier gives you a lot of freedom to be with your kids

2019-01-27 22:40:57 UTC

I wish I chose a career where I could listen to audiobooks all day

2019-01-27 22:41:04 UTC

imagine how smart I would be after a year of that

2019-01-27 22:42:22 UTC

@Jacob either really smart or really the kind of guy ppl dont want to talk to at parties

2019-01-27 22:42:31 UTC

@The Lion You might want to introduce her to Lana from Red Ice TV, she covers politics more than homemaking but she's a good female figure for the movement

2019-01-27 22:42:47 UTC

@The Lion you could also think about it this way:

We live in unstable times. We want to bring society back to tradition, but we ourselves might not be able to live that way. So if the choice is between living a by-the-book traditionalist life and being financially stable, successful, etc., the latter option may be better

2019-01-27 22:43:51 UTC

I always like to use women like Ann Coulter and Marion M. Le Pen as examples - should we live in a world where they don’t have to be in politics? of course. Do we? Sadly not

just replace “politics” with whatever field

2019-01-27 22:44:08 UTC

Isn't "traditionalist" a subjective term? I feel like we are cultural pioneers trying to find OUR traditionalism

2019-01-27 22:45:06 UTC

that’s a really good point

2019-01-27 22:45:09 UTC

@godric you can know stuff but not feel the need to constantly tell everyone about it

2019-01-27 22:45:40 UTC

I used to pine for the days of the 1950s from those old pictures but like...it's never coming back. We will never have that. just pictures and maybe some old footage to reference

2019-01-27 22:46:36 UTC

@Jacob that's true, I'm just being zany 🤠

2019-01-27 22:46:38 UTC

"Tradition is the carrying of flame, not the worship of ashes"

2019-01-27 22:46:42 UTC

Best overall definition.

2019-01-27 22:47:10 UTC

@sigruna14yeah dude 100%

2019-01-27 22:47:17 UTC

Sure we can't ever go back, but we have the chance to create an equally good (or better) society.

2019-01-27 22:47:37 UTC

There's going to be a better society.

2019-01-27 22:48:40 UTC

One of the things that drew to this was to foster a better future. I had a weird, chaotic upbringing and I crave normalcy

2019-01-27 22:49:13 UTC


2019-01-27 22:49:19 UTC

not the weird, chaotic part

2019-01-27 22:49:27 UTC

but the normalcy part

2019-01-27 22:50:33 UTC

I'd be pretty satisfied if I could just have a normal life and not worry about politics

2019-01-27 22:52:25 UTC

Haha yeah. If my future kids never have to worry about being red pilled and can just be normal people then we're good

2019-01-27 22:53:25 UTC

I have two contradictory goals in life

2019-01-27 22:53:48 UTC

I want to do something great, but at the same time I just want to be left alone and relax

2019-01-27 22:54:09 UTC


2019-01-27 22:54:18 UTC

I don't think anyone gets to be left alone and relax.

2019-01-27 22:54:43 UTC

I mean unless you just opt out and not participate

2019-01-27 22:54:56 UTC

I guess it's not really contradictory

2019-01-27 22:55:17 UTC

because I want to do great stuff, but I eventually want to relax

2019-01-27 22:55:47 UTC

The 2 years I've been part of this movement have been a wild ride and I don't regret it at all

2019-01-27 22:56:00 UTC

but I think eventually I'll need some rest

2019-01-27 22:56:22 UTC

Here's my goal

2019-01-27 22:57:06 UTC

When I'm a grand father and I try to explain this to my grand kids and they can't imagine what I'm talking about because they live in a polite white society. They think I'm just a kooky grandpa

2019-01-27 22:57:40 UTC

ya that's a good goal

2019-01-27 22:58:34 UTC

I'd rather be the kooky grandpa than try to explain to them why they are a hated minority living on white reservations...

2019-01-27 22:59:12 UTC

@Current Ronin and then the cycle repeats ahaha

2019-01-27 22:59:22 UTC

Haha you're right!

2019-01-27 22:59:53 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I'd rather be a kooky grandpa than neglected in an old folks home by minorities who hate me

2019-01-27 23:00:21 UTC

honestly my main immediate goal is just to be self sufficient

2019-01-27 23:00:46 UTC

I just wanna be done with college already and be able to support myself

2019-01-27 23:01:47 UTC

@godric actually no it wouldn't repeat itself because that generation wouldn't be taught the falsehoods so many people were taught in the home

2019-01-27 23:02:38 UTC

I wonder if white people are more genetically susceptible to pathological universalism or if it is completely learned behavior

2019-01-27 23:03:41 UTC

A lot are followers and don't want to make waves and want the path of least resistance

2019-01-27 23:05:34 UTC

Particularly women

2019-01-27 23:05:52 UTC

Correction, non red pilled women

2019-01-27 23:07:42 UTC

Nah that's all women

2019-01-27 23:08:05 UTC

We all want everyone to get along

2019-01-27 23:08:26 UTC

Some of us just recognize it's not possible rn

2019-01-27 23:09:42 UTC

Haha yeah

2019-01-27 23:10:19 UTC

Honestly I don't think I've ever met a rad pilled girl irl. The closest I got was a happa that liked Steven crowder

2019-01-27 23:14:20 UTC

most girls (if they're dating you) will try to mimick your positions on things tbh

2019-01-27 23:14:36 UTC

I’ve met a decent amount and they’ve all been white

2019-01-27 23:14:51 UTC

And yeah don’t worry too much about politics with women you’re interested in. Many guys’ standards are too high imo

2019-01-27 23:15:43 UTC

If we weren't in a civilizational crisis, politics would be extremely boring

2019-01-27 23:15:56 UTC

I avoid them all the time. No politics on a first date haha

2019-01-27 23:16:17 UTC

But even now politics and metapolitics are not even close to my biggest interests

2019-01-27 23:16:19 UTC

I usually say "nah I dont worry about that stuff. I'm just doing my own thing"

2019-01-27 23:16:50 UTC

politics already are extremely boring 90% of the time

2019-01-27 23:17:03 UTC

There will always be conflict, therefore there will always be a crisis.

2019-01-27 23:17:06 UTC

the only reason I'm "interested" in politics is because I want my people to have a homeland

2019-01-27 23:17:19 UTC

I don't really care about tax rates and stuff

2019-01-27 23:17:19 UTC

There is no such thing as world peace, blame greed if you will.

2019-01-27 23:18:00 UTC

This is how you get a conversation going while on a date with a normie girl. Ask her what shows she's into and just let her talk haha

2019-01-27 23:18:24 UTC

problem is I don't know anything about any shows

2019-01-27 23:18:40 UTC

I've been in politics for a long time (behind the scenes) and I've never found them interesting. "It's all so tiresome..."

2019-01-27 23:18:51 UTC

Or ask her about which of her Co workers is a hoe

2019-01-27 23:19:53 UTC

Seriously. Ask her about her job, or what shows she's into and just let her talk. "Omg this guy listens to me he's really cool.."

2019-01-27 23:19:56 UTC

there's things related to politics that are interesting
interesting stuff is sociology, psychology, genetics, etc
how Congress works is boring as hell

2019-01-27 23:20:49 UTC

@Nemets don’t tell me you talked about genetics on a date, lol

2019-01-27 23:21:06 UTC

"Hey girl can I buy you a drink? What's your phenotype?"

2019-01-27 23:21:10 UTC

Yeah...not good

2019-01-27 23:21:25 UTC

@The Lion that sounds like something I would do

2019-01-27 23:21:39 UTC

“I see you have a very elongated nose?”

2019-01-27 23:21:47 UTC

“Uhh yeah?”

2019-01-27 23:21:54 UTC

"Hey girl, wanna see my 23andMe?"

2019-01-27 23:21:59 UTC

“Alright, so how rich is your father?”

2019-01-27 23:22:16 UTC

As for "convincing" a woman to be "traditional," just remember that stay-at-home mom is the original woman's career, the natural default of female existence. Unless she's heartless she's not going to want to go back to work after that baby's born. (Keyword *want,* obviously for some families it's not doable, not judging that.)

2019-01-27 23:22:57 UTC

@missliterallywho thank you ma’am.

2019-01-27 23:23:20 UTC

everyone in the identitarian movement should find a common hobby unrelated to politics that we can all suddenly switch to talking about whenever we're having a meetup
that way we have a cover story, and we have something to discuss when politics gets boring

2019-01-27 23:23:36 UTC

I personally see nothing wrong with being a full time mom and working from home. I will probably start a business with my soon to be sister-in-law in the next year or so.

2019-01-27 23:23:38 UTC

"What church do you go to?"

2019-01-27 23:23:38 UTC

@Jacobmodel trains!!

2019-01-27 23:23:46 UTC

oh I was thinking nutrition

2019-01-27 23:23:51 UTC

we could all talk about keto

2019-01-27 23:23:53 UTC

"What are your plans for Christmas?"

2019-01-27 23:24:03 UTC

that's kinda what already happens at IE meetups a lot of the time

2019-01-27 23:24:29 UTC

“Do you like the smell of drainage pipes? My dad works with them you might like him.”

2019-01-27 23:24:59 UTC

“Yeah that’s really nice barbara, but I gotta get back to this solitaire game, really fun stuff.”

2019-01-27 23:25:15 UTC

@Freiheit - CA what if I don't go to church? 😳

2019-01-27 23:25:20 UTC

“I have a stack of spaghettio cans in my bedroom, wanna see it?”

2019-01-27 23:25:50 UTC

Alright I’m sorry Lolol.

2019-01-27 23:25:58 UTC

Everytime there's a meet up its because we're in a chess club

2019-01-27 23:26:01 UTC

@Jacob "Want some bacon?"

2019-01-27 23:26:04 UTC

That's the story...

2019-01-27 23:26:18 UTC

"Want to discuss the tasteful book "Bronze Age Mindset" over a glass of wine?"

2019-01-27 23:26:34 UTC

No no, we’re cheese connoisseurs

2019-01-27 23:26:40 UTC

I feel like finding a relationship would be really difficult for me because I have a lot of values that are associated with really religious people, but I'm not particularly religious myself

2019-01-27 23:26:43 UTC

It’s a cheddar convention

2019-01-27 23:27:01 UTC

I don't think I could ever date/marry one of those super Christian girls

2019-01-27 23:27:05 UTC

@Jacob >Making excuses.

2019-01-27 23:27:10 UTC

Going through coins for later yard sale,hubby's machines at work & got lucky to find a pre war 1945 wheat penny! Yay!😀👍


2019-01-27 23:27:11 UTC

There ya go. We're not in IE were in IC. International cheeses

2019-01-27 23:27:18 UTC

SPLC labels us as the “cheese crew”

2019-01-27 23:27:43 UTC

Who all is going to LOPF this year?

2019-01-27 23:27:44 UTC
2019-01-27 23:27:53 UTC

There's really nothing whiter than enjoying various cheeses

2019-01-27 23:28:07 UTC

@Freiheit - CA I mean is my excuse wrong though?

2019-01-27 23:28:15 UTC

Ya,isn't that awesome?! They're hard to find these days! @Freiheit - CA

2019-01-27 23:28:16 UTC

cheese very good

2019-01-27 23:28:40 UTC

@Jacob Not necessarily, but you can't win if you don't play bro.

2019-01-27 23:29:00 UTC

@Jacob We were at a meetup once and the bartender asked us how we knew each other and we were like uhhh....

2019-01-27 23:29:09 UTC

She knew something was up

2019-01-27 23:29:16 UTC

Imagine getting arrested for going to a cheese convention because of hate speech

2019-01-27 23:29:19 UTC

Rugby team

2019-01-27 23:29:25 UTC

If you have a non white normie friend that doesn't know how to get a conversation going with a white person just tell them to ask what their favorite cheeses are

2019-01-27 23:29:55 UTC

We said European heritage club many times in California, usually people thought that was cool

2019-01-27 23:30:11 UTC

biker gang

2019-01-27 23:30:12 UTC

Then what do you say if they ask you the name of it?

2019-01-27 23:30:24 UTC

You don't have to have a name

2019-01-27 23:30:37 UTC

Not all groups have names

2019-01-27 23:30:49 UTC

Actually just call it “b”

2019-01-27 23:30:53 UTC

Just b

2019-01-27 23:30:59 UTC

I went to b last night

2019-01-27 23:31:06 UTC


2019-01-27 23:31:10 UTC


2019-01-27 23:31:15 UTC


2019-01-27 23:31:16 UTC

I take it back

2019-01-27 23:31:19 UTC

@Pat-MA the worst is when my parents ask me where I know my friends from

2019-01-27 23:31:30 UTC

@Freiheit - CA that's fair

2019-01-27 23:32:42 UTC

My parents are excited I have friends.

2019-01-27 23:33:27 UTC


2019-01-27 23:33:29 UTC


2019-01-27 23:33:46 UTC

@Jacob Go do something, martial arts, shooting range, whatever. "I met them doing X." It's true.

2019-01-27 23:34:17 UTC

@Jacob You going to Utah for DTR-UT?

2019-01-27 23:34:22 UTC

Total honesty is always ideal but if you can't do it, you can at least be technically honest.

2019-01-27 23:34:36 UTC

When I went to Montana I said it's because I have a friend who moved to Montana

2019-01-27 23:34:42 UTC

which isn't really wrong

2019-01-27 23:35:22 UTC

“Just going camping... again”

2019-01-27 23:35:52 UTC


2019-01-27 23:37:17 UTC

“What’s in your backpack?”
“Video games”

2019-01-27 23:37:57 UTC

"You go to a lot of weddings valaska"

2019-01-27 23:38:31 UTC

Lmao this could be good youtube content

2019-01-27 23:39:09 UTC

"Why are you always out of town?"

2019-01-27 23:39:32 UTC

"Don't show up in the paper again..."

2019-01-27 23:40:35 UTC

"why do your friends keep moving to all these weird states, Jacob - WA?"

2019-01-27 23:40:44 UTC

"Why are the girls you meet so far away?"

2019-01-27 23:40:59 UTC

Because we live in Mexico, CA

2019-01-27 23:41:36 UTC

“Which friend was that?”
*pulls name out of hat*

2019-01-27 23:42:11 UTC

*Squits* argument of perigee

2019-01-27 23:42:20 UTC

"What's there for you to do in *shuffles deck* *pulls card* San Francisco?"

2019-01-27 23:42:56 UTC

"why do all your friends have weird names like Valaska - MT?"

2019-01-27 23:43:13 UTC

“Why do you go to DC so often? What’s there??”

2019-01-27 23:43:37 UTC

"Boy, you sure do go to alot of Fortnite Tournaments, my son Patrick Casey."

2019-01-27 23:44:14 UTC

"Your Father and I are leaving California forever, why are you always talking about racial stuff? We're all the same."

2019-01-27 23:44:22 UTC

"Patrick? I thought your friend's name was Reinhard?"

2019-01-27 23:45:03 UTC

“wow, College Republicans has a lot of conferences!”

2019-01-27 23:46:09 UTC

"When do we get to meet this Lady1492Hammer? Is she coming to dinner?"

2019-01-27 23:46:44 UTC

"You sure buy a lot of books since joining that golf team, Freiheit..."

2019-01-27 23:46:54 UTC

"Why is it that every time you and your friends hang out there's always a news story about racist posters in the same place you hung out?"

2019-01-27 23:47:19 UTC


2019-01-27 23:47:23 UTC

Top Kek

2019-01-27 23:47:42 UTC

"Why do all your friends have that same hair cut?"

2019-01-27 23:47:53 UTC

This girl I'm seeing hit me with a similar question like that

2019-01-27 23:48:01 UTC


2019-01-27 23:49:37 UTC

"I think my son is taking some sort of cultural studies class at the local JC...he has this book about Cultural Critique...I think it's about Pigmys or something."

2019-01-27 23:49:44 UTC

“Why won’t you tell me your twitter handle?”

2019-01-27 23:49:46 UTC

I told people DtR was an environmental job fair. (obviously I did not call it DtR)

2019-01-27 23:49:55 UTC

"Why do your friends keep talking about defending some mountain range? And what kind of young people clean parks to hang out? Are you part of some secret environmental group?"

2019-01-27 23:50:17 UTC

my school frens are now reading BAP

2019-01-27 23:50:42 UTC

"Hey what was that YouTube channel you said your buddy James Alslurp or whatever runs?"

2019-01-27 23:51:21 UTC

"What could you possibly need your polish flag for in Montana @Jacob "

2019-01-27 23:51:58 UTC

"Why do you always ride up on your bike to visit wearing that weird triangle cape?"

2019-01-27 23:52:02 UTC

"Isn't Montana too cold for track suits?"

2019-01-27 23:52:22 UTC

@Jacob If St Petersburg aint...

2019-01-27 23:53:01 UTC

"Why do all your clothes have teal paint on them?"

2019-01-27 23:53:30 UTC


2019-01-27 23:53:40 UTC

@Freiheit - CA currently

2019-01-27 23:53:57 UTC

"You said your friend was Slovakian, right? Huh I thought their flag looked different"


2019-01-27 23:54:14 UTC


2019-01-27 23:54:46 UTC

Guys I hung up new curtains in my room so I can have total darkness while sleeping. I'm the master of all home improvement

2019-01-27 23:55:10 UTC

@Current Ronin when are you getting a sensory deprivation chamber?

2019-01-27 23:55:21 UTC


2019-01-27 23:55:24 UTC

just wake up before it ever gets light

2019-01-27 23:55:44 UTC

I must have total darkness and silence. I'm a vampire boy

2019-01-27 23:55:54 UTC

"An evolutionary analysis of Jewish political and intellectual movements in the 20th century? That's a pretty niche topic, why are you reading so much about it?"

2019-01-27 23:57:54 UTC

@Jacob To support greatest ally of course

2019-01-27 23:58:42 UTC

(sarcasm. Actual greatest ally is Australia)

2019-01-27 23:58:49 UTC

the track suit is not aesthetic, @ me

2019-01-27 23:59:02 UTC

Fellow Anglo watch out.

2019-01-27 23:59:05 UTC
2019-01-27 23:59:19 UTC

Slavs and Meds will dogpile. 🇫

2019-01-27 23:59:31 UTC

@TIDE solidarity, brother.

2019-01-27 23:59:35 UTC

Am med enough, I fear no med

2019-01-27 23:59:35 UTC

I stand with Tide

2019-01-27 23:59:53 UTC

tracksuits are the most iconic fashion item in history, rt

2019-01-28 00:00:14 UTC

Not rompers? Lol

2019-01-28 00:00:23 UTC

Unless you're actually doing sports at the moment, or lounging around the home, not a fan of tracksuits.

2019-01-28 00:00:35 UTC

Though those new kappa suits do be looking fresh though

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