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Hey buddy I'd like you on my shield team for December

Hey buddy I'd like you on my shield team for December

Apologies for my absence, been not feeling so hot since NJP last weekend- seems everyone got sick to some extent or the other. Loving the energy and progress in here, particularly from @Wilson TX !
@Matt TX Check in dog
I have a killer case of bicep tendoinitis right now, can't really train hard or perform any barbell lifts and its driving me mad..gonna attack it with a super low carb (anti-inflammatory) diet, lay off the weights and finally join the muay thai gym so I don't lose my mind..hopefully the tendonitis and shoulder injury resolve soon so I can get back after it 100%

New ones are finalized and will be deployed- can I count you in? Will be for the left flank..need to fill the roster and soon

for sure man

usually more responsive here, been feeling under the weather

Hey buddy where ya been

Get in touch with me

You can also hit me up on Telegram @PatrickPF

Send me itinerary for Saturday, please

I have cashapp banned from venmo

Someone w Venmo hook him up

Embrace NY NJ wigger hardcore if you're GMI

@Matt TX you are backsliding and putting your make it status in a tenuous position, check in

Call me anytime

Damn that is such a good album crushed leg day to it..all my born to lose fam that crawled out or are crawling out of a gutter will resonate 💯

Symtoms: Typing in all caps, sudden urges to quit piece of shit job and tell boss to fuck off...signs that your son is GONNA MAKE IT


we are entering black metal season

This will make u cry while crushing your PR

Currently posting from sauna following glorious workout, coherent detailed check in when I get home to computer..lots of sin and weakness to sweat out

I know those feels exactly Alan. Our hearts beat as one comrade. Check out Enisum for that positive atmospheric BM vibes..shit I gotta start listening to more BM again. Funny how our aesthetic sensibility and taste evolve with our surroundings. When I was in NY it was all black metal during winter, now it's outlaw country gritty folk and bluegrass in TX.

Make sure to sub to Atmospheric Black Metal channel on YT

Also check out Violet Cold

FacTs 💯

Had a real bad week, was pretty sick and under the weather, a little demoralized in light of my injury woes and it precluding me from training hard. Got a great lift in today and can finally squat pain free, so whatever was messed up in my tibia is alleviated. Need to find a protocol to attack my rotator cuff and tendonitis issues. @Norman AL I'm sure you'll have some wisdom. Gonna stick to low carb for a while for the anti-inflammatory properties, keep up the fish oil and add in low dose (ibuprofen or advil?) and get serious about band rehab stuff everyday. I assume the tendonitis will alleviate with some time and rest..but unfortunately it is precluding me from doing any upper body work. Got to start getting serious about icing it too, and up the sauna sessions. Have to do more research on this stuff, but unfortunately you just get bullshit medical orthodoxy stuff in the top search results. The owner of my gym said that platelet and stem cell therapy helps, worth looking into.

This all seems trivial and it is, but my holistic wellness and state of mind is very dependent on hard training and physique.

Respect for your commitment and discipline like always Norm

I assume you will be using a hydraulic splitter



We still got this in as btw..sat night?

In Dallas

Ask Thomas I won't be available

Hey man get in touch w me hmu on threema or tele

In Dallas

Tag 'em in the chat @Sam MI

Sound off with weekly check in

like that

you on a shield team yet

hey man whats going on

Is this my boy from NY?

@Adam TX I got it man

@Adam TX We have a reciprocating saw with metal blades but i dont imagine that will work

This guy has a good website and knows his shit, forget his name, looks like decent multivitamin..Ashwaghanda is based I take it..If I were you I would take it if its free to you and either dont buy more or switch to cheaper multivitamin..multi not really necessary if you eat nutrient dense whole food diet w good amount of animal products and some varied fruit/veg

@Norman AL Did you burn that in or is that ink? Very cool.

RSVP 100%


Met him at NJP

Mason vouches as well

Adam I will grab what you need Friday, get me an exact product list.

@Thomas I will ensure they are all painted. Will paint what we have this weekend.

@all Who can avail themselves to help paint shield this weekend? Come over to the house and help out.

Reposting from Samuel VA
I've reviewed with @ND - Eric PA and @Patrick TX that with Christmas coming up we should keep in mind that Ulysses NJ left behind a little brother - Logan, 8 years old. It is our intention to launch a large toy drive for the boy and deliver the haul a few days before Christmas.

Goal: Demonstration of our commitment to Ulysses in Death, and our intention to be available/present in the nurturing of his brother in continuance. Gifts are going to be numerous and good quality (do not buy him cheap/meaningless toys that he will not like).

What can you do: For the east coast networks, I believe we can transport gifts locally. NW9 and NW10 will have the direct access to deliver these gifts. For all other networks, please make arrangements for your guys to ship gifts directly to either @ND - Eric PA or myself. Each member should provide a gift, gifts should be not of an inexpensive/inconsiderate nature. For members who are tight financially, it is acceptable for multiple members to pool resources to get a substantive gift.

I will be following up with additional details about the boy and his likes in the near future.
@Patrick TX is the primary point of contact - whatever you buy, please check with him first so we ensure we aren't getting him duplicates.
Deadline date for all gifts to be received: 12/18.


Thank you
:PF-Flag: 🎅

@all @all @all

Doesn't matter how small. Brainstorm here. Include a note with something brief and meaningful. Will get more info on his brother to post here- age, interests etc

@Thomas @NS - Oscar TX Get me a list of attendees from our Network please for communication in the following week to smoothly facilitate travel and preparedness in Tom's absence

Give me brief writeup of interests, hobbies etc so our network guys know what to get

NW1 will deliver

Happy Thanksgiving comrades. Don't be afraid to indulge in festivities and delicious food today- but get right back on track tomorrow and instead of gorging on leftovers for a week, just hit the turkey and weights.
Grateful beyond words to be here fighting the good fight with y'all. I'll always be here and I'll never fold.

Missing attachment: IMG_20211125_101129_545.jpg
Missing attachment: IMG_20211125_101129_545.jpg


Was added to the chat late as until recently I was slated to be a driver. That said, I have put off catching up on messages here due to the overwhelming amount I missed, and a brief lull in my engagement and communication that is not like me nor acceptable. Thank you @Vincent TX for all your hard work and for filling 2/3 of my teams in my period of detachment. I will see that the third is filled by weekend's end. Nominations or suggestions are welcomed for fitting members that are yet unclaimed, regardless of their geographical location.

Likewise I will see our steel shields painted and post pictures here. They will look damn good.

@NS - Oscar TX Please call a meeting for Wednesday evening to review travel plans, gear list, logistics- and to get HYPED

An inexpensive, good idea for a gift might be a book. Fantasy and fiction books are great for boys and young men. Even if it is a little more advanced/cerebral and not suitable for an 8 year old he will grow into it. I think I will give him a few of the Classics.

Toys and conventional young boy stuff is good, but if you are strapped for ideas think of timeless, quality stuff that an adolescent growing into a young man will use and enjoy. A quality journal, trekking poles, a book on art history, portable camping hammock. If you can't think of anything I will spoonfeed you something good, communicate to that end here. Less than a week to get something- by Thursday

He won't understand this outpouring of love and gifts right now or maybe for 3-5 years. But there will come a day when he will be a young man and understand. When that time comes he needs to understand there is another world out there, another life and strata of society of men commited to a higher calling, that were committed to his brother, and likewise his brother was commited to it and them- and that we are there for him, we always have been, that our love and extended hand to guide him and lift him up is there for him and always has been. It won't bring his brother back but it will mean a great deal to him. Hard to articulate but you get me. Think about it from his perspective and what this would mean to you when you came of age, were asking questions and seeking answers, and then you understood.

Excellent idea Vincent

likewise brother

Imagine you had a young son, the kind of stuff, books etc you would get for him- or if you had an idealized father, the stuff you wish you had gotten, what would be more influential and meaningful to you


"I will tell you what America is! America is the glimmer in my Compatriot's eye, the visage of my brother as if he were my very own. The smile of my Compatriot's son, for his son is also my own, and the safety of his family, for their safety is indeed my own. Between us is a realm of welcomed recognition, and that middle ground melts when I accept you as my brother, my blood- Columbia's blood- we're a true 'One'."

-Victory or Death
A speech given by Ulysses at a Network X gathering- his last

Brother likes soccer and star wars. Some video game stuff but that's ruled out- easy to get duplicate games too

Star wars books

Warhammer novels might be good if you're into that

what soccer teams does he like

soccer jersey for that team good idea

Missing attachment: IMG_20211125_093224_497.jpg

Oh you haven't been able to decide huh John

I guess I'll have to hold off on wait until you have unilaterally come to a decision and paint them according to your whims

Hey John can you recommend us a pair of uniform pants?

Oh great another good looking opinionated prick named John all hopped on Directordom that gets paid by 5.11 to shill their shit

Missing attachment: IMG_20211125_134506_498.jpg

John you'll just buy whatever I do a month later

Hey Jon right now I'm wearing Dockers relaxed fit elastic waistband pleated slacks..make sure to get the inseam extra long so the cuff tucks under your heel and gets that vintage frayed look. U can get them at Kohl's, act fast, black friday

Missing attachment: IMG_20211125_142530141.jpg

All movements pain free again injuries CONQUERED time to FEAST and be THANKFUL

Need to CUT

Thanks so much for your thoughts Johns

Joking bro


Pro (not tip) when you are at grocery store go first to protein bar section, select 2-4 bars of your choosing and eat while you shop, they're complimentary, you can get a lot of free protein this way, Kroger has a particularly nice selection

I get it man I will always be a dick even for valid or halfway decent excuses

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