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right now i've not got em since I havent been paid yet, but as soon as I get paid they're there.

all dress code stuff i've got

Can you get me a list of all the problem anitifa we deal with? I have a buddy who wrote a program that maps usernames/emails/ip addresses to everything they use on the internet. He was asking if there was any antifa I wanted to dox

I'm working on shields as best I can. Ran into a little bump. My saw is out of commission and so is the nozzle for my plasma cuter, but I have a few shields ready for handles now.

He told me he couldn't make it

Its Its likely not an easy fix for the saw blade. Unfortunately. I'll look into it and see if the saw is recoverable

HQ boys, please be sure to bring my toolbox. I need it to work on shields

It was left in Patrick's truck when we were coming back from Tulsa

I'm buying the shin guards right now, what size should they be? Or I guess, how do I make sure I'm getting the right size?

herll yeah. Thanks man

I fell asleep when I got home from the thing. Would tomorrow work for me to get that toolbox?

the saw I have is a skill saw, Idk how much it costs, but its probably about 200. In the morning I'm taking my nephew out and I'm gonna try and use it again. Will keep you updated

I'm coming this morning with my nephew. Trying to be a good example for him. In the meantime he's my slave labor. Anyway, I hope to see you before noon

I am confirmed for the dec event

Real quick, and i know this sounds bad, but the event is on the 2nd, isnt it?

Who was the longtime member that betrayed us? I assume the other was Robert. Shame for him, not suprising but I was holding out hope that he could conquer his shortcomings.

I'd just like to know in case I ever run into them again

Might have to do it a little later, but I still want to drop by today.

I need to get my tools, that's for sure.

I'll also need 2 sticks of steel for the handles. I can cash app you guys the funds for it.

@Patrick TX Whenever you get a chance I need a couple of sticks of steel for shield handles. How soon can you get them to me? It's not holding me up right now or anything since I'm still working on shield bodies, but the sooner we get them the better.

Problem, though it's probably not a big one. The chin straps wont be here on time, the knee and shin gaurds will, but not the chin strap. They come in packs of 2 so I'm sure someone will have a spare though. Just thought I'd mention it now though.

This batch is already looking really good though. The best so far, thats for sure.


thats not good

and yeah, I have the stuff. All I really need is a chevron and back patch for my hat. Figure I'll trade some shields for it.

Harrison is still in network chat

Robert is gone though

You're scaring me bro.

Idk, but they were in the back of his truck in Tulsa

100% sure of that.

Same with a sleeping bag I had.

Also I solved the problem with my saw. I now have power shears for metal and they work even better than the saw.

I have 3 shields ready for handles right now, I would have more if I had my shears sooner. Tomorrow I'll finish at least 3 shields. As it stands now all I need is to complete 2 shields a day and we're set. Totally doable for me right now, all I'm missing is the steel for the handles.

Also, do you care if we put a paracord wrap on the handles? It actually adds alot of extra time to the process and I don't think they're totally necessary. Especially if we're already wearing gloves.

really though, its not Harrison is it?

Wow. That's really stupid of Arthur. I thought better of him.

I know about the thing with Jon. ngl though, he is in charge of my court case so I hope all is good

might go to big John though

Yes, I'll do my best to set up a day. Right now I have family visiting for thanksgiving so it might be a little tricky

All shields are cut and drilled. All thats left is bends, hole punch, straps, padding and handles. But I dare say the bulk of the work is done

Happy Thanksgiving dude

Alright. I'm sure we can do it. I made a ton of progress today so it shouldnt be too much of a problem

Also, would you be cool with giving the shield template to Ulysses' little brother? It's aluminum and we already have 13 other shields ready to go. I just feel that it would be a really cool gift for a young kid. Something he could show off and play around with. It's totally your call though.

You should totally tell Patrick about this idea before you come up with a decision

Alrighty! So friend, the material we need for the handles is as follows and I promise not to screw it up this time. I triple checked the dimensions.

3 sticks of 1018 cold rolled steel flat bar. Dimensions: 1/8th inch thick, 3/4 inch wide and 12 foot long

we need 3 sticks of steel by those dimensions and we're golden.

Just give me a call when you're on your way over and I'll be ready to take the steel off your hands right away. Also, this is very important. Please remember my tool box. I cannot finish putting the handles on without it.

Perhaps you're right. Though I still think it would be an epic gift.

Idk how many are with you, but I have 13 with me

I think you have 10. Correct?

maybe more

I have 14 with me if I use my template as a shield

Fair. Maybe in a few years

Do you want me to use the template shield?

Also, will we need to make more shields after this?

@Patrick TX i sent you a DM about the steel we need.

Are you delivering gifts to the kid via plane? And if not how about I get him a bunch of firecrackers and army men, or do you think the family would disapprove?

So yes, we will need more

The material for the handles will be another $35 I think and the sheets of steel are 150 if I recall properly

Right now all I've got is $42 from Samuel

In order to finish what we have right now all I need are 3 sticks of steel which cost $16 a peice. I already sent the dimensions to Patrick

Double checked them this time

We need 1 more if we are to bring our total shield number up to 30

I'll find out for ya really quick

In order to get 30 we will need 4 sticks of steel and 1 sheet of steel

I think I have enough bolts, if not i could easily run to the hardware store. Pretty sure I have the padding and strap material. Like 90% i know 100% tbat I have enough to finish the batch I have now

I need to come by either Sunday or Monday to work on shields at your place.

and I'm pretty sure i don't have enough paracord. I'll pick some up tomorrow or something

As far as connecting the straps up top, I'll need to talk with you about it at ypur place as you have the sewing machine

Well to be honest its probably best tbat it goes to Patrick as he needs to pick up the steel anyways and thats the bulk of the cost, but off the top of my head it looks like it will be another $190 or so to get to 30

I'll do the math and see if I need to buy anymore padding or strap material now.

But I dont think I will

Wrong. I do need more, idk if the strap material will be able to arrive of time, but Im sure I can get the foam to. I'll search around for strap alternatives that will arrive on time

I already have the money i need so don't worry about that.

Scratch that, I just ordered the few remaining things I needed and they'll all be here on time.

I'll just have to really work my ass off to have it done

@Thomas what paint are we using? I'd rather paint the shields before we put the handles on. Actually, screw it. I'll be over this Saturday

Yeah, 200$ should cover it. Its all in steel costs btw

Scratch that. We need 4 sticks of steel and another sheet of steel

The sheet of steel is 18 gauge thick, 3 feet wide and 10 feet long.

I sent the updated materials list to Patrick. Please make sure he gets this tomorrow. We're running out of time. I can only work my little cousins and nephews so hard. Though I will say they're doing a great job

And don't let him forget my toolbox. Its critical to mission success

I wanted to get him a shield but Thomas said no

I think I'll get him legos or something

just to update you, my leg guards just arrived. I'll take them over to HQ this weekend to get painted along with the shields

all are ready for paint

I'll bring them to your place


Sunday might work best for me since I have family over for thanksgiving

I'll be there Sunday at 10 if that's alright

hell yeah. Can't wait

Hey HQ boys. I hope you're checking this every night because I NEED you to bring the 5 shields without handles that I left there back to my place today so I can put the handles on.

@Patrick TX Please don't forget the shields

Tomorrow's goal is to get the bodies of all 30 shields completed including the painting. Then on Tuesday I'll make the 40 handles we need and Wednesday I'll affix the padding, handles and straps. WE'RE ON A TIME CRUNCH BOYS

@Thomas Do you need me to make anymore arrows? I'll go make some before bed if you want.

they're very easy to make. Very quick

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