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2018-08-26 21:46:44 UTC  

@Evan Thomas This would have saved lives in Parkland if followed through

2018-08-26 21:47:25 UTC  

Yes, that was pathetic.

2018-08-26 21:47:31 UTC  

That was totally preventable.

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2018-08-26 22:18:48 UTC  

Website is down

2018-08-26 22:18:49 UTC  


2018-08-26 22:20:59 UTC  

It happens temporarily from time to time. Not a big deal.

2018-08-26 22:22:04 UTC  

"It happens temporarily from time to time. Not a big deal."

-Patrick, sweat dripping

2018-08-26 22:22:20 UTC  


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2018-08-26 22:22:39 UTC  

Phew, I was panicking. Now I'm reassured

2018-08-26 22:23:14 UTC  


2018-08-26 22:23:42 UTC  

just gotta reset the modem

2018-08-26 22:23:43 UTC  

The IE website is down?!?!

2018-08-26 22:24:56 UTC  

I didn't realize I was in his eye the first time I saw that

2018-08-26 22:25:23 UTC  


2018-08-26 22:26:29 UTC  

Anyone see “how it ends” that forest Whitaker was just in?

2018-08-26 22:26:42 UTC  

Debatably the single worst thing I’ve ever watched

2018-08-26 22:31:20 UTC  

Anoint the ethernet cable with the holy unguents. Recite the litany of repair while burning incense, and press ye the green rune of reset. Wait thee 30 seconds and then press the rune again.

2018-08-26 22:41:44 UTC  

Anyone else grillin or smoking today?

2018-08-26 22:41:55 UTC

2018-08-26 22:42:04 UTC  

>not soothing the machine for the 30 second duration
this is what you get with hacks

2018-08-26 22:43:29 UTC  

@Pinochetball Whats with the brick on the handle?

2018-08-26 22:44:08 UTC  

Cheap chinese smoker and no lavalock, its to help seal the lid 😂

2018-08-26 22:45:31 UTC  

Love the smokin brick

2018-08-26 22:46:00 UTC  

Your names J Robertson?

2018-08-26 22:50:45 UTC  

I see that charcoal heater @Pinochetball those things are awesome, cut prep time in half

2018-08-26 22:51:01 UTC  


2018-08-26 22:51:10 UTC  

And cheap

2018-08-26 22:56:32 UTC  

@Pinochetball Gonna be smoking some whitetail deer and elk tomorrow. Picked up some white monsters for the occasion.

2018-08-26 22:56:57 UTC  


2018-08-26 22:59:23 UTC  

oh, there was a spoof of that vido @EverlastingTuck ... where they also changed his voice to sound like one of the chipmunks. I lol'd hysterically

2018-08-26 23:00:09 UTC  

An instant classic. Zucc is a confirmed reptile person

2018-08-26 23:03:44 UTC  

He tries way too hard to appear like a normal guy.

2018-08-26 23:06:46 UTC  

What in Gods name is this video?

2018-08-26 23:06:47 UTC  

His blinking is just an act, he usually just licks his eyeballs

2018-08-26 23:07:35 UTC  

@Pat-MA a good example of Zuckerberg struggling with human behavior

2018-08-26 23:07:47 UTC  

Hahaha. So he was showing what fb live was for?

2018-08-26 23:07:47 UTC  

You'd think he'd have a bwtter camera with the money he has

2018-08-26 23:08:17 UTC  

"Hm what is the best way to relate to humans? SMOKE SOME RIBS!"