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Whats the rules on posting the caravan flyers with regard to locales?

fucking blackest of pills fam

If anyone needs automotive help or is interested in pursuing it as a trade, feel free to dm me. Im an ASE master tech with over a decade in the industry and theres not a whole lot I dont know ๐Ÿ‘Œ


It can happen but its more likely to be an o2

Higher rate of failure on o2s than mass airs in general for forda

Id have to see the fuel trims and the actual data from the mass air to tell

Do you clean your k&n yourself

The oil on k&n filters can fuck with mass air meters

They might be right here

Sry to say

Im more of a buy a cheap filter and be diligent about changing it kinda goy

Why do you think they broke your lights?

You certain they were working when you brought it in?

Most guys dont actually do shit like that lol

High agency inspection of expectations

I like it

Leave a review

Literally the only shop in town?

Fucking rough doode... here hop into voice chat i have a minute or two so i can explain but then i gotta bounce

No problem borther, thats why i came here. My florida boys told me to jump into this server for that reason ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

^^^ literally my situation for the past 5 years

Just ended it yesterday

>tfw when just broke up after 5 rocky years
>was engaged

>tfw when not blackpilled, rather liberated

Remember boys, it matters not how hot she is... some guy somewhere is sick of her shit

Just be the kind of guy that your ideal woman would want. Dont ever cuck on who you are just to get the girl

*if you build it, they will come*

Yeah @unclefesterr youll be alright bud, dont sweat it. Just focus on being the guy you want to be, and eventually itll all fall into place. And stay outta your head; idle hands are the devils workshop.

dont blackpill yourself

I feel ya there

Cant the mods fix my name independently in each server? If i change it doesnt it change it in every server?

My phone displays it fine. Man... ghey

Why has nobody else told me lmao

Its been like that for like two weeks ๐Ÿ˜‚

Well in all the other servers im in nobody said anything other than "hey did you change your name?"

Oh well

Bearing recommends virtual shield too

And its cheap too

Like $10 a month or something iirc

Also, speaking from experience, if you're expecting rain, don't forget to keep all the firewood you've collected high and dry...

What kind of climate do you live in?

Ahh im dumb MD

Well, if you have a fence along your property, jasmine is always a great choice

Propane is the safest way to go, or a static smoke test

Yeah like a i said last night youll wanna remove that plenum and visually inspect the tb to make sure its not sticking open, and remove the iac to make sure the pintle isnt sticking open

Btw is the MIL on?

No lol the computer adjusts the pintle in the IAC on idle to keep it smooth so it doesnt surge. If its sticking open, like mechanically stuck the ecm wont be able to adjust it and the idle will be high

Most the time when they stick they stick just a little open and the car surges or it sticks shut and it wont idle at all or it will but super low

If the cars at 2000rpm unplugging it wont matter anyway because youre off idle

Ill be at work in a few mins and ill email you some Identifix test plans real quick so you can mess with it today

No dont do that lol

Youll have massive unmetered air

The car wont even start

Ok if the TB says not to clean it, then just make sure nothing is keeping the blade open, but id take that IAC off and clean it real well

Sorry i didnt get a chance to send you any test plans, today was busy as shit

So you pulled the MAF pigtail and the car ran rough?

Lol yeah pigtail is just what i call the connector ends

Thats ok tho thats a good sign actually

Usually, you should be able to pull the IAC off, keep it plugged in, and have a friend turn the key to just the "on/run" position (not start it) and you should see it move a bit

Also, what kind of little handheld code reader do you have?

Most of those, even the little cheapos, you should be able to see the long and short term fuel trims

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2018-05-19 22:35:33 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Thank ye, sir

@CharlesLaurence -CA haha that's great brother, I just made one today as more of a sh*tposty account, specifically to countersignal the *Racism Watchdog* account lol

If shes down, she will make the effort to contact YOU.

Young girls like that are fickle as hell

Indeed mein freund


What did i do?

The john goodman video?

Oh jeez

Alright my bad

How long am i in for

Alrighty. Ill knock off the dirty jokes

Sorry guys

Btw i wasnt the only one who made that joke lol

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