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This morning I dropped a banner with my local group. My first time doing this. Later I met up with a local business owner who had some trouble after word got out that he gave to david duke's campaign. He's an awesome guy and plans on opening his bar back up .... but needs staff he can trust. Then took him to a bbq at a member's house. great time had by all. I then articulated my plan to use the 2018 election as a platform for our group to advance white identity. The ethnostate starts in Minnesota.

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you mean your neighbor *cough cough*

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you guys had a meet up yet?

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As a group? Weve had several throughout the year

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Good work @Joe-MN

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H o l y s h i t ^

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I'd love to start doing that with the flyer confetti

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"Gaining support and close to taking power"

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Anyone know what track that is in the IB video?

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Hell yeah

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Trump is making the distinction "Real Americans"

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I went to church today for the first time in a long time, and one of the other members was casually racist and no one even batted an eye. I think I found the church for me. ⛪

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@Deleted User Not a white pill

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I thought I was on another channel <:avtism:359037377919844352>

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It delet

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Video of the march to commemorate Ukrainians that fought against the soviets

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Nationalist from all over Europe came to take part

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First, Trump talked about releasing the JFK files.
Now, Trump talks about ending the federal reserve.

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No he said some tell him to end the fed. he said that he thinks its 'very important' who is at the head of the fed

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Is that a super subtle dogwhistle? Because it sounds like one! /our prez/

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end the fed

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@reactionarytree cool it with the anti-semitic remarks.

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White pill: I wear my IE pin to work and received compliments not only its awesome aesthetic by also a pat on the back from our Vice Principal who knows who we are and what we stand for

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You wear this to a school? What kind of school is like that?

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very cool

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I'm a long term sub and they just offered me a full time spot

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Debating on ditching my sales career for said