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So no wearing IE pins in our normy jobs?


@Deleted User Liberty is my alma mater. Good times.

Healthy boy! I realize now that POC already avoids the GOP. The party is ours for the taking if we choose to get involved in our local organizations. Let's make the Grand Old Party grand again.

Hey check out 15:00 they all agree that we will win.

Holy crap, we are moving the Overton window. Fox news is now recognizing legitimate racism towards whites.

@Wotan Reborn Did you read the first comment? "November 8th. I'll never forget turning to my girlfriend with tears streaming down my face as the election results came in, and just whispering 'I'm scared.' And then we just held each other and cried. It hasn't gotten any better since then."

Any other med students in here?

@Deleted User Are you in school, residency, or practicing?

Sweet, I have a test tomorrow on Kidney systems. I'll be up all night studying.

Everyone should go leave good google reviews for OG Analytical.

Newest addition to our movement. <:chad:359013583469805568>


>99 huwhite (if you count Irish as white).

Give this a watch. Great information.

PJW posted this. Many normies will see it.

White male millennials are more conservative now than ever before.

Haven't been this angry in a long time.

We should protest this.

Eric (Oh Gawd!) Schneiderman got #metoo'd .

27 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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