Message from @Mick

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2018-10-07 00:19:42 UTC  

What time does the orientation start this Tuesday?

2018-10-07 18:39:35 UTC  

Most likely at 8 PM Eastern but Patrick will make an announcement to confirm.

2018-10-09 17:53:04 UTC  

@Danimal876 @J3vans Josh still needs a follow up interview thanks!

2018-10-09 23:09:33 UTC  

@Danimal876 I've given the pledges a distinctive color.

2018-10-09 23:35:54 UTC  

^ Great

2018-10-09 23:56:51 UTC  


2018-10-10 00:10:06 UTC  

Hello pledges. Who I am is obvious I guess. Nice to meet you.

2018-10-10 00:32:36 UTC  

Pledge Overlord works best

2018-10-10 00:34:05 UTC  

The moderators are designed.

2018-10-10 00:34:09 UTC  

Yes. They are AI.

2018-10-10 00:35:52 UTC  

And make sure you actually read the server rules.

2018-10-10 00:55:23 UTC  

I don't understand your question. Please precede your '?' with a complete sentence.

2018-10-14 02:01:21 UTC  

Ciao. Looks like I just missed the last pledge meeting

2018-10-14 02:04:50 UTC  

@VinceChaos yep, next one should be last Saturday of the month, October 27th I believe

2018-10-14 02:06:57 UTC  

And time is determined soon before?

2018-10-14 03:06:13 UTC  

I’ll be at a member’s wedding then. I’ll have to reschedule.

2018-10-16 02:46:08 UTC  

When are the pledge orientations generally held?

2018-10-16 02:46:51 UTC  

Second Tuesday and last Saturday of every month.

2018-10-16 02:47:20 UTC  

I think we’ll have to reschedule the 27th though. I’ll announce that soon.

2018-10-16 02:47:38 UTC  

Just curious, what’s the meaning behind your name, @Mick?

2018-10-16 02:48:57 UTC  

Just a goofy username, nothing more

2018-10-16 02:51:03 UTC  

An email and Skype acct I made to establish contact.

2018-10-16 03:26:50 UTC  

Probably a dumb question, but what do y'all see as my displayed username?

2018-10-16 03:26:52 UTC  

Peckerwood is an old-fashioned insult

2018-10-16 03:27:13 UTC  

@Mick It says Peckerwood-HI

2018-10-16 03:28:07 UTC  

I changed it under settings and in some places it's displayed to what I changed it to, which is Mick

2018-10-16 03:29:04 UTC  

You'lll need an admin to change it. @sigruna14

2018-10-16 03:29:47 UTC  

Ok. I was asked to change it a few days ago and thought I had.

2018-10-16 03:32:51 UTC  

That was my default username.

2018-10-16 17:01:19 UTC  

No worries, you're good to go.

2018-10-19 00:22:07 UTC  

Everyone please welcome our newest pledge @american_frankenstein!

2018-10-19 00:24:25 UTC  


2018-10-19 00:43:58 UTC  
2018-10-19 00:46:51 UTC  

thanks man

2018-10-19 01:27:22 UTC  

Hello all! Just got in! Elysian interviewed me.

2018-10-19 01:46:06 UTC  

Welcome @Deleted User!

2018-10-19 01:54:08 UTC  

Thanks UncleFesterr

2018-10-19 01:55:32 UTC  

For all that wish to know, I am located in the Seattle area. I would definitely like to network with local IE folks. I've already been to one meeting in my area where James Allsup was speaking. I really like what you guys are doing and saying. The media is such a fear-fest it is hilarious. Keep up the professional work, boys!

2018-10-19 02:06:01 UTC  

Welcome guys I guess were pledge brothers lol

2018-10-19 03:58:13 UTC  

Welcome, <@&488531212437159936>s!

2018-10-19 05:06:40 UTC  

Patrick Casey! You kicked ass in the interview. Please keep it up. I'm proud to be a part of this group now. Thank you for what you do!