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I think if they are far enough removed from the modern college indoctrination then yes.

Yes, perhaps after having kids

I thought I was political when young, but it was for the wrong reasons. I had the programming.

Indeed! Yet so many of our natural instincts are being extinguished! @Thugged Out Pissed Off

@Flint Very true. And that was a huge part of my awakening. Remembering real life situations living in black neighborhoods as a child, very REAL White flight, my parents' race realism... etc...

@Flint Modernism


@missliterallywho I know this struggle too, they are so very very bad

It is quite simple

It is amazing to see how many ppl know deep down what is happening, they see it and they feel it. But they won't admit it and they self medicate instead of being honest abt it, even if to themselves.

Darn. The latest FTN is behind the paywall!

Three cheers for @Reinhard Wolff . Congratulations on one year anniversary, and here's to many more! I am proud to be in IE. Long live Identity Evropa!!!

@Isabella Locke-MT awwww I *just* took an apple pie out of the oven

tonight our son had a piano recital and this is his treat for breakfast tomorrow for doing such a great job

Yes I know! actually I have been grain/sugar free now for quite a while, but I have become surprisingly *OK* with making treats for the family, even though I'm not eating them LOL

sometimes that is best. LOL These days my *treat* is evening coffee with cream.

I find it actually helps curb the sugar cravings

Im on push to talk i will try to figure out how to mute

@Mrs. Bogl love those!

@Isabella Locke-MT lovely! Would love to chat about herbalism sometime! It is also a passion of mine

I find muscle testing fascinating, i have not used it, but have seen it done.

@Isabella Locke-MT I also like Matthew Wood's work and his books.

@Tyler0317 wow thats really neat!

I've seen it used to determine need for vitamins

Damn. Small towns aren't always going to be safe. Quite disturbing. Have they caught them?

Tfw calling the Whitehouse and getting the " busy signal"

Cant get through

Merry Christmas and Merry Yule to all of you!


Excellent announcement @Reinhard Wolff !

Happy New Year Everyone!

@celticflame nice! Happy new year sister!

Its way too warm here, wishing for more snow and less mud...


@NITRODUBS Great! A goal of mine as well... to continue to learn the self reliant skills

@NITRODUBS Best of luck! If i can offer any guidance I am happy to do so! I imagine you'll be a natural green thumb xoxo

If you're in the skills server I will go over there and post a couple of links that I find informative and inspirational. @NITRODUBS

@NITRODUBS Just posted here for the time being... perhaps others are interested as well. Cheers fam!

Noice! He's πŸ‘Œ


We had a baby this year too! Blessings!

Tbh for us its been kindof a roller coaster this year, aside from the one big blessing of a new child. Looking forward to 2019 as a year of refinement, continuing to achieve personal goals and furthering self education and positive action for the folk πŸ‘Œ

@Piet Dietzel πŸ‘Œ <:deye:359010025223618570> πŸ‘Š πŸ‘



2019-01-04 01:59:50 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Ok folks. I have some STEEM / SBD that I accumulated last year, I want to trade it for something else. Right now we have some LTC. 😦 What would you get if you were me???

Folks, i just filed our taxes and i want to say our self employment tax and others were literally 1,000's of $ lower than the Obama era. We have 3 kids and we work our butts off and I homeschool. I cannot reiterate enough that for many years it was almost as if we were being punished for being self employed! Hail Trump for that!

@Grayson whoah!

My grandmother was a member of DAR, I'm hoping to join this year. All 4 of my gp are deceased<:sad:366743316475281408>

what are you watching rn



Schumer though..... "the symbol of America should be the statue of liberty, *not* a 30 foot wall"

Very nice KY!!! Inspiring.

Anyone see the ad for "Add Your Name" to a list of Trump supporters before 9pm tonight? What's that about?

@Logan Ok yea. Ty that makes sense. Sometime I fret if I've missed some important news while lingering in homeschool mom land... LOL

So is BCH predicted to rise?? Looks like it is down from a year ago? I am So out of the loop!


@ThisIsChris That makes sense. I have never purchased crytpo with USD, (my personal policy) but I earned some SBD from blogging on the STEEM blockchain last year. I am just trying to figure out what to do with it now, bc it doesn't add up to much USD. Also, to convert it to USD and get out, I would need to buy BTC with it first anyway.

yeah, he's pretty great

I remember watching a video years ago, I believe it was Molyneaux... It showed that there are actually way more American Indians in N. America today than there were when our people arrived... They can't use the term "genocide" Technically we have created conditions for them to prosper, although they do not today for other reasons. Yes, I agree that the term "native" does not apply.

@celticflame Beautiful!

and to think that any other people would have treated them better... smdh

called Covington

I hope every one of those fine young men join I.E.


although, not the WN part <:sad:366743316475281408> πŸ˜‰

@missliterallywho or three kids and a homeschool πŸ˜‚

❀ worth it though!

Hoping to at least "babywear" the youngest to the next local action @missliterallywho

@missliterallywho I am so inspired!

@apronandlace Yep, I can relate. former lefty here πŸ˜‚

It has been four years since I began to wake up.. I have unfortunately lost about 99% of former friends and acquaintances. This was not caused by me speaking explicitly either. It was word of mouth and hushed whispers. Pretty sick.

It is amazing how many ppl just begin to act like they don't see you, LOL... just kindof a slow drift...

It is all for the better though

Many of those ppl are just so depressing and degenerate. Ppl I do not want around our children

ritual defamation and guilt by association

@⚑Clark⚑ Seems to be the case with many of us. My focus now is on my smaller community and socializing with normie conservatives when necessary

leftists are really triggering me today! Someone please tell me we are winning!!!

@Asatru Artist - MD Yes... I know this...<:sad:366743316475281408>

It is the locals that are bothersome at the moment. I see something happening in even the tiny rural towns... They are getting in positions of power there too, and ostracizing the conservative locals from all sorts of things

yes.. so true...looking at the good side


young Sandmann is guilty/condemned by the libs for one thing: being a confident White male

this story really struck a chord with husband and I as those boys are just a few years older than ours

@Asatru Artist - MD indeed, I hope so.. I think it will/has for many who are just the quiet majority...


Any Whites who have spent time living in a neighborhood or attending a school with a non-white majority know the strife that Whites endure. I can attest to it myself @celticflame

@wolfwood yes i can only imagine...

I am still seeing lefties on normie FB defending original stance. All they have left is " but but, they are evil White racist Trump supporters and muh *native* americans"


@wolfwood yes, best combined with other countries' border laws, walls, and immigration policies imo

one can be a supporter while still remaining objective

@godric I need to cache these memes you speak of... boomer MIL

if it gets them voting right, it's a win @godric .. mine is an "orange man bad" type, so idk

Planning to join DAR this year @celticflame !!

My grandmother was proud of her membership. I wish I could talk to her just one more time. She taught me so much about our ancestry. I am really excited to join @celticflame

@celticflame awww thank you so much!! Yes we will meet one day for sure xoxo

@Isabella Locke-MT So happy for you! Many blessings!!!

@Isabella Locke-MT You will do great either way!

I have done it both ways, safe birth and healthy baby is the goal. I support trying for natural, either way you will do great, sister! @Isabella Locke-MT

@Perihelion - CA What are *the good ones?* πŸ˜‚

this i need to know... i have about 190 SBD... 😫

message left @Matthias

@Myndrian Big fan of the Nourishing Traditions/ Weston price

@Smitty83 Oh dear I am so sorry for you and your family. I can only imagine how difficult and scary that must be. There is a well renowned alternative doctor and pediatrician named Dr. Tenpenny. She has an office in Ohio. I would highly recommend giving a call. Homeopathy may also be something to look into, if you find a professional.

anyone have any examples of blatant anti-white rhetoric , headlines, quotes etc off the top of your head for my boomer MIL? She is telling me she hasn't seen anything like that. Making progress with my talking points though.

smdh, it's *everywhere*<:sad:366743316475281408>

Also doesn't help that I don't watch television and only listen to right wing news πŸ˜‚

I will have to look. I know there are many. But I was looking for very normie tier to make it easy for her

I tried showing her a couple of Lana's videos but she said she had a "raycist" *attitude* <:sad:366743316475281408>

tfw your *attitude* means you're racist

@TV yes. It is difficult with her. She was non-political before Trump and is now a perfect example of what the mainstream media programming has done to ppl. She has been politicized but in a quintessential NPC way. Literally "orange man bad" and "that's racist". She completely understands my gentle talking points, but then will "backslide" once she goes back home and turns on the TV.

It is fascinating, yet heartbreaking to observe...

My only goal is to get her to vote right wing. i'm trying to keep it very simple for her.

late to the fireside <:sad:366743316475281408>

anyone know if you must have a Zelle account to use Zelle to send payment?

@Rick Flair I agree with @Grossly Incandescent . We haven't done vaccinations with ours.

Our kids are also homeschooled and eat a good diet such as raw milk, plenty of clean meat and healthy animal fats.

Constructing a high tunnel/ greenhouse for growing organic vegetables @Brunswick

I just sent in my registration for LOPF 2019!!

The word "indigenous" only means poc to leftists. They conveniently forget about when it comes to Europeans

@Nemets thoughts on Solutreans?

We also do not circumcise.

@V.Balboa - PA nice! Compost Nationalism!

@Prestor John there are specific named tomato varieties that are sweeter/more tart depending on your preference. Some pretty great heirloom varieties from Johnny's, Baker Creek & Seed Savers Exchange just to name a few

@NITRODUBS Have you looked into microgreens? Thats definitely something that can be done well indoors, under grow lights. Sunflower, radish and kale microgreens are my fave

@GloopGod nice! At the skatepark!? πŸ‘Œ

We have used catnip tea or tincture. Works wonders. Also can soak pieces of organic cotton fabric with knots tied in it in the tea or breast milk and then freeze them -we call them teething bones.

We have been lucky with our 3rd baby, he takes teething like a champ. Drastic contrast to our other two!

He began teething with his first two bottom teeth at about 4/5 months, by 9 months he has 4.

Wow! That's intense!

I have heard some parents like Hyland teething tablets

Oh darn.

My go to when all else fails is a warm bath!

Oh dear. Really!? That isnt something that should ever be given to a baby!

Or an adult πŸ€”

Sweden/ Denmark 1880!

English pre Revolutionary War as well as Germany late 1800s. Love my family history.

@Piet Dietzel oh! Nice! My German ancestors settled in PA, Kansas, and Nebraska

Homemade garlic sundried tomato seen crackers topped with spinach dip

Liver pate making!

I can only enjoy liver in the form of pate. On crackers.

I see it as kindof a multi vitamin



Not going to let them get US down!

@Papa Pizzagate Well spoken! One of the main reasons I joined IE! Something to be proud of here. IE refines many of us.

@Perihelion - CA How did you view their write up?

@Distracted Doxxing is different for everyone. Some ppl can be heavily impacted, unfortunately. I am glad to hear it wasn't too bad for you though. I think there are many factors as to the degree it effects ppl.

Aren't I correct that we should *not* be going to Unicorn Riot's website!!??


I was under the impression they could swipe your IP if you went to their actual site???


@Guillaume Ok, so there isn't a risk of hacking if I were to click a link to their site? (not that I intend to, just checking)

@Asatru Artist - MD Yes I know, I am just trying to make sense of the risk or lack of with going to their site

@Perihelion - CA OK That is what I am talking about!! That is not cool!

I *thought* I had heard something about this years ago

yes ty @sigruna14 !!


imo members should have a different colored username depending on how long they have been a member. I know we have *some* variation but more would be better. New members under 6 months one color. Member for one year- another color- member for 2 or 3 years, another color, and so on...

ALL new members should have to go through an in person vetting.

@Sacramento where are you seeing this!?

@Sacramento πŸ˜‚ πŸ™ƒ LOL

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