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Hi, I'm Josh. I was recommended by Tyler Durden. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and the organization.

Things like phones are seen as status symbols as well.

Like new Nikes or expensive handbags

Also Hi, I'm new here

Status symbols for the poor are things like phones, TVs, brand name clothes, and even food. They cant afford a mortgage or reliable vehicles but they can eat like a king at Golden Corral with their new Nikes on and post about it to Instagram from their iPhone.

Everyone has had it beat into them that these things are important from the day mom plopped them in front of the TV.

If you're poor and life sucks but an iPhone makes you happy it's a difficult temptation to resist.

Yup. And when tax time comes they got a car with some expensive wheels until the repo man comes.

Lol yeah I've seen many vids like that.

Thank you. Thanks for having me.

For a long time I've sat back and watched in horror and disgust as our country and the world slowly turned to crap. I decided to be proactive in changing that. Another member helped pushed me here specifically.

IE is pushing change in a way that I agree with.

@ThisIsChris I've read most so far. Working backwards.

Is anime popular here?

I really dont want Christie in government in any capacity. He's trash. I cant understand why he's even being considered.

Whittaker is awesome. Big meat head and smart. The kind of guy that makes a good role model.

Gowdy would be a good choice.

Christie is soiled by the bridge gate corruption and being a sleazy governor everyone hated. The guy kisses trump's ass and that's all it takes for him to get considered.

If Trump is considering Christie because he thinks he'll be loyal Trump is in for a rude awakening.

@Alexander Pechorinlol that's worse than ass kissing.


Hey, Mr. President. Member that time I got you a big mac? Make me the new AG

Absolutely disgusting

I'm originally from New Jersey so I have a special hate for Christie.

The difficulty in deciding who are suitable immigration candidates really shows how much Americans have diverged from the original anglos.

I think the first immigrants were not typical anglos. Nor were the other peoples who followed.

@Alexander Pechorinit is and the US was populated by people with not just a certain nationality but a particular spirit to go along with it.

American founders were at least a different breed of Anglo. It took a lot to get on that boat. Much of the founding fathers views were against what was considered "anglo" at the time.

Faustian spirit

@Alexander Pechorintheres even more to it than that with evidence the people of European descent were the first to put feet on these lands.

@ophiuchusit wasn't easy turning these lands into what they are today. And in a short time.

This is why I think the answer lies less in where exactly the founding people came from and more they exhibited a particular European spirit.

If they didn't share an ideal they wouldn't be able to become cohesive as they have. An ideal that broke through national and even language barriers.

@Rabbidsithfirst we know of with a name.

@Aldtry to avoid neo paganism. It can get pretty out there.

There's arguments that buddhism was founded by ancient whites. Which is interesting.

@ophiuchusred hair, blue eyes, Indian. I guess they mean from India.

Only anime I've liked is Berserk

I nust finished watching The Shield again. It's really good.

@VinceChaostoo many subversive shows these days. Ruined TV for me.

It's not even hidden any longer. It's obvious blatant attempts at liberal brainwashing.

Trailer park boys is nothing without Lahey


The problem I see with learning a language is the lack of opportunity to use it. Unless it's spanish

@Alexander Pechorinare you ready for Chinese speaking Africans?

@Reinhard Wolffgotta be careful not to take the bait.

Does IE have a list of "officially" supported or recommended YouTube channels? Aside from RedIceTV of course.

Happy veterans day to all of the vets here.

Consider sending a care package to people overseas. They really do make a difference.

The uso was awesome to me before and on deployment.

Thanks for the support.

@Trashboatwhich branch?

I was USAF

Got a job in mind?

It's worth it.

They'll teach you and hopefully get you your certs

Incompetence or corruption.

If the Republicans stopped acting like cucks that would be great.

Looks great

I'm pretty jealous of Poland right now.

@ophiuchusmolymemes vids are mostly ok

Reddit used to be ok. Like 5 years ago

@VinceChaosto me a lot of the comes off as him trying to play the center. Which I understand. He has bills to pay and he's on YouTube. A hostile platform.

@ophiuchuslotta ppl got their red pill education there.

4chan proved the power of memes.

@Jacobthey have their own meme culture. It's closer to normie space so the memes move slower there.


Fashy haircuts are still cool though apparently

It's fine until it gets associated with being an alt right haircut.

Really, you should wear it however you want.

@ThisIsChrisbased and redpilled

@Jacobim not sure we have much of a choice in being anything other than ourselves. Fighting it is unhealthy

We can better ourselves though. But identity feels more like finding than crafting.

Shampoo ain't that expensive. Even the fancy stuff

Find one that smells good and doesn't dry your scalp out.

I think many refers to smells but insecure men take it too far sometimes

Selling stuff directed at women makes corp.s HUGE money so why not men?

It's for......normies

Razors the same. This is literally the marketing argument.

Only difference is fragrances.

You could just compare ingredients listed on the bottle

Lol testing shampoo on animals. I just imagine people giving dogs baths all day. Blow drying. The works. It isn't cruel how I imagine it.

Well. That's a complicated thing.

Blind rabbits or blind kids?

Its difficult to balance.

Hipster old timey barbershops seem to be making a comeback

It has to be voluntary.

It is oppression. Eugenics argument is based solely on the fact that it's the sole cause of criminality. This obviously not true.

The solution treats it that way

What is the genetic factor that contributes to criminality?

@Jacobare the people who have this gene that dont commit crime?

We're heading towards genetic Minority Report.

@sigruna14sure but we're trying to boil it down to a single factor. It's the individual vs demographic argument again.

For eugenics? That's what we were talking about.

@sigruna14ok then we have to define what the acceptable risks are.

@sigruna14i understand your point but seatbelts have a wealth of data to support their efficacy.

We should just banish them to an island.

@sigruna14i was only pointing out that the solution treats it like it is the only factor.

@ophiuchusits a similar argument when some say capital punishment isn't acceptable because innocents will be put to death and any innocent death is unacceptable.

Lol reporters on Fox news blaming Patrick Casey for Trump calling them stupid.

Why isn't the identitarian movement reaching these kids? Are they not exposed to it? Why nazi larping instead?

They talk about Patrick's visit to White House here.

How is the concept of a union of states not understood by these people?

Implying it would last a whole generation.

So what state would be acceptable to hand over to them?

I'm tempted to say Hawaii but it would cease to be a nice vacation spot.

@Hakujin - CAthats why I say Hawaii. It's an island far from mainland US

Probably, yeah

@Papa Pizzagateinterested to see who will try to defend these kids.

Is there an estimate of how long the orientation typically lasts?

Appropriation muh culture

Are you saying being white is objectively and subjectively better? Outrageous


Well....I guess its possible.

If his parents had money it's more likely.

I guess in south and central America White just means not black or dark brown.

It means that in Florida too apparently

Anyone know of Mexican European identitarian groups?

Lol I was referencing being people like the nutjob caesar sayoc being called white.

@unclefesterrfernando cortes is the only person I could find so far.

Describes Latin America as a European civilization.

My understanding was that Mexicans dislike migrants from other countries like Honduras. They refer to them as cockroaches if I remember correctly.

I can see sothern European identitarians being a thing but the language barrier really prevents me from finding much on it.

@Nerv - VAyes and the caste system clearly favors those of European descent.

@ExternalPepsiyeah because white Mexicans have no reason to leave Mexico.

Mexican as in citizens but clearly of European heritage.

Surely some exist in Brazil as well considering Portuguese influence.


Didn't expect that from Brazil

Well the map says over 85% European ancestry

So 80% doesn't count?

At 80% I'd bet they're indistinguishable

Makes sense when you dont have electricity.

Or clocks

I won't be able to attend the entire orientation. Any chance its recorded?

Most devices these days change for DST all on their own.

If you're concerned about the carbs in PB eat it before or after workout only.

The sugar in PB is not good though. Especially if in keto

@Jacoband gross

I was just referring to diet stuff like keto

Otherwise pb is all good

Yeah finding cheap meat is key for keto

Pork chicken eggs for keto to keep costs down

@Selmaok but I typically dont eat the receipt.


That sure sounds cucky to me

If it's not I have no idea what is.

Dems don't need a real candidate next election. Anti Trump votes are enough

He'll never get the dem nom

No way

College indoctrinates you to vote against your own self interests?

Women aren't allowed to vote! We going back to original voting system. Only white men who own land.

@Deleted Usermen and women.

@sigruna14 sounds about right to me

@Freiheit - CAdo media corporations count? I think we're underestimating their influence here.

@TMatthewsi like pushing the anti white stuff. Easy to see and identify with.

@Jacobgotta differentiate anti illegal immigration and legal.

Europe is California tier cucked right now.

@Jacobdepends where the immigrants are from. Make the process prohibitive to 3rd world non westerners

I cant trust any Europeans at this point. They are seriously fucking shit up over there.

@TMatthewsthe numbers are important here. 5,000 immigrants a year no big deal. 1 million?

I almost never see women with red hair anymore. πŸ€”

Except my mother

I know balding feel. Fortunately I can grow an epic beard.

@Papa Pizzagatei shave mine.

@Deleted Userhe cut that off thankfully

That's a good thing.

I think they mostly have to help themselves

Duterte style drug enforcement

I like smoking weed. I don't. But I enjoyed it when I did. Never did any hard drugs. That's for losers.

Weed motivates me. I cant slouch at all.

It's why I like it.

Caffeine and nicotine are my only vices these days.

@Aldbecause they're gross

Caffeine has fitness benefits.

I wasn't a fan of coffee until I started keto.

Lots of studies on benefits of caffeine too.

Like everything it's best in moderation

Dependency is not good

Bad coffee just needs more sweeteners

@Selma I like the mental benefits too

@Deleted User dextrose tablets.

Lol that quick delete

There's a Jewish dating app? I mean of course there is.

@Freiheit - CA don't leave me hanging here

Literally shut it down the goyim know

I wonder if there are miscegenation algorithms built into dating apps

@TylerHessthere are a lot of people comparing people's following of leftist ideology religious like.

Same could probably be said of the right tbh

@ThisIsChristhey are also contributing a lot of jew gold to trump's campaign and legal defense.

A disturbing thought

I think Trump has been in (((their))) pocket since his bankruptcy bail out years ago.

Wilbur Ross bailed him out while head of Rothschild bank. Then trump appoints the guy commerce secretary

You think they did that for free?

The real trouble starts when our interests diverge.

Unless you can find a way to get the money out of politics.

Campaign race costs are through the roof. It's only gonna get worse. Candidates have to sell themselves to corporations and super rich donors to have any chance of winning.

Someone from IE just has to win one of those billion dollar lotteries and we're in there

Mmm sweet tea. Even unsweetened with lemon. Iced of course

@Danimal876 is there a calendar of events available? Would make it reasier for me to arrange attendance of important meetings.

I see that OSU has proven their intelligence by protesting little Ben Shapiro today. Too bad they were protesting his political views and not his ugly little hat.

Higher education is doomed in this country.

Lol when I first moved to Ohio I was confused why so many people wore Puerto Rican flags.

It's the Ohio flag.

IE in Columbus, OH

Meanwhile the city named after the man ignored Columbus day.

Poor natsocs have no real friends out there. It's all larpy tards or criminals. I kinda feel bad for them.

I mean if you just want some to push the Overton window...

@hbutzer0511hey, fellow ohioan

Columbus area.

@hbutzer0511 the only 2 Ohio people I know of so far are on opposite ends from me.

@hbutzer0511 still a pledge

@Bjorn - MDconsidering the place Q posts getting those red pills doesn't take much searching.

Can you imagine a boomer being horrified by 8chan pol but sticking around because Q posts on 8chan?

I can't wait for Thanksgiving because I've been on a strict diet for the past 3 months and Thanksgiving is my first cheat day

@Virgili know they exist. At least from Twitter. Just haven't seen them around yet. Not worried. I figure not all BS in general chat.


26 pounds in just 3 months. Its working.

I'm totally fine with gaining some back. It's only 1 day and I plan to fast afterwards to get to keto

Need bad goys to point the finger at.

Some caravan members have arrived. The ones with rides from nonexistent ngos

Trip wires?

@Goose they have. Bunches

@Asatru Artist - MDnot sitting around doing nothing. Training. At least in my experience.

@Asatru Artist - MDdang, must be nice. I was Usaf jet mechanic and we worked our butts off.

@Nemetssadly, it's a way to get black votes.

Take your pick. Either is horrifying.

Has Duterte approach proven effective?

Acosta tried to stand up there and debate the president. How us this acceptable or defensible?

Puts the difficulties of a wall in perspective.

Israeli style border control please.

@Asatru Artist - MDthey got Tucker. Only thing going for them.

I'm new here but seeing you guys are as informed as you are is a good white pill. We're gonna make it aren't we?

Playing fair. You cant win by playing fair if they're cheating. How hard is that to understand?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MNdoes trump get to appoint them? That could be ok on theory

"Threat to our democracy" that cheese line makes me cringe.

Our democracy. Who's democracy are we really talking about?

Those "refugees" aren't receiving Intel about where the troops are on the border right? Of course not. That's AJ tier crazy talk.

Get your vaccinations up to date

What is so wrong with helping people in their lands? Why do they HAVE to come here?

@Goosenot obligated but it's good when you aren't surrounded by shitholes. Then they're less likely to jump the border.

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