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2018-01-13 22:07:13 UTC

Stereotype disproven! "That's not who we are"

2018-01-13 22:47:22 UTC

@BraeJager - TX @Chris MA @White Eagle-MA Putting stats on flyers is something we've done before with iffy results. You can't source facts the same way on paper as you can online, and all they have to do is say that they're false statistics.

Our emotional and philosophical arguments are harder to shoot down a lot of the time, and prove easier for folks to pick up on when it comes to the media and others.

Is that to say we won't use any numerical figures on our arguments? No, of course not. But the main part of our message has always been larger and philosophical.

2018-01-13 22:48:20 UTC

Also, this channel is not for the discussion of new material, it's for posting photos of activism and activism preparation. New content creation can be discussed in general.

2018-01-14 00:30:32 UTC

Ok cool. I figured you had reasons.

2018-01-14 02:30:24 UTC

2018-01-14 02:34:29 UTC

We have a group picture to come

2018-01-14 04:10:40 UTC

@Charlemagne MD those woodland bdus are pretty good camouflage. My camo is all hunters camo. I was out in the woods with my buddy today, and he was wearing Atacs AU, and we determined our camos were incredibly effective. Hunters cano ftw in fall and winter.

2018-01-14 04:14:32 UTC

I hate to say it but you can't beat Flecktarn.

2018-01-14 05:16:08 UTC

2018-01-14 05:21:47 UTC

2018-01-14 05:22:14 UTC

PF md/VA had our camping trip.

2018-01-14 05:22:35 UTC

10 degrees.

2018-01-14 05:24:01 UTC

Nice, y'all made your own shelters too?

2018-01-14 05:25:50 UTC

Indeed we did, took a couple miles to hike to our spot. We spent the rest of the day gathering wood and bui sling the shelter. Trying the sleep atm.

2018-01-14 05:35:12 UTC

5x7 stickers are handy. No cars or cameras at this red light, so I threw one up.

2018-01-14 05:35:17 UTC

2018-01-14 16:28:09 UTC

You guys look like you're fighting in 1999 Serbia/Bosnia/Croatia.

2018-01-14 18:54:00 UTC

2018-01-14 18:54:26 UTC

Closer photos please

2018-01-14 19:05:51 UTC

More to come

2018-01-14 19:26:48 UTC

Got pulled over by the cops😂

2018-01-14 20:17:06 UTC

What did they say?

2018-01-14 22:01:00 UTC

Hmmm i wonder who did this...

2018-01-14 22:01:04 UTC

You got photos of it up, right?

2018-01-14 22:01:13 UTC

These arent even ours yet.

2018-01-14 22:01:20 UTC

Theyvare on the camera.

2018-01-14 22:01:39 UTC

Yeah I figured that. Just making sure, since they took it down before taking photos of it up.

2018-01-14 22:02:03 UTC

Patriot Front victory day.

2018-01-14 22:02:21 UTC

Remember, goys, don't interact with them on Twitter.

2018-01-14 22:02:23 UTC

At all.

2018-01-14 22:03:50 UTC

See? He already said it for us. No need. America is Fascist.

2018-01-14 22:03:53 UTC

Lots of activism today!

2018-01-14 22:05:50 UTC

How did the Chicago thing go?

2018-01-14 22:14:55 UTC

It was a victory. Right as we walked up to the Prolife march there was a boomer communist wearing his soviet hat, and smoking a cigar. He got the cop standing next to him to kick us out for "Not having a permit."
So we were hanging around on the adjacent corner, and I asked a different cop if we could march and he cleared us to join at the end. Passed out lots of literature.
I passed some material to a Priest who said he was very interested in fascist, and will look into our group.

2018-01-14 22:15:57 UTC

Nice, he can bring the parish too

2018-01-14 22:16:42 UTC


2018-01-14 22:23:03 UTC

@Smiter-IL Excellent! Goyim hand rubbing intensifies

2018-01-14 22:25:22 UTC

@Thomas Ryan I'm not allowed to bantz these people?

2018-01-14 22:26:47 UTC

Can we post links to our pictures on their posts for them to spread?

2018-01-14 22:27:15 UTC

Because some of the people who retweeted that had like 40k followers, and multiple accounts with over 5k

2018-01-14 22:27:18 UTC

@NDO Eric - TX Nope. Best to let them promote us in peace.

2018-01-14 22:27:33 UTC

Rip the whole point of my account

2018-01-14 22:27:43 UTC


2018-01-14 22:27:50 UTC

@Smiter-IL Once I've got the photos all edited they'll find them.

2018-01-14 22:28:27 UTC

I can hear the screeching already...

2018-01-14 22:29:00 UTC

I've noticed that if you guys comment random curses and slurs in their comments, it makes less Leftists comment and share because not all of them want to engage in internet shit flinging, which is bad for us.

2018-01-14 22:29:23 UTC

I can quote it right?

2018-01-14 22:30:17 UTC

There is literally nothing to be gained from arguing with people 240 chars at a time.

2018-01-14 22:31:53 UTC

I get lulz from it tho

2018-01-14 22:32:50 UTC


2018-01-14 22:32:54 UTC


2018-01-14 22:33:59 UTC

The left can't meme and they certainly can never make any coherent arguments.

2018-01-15 00:52:22 UTC

Another successful flyering with @Maximus GA. About 300 this time

2018-01-15 00:52:23 UTC

2018-01-15 00:52:30 UTC

Cop car!

2018-01-15 00:53:27 UTC

I also got a 3 min video of us flyering, if any of you guys want it

2018-01-15 00:54:52 UTC

@Chris GA You should forward that to Thomas Ryan.

2018-01-15 01:03:30 UTC

2018-01-15 01:03:49 UTC

Best banner drop today, sorry @Hussar

2018-01-15 01:04:49 UTC


2018-01-15 01:04:53 UTC

^funny guy

2018-01-15 01:12:44 UTC


2018-01-15 04:29:51 UTC

2018-01-15 04:30:02 UTC

2018-01-15 04:30:06 UTC

2018-01-15 04:30:11 UTC

2018-01-15 04:30:17 UTC

2018-01-15 04:30:22 UTC

2018-01-15 04:30:31 UTC

2018-01-15 05:15:20 UTC

Looking good Jake!

2018-01-15 05:24:52 UTC

Good job brother.

2018-01-15 11:28:26 UTC

Puuuureee face.

2018-01-15 16:15:29 UTC

Good vanishing point postering.

2018-01-15 20:20:07 UTC

2018-01-15 21:46:17 UTC

2018-01-16 01:43:56 UTC

Hot off the press

2018-01-16 01:44:27 UTC

2018-01-16 01:45:34 UTC

How did you get the logo stencils?

2018-01-16 01:46:06 UTC


2018-01-16 01:51:51 UTC

I just bought a stencil cutter, hella bout to do that

2018-01-17 01:11:06 UTC

"I love this town, Its so nice to raise a family here"

"Coincidentally, Its also very white"

2018-01-17 02:03:34 UTC

2018-01-17 02:03:37 UTC


2018-01-18 02:21:46 UTC

How do you goys like my new business cards?

2018-01-18 02:23:56 UTC


2018-01-18 02:25:39 UTC

how come the words are all on top of each other

2018-01-18 02:26:18 UTC

Forgot to flip it over when printing the other side

2018-01-18 02:27:26 UTC

ok good, for a second i thought it was post modern or something

2018-01-18 02:34:00 UTC

@Chris GA Gr8 work

2018-01-18 02:34:13 UTC

Gotta wear your 3D glasses to see them right.

2018-01-18 02:34:52 UTC


2018-01-18 03:18:00 UTC

2018-01-18 03:18:18 UTC

2018-01-18 03:18:48 UTC

2018-01-18 03:19:14 UTC

2018-01-18 03:19:33 UTC

2018-01-18 03:19:57 UTC

2018-01-18 03:20:38 UTC

2018-01-18 03:21:05 UTC

2018-01-18 03:21:24 UTC

2018-01-18 03:22:14 UTC

Stellar photos! Excellent work Jay.

2018-01-18 03:22:18 UTC

2018-01-18 03:24:44 UTC

nice work @Jay MI

2018-01-18 03:24:46 UTC

Thanks brother. My niggertech died on me. I actually put up several more around UM Flint campus.

2018-01-18 03:26:05 UTC

7 more to be exact. Hopefully I can go back and get some good daytime shots

2018-01-18 03:27:04 UTC

Got a new stencil too!

2018-01-18 03:28:07 UTC

fucking sweet

2018-01-18 03:28:53 UTC

Did you make that? nice

2018-01-18 03:29:22 UTC

2018-01-18 03:30:27 UTC

Yes I did. Traced with an exacto knife onto .005 mil acetate sheet

2018-01-18 03:31:37 UTC

8/8 m8 fucking gr8

2018-01-18 03:31:51 UTC

Yeah awesome job man

2018-01-18 03:52:43 UTC

Cheers m8s

2018-01-18 03:57:19 UTC

This actually made a cool pic

2018-01-18 05:44:25 UTC

Glad you're making cards but the white border especially that's not even around the entire card kind of doesn't look as clean.

2018-01-18 05:45:10 UTC

Maybe in the future print them with no white space in between the cards?

2018-01-18 05:49:00 UTC

Or order them off of vista print.

2018-01-18 06:23:04 UTC


2018-01-18 14:04:55 UTC

Yeah I cut these myself. I'll look into getting some made

2018-01-18 15:21:21 UTC

What's wrong with white space. I thought that's what we were fighting for?

2018-01-18 16:17:54 UTC

Fucking fags. Bel Air, MD

2018-01-18 17:21:10 UTC

@Victor MD Very nice.

2018-01-19 00:58:27 UTC

2018-01-19 00:58:54 UTC

2018-01-19 00:59:16 UTC

2018-01-19 01:00:14 UTC
2018-01-19 01:00:17 UTC

2018-01-19 01:00:55 UTC

2018-01-19 01:01:17 UTC

2018-01-19 01:01:31 UTC

2018-01-19 01:01:48 UTC

2018-01-19 01:02:11 UTC

All in Burlington, VT with @RexLexus

2018-01-19 01:02:19 UTC


2018-01-19 01:08:47 UTC
2018-01-19 01:41:59 UTC

@ArmaVirumqueCano @RexLexus Good looking full color posters, boys.

2018-01-19 02:04:28 UTC

Thanks goyim

2018-01-19 02:06:20 UTC

2018-01-19 02:06:46 UTC

2018-01-19 02:07:05 UTC

2018-01-19 02:07:33 UTC

I realize now my phone camera kinda sucks

2018-01-19 02:07:51 UTC

2018-01-19 02:08:12 UTC

2018-01-19 02:09:07 UTC

2018-01-19 02:35:30 UTC

Thanks fellow goyim

2018-01-19 02:38:25 UTC


2018-01-19 06:43:16 UTC

@The_Human_Shoah @Goodest_Boy Where are these posters?

2018-01-19 07:14:42 UTC

Down town gig Harbor

2018-01-19 07:16:45 UTC


2018-01-19 20:54:13 UTC

2018-01-19 20:55:26 UTC

Great work!

2018-01-19 20:56:25 UTC

Better pics to come

2018-01-19 20:56:46 UTC

Get up on that bridge with some flags, my man.

2018-01-19 21:05:47 UTC

Looking good my dude

2018-01-19 21:10:32 UTC

Good job man.

2018-01-19 21:14:01 UTC


2018-01-19 21:14:48 UTC

Boston Tea Party when?

2018-01-19 21:14:51 UTC


2018-01-19 21:16:12 UTC

@Chris MA Good job buddy.

2018-01-19 21:17:18 UTC

All the tea parties I've been too were faggy, but I'm sure the Boston one will be fashy instead 😉

2018-01-19 23:19:49 UTC

Fuckin sick.

2018-01-19 23:20:02 UTC

That banner drop was most excellent.

2018-01-19 23:20:12 UTC

I guess I need to grow a dick and make up a new banner here soon.

2018-01-20 01:58:55 UTC

@Chris MA awesome work bro

2018-01-20 01:59:43 UTC

Thanks goys, I’ve got pictures of myself and the 2 other guys processing now that are better quality

2018-01-20 02:39:20 UTC

Nice work man. Looks like a high traffic spot. That's awesome.

2018-01-20 02:47:26 UTC

Gotta be careful about covering signs, btw. @Chris MA

2018-01-20 05:36:25 UTC

Banners related to the shutdown?

2018-01-20 05:36:41 UTC


2018-01-20 05:36:47 UTC

Put America first over the invaders

2018-01-20 05:37:08 UTC

Isn't the government shutting down?

2018-01-20 05:37:43 UTC

Thought, for a moment, you meant a road shutdown. And the govt may or may not be shutting down right now. America First and Deport Them All work fine.

2018-01-20 05:42:29 UTC

Sowmthing to get out onto Twitter that pertains to the shutdown would be good

2018-01-20 05:45:48 UTC

The govt "shutting down" is effectively meaningless. It all ties back to illegals, which the Deport Them All slogan encapsulates pretty well.

2018-01-20 05:52:44 UTC

I guess

2018-01-20 15:00:33 UTC

“Receive dirty brown people or we’ll shut down the guvmint!”
Oh no... our hands are tied... what EVER shall we do?

2018-01-20 16:13:32 UTC

Yeah shut that m-f'er down. Do not re-open.

2018-01-20 16:14:32 UTC

2018-01-20 16:15:13 UTC

These are templates for printing stickers on mailing label paper, at home. Color is preferred, B&W is "allowed." Use the Avery 8163 or 5150, both 2"X4" stickers with slightly different print patterns. 10 per sheet. It's really that easy. Cut the stickers into individual ones. The nice thing about these is that you can print them at home, they cost roughly 20 cents per sticker (ink and blanks), and they are easier to post stealthily and quickly in "denied territory."

2018-01-20 22:09:42 UTC

Can you pin that?

2018-01-20 22:13:55 UTC

I like that they're small, you can post them directly on top of leftist flyers for high butthurt-per-second. Also, I don't know for sure but I would think that it couldn't be misconstrued as "vandalism" because you're not actually posting it onto a surface.

2018-01-20 22:29:21 UTC

There's a commie banner on 35 and manor overpass

2018-01-20 22:29:26 UTC

Pretty clever tbh

2018-01-20 22:29:34 UTC

Bike locked into place

2018-01-20 22:29:40 UTC

We should adopt this

2018-01-20 22:29:45 UTC

My idea

2018-01-20 22:31:28 UTC

Good idea charly

2018-01-20 22:52:08 UTC

2018-01-20 22:52:12 UTC

2018-01-20 22:54:39 UTC

Banner drop complete in Howell Michigan. We'll upload the images later tonight after we finish fitness vetting our new guy.

2018-01-20 22:55:29 UTC

I wouldnt cover a clearance sign next time lol

2018-01-20 22:57:55 UTC

Lol gg goys

2018-01-20 23:33:42 UTC

Fuck yo clearance

2018-01-20 23:33:54 UTC


2018-01-20 23:35:04 UTC

Fucking great work guys @Chris MA

2018-01-20 23:39:22 UTC

Thanks fams lol

2018-01-20 23:41:14 UTC

That was a great drop!

2018-01-20 23:56:46 UTC


2018-01-21 00:36:03 UTC

Excellent work @Chris MA

2018-01-21 01:14:03 UTC

2018-01-21 01:14:18 UTC

@Chris MA Any specifics on where I might say this is? Boston or?

2018-01-21 01:20:46 UTC

@Victor MD They get pretty pissed when you deface their fliers and posters with these. It's great for the lulz. I slap them up and then watch their twitter account for a laugh.

2018-01-21 01:21:57 UTC

Boston works

2018-01-21 01:25:46 UTC

So what's the best value per square foot for banners? Drop cloths, tarps, sheets?

2018-01-21 01:26:12 UTC

Also, any ideas on how to lock banners into place? It seems to me that if you use a lock it's easy enough to just cut the rest of the banner around the lock.

2018-01-21 01:29:16 UTC

Drop cloths in my opinion.

2018-01-21 01:29:56 UTC

Sew a rope through the top, and then use a great deal of metal zip ties to hold it in place

2018-01-21 01:33:46 UTC

use a steel cable?

2018-01-21 01:33:49 UTC

as the rope?

2018-01-21 01:34:06 UTC

That is also an option.

2018-01-21 01:34:18 UTC

i figure if it's just a rope, then they can cut the rope no?

2018-01-21 01:34:46 UTC

This is true.

2018-01-21 01:35:42 UTC

I did consider running a flag up the flagpole, then locking the thing.

2018-01-21 01:37:23 UTC

Unless you want to make your banner out of sheet metal, they're going to be able to cut through the cloth to matter what you use to secure it.

2018-01-21 01:37:52 UTC

Sheetmetal banners? We might be on to something....

2018-01-21 01:47:49 UTC

I've actually looked into having road sign sized prop made, and bolting it into place with a fuck ton of Lock Tite.

2018-01-21 01:57:02 UTC


2018-01-21 01:58:36 UTC

I have brainstormed this quite a bit. Another idea I had was to have a flag or banner attached at two side points with 550 cord. You tie the two cords around a light pole or something. Then use a weighted rock tied to the top tie to throw the hole thing upward, dragging the banner high and out of reach. Then, the rock must fall free.

2018-01-21 01:59:28 UTC

Yet another idea was to use helium balloons on each end of a banner. You'd have to calculate the altitude and density so the assembly wouldn't go too high, or crash into the ground. Then, get upwind of a major city and let her rip.

2018-01-21 02:00:11 UTC

There's also pirate radio stations, but that's super illegal. And, you WILL get DF'd if you do it enough.

2018-01-21 02:18:51 UTC

2018-01-21 02:19:09 UTC

2018-01-21 02:19:24 UTC

2018-01-21 02:19:40 UTC

2018-01-21 02:19:53 UTC

2018-01-21 02:20:30 UTC

Howell Michigan, banner pics will be up in an hour or two.

2018-01-21 02:20:50 UTC

Putting up a banner at night?

2018-01-21 02:33:16 UTC

We did the banner before sun down

2018-01-21 02:33:51 UTC

After the banner we did our fitness test vetting, then we had dinner followed by postering

2018-01-21 03:25:40 UTC

Has anyone ever considered using a roll of Tyvek to make a super long banner?

2018-01-21 03:26:51 UTC

No but that's a great idea

2018-01-21 03:52:43 UTC

2018-01-21 03:52:50 UTC

2018-01-21 03:52:56 UTC

2018-01-21 03:53:03 UTC

2018-01-21 03:53:04 UTC

MI Goy Scouts reporting in. Howell, MI

2018-01-21 03:53:52 UTC

Very nice. Very nice font on the banner, and the logo, too. Size and placement of said font might need some work.

2018-01-21 03:54:05 UTC

Huge props to @Jay MI for making the banner, other participants were @Deimos-MI , @Patrick MI and one other who's being vetted tomorrow, Himmler #3747

2018-01-21 03:56:14 UTC

we got quite a few supportive honks on the highway and road behind us, very encouraging 👌

2018-01-21 03:56:21 UTC

we vetted himler tonight to our MI standards, fucking super solid dude.

2018-01-21 03:56:45 UTC

also weev aproved him too

2018-01-21 03:56:53 UTC

2018-01-21 03:57:28 UTC


2018-01-21 03:57:51 UTC

Pics will go up tomorrow.

2018-01-21 03:58:46 UTC


2018-01-21 03:58:59 UTC

Congrats boys

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