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Alt-lite in four easy panels.

Did anybody hear that Radical Agenda where that sperg called in to talk about earth sheltered homes, and Chris let him talk for like ten minutes?

Sometimes he hangs up on the wrong people and he lets autistes just take over the show.

@Rocky Place It's just inconsistent. Some calls are good. Most are crap.

That's retarded.

This is our land. We'll conquer it again if we have to.

I'm an imperialist. White Americans should reconquer their lands and take manifest destiny to the stars.

@Thomas Ryan Agreed. It's high cotton for race realists because reality is on our side. We don't need numbers when we've got the will and the Faustian spirit.

So me and @The Hooknose- UT paid a visit to Salt Lake Community College earlier tonight.

Ha beat me to it.

Mine suck too.

Photos are forthcoming. Please hold.

My personal favorite. We left a calling card on the car of a friend.

Pictures are shit tier. I need new niggertech.

@ArmaVirumqueCano @RexLexus Good looking full color posters, boys.

Me and @The Hooknose- UT postered at Westminster College tonight.

And a bunch of stickers that didn't photograph very well.

I don't think DACA's happening. The dems have nothing to bargain with.

That's some smart autocorrect @The_Eternal_Frog

@Jelly MI I think he is. It's just bread and circuses for the middle that he put in that one speech.

@Deimos-MI That is an arsenal of propaganda. Looking good.

@Thomas Ryan PLEASE make these official propaganda.

Very cool.

Cruz confirmed a jew.

There's chats where he admits to having a jewish mom.

Never take SSRIs while jewish fam.

He also seemed sympathetic to some of our points of view so. . . There's that.

He's got like a smallish skull. I'm sure there's some kind of genetic abnormality. I mean besides being jewish.

I've noticed that the news isn't making a big deal about his race, probably because they don't want people to find out he's a Jew.

CNN is mostly "muh AR-15s."

All the guns are here to stay, really for the foreseeable future. It's great that the judenpresse keeps focusing only on this every time, because it's such a hopeless political battle.

Anti-gun autism has always been great for us. Bring moar of it.

@Kek Howdy.

@Oliver Hello.

Nickolas Cruz is a sobering reminder that raising mixed race children to be normal is a doomed proposition.

We need sperg control in our movement. I think a Cruz type character being able to fit into our thing would be very hard, but we need to really watch for these guys, and distance ourselves from them. It's hard, because they're going to claim to be one of us regardless of what we do.

Sorry for all the commas, btw. I really need to cut that out.

It's also just the way these things are fought and won. Real revolutions never, ever start with armed conflict. It's stupid to expect that.

Does the nat soc message attract more spergs? I think there's a correlation.

@arcloop Tell me more. . .

I think honesty really is key. I would never join a movement that's secretly something else. Stealth is sometimes needed to get the job done, but I want to work with people who are what they say they are.

That said, I'm not against nat soc per se. I actually have no political affiliation. Whatever helps my people most is the thing that I want.

@arcloop This is all I'm saying. Nat soc is fine in moderation, but that message does disproportionately attract the wrong people.

I'm gonna get dog-piled here, but America has always been a pretty small govt place. I see some libertarian/fascist hybrid as the way forward.

A Hoppe type covenant society.

Governments had very little power in the way that we think of it before the 20th century. Totalitarianism isn't possible without modern technology. Jacques Ellul wrote a lot about this. I want a return to the limited governance, medieval system of aristocracy and large local control.

Fascism, as I understand it, is like a highly technologized managerial state. I just see it as something inorganic.

@Thomas Ryan I think all of that makes sense. I'm just a big fan of English common law, minus all the Enlightenment baggage. I believe in less government, but strong government, if that makes sense.

I think we want the same things: A return to traditional European governance that puts God, crown, State, and people into their appropriate hierarchies.

I've always thought of fascism, at least the way Hitler and Mussolini practiced it, as being a highly technical micro-managed form of governance in line with the managerial ideas of the corporate state that guys like Henry Ford advocated for. I'm saying that's a corrupted 20th century way of organizing the State and I want something more intuitive, less technoligized.

@Kek Exactly!

@Thomas Ryan I think it's hard to say how fascism in the 20th century would have played out because of this, and I think it's WAY more positive than the NWO system we have now. But is the technologized, managerial state of fascism the BEST system? I have my criticisms.

@Thomas Ryan I think we want the same things, but we may define fascism differently. Is that fair to say?

@Thomas Ryan That may be. I'm on board with your ideas, and if that's fascism than c'est la vie. Can you recommend a treatise on fascism that best supports what you're talking about?

@Thomas Ryan Thanks. I've had that book recommended to me a lot, so it's high time I've read it. The only book of fascist doctrine that I've looked into is Rosenberg's, and there were some things in there that I didn't necessarily agree with.

@Victor MD I'll read it. Thank you!

All of us should be working to infiltrate the GOP, tbh. Get yourself elected to positions with gradually higher levels of responsibility.

Carefully inject our ideas along the way.

@Kek It is. Utah is a caucus state, making it super easy to get elected to something. I've done it myself.

If you live in a blue state, idk.

So is Trudeau a crypto Jew like his dad was?

@Pale Horse - FL Maybe we could pretend to support gun control and talk about how it will curb black violence and throw some hatefacts out there?

Memory eternal. Good optics.

Anglo food is always all mixed together.

@SonderSchutz TX Pfft. This is Al Qaeda = Iraq all over again.


@Oliver I'm not going to countersignal that. I'm English af.


Not if you're Basque. They're their own thing.

Want my wife to make me this after Lent.

@Chris GA Keep that flag clean, soldier.

@Oliver English breakfast, director's cut.

Beans and eggs seem kinda weird together, but whatev.

Sticker nationalism.

@Patrick MI Shrimp eh? Unorthodox, but I'll try it.

Fuentes v. Shapiro would be truly a bloodbath. Nick would get all stabby stabby.

@arcloop (Carl voice) Ohhhhh gross.

@Chris MA I like Heimbach, but sometimes I think he's lost it.

@Krieg Mitchell TX "Value voting" meaning you don't have to be an actual American to vote for "values."

@Krieg Mitchell TX "Tony Perkins claims gay men molest children more often. This claim is FALSE!"

Everybody knows Jews are the real child molesters.

"Orthodox Judaism, 21 percent of American religious Jews, has not yet outwardly endorsed homosexuality. In fact, it officially forbids homosexual relations between adults.

But in the Talmud, the highest religious, ethical and legal authority for Orthodox Jews, we find a very different, shocking reality: little boys under the age of nine (delectable objects of homosexual lust) are repeatedly described as incapable of "throwing guilt" on the adult who rapes them!"

Yuck. May God protect our children from these people.

@SonderSchutz TX Harry Potter and the Final Solution.

Imperium is an interesting movie. I recommend.

@Krieg Mitchell TX As usual the Jew media totally gets us wrong when they try to portray us honestly.

Very 1.0

They think we're squatting in our doomsday bunkers reading Siege. Nope. We're right in your living room.

@Flagg Every group has one.

Mediterranean? I thought everyone in here was white, smdh.

My best friends are Italian. They're really not as dumb as everybody says!

@Flagg Isn't Italian basically half sign language?

@Josh OH @Donald OH Nice work, Ohio goys.

It might be that women actually have opinions about things. I'd rather not find out.

@Donald OH Is that Kaiser Wilhelm and Teddy Roosevelt?

@Donald OH All official meetings should be conducted from horseback. There really is no reason to get off your horse.

No irony here. Meeting while horsed implies that you're actually going to ride off and do the thing that you just talked about.

@Donald OH Doxed! I'm rocking a fresh high and tight haircut myself. I tried to do the Richard Spencer hair and it just didn't work.

@Chris GA Are the rumors of Atlanta's white hipster gentrification true?

@Donald OH Is Columbus super black? I know Anglin is from there.

Hipsters + current demographic trends = shitlords in 5 years.

@EuroChad lol whut?

56% actually

Those kids need to be gassed. I don't blame their parents. I hold them personally responsible.

The whole thing is fake probably.

A lot of guys are saying that the reaction to the thing is fake, but the shooting is real and I'm like, "how do you know?"

I don't have a conspiracy theory. I don't have a theory. All I have are lots and lots of questions.

@Donald OH I'm jelly. It's been a minute since our activism triggered the media.

@Donald OH I guess this is one advantage to living in a pozzed and vibrant area. The jimmies seem pretty easy to rustle.

@Deimos-MI Yeah, but you have to live amongst a lot of degeneracy and genocide while you're at it.

@Deimos-MI I'll bet. Took me 30 years living in basically white Afghanistan.

@southland Agreed. I thank God that my state is just cucky and not totally pozzed.

That rug really ties the room together.

@Deimos-MI Highly Orthodox rug. Much approve.

@Donald OH I noticed your flag doesn't have a Byzantine double eagle. Try again, son.

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