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Also I missed my family

The whole story is pretty fucking tragic

I haven't spoken to her since I left

Whatever though, I washed my hands of it yesterday ago

I used to care about her yeah

It's cold down here and we got maybe an inch or two of snow last night

I'm about to leave the outdoors to shovel and hit the store

Brave the outdoors*

All women are fucked up

Women are no longer loyal because their behaviors carry no consequences. They have zero accountability

Idk maybe find a girl with no self esteem who wants familiarity more then anything else. A girl who hasn't been completely tainted by Jewish conditioning

The odds of that are astronomically low, like trying to pick the right grain of sand in a sand box. And every time you try for a new grain of sand it takes two months of courtship and all of your attention.

Yeah maybe we can get a Groupon for that

Rural women? Like less cosmopolitan

Idk man, most of the women I know from the outskirts bitch about being bored, they are the textbook "move to Hollywood, fail as an actress, get into porn" stock

Maybe I'm wrong

My ex in Australia used to break horses for racing

Is that nationalism in northern Ireland

Like Catholic nationalism

Man my discord app fucked up, it said "connecting" for like ten minutes and didn't correct itself until I reset my phone

Oh word, so like going out and taking the enemy to sew some proper genes into external pools

Yeah maybe in a perfect world

Sigh, we're far beyond that now though. I think we should work on building sex robots, so the only thing women will be worth is child's bearing

Sorry if I'm all black pill today

It's like another shoah

For now at least

Maybe the thought police are scanning groups with their bugmen algorithms

I think it's being scanned

The channel with less content became available again faster

Maybe I'm just tin foil

Tin foil Tommy

The idea of that makes me laugh, even though it's fucked up that people do it

Staring into someone's house

That's a thing?

Like he's watching from a monitor, just beating it, watching some fat bitch take a shit

We live in fucking clown world

I think it will have to get worse before it gets better, like the only thing that brings whites together is tragedy

I feel like an ass, I kind of neglected taking my trash cans in because I've been feeling ill, and my neighbor just did it for me. He probably thought I was out of town.

I'm not sure which neighbor it was, I might try and track the foot prints in a second

We all know each other

When a heavy snow hits, the men go out and snow blow the driveways of the older couples, widows and single women houses

There's a group of like six of us from the street.

The dude will probably say something if he sees me, I want to say I'm not feeling well but I'm sure he'll catch me on the way back from like a beer run it something

Thursday at noon is when my FB account becomes active again.

Idk I've done it before

But I'm more of a nod and hello to it person

Or if the person I'm passing by seems awkward I give them a big smile and say hello with eye contact

You need to develop your smiling skills

It's a great misdirect

If you can make a poker face you can replicate a smile, even a genuine one

If you need to smile evoke a funny thought, like a fat person falling

Imagine them getting their wives raped by "Asian" rape gangs

When you let in people's with transgressive views to your own, they out breed you in twenty years and view to exterminate you, but at least it was Democratic

I'm going to work on the logo

The shield is going to be tricky

I bet he is

A lot of Texans are

I'm willing to help create, design and finance

I like this land is our land,. But boomers take that as Civic nationalism

I'm itching to go poster again, we really should do a banner

do you guys like this better? its not done yet

i need to know what things should be said in the ribbons

also im putting the boyscout logo on the black sun with a fasc lightening bolt in the center

also im open to other colors to put behind the black sun other than huwhite

so thoseon the white?

i also need suggestions for placement

ok you think it should be one line or two

you think that works for the bottom two white ribbons?

what do you think of that color scheme?

i think we should put a pagan symbol in the middle,

We can fill it with whatever you guys want

Just trying to get some feedback so I can make it happen

I like the Latin

I just haven't erased the wording on the bottom yet

I was thinking thinking of putting our name in it, but that's kind of like wearing the band's t shirt to the band's show in a way

Queue the x files theme

@Deimos-MI feel better, fam.

Who cares, he's not full Jew

His mom just wants him to be ousted

Also that source is dumb.

i can do it without the eyes

yeah sometimes

they updated gimp a little bit so some of this shit i have to google

they fucking changed how to add text along a path so im going to have to look that up, idk why they changed it because it was super easy before

what do you guys think of that center

i think im going to change the upper banners red to match the fasc red of the shield

i may change the entire hue of the flag afterwards just a few shades so it looks more fasc

yeah im going to make the top banners red match the lower banner

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