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Yeah dude I definitely don't blame you

Damn that sucks

I was going to prod, but sounds like white girl fell into shit with drugs and ruined her life

Was this a girl you actually cared about?


We got a cold front on top of a cold front and tons of lake effect snow

At least a foot in the last 8 hours

Zero visibility

Yeah I hate that btw, like it's not often you can care about women and when you do it seems terrible shit like that happens

Yep definitely

That's why they were never allowed to be independent

Yeah it's like wtf is a guy supposed to do nowadays?

Yeah true.. The question is where

And no worries dude I understood

Autocorrect is fucked

Yeah we all need to pool our money and import Russian brides

Do a bulk order

And get a discount

Hahah there has to be something at least

And plus if we ship them in and lock them up.. Well no one would ever know

In all seriousness though

Country fairs seem like a decent place

Lots of beautiful young white girls who are pretty shy

And yeah rural women

Not quite redneck

Ehh it's a mixed bag perhaps, I just mean women who enjoy raising cattle and having horses

Not trailer trash with 10acres

Most women I meet are rather conservative and are part of a large family

Come to the northwest Michigan fair and I'll show you what I'm talking about

But yeah they are still women

But perhaps a little less worse

Also are you familiar with sabine nationalism???

Yeah same dude

Kidnaping them

And taking them as wives

And then not having a say in whatever the hell goes on

And they have zero freedom

But it's a trad aryan thing

And it helped populate italy

Haha glad we are on this server

We still have the goy scouts pm group

And we just didn't post enough racist stuff here yet

I see the other one is back now

That's weird as hell

And I agree

Only in the figurative sense though

Yeah interesting they have outages though

Weird as hell

Better than Being Peeping Tommy

Same man, especially ppl that install stuff in bathrooms

Like who wants to see a woman piss?

People are fucked

This is legit weimarica

I wake up everyday and I'm like..

What a world to live in

What a time it is to be alive

Where aids faggots can donate blood

And pavement monkeys are free

And these higher IQ sand nigger kikes running everything

Unfortunately you're right

Well, next time you see him awkwardly smirk at him like white neighbors do

Is this not true??

Lol it's just how most white ppl smile

This happens to me at least 100 times a day

How do you give a big smile??

I can't fake smiles

I only smile at hot girls

At least at work

I try.. But.. But... Idk my face doesn't work that way

Even in pictures

I can only smirk

My face is always usually neutral

That's good advice actually

Imagine something funny

I'll definitely try that

I mostly deal with old white boomers though

So the hate runs deap

I'll imagine them dying

I'll imagine the one conservative Muslim and remember that America is just an idea

And that we need more police

I'll thank god that I still have the constitution

So when all the women are raped

That constitution is really there and at the backbone of this nation

Yeah I mean that's a constitutional right to be outbred and exterminated by a foreign population

Btw is Thomas from PF Christian?

Just curious tbh

Haha I like Patrick's idea of doubling ourselves

No we are all going to be well over 300 pounds

I'm down for tying the banner to my back and streaking

393 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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