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@Halfdan yeah, can't wait for future events. Thanks everybody for the support. Hail Victory!

Wtf? could you imagine?

@Racist Milk TX haha based chad bulge crew.

@Thomas Ryan if there is space id love to id have gas money and anything dan might need.

B&S all the way


Good god no. You farm the rice, you pay the price.

Damn thats fashy

Beautiful work though

Absolutely disgusting

Resist the urge to purge

God willing

no way, why???

hahaha wtf, these are great

Howdy Kreiger


like this guy already

I didnt have a single kid come by

Not one, but of course i live in a ghetto stronghold

Kinda bumed me out, i miss the kids getting excited over the candy, and seeing there costumes and shit.

Last night sorry i cant really make stuff during the week.

Hope you got proper ventilation

That feeling when the love of your life is redpilled and you plan on getting married , and making lots of beautiful white children.

There really is nothing like it my goys.

Rallies in memphis?

God damn do i love this "shithole" fiasco

@Hussar wait for real?

Yeah, im curious to

If he's a non jew, thats pretty bad ass.

This is me


^ HAHAHA omfg

You guys REALLY should show up.

Shit if the FL branch had the honor of getting this much attention, you better believe my ass would show up.

Y'all had really good optics last time. So id show up, and literally show america that these ppl cant stand up to anything.

And they said when and where they're gonna be.

But good job guys, this is so funny.

I'll be marching with you in spirit.

Looking fucking good boys!

I gots me another.

Would it be better to say i was drunk on home made mead?

Thanks makes me feel better, i just hope its JUST dislocated, and nothings broken.

Fucked part is i JUST bought a new truck yesterday, and now i cant drive it bc i cant fucking shift.

46 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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