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Hey man, couldnt make the meeting. Im working a double shift from 10pm till 2pm needed to get some sleep

Hey fellas. Im sorry i havent been making the meetings. Things are a little crazy for me right now with work and life but i have plans for a postering

Hey guys, my bad ive been slacking on the meetings, Wednesdays are pretty much the busiest day of the week for me. Ill try my damndest to attend the next one

Hey fellas did i miss the meeting?

Ya i didnt know it was 8pm eastern time or whatever. I tried making the meeting at 8 but i was too late


It was a Shlomo Shekberg awoke to check his mailbox and found that his “rufugees welcome” sign posted on his lawn had been replaced with racist white nationalist hitlertrump extremist hate propaganda.

Just bordd at work thought id post a doodle

Did a couple posters in Gig Harbor

Might do more tonight. Got a nice beer buzz and a designated driver.


@Goodest_Boy and I are slaying beers and repoing the set! Did a banner drop, too

Stumbled upon a construction site while postering. Good thing this is such a white community and im not a dindu or this tile saw they left out wouldve been stolen and traded for crack in a heartbeat

I like how she poster a link to the org too. I drove by the postering site today, i feel like an arsonist going back to the scene to hear the investigators talk about his dastardly deeds 😇

Women will join any old ideology that seems to excite them. Their lives are dull and unfulfilled because kikes tell them they need to be in the workplace or backpacking through some shithole country. They grow bored and stagnant and join up with dumbass pussy-hat women march bullshit. Its kind of funny in a way, thots are most easily swayed. Ive turned about 3 thots into semi-fashy shiksas in high school because i laid some good pipe. Got two out of three to absolutely HATE nogs. The woman im with now is fucking great. Hates niggers and can smell Der Jude from a quarter mile away. Im totally trying to put a ring on it and start squeezing out some pups but our current situation doesn’t allow for that atm

HOT DIDDLY DAMN we have a whole buffet of butthurt dishes. Some butthurt casserole from the school board, have some butthurt finger sandwiches from real estate, we even have a whole lineup of butthurt fondue, comprised from the butthurt of each *demographic

Also, i have one of those “no home for hate” signs. I think its in my garage. If i find it i’ll post it; its seriously one of the faggiest things ive ever seen in my life.

The streets shall run sticky with syrup

The streets shall run sticky with syrup

Saw that a couple days ago, those cannolis arent fucking around, either

Welcome @Patrick MI youre going to like it here. There are alot of MI goys

“Receive dirty brown people or we’ll shut down the guvmint!”
Oh no... our hands are tied... what EVER shall we do?

Got suckered into working a double shift. At work right now so cant make it 😦



Funny too, because Gig Harbor Police are throwing the biggest bitch fit about the posters, and i just got done talking to three of them with @The_Eternal_Frog about a counterfeit $100 at our work

Im only using scotch brand spray adhesive, and the posters are standard printer size

No problem man. This is the stuff i use.

Authentic caucasian hours my nillaz

@The_Eternal_Frog hey man, when you get off work, take a nice drive up Olympic and through mallards landing and have a little look-see. I Hit that shit HARD

@Deimos-MI the spray is actually kind if expensive, around 15-18 dollars a bottle. As for effectiveness, it is adequate and it gets the job done. If the surface has so much is a drop of water on it though the adhesive will separate it

Look at this fucking shit at my fiancees little sister’s school


Remember back in high school when it was frowned upon for teachers to bring politics into school?? That was only 5 years ago for me, how the fuck did this happen? Is THIS what inclusiveness is about?? Having teachers ENDORSE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION?!?

HOLY FUCK GOYS. I BET MY FIANCÉS LITTLE SISTER WOULD BE DOWN TO POSTER. She lives right down the road from her high school. Imagine the media shock when its a bad shiksa doing all the evil nazi stuffz

It would give HS spergs hope for a fashy waifu

Yea i feel it. Too bad i couldnt have postered my HS back when i was a student. There wouldve been media all over the fucking place

I just.. i feel this need to poster.

Everywhere i am, i must also poster.

I know man. Its what im striving for. The most i can get is asshurt liberal cat ladies and pro2A boomers arguing on facebook.

Jesus christ this guy...

“Dalton has never been a sanctuary city, but id like to see it become one”
Do go on, sir *loading walter p38*

So is 1-4AM just the PF shitposting time zone?

@The_Eternal_Frog quick, post the coin merchant

She was tripped by a rare anomaly where microniggers had actually stolen the friction particles right from under her feet, causing her to fall.

Thats fucking horseshit. Uppity ass ungrateful pavement apes

We need to focus on the US nigga, fuck russia they can do it themselves, i seen how they handle pussy riot

And halfling are the worst. No matter what, they will always identify with thier nigger side

Ya. I really wanna get an ancestry reading i just dont know which providers are kosher

Anyone got any plans for activism?

Ted Kazcynski was a damn genius.

Seriously?? How short was he? I always figured him to be a tall lanky dude

Authentic caucasian hours

@Goodest_Boy is a straight G when it comes to banners

>mfw more than half of the creators of Looney Tunes are heebs

I have a buddy who works at the local theatre so i might get wasted and go see it whilst being a loud honky in the theatre. I can sneak a bunch of food in, also, effectively ruining the movie for kangz and quaynz alike AND stealing money from heebs.

I will singlehandedly ruin hollywood

Pretty much. See how they like it when i get my dindu on

Seriously. Look at kwanzaa, a religion made up by some fucked-in-the-head woman torturing nig nog

Funny too, because Anton lavey, the creator of Laveyan satanism is a kike

A real nilla wakes up before 7:00AM on the weekend

The absolute madman

IPA’s were my go-to “sleepin’ juice” but it would leave me with a light hangover all day. Ive been taking a liking to becks recently. Feelsgoodman

“It cant be real guys, the government said so!”

Fucking canada. Seriously i hate them.

Im guessing yes. Anyone who is willing to let browns flood the country and work against the interests of his people is no better than the dirtiest of baby-dick-sucking kikes.

@Patrick MI patrick plz i need link

Wait a second did that guy at 0:12 do the micheal jackson dance?

@Goodest_Boy nice man, go big or go home!

Dat poor printer tho

Cant make it this time, @The_Eternal_Frog and I are going into the mountains this weekend

@Thomas Ryan sorry, i been inna mountains for four days. Ill make the next meeting

Im JUST good enough on bass guitar to seem like im good at bass guitar

Not sure if albino, wheres the pushed in nose and pubes on his head?

Ya but the only albinos ive seen are nogs that arent nogs

You mean to tell me that white people can be WHITER?

I know that lol. Ive just never seen a white (race) albino. Only casper-dindus

Google images confirm that albino nogs look like clay aliens

Iz yoo sayin i aint blek?

“We one raec, tha hooman raec.”

Slotting floppies has been a trademark of the rhodesian soldier since the 60’s

Saw this on the highway the other day. I like the valknuts in the axe heads

NRA are cucks. They’ll send everybody down a river for shekels. I remember some big NRA mucky-muck was talking about compromising with all the gun grabbers, along with IRaqveteran8888888888 and hickuck45 and pretty much every big shekel generating jewtube gun channel except... yankee marshall of all people


Seriously. Gun control is full of noses, its sort of how i red pilled my grandparents. That and the whole Weinstein/hollywood scandal sort of drove the nail home.

God i love my fam lol

Hey then again, those same policies lets me decide to not serve uppity nogs

Just read an article in my local paper where three “youths” were passing around a handgun in a high school bathroom and a round popped off. Its funny too, they use these words like “this high school is home to an eclectic spectrum of sudents; some who need help to understand the curriculum, others need help to find the motivation to show up to school.”

Like, just say it: NIGGERS

>not rocking a 50’s style pompadour

Why even live, fam?

My town is seeing that alot. They’ve started (((urban development))) around my parts, now the traffic is fucking terrible and the first signs of graffiti have started. Granted, its an upscale middle class area, but all the new apartments and townhomes are going to change that real quick

Thatd be funny to the nearest gook convenience store, buy a black bandana and do a news interview as an antifascist. Make subtle gay sex references and talk about minimum wage

Pssshh. Goodest boy gets fucking news coverage and all i can get are cat ladies arguing with pro2A boomers on facebook

If someone got a poster pic with the white house in the background that shit would be SO cash

No pics??

Lol suburban edgy white guy here

Did a banner drop and shouted at thots on the way out. You can hear thier primitive music in the background

Some half beaner and her whore friend were in the car smoking the reefer whilst we were setting up making all kind of squeaking style thottery noises. Saying canned phrases like “what in the KKK?” And shook ass mexicans started speaking thier alien language a whole bunch

It was the same thots i propositioned to in the video

Thanks goys. More pics to come later hopefully

Haha just go back again the next night with a buddy and poster over the posters they postered over.

Wabbit season!

Duck season!

And use their faggy report-a-nazi email and report patriot front activity in every major city in your state

Even with throwaway email from a local library?


Just got muh palms itching

Good policy. Got it.

We *jew* the *jew* YEA

Hell ya. Been cutting out the carbonated yid, started eating more greens. Going to try and get some gloves soon and start some cardio. Swimming hopefully once it warms up

Dang ol, yo.

Tacoma Community College

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