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from what Steve told me, most of PF is Christian

it's not a Christian org though

as far as New Year's resolutions, We should resolve to have 20 guys by the end of the year

it's doable

we've already been gaining at least 1 new guy a month the past three months

we need to get 14 more, that's a little more than 1 a month

and now we got two teams of three on each side of the state = double the recruiting

20 is very realistic, screw doubling, we're gunna triple

our New Year's Resolution should be to sink at least one refugee boat...


what did you say?

I'm agnostic too

what did they say?

I was gunna ask that next

well we also had that, you had to be active to get access to the other channels

"in-person vetting"

possibly, I wasn't around when most of them were ๐Ÿ˜„

that's good

I like that deadline

he really wanted to do something this New Years weekend

hopefully we can get him out next weekend

@Steven MI only double in size? Fuck that I want there to be 20 guys here, quadruple in size

nice job, can't wait to get started

I told you to ask ๐Ÿ˜„

but in any case, I'm not a fascist

also, I'm a leaf, so automatically disqualified?

give me your sister



That's awesome

How soon until you get it?

I was thinking of doing a banner run next weekend

PF just did one in chicago

Tomorrow I have off from work so I can try and figure stuff about the website

Give it a shot at the logo myself just for shits and giggles

@Patrick MI you good for Friday or Sunday night?

I think " ad victoriam" which is to victory in Latin sounded nice

I'll be home around 830 or 9

Had a real shitty day sorry fam

weev is our jewish "ally"

it's like how nogs or gays have "white allies"

we can make special camps for such people

@Patrick MI whenever you got some time, feel free to post any drafts you've got; I'm wondering if it would look better without the red eyes

what would it look like if you added "Ad Victoriam" to the top red ribbon?

dat banz

I meant like, would it be too much text

honestly, I'm not a big fan of the MI state flag, but it's probably the best way forward

this is kind of funny

was thinking of making something incorporating the eagle, fasces and the state outline underneath, but the UP fucks up the proportions

god damn UP

this is a really cool eagle

there we go

also, if I put the Michigan+gun graphic under the eagle, it looks like MI is shooting the eagle out of the sky

bad optics


@Patrick MI can you get rid of watermarks?

is it bad that I'm going through the ADL hate symbols list for ideas?....


apparently, about half of all numbers known to man are hate symbols...

38, 43, 511 and 737 are all hate symbols...

dude, it's fucking hard to find a good fasces graphic

okay, so that was my idea, kinda

I did that on paint, obviously if Patrick can make the eagle slightly transparent so that lightning strike continues above

eagle can be changed

I just thought this one looked cool

lightning can be changed too, but I kinda like that it's striking the ground, that's "evocative"

it's action, hardcore, energy etc.

any of those on the right side, with the white interior would look good IMO

I chose the one at the bottom

hah, that's badass

#2 with no color

with color

that's with the top part of the lightning erased, in that case, I would raise the eagle a bit higher to make the top half of the lightning longer, looks too stubby here but I'd have to start from scratch because of paint...

I present to you our Japanese national socialist flag lol

switched colors

I'll add bars next

heh, that actually looks half decent

paint master race

personally, I think I like the other lightning strike more

should we post some of this shit on the other discord? Irons says he has a girl who;s a graphic artist too

this is a real cool eagle too

tail is a bit too big though, might obscure the lightning

@Patrick MI let me know which raw images you need if interested

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