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2017-11-07 02:18:47 UTC


2017-11-07 02:18:51 UTC

sure bro

2017-11-07 02:18:52 UTC


2017-11-07 02:18:52 UTC


2017-11-07 02:18:54 UTC

Pick up any socials?

2017-11-07 02:19:04 UTC

Speak into my collar, please

2017-11-07 02:19:14 UTC

It's not funny when you do it since you're the Fed tho

2017-11-07 02:19:30 UTC


2017-11-07 02:19:37 UTC

At least im not jewish.

2017-11-07 02:19:39 UTC

Cool it with the fed posting statements

2017-11-07 02:19:40 UTC

Be happy.

2017-11-07 02:19:43 UTC

You got me there

2017-11-07 02:20:48 UTC


2017-11-07 03:25:48 UTC


This lying journo goes around reporting the DS, he's tried to contact us in the past, for "comments".

Honestly, y'all should never talk to journos, it's not worth it. I don't think I've accepted a single request for comments as long as PF has existed and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon.

2017-11-07 03:26:37 UTC

It's much better to just ignore them. They resort to writing dumb articles or nothing at all.

2017-11-07 03:26:58 UTC

you should send him a sinlge comment " Go fuck yourself"

2017-11-07 03:28:15 UTC


2017-11-07 03:28:24 UTC

yeah yeah.

2017-11-07 03:31:48 UTC

Got it.

2017-11-07 03:32:24 UTC

🗞 🐕

2017-11-07 03:32:38 UTC

newspapers are for hitting dogs.... not reading.

2017-11-07 03:32:47 UTC

The free ones also make great paper plates on the go.

2017-11-07 03:33:09 UTC

I like to eat messy shit like grapefruit or pizza on them. When done, just fold it all up and put it right back in the metal stand.

2017-11-07 03:34:11 UTC

remind me not to invite you to eat at my house.

2017-11-07 03:34:14 UTC

http://www.christkindlmarket.com/history-tradition/ This is the place I want to flash rally. I believe it is also where Chicago has their Christmas tree.

2017-11-07 03:34:59 UTC

Allthough, there will probably be alot of kids... Idk tell me what you guys think? It is a family open air market, but its a great spot also.

2017-11-07 03:35:44 UTC

take a big ol' wooden cross and string it up with red white and blue christmas lights

2017-11-07 03:35:59 UTC

could even just set it on fire

2017-11-07 03:36:03 UTC


2017-11-07 03:36:14 UTC

I am bringing a big cross though.

2017-11-07 03:36:33 UTC

I was going to suggest that, but I thought about it, and really that's like the next level boomer posting

2017-11-07 03:36:44 UTC

I dunno. My first inclination is to be wary of making too big a spectacle and ruining a family-oriented event. Not saying I'm right here, just a first thought.

2017-11-07 03:37:00 UTC

No, Braejaeger, thats my thought too.

2017-11-07 03:37:11 UTC

I figure the christmas light cross helps make it more family friendy as opposed to torches

2017-11-07 03:37:13 UTC

I want to be a good activist, but not a total dick head.

2017-11-07 03:37:23 UTC

@Rocky Place Patriot Front is probably a democrat party false flag! Soros shills!

2017-11-07 03:37:29 UTC


2017-11-07 03:37:31 UTC

you could give a speech on the history of christmas

2017-11-07 03:37:34 UTC

I'm full strength boomer.

2017-11-07 03:38:04 UTC

I wouldnt do a demo unless there's leftists or no one there

2017-11-07 03:38:09 UTC

or, you could mention how the secularization that happened was very jewish

2017-11-07 03:38:24 UTC

I've got a documentary around here somewhere

2017-11-07 03:38:39 UTC

Do a re-enactment of Anne Frank being captured in the attic.

2017-11-07 03:39:10 UTC

LOL, sorry bro. I'll quit fucking around. Good luck with your event though.

2017-11-07 03:39:21 UTC


2017-11-07 03:39:35 UTC

Yes, maybe just go in after every one leaves.

2017-11-07 03:40:00 UTC

a lot of the secular christmas songs where written by jews. I mean, I actually like frost the snowman and rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, but there you go

2017-11-07 03:40:29 UTC

they did specifially becuase christmas made them uncomfortable

2017-11-07 03:40:37 UTC

Demo in front of Christmas tree, or nativity scene. Mention our holy war. WN is for Crusaders.

2017-11-07 03:41:04 UTC

Idk... Ill figure it out. I got you guys to bounce ideas off, and over a month.

2017-11-07 03:41:25 UTC

good luck. I still like christmas america cross

2017-11-07 03:41:27 UTC

Thats not a bad idea at all.

2017-11-07 03:43:11 UTC

Christmas Celtic Cross.

2017-11-07 03:44:13 UTC

with christmas lights.

2017-11-07 03:44:52 UTC

celtic cross would be harder to make, and probably not as immeadiately recognizable, but you do you

2017-11-07 03:44:58 UTC

That just sounds gaudy

2017-11-07 03:44:58 UTC

Stick to an American flag or a sleek white cross if it's an option

2017-11-07 03:45:23 UTC


2017-11-07 03:45:30 UTC

i think stringing it up wouldn't look too bad

2017-11-07 03:45:46 UTC

Course I got those proddie aesthetics

2017-11-07 03:46:24 UTC

We need to have the look of radical street activists taking *direct action* against the enemy.

2017-11-07 03:46:24 UTC

Whatever you do, that needs to come across.

2017-11-07 03:46:35 UTC


2017-11-07 03:47:10 UTC

ooh, "taking up your cross" keep that in whatever speech you deliver, that'l hit christians hard

2017-11-07 03:47:42 UTC

And BLood, and soil is there too 😏

2017-11-07 03:47:58 UTC

shucks, I didn't even notice

2017-11-07 03:48:28 UTC

*Gets peace trucked before speech is over.

2017-11-07 03:49:10 UTC

Lol, that would be ironic, but would make for ultimate speech.

2017-11-07 03:49:38 UTC

*Chad Christian Martyr vs. Virgin Jihadi

2017-11-07 03:49:50 UTC

yeah, but think of the optics

2017-11-07 03:50:08 UTC


2017-11-07 03:50:29 UTC

So good bro. Honestly i wont even complain if it happens. Proves my point.

2017-11-07 03:50:44 UTC

those should be your last words.

2017-11-07 03:50:57 UTC

"This just proves my point"

2017-11-07 03:51:52 UTC

near by priest comes up. Gives last rights, asks me if I have any thing to say. "*OPTICS BRO*"

2017-11-07 03:52:25 UTC


2017-11-07 03:59:58 UTC


2017-11-07 04:09:50 UTC


2017-11-07 04:09:56 UTC

Great placement

2017-11-07 04:15:17 UTC

what are you buying friend

2017-11-07 04:16:00 UTC


2017-11-07 04:23:49 UTC


2017-11-07 04:24:18 UTC

a pseudo-historical roman banner?

2017-11-07 04:24:20 UTC

but why

2017-11-07 04:28:37 UTC

For my office in my house lol

2017-11-07 05:04:32 UTC

Where do I find a sonnerad American flag?

2017-11-07 05:07:24 UTC

have you tried asking your optometrist?

2017-11-07 05:08:13 UTC

lol. Or some other American Fascist flag

2017-11-07 05:08:20 UTC
2017-11-07 05:08:53 UTC

Sweet. I will ask him then.

2017-11-07 07:28:19 UTC

Great stuff Thomas

2017-11-07 10:55:37 UTC

Damn, that vid should set the tone for American fascism across the board. No more LARPing nazis, we've got our own gig now.

2017-11-07 11:58:31 UTC

Hey guys, fun fact: Julius Caesar was a Fascist. 😉

2017-11-07 12:01:46 UTC


"The tradition of Fascism
Fascism is the name of an ancient way of keeping a group of people together under a united goal. Dating back to the Roman Empire, political leaders like Julius Caesar used fascism as a way of maintaining a consensus between the individuals in his land, as well as establishing the kind of self-sacrificing heroism that has always defined the basis for Indo-European culture. Fascism puts focus on the whole, which includes people, culture, religion and nature."

2017-11-07 12:02:40 UTC

"It is therefore totally opposed to liberalism, which claims that the freedom of the individual is of highest importance. It can be said that the essence of fascism is that of an integralist tradition: each nation is seen as an organic entity, meaning that there are no internal conflicts between man and nature, nor man and state. In liberal democracies, there is a constant conflict between the state and the individual. Left wants to increase the power of the state, while the Right wants to do the opposite. Fascism solves this by simply equating the state with the people: what the state wants, the people want, and vice versa."

2017-11-07 12:02:57 UTC

"Thus fascism is a way of finding a balance between the needs of different individuals and having them work towards shared goals. This will always remain as the stable foundation to healthy civilizations. As soon as a house needs to be built it's absolutely necessary to let all parts involved focus on their task and work together in order to fulfil each other with their respective specialization. Opposed to the democratic view on work, where each individual is assumed to be able to control and handle any given task, fascism claims the opposite: only those who are in accordance with the natural abilities of a specific task may fulfil them with the greatest perfection in art. Anyone can build a fairly functioning place to stay, but how many have the inherent skills to make it last for several years? It's thus not about "who can do what", but merely "who can do it best". As seen from a democratic point of view, this is promotion of "inequality". Fascism sees it as natural and is not bound to moral obligations: each individual has a unique ability and should thus work towards improving it."

2017-11-07 13:16:27 UTC

So apparently someone dropped a banner near me yesterday with the link to DS on it...... I must find them

2017-11-07 13:16:42 UTC

good idea

2017-11-07 13:20:08 UTC

Lol Eagle Pass representative

2017-11-07 13:22:21 UTC

Eagle Pass is on the border right, down by Laredo? It's like all Mexican right?

2017-11-07 13:46:10 UTC


2017-11-07 14:19:03 UTC

Fuck they caught us guys

2017-11-07 14:19:37 UTC

I thought we removed the killing white church goers from the manifesto???

2017-11-07 14:19:42 UTC

Bad optics

2017-11-07 14:28:21 UTC

That article is literally retarded. I'm now dumber for having read it.

2017-11-07 14:31:10 UTC

Same fam

2017-11-07 14:34:06 UTC

We mrrders now.

2017-11-07 14:36:21 UTC

They. Are. So. Mad.

2017-11-07 14:43:08 UTC

*"Conquered means robbery, assault, and battery. Followed by genocide."*

Damn straight it does, and we aren't sorry one bit. Now come and take it, faggots.

2017-11-07 14:54:02 UTC
2017-11-07 16:31:03 UTC

So I searched for "Israel" on r/the_donald

2017-11-07 16:31:09 UTC

I'm going to go kill myself

2017-11-07 16:33:40 UTC

The other day I ran into the original version of this video. https://youtu.be/8fmvfkjd0Xg

2017-11-07 16:34:13 UTC

I liked it so much, I decided to post it on r/the_Donald.

2017-11-07 16:34:32 UTC

My single question was if we continue to censor how does that make us any better than the left?

2017-11-07 16:35:54 UTC

The submission got destroyed. It was locked by a moderator. Pretty much all comments except one basically said they knew they were biased and they don't care. Their justification is that Reddit continues to censor r/the_Donald. so their behavior of censorship is somehow justified.

2017-11-07 16:36:40 UTC

They are no better than the psychotic left of Reddit. As far as I'm concerned they're the exact same thing.

2017-11-07 16:42:00 UTC


2017-11-07 16:42:02 UTC


2017-11-07 16:59:12 UTC

Belated great job on the video!

2017-11-07 17:18:25 UTC

That's not even George Soros

2017-11-07 19:00:44 UTC


2017-11-07 19:03:10 UTC


2017-11-07 19:03:23 UTC

Overtly butt hurt about this

2017-11-07 19:03:42 UTC

My god why did we ever think antifa was a threat? The whole reason they are commies is because they don't want to WORK

2017-11-07 19:05:08 UTC

For a time after Trump got elected, we rightfully ignored them because they were almost irrelevant. Nov 4th proves that they only show up in droves when Soros busses in a bunch of paid actors.

2017-11-07 19:05:25 UTC

Should I respond letting them know we appreciate the campus police's help?

2017-11-07 19:06:46 UTC

Go for maxx triggering

2017-11-07 19:06:52 UTC


2017-11-07 19:07:08 UTC

Why did my phone suggest "triggerfam"

2017-11-07 19:26:40 UTC

Maximum ass blasting overdrive.

2017-11-07 19:29:53 UTC

"I just wanna thank UTPD for their support of Patriot Front"

2017-11-07 19:34:11 UTC

Does anyone else find it strange that leftists did virtually nothing this weekend?

2017-11-07 19:35:44 UTC

Nope. All the groups probably thought another group would do it

2017-11-07 19:36:00 UTC

The left has an even worse problem with keyboard warriors than we do

2017-11-07 19:37:03 UTC

They only kill it when they can agitate an existing event

2017-11-07 19:38:05 UTC

I was just saying that to Zeljko. They get energy from countering something.

2017-11-07 19:38:27 UTC

I don't want to weimarpost

2017-11-07 19:38:34 UTC

But it was the same way back then

2017-11-07 19:38:42 UTC

The leftist has no initiative

2017-11-07 19:39:33 UTC

I do now believe in Austin at least we have over the course of the last year utterly demoralized them

2017-11-07 19:40:17 UTC

I saw on Twitter that they were telling their people not to take down right wing posters and stickers by hand

2017-11-07 19:40:30 UTC

Because someone spread the good old razor blade myth

2017-11-07 19:40:37 UTC


2017-11-07 19:49:49 UTC

Apparently Lauren Southern's boyfriend is a mullato and she's countersignalling whites on twitter?

2017-11-07 19:53:27 UTC


2017-11-07 19:54:15 UTC

She's pretty basic bitch conservative yea?

2017-11-07 19:54:20 UTC


2017-11-07 19:54:23 UTC

Still cucked by jews

2017-11-07 19:54:44 UTC

She helped rent a boat to ram refugee boats in the Mediterranean last year

2017-11-07 19:55:08 UTC

That BBC brought her back over to the jew I guess.

2017-11-07 19:55:46 UTC

Why is there an ultra soyboi vigorously jacking his vape saber

2017-11-07 19:56:30 UTC

That's Michael J Fox

2017-11-07 19:56:57 UTC


2017-11-07 20:09:08 UTC

Alex jones needs to cool it with the anti St Roof sentiment

2017-11-07 20:18:28 UTC

In his interview with the hero guy?

2017-11-07 20:23:24 UTC

No just in yesterday’s episode lol

2017-11-07 20:26:48 UTC

Holy shit you do the full show? Havent listened to that for ages

2017-11-07 20:27:03 UTC

I do at work to pass the time

2017-11-07 20:27:22 UTC

Lol hes such a disinfo agent

2017-11-07 20:27:57 UTC

I can imagine. False flaggot lol

2017-11-07 20:38:04 UTC


Look at this, really. 😂 They're grasping at straws, really. I turn for a split second to look at a batch of cop cars rolling up behind me, as most people would, and they fill in the rest themselves.

2017-11-07 20:39:16 UTC

Idk where they quoted "brave" from, or if they don't quite get how those funky little dots work. At least they're trying to branch out from the words "nazi" and "shit".

2017-11-07 20:39:30 UTC

"baby nazi" 😂

2017-11-07 20:39:40 UTC

Get a grip on yourselves, faggots.

2017-11-07 20:39:59 UTC

I thought the moment when you noticed the cop car added a significant intensity to the whole thing, personally.

2017-11-07 20:41:31 UTC

Kind of funny tho

2017-11-07 20:41:34 UTC


2017-11-07 20:46:48 UTC


2017-11-07 20:46:59 UTC

First the crying nazi

2017-11-07 20:47:06 UTC

Now the baby nazi

2017-11-07 20:47:23 UTC

We get it, you whores wanna get pregnant.

2017-11-07 20:47:44 UTC

Cat ladies i should say

2017-11-07 20:49:43 UTC

Next it will be the croupy nazi

2017-11-07 20:49:52 UTC

And the teething nazi

2017-11-07 21:02:33 UTC

Never heard croupy before in my life, not going to life. @FlintShrubwood

2017-11-07 21:03:58 UTC

I thought the police added some nice lighting to the video

2017-11-07 21:04:04 UTC

made it very intense

2017-11-07 21:04:21 UTC

Cops are secretly ourguys trying to help with dramatic lighting to our photoshoot

2017-11-07 21:04:47 UTC

spread it, they probabaly believe it anyway

2017-11-07 21:06:50 UTC

Tom they have shitty graphics

2017-11-07 21:07:54 UTC


2017-11-07 21:08:34 UTC

That's... hideous.

2017-11-07 21:09:07 UTC

**If you have to use white text with black outline, your formatting is already wrong, start over**

2017-11-07 21:09:46 UTC

I don't know, I've used it before. But the poster is much too crowded. Too much going on

2017-11-07 21:13:49 UTC


2017-11-07 21:20:43 UTC

So what happened? The anniversary has passed. Did they oversleep or something?

2017-11-07 21:22:36 UTC

Nah, fascists showed up and scared the piss out of em

2017-11-07 21:22:41 UTC

Maybe they looked around and saw they already lived in a communist society, and just got high instead

2017-11-07 21:24:34 UTC

Hahaha... Probably.

2017-11-07 21:25:09 UTC

It seems like we might actually be able to win without going to war with them seeing as how much they cuck.

2017-11-07 21:26:49 UTC

Just gotta avoid traps like Charlottesville

2017-11-07 21:26:55 UTC

Idk how tho

2017-11-07 21:28:58 UTC

Rallies on private property and quick unannounced operations like this past weekend.

2017-11-07 21:29:01 UTC

Flash rallies.

2017-11-07 21:30:02 UTC

You never meet an opponent with overwhelming numbers and resources in a pitched battle.

2017-11-07 21:30:17 UTC

We have sent TX Antifa into complete meltdown. A. They don't know where we will show up and B. They're terrified of us whenever we do.

2017-11-07 21:31:00 UTC

Fash rallies work

2017-11-07 21:31:01 UTC

TBH, we can probably be a little more public in Texas than in other states. A lot of the cops are good ole boys. Especially the state troopers.

2017-11-07 21:31:28 UTC

As they should be. Yes, we should avoid having pre anounced rallies. There is no sense in making our enemy aware of our tactics. Or we could bait them out with pre announced rallies.

2017-11-07 21:31:29 UTC

That's a good point

2017-11-07 21:31:56 UTC

Bait them out if it will hurt their public image.

2017-11-07 21:32:01 UTC

Up until the point where we can easily muster numbers for Nordfront style marches, we're doing smaller, more selectively chosen flash demos.

2017-11-07 21:32:12 UTC

We aren't going to do pre announced shitshows.

2017-11-07 21:32:14 UTC

Yes I believe we should use psyops and drive them crazy playing wack a mole

2017-11-07 21:32:29 UTC

Psyops are one thing

2017-11-07 21:32:35 UTC

But we announce

2017-11-07 21:32:40 UTC

And don't show up?

2017-11-07 21:32:48 UTC

Isn't that what antifa did this weekend?

2017-11-07 21:32:56 UTC

Not to mention sympathizers might come

2017-11-07 21:32:58 UTC

And be alone

2017-11-07 21:33:53 UTC

I want to leave some Pepes on the front doors of about 30 or 40 commies in Austin. No letter, or note just a pepe.

2017-11-07 21:34:08 UTC

Antifa didn't use psyops they just failed to show up. If they had announced at one location and showed up at another in force that would have been a good use of misinformation

2017-11-07 21:34:45 UTC

Big bouts of unrest in the form of street fights and having towns overwhelmed by police blocking off roads and sidewalks is what people hate, people that we're fighting for hate having their lives disrupted like that. Being quicker and more surgical negates that.

We use guerllia style activism until opposition simply loses the motivation to oppose us in large numbers, and then announced things are maybe an option, but really, rallies are what you do once you've won. Every time you go outside, there should be a specific goal and desired outcome.

2017-11-07 21:34:46 UTC

Yeah but you gotta remember for publically announced events we're not the only ones who need to be on the same page

2017-11-07 21:34:56 UTC

How many people at Cville were unaffiliated

2017-11-07 21:36:54 UTC

Then they need to get affiliated or at least plugged in.

2017-11-07 21:39:20 UTC

also, the guerilla tactics hide our numbers. The Austin antifa most likely have no idea that all of us don't live there

2017-11-07 21:39:34 UTC

in the heart of texas poz no less

2017-11-07 21:39:52 UTC


2017-11-07 21:51:16 UTC

I just had my meeting with the school official regarding my flyer for College Republicans. "Well, Pepe is a hate symbol according to adl."
Me "lol k. No more pepes on me flyers."
That was it.

2017-11-07 21:51:35 UTC

First meeting for College Republicans is tomorrow.

2017-11-07 21:51:39 UTC

Should have asked what made the ADL an authority on anything

2017-11-07 21:51:58 UTC

I agitate everytime I hear someone use them as a source

2017-11-07 21:52:02 UTC

even normies

2017-11-07 21:52:07 UTC

You have to be careful if you're going to act as a normie, that means being indistinguishable from one for weeks if not longer.

2017-11-07 21:52:24 UTC

Yeah, he said bias doesnt matter.

2017-11-07 21:52:25 UTC

Otherwise the whole thing will blow up in your face and could ruin a whole lot more than just the club.

2017-11-07 21:52:28 UTC

They aren't a government agency

2017-11-07 21:52:52 UTC

I just frame it as private bussinessmen in their fities who don't know jack

2017-11-07 21:54:27 UTC

Im leaving college in 2 months to go into a manufacturing job full time, and machining cert program, so my goal is to establish the club, hand off leadership to my roommate, and just come to speak to the club about things, and lecture.

2017-11-07 21:55:40 UTC

That sounds fine. I just always push. Its how I got my brother red-pilled. boiling frog technique and all

2017-11-07 21:57:18 UTC

Maybe lowkey run the club from off campus, and having my roommate be my proxy.
But yes, i plan on making this Chad College Republicans. Encourage the destruction of political correctness. No holds barred. I want my guys to wear maga hats everywhere, and chant build that wall.

2017-11-07 21:57:21 UTC


2017-11-07 21:59:49 UTC

I would play dumb, "I thought the ADL was a left wing think tank."

2017-11-07 22:35:02 UTC


2017-11-07 22:38:55 UTC



2017-11-07 22:41:47 UTC

Im about to hit the streets with some flyers again boys.

2017-11-07 22:41:58 UTC

Get rid of everything i have left over.

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