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If you do take them make sure you castrate them when they get to port

How nigger

A girl tonight said it must be exhausting to have the mindset that I have. To analyze everyone not only on a mental level, but on a racial level as well. I said yes, it is exhausting. It is not easy.

This is our burden and our struggle. It is hard. For we are the only ones taking up the sword. Normalcy is perceived as struggle to the weak when struggle is the only thing that makes us real.

They don't understand and they never will. We are the leaders. We are the future. We have conquered weakness.

Good shit

@SonderSchutz TX priceless.. good job guys, wish I could've made it

@Thomas Ryan TBH ive been needing to really focus on certain things in my personal and professional life recently. I'll be back in full commission shortly.

Articles like this make actual white supremecists. Keep it up faggots.

A kike

There's a saying: In any pro-white gathering, there's always at least one mole. Always.

For everyone that knows my name, just call me milk from now on. Even in person.


Here's the thing, women all have mild to moderate metal retardation. So when you don't lead them, a Jew can.

Don't be mad at the dog for listening to his trainer. If you want it to act differently you have to train it yourself

^That's the first step

Not physically, but we do need to beat them to a pulp psychologically and emotionally

Treat these whores like shit. That's all they deserve at this point

Manipulate the fuck out of them

I'm down

Here's a prereading

You have to understand sexual dynamics before you can understand how to create a proper society despite our primal instincts

In short, men are polygamous and women are hypergamous. The defining factor that allows white people to create civilizations is that we are best at bypassing these two drives in both sexes

Which requires trust among men, which we have

Can do. I think it's the most important thing we all have to have a good understanding of. Reproduction and sexuality drives everything at the base.

^interestingly enough, that book was written by a woman. They've always had the clearest vision of sexuality because they are sexuality.

Damn it is stormer down again?

I don't know what all those other letters are for, they should've just tested for nazi

But my girl could poop out 10 babies and they could be dreamers man

Don't remind me

My kids can fuck up the polish welfare system if they want

And nah. I ain't learning polish.

And I will have an American flag hanging from my house in poland

Wanna kick me out poles? What about these dank ass American burgers I grill? Yea, didn't think so bitches.

Fresh new white baby in my family to serve in the race war

@Goymen Sachs I could see that. Our seemingly "masochistic" tendencies could just be another stage of purging ourselves of our weqk

If you fascists aren't pumping iron every week you might as well go join the transsexual beta males and suck each other off. Fucking lift, no excuse. Every one of you needs to be getting jacked.

I'm there

Pm me

Muscles regenerate extremely fast to previous gains, no need to worry. Building muscle you never had is what takes time. Some kind of science shit

Yep. That bro looks a little off^

@Thomas Ryan Like I said, i can work on some artwork if you need

Banged your typical career woman last night. Standard liberated woman, fake tits and all. Bought my dinner and drinks. She was acting a little wierd but finally revealed how she is absolutely miserable after the deed. Money, power, and freedom do not make women happy, every single one of them is absolutely miserable in our current state lol, but their too retarded to realize why? Went borderline full nazi on her. She almost melted.

She said she just wants a man to love her. I asked her why she wanted that. She said so she has someone to come home to and watch sportsball with. Basically a bitch slave that she would end up resenting almost immidately. You cant have your cake and eat it too ya dumb cunt lol

Good luck brothers

Lookin sharp

Just ordered two of our new shirts. Excited for Saturday brothers

Also, we are doing blue jeans now right?

Oi vey

Well antifa wouldn't be able to deny our superior dick sizes anymore

@NDO Eric - TX nah I've got a friends place to stay at

Taco supreme IS white supremacy

We’re all used to shrieking colored people and Jews reducing all political discussion to the level of a kindergarten special ed class, whether on social media, on the grounds of our educational institutions, and as talking heads on the cable news, so it should come as no surprise that this level of moronic faggotry has metastasized into an actual political ad produced by a beaner political action committee.


Lol I love how they throw little "hijabi girls" in the mix now. There's like a freaking fetish for poor little "hijabi girls." They are really islams best agents

Damn, that vid should set the tone for American fascism across the board. No more LARPing nazis, we've got our own gig now.

@Thomas Ryan you got that PF textured phone wallpaper? New phone and I wannit


Goys, our new tactics are already proving ultra-efficient, I feel really optimistic for the first time since Charlottesville.

Patriotic American Imagery: Something true Americans identify with, and plausible deniability for us when associated with Naziism, etc.

Choose the Battlefield: Gives us full control of what goes down and how we are viewed without any media presence. They have no choice but to show what actually went down.

Discipline: The way we executed and behaved throughout the entire weekend was prime. Made rational decisions on the move in little time (Ex: Realizing there was nothing to gain from staying at daytime protest and stepping off immediately).

We should embody stoicism. The scene should be that of an angry child screaming and crying while the stoic father invokes his will without saying a word because he is superior. Once the tears are gone the child submits.

@Smiter-IL I think you're right. We are fighting absolute anarchy and devolution to a primitive chimp like state which can be ruled over easily. This is arguably necessary for communism though

@Thomas Ryan great rundown of that video. What we need to realize about the whole optics debate is that all optics on the spectrum are necessary to guide our people to the truth. Some people need more extreme and some less. No single "optic" is superior as long as they are all available. In this sense, the fractured nature of our movement is one of our greatest weapons.

New flag

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